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Helios is a new professional nail brand based in New York with a production process that relies solely on expert-approved research, innovations, scientific advancements, and quality. As a fashionable nail cosmetics line, Helios has developed an impeccable product look, incorporating appealing aesthetic touches and a special, signature twist to the details.

13-Free Smart Nail Polish System Luminor, a smart polish with a wear time of up to 10 days, combines nail color and top coat with a photo-initiator for a gel-like look. This formula cures in natural light, with no need for a UV or LED lamp. Helios Luminor line offers 121 colors.

Professional Gel Polish System A three-step gel polish system with up to three weeks of wear time, Helios’ Aura line offers 121 highly pigmented colors that provide perfect coverage. A hit with salon clients due to its high gloss, durability, and easy removal, Aura can be cured under either a UV or an LED lamp. Aura Base Coat: Protects while delivering good adhesion and wear time for any type of nail.

Aura Top Coat: Provides superior shine and enhances color by giving it a crisp, vivid look. Aura Matte Top Coat: Bestows an elegant, soft-touch, matte effect on any gel polish, with no sticky residue to clean off. Aura Top Coat GO!: Seals gel polish under a tack-free, super glossy layer.

Helios Aura Gel Polish + Matching Helios Luminor Nail Polish System. 121 colors to choose from.

001 Mummy Mia

002 Picture Perfect

003(G) Pop Bubbly!

102 Kinda Care, Kinda Don’t

004 Bare It All

005(S) It’s A Nude Day

006 My Favorite Filter

007 Like A Virgin

008 Nudist on Strike

009 She Said YES!

109(S) I choose Crystal

010 Bride Tribe

011 Dirty Little Secret

012 Ballerina Slippers

013 Kill Them With Kindness

014(S) Dreamtrip

015 Cupcakes Fix Everything

016 I Lilac You

017 Daydreamer

018 Livin’ Lovely

019(S) It’s All In Your Head

020 Crushin’ On You

021 Namaslay

022 Gypsy Child

023 Bewitched

024 I Like You Berry Much

025 Simply Misunderstood

026 Not In The Mood

027 Date A Royal

028 Today Has Been Cancelled

113 Seduction & Power

029 You Had Me At Merlot

030 Turnip The Beet

031 Wine Not

032 Boss Lady

033 Pocket Full of Roses

034(S) Heartbreaker

035 When in Rome

036 Love Galore

037 XO

038(G) Soon To Be Mrs.

039(G) Such A Beautiful Disaster

040 Sunday Funday

041 Coral Me Crazy

042 Cover Girl Worthy

043(G) Hopeless Romantic

044 My Little Peony

045 Tell Me I’m Pretty

106 Made in the 90’s

046 Hot Mess

047 I Got My Sassypants On

048 Pretty in Pink

049 Stay Chic

050 Pageant Queen

051 Make Me Blush

052(G) Teenage Confessions

053 Flirt & Forget

054 Beach Barbie

055 Just a Tease

056 Grab Me A Mai Tai

057 High Standards

058 This Is A Warning

059 Pumpkin Patch

060 PSL & Everything Nice

061 Trick or Treat, Yo’ Self!

062 Peachy Keen

104 Bee Happy

063 You’re the Bees’ Knees

064(G) Pixie Dust

065 Au Naturale

066 Mocha Please

067 Caramel Kisses

110 Nude Desire

068 Life Happens, Coffee Helps

069 I Need Chocolate

070 Forget Love, Fall in Coffee

071 Espresso Yourself

072 Love You A Latte

073 But First, Coffee

074 Tall, Dark & Handsome

112 P.S. I love Blue

075(G) Dark Night

076 Wealthy Butler

077 Drifting Apart

105 Liberated Lady

078 No One Likes A Shady Beach

103 Free Spirit

079 Out of office

080 Feelin’ Blue

081 Summertime Blues

082 Beachin’

083 One Way Ticket

084 Honey Dew-in’?

085 Tequila & Lime

086 Just Like Guac, I’m Extra

087 Breakfast at Tiffanys

088 One in a Melon

089 Cool As A Cucumber

107 Always on Vacation

090(G) Filthy Rich

108(G) Platinum Status

091(G) Too Glam To Give A Damn

092 Stay Humble

093 Cozy Up

094 Don’t Bother

095 We All Need A Mr. Grey

096 Hush Hush

097 Wicked

111(S) Married, with cash

098 Kale All About It

099 Cry Me A River

100 Rich

101 Beautiful Disaster

118 Champagne Socialist

119 Dare to Impress

120 Make an Entrance

121 Feel the Vibe

Spring / Summer 2019 collection

114 Simple Perfection

115 All of Me

116 Nothing but Attitude

117 Purple Haze

G - glitter S - shimmer

Quantum Bonder 0.40 . oz./12 mL

The Double Helix system combines the best qualities of acrylics and hard gels: it’s odorless and dust free, with unlimited working time. Simply squeeze some Double Helix Quantum Gel out of its tube, slice off the desired amount, and place it on the nail. Then dampen a brush slightly with Double Helix Fusion Liquid and smooth the gel over the nail surface and into place. After curing

under an LED lamp for 60 seconds or a UV lamp for 2 minutes, nails are more flexible than acrylics and harder than gels. Double Helix Quantum Gel comes in 6 colors: Clear, Super White, Milky White, Cover Pink, Sheer Pink, and Dark Pink.

An Innovative Polish with Treatment Properties Helios FIT lacquers are infused with mineralized jewel powders and high purity bio ceramics that release wavelengths that gently increase the nail temperature for days resulting in increased micro circulation and faster natural nail growth.

FIT technology combines all the benefits of a treatment and a nail color, even featuring improvements on traditional polishes: · Decreased dry time · Extended wear · Enhanced hardness

The result is a radiant manicure that heals as it dazzles.

The Helios nail care range has all the necessities for maintaining and caring for healthy nails. The line’s nail hardeners, cuticle oils, and base and top coats were each painstakingly developed to address a different, specific nail health issue.

Helios Hand & Body Lotions: The silky hand and body lotions with shea butter, oat extract and glycerin provide the necessary hydration for skin. Inspired by five of nature’s most stunning exotic birds, Helios Hand and Body Lotions come in a variety of scents. Helios Hummingbird Hand & Body Lotion: The vibrant energy of the hummingbird finds a match in the exhilarating, fresh scent of green tea.

Helios Peacock Hand & Body Lotion: This fruity, floral fragrance with intense herbaceous hints and lightly woody nuances is represented by the elegant and royal peacock. Helios Macaw Hand & Body Lotion: Notes of Malazia Bon Bon Tropical Berry characterize the flamboyant, colorful macaw. Helios Hoopoe Hand & Body Lotion: Wildflowers echo the untamed beauty of the hoopoe. Helios Flamingo Hand & Body Lotion: Mild floral and fruit scents, including orchid and raspberry, were selected to perfectly portray the flamingo.

Helios’ acrylic line, Spectrum, combines a low-odor monomer liquid with an ultra-fine, self-leveling polymer powder. Prep nails with the line’s dehydrator and primer to create a stunning, high-definition manicure that won’t lift or chip. Spectrum Sculpting Liquid: Makes the acrylic manicure process more pleasant, with reduced odor and allergens. Spectrum Sculpting Powder: Facilitates smooth application of vibrant, non-yellowing

acrylic nails that need minimal filing. Available 6 colors. Spectrum Dehydrator: Removes oil from the surface of the natural nail and cuts pathogen levels while boosting adhesion of acrylics and gels to prevent lifting. Spectrum Primer: Forms a highly secure bond between the natural nail and Spectrum Sculpting Liquid + Powder to stop product lifting.


BASE BASE 0.5 fl. oz./ 15 mL

The Helios DIP SYSTEM provides all the desirable attributes of traditional acrylics without their odor, allergenic properties, or tendency to weaken the natural nail. Although it has a wear time of up to three weeks, dip powder soaks off quite easily. Plus, lightweight, flexible dip powder manicures are finished in half the time it takes to complete a standard acrylic manicure! Available 20 dip powder colors.




TOP TOP 0.5 fl. oz./ 15 mL


NAIL FILES Helios professional-use nail files are washable and sanitizable. Aphrodite nail file 180/180 grit. For natural nails. Washable, sanitizable. Hypnos nail file 120/180 grit. For all types of nail extensions. Japanese abrasive. Nyx nail file 150/180 grit. For lower arch and pedicures. Thin emery board.

Hera nail file 100/100 grit. For acrylic extensions. Washable, sanitizable. Athena nail file 150/150 grit. For gel and acrylic extensions. Washable, sanitizable. Apollo nail file 100/180 grit. For all types of nail extensions. Sponge file. Zeus shiner. For acrylic and natural nails. Buffing block.

SMART PRO LED/UV LAMP Helios’ 2-in-1 LED/UV Lamp has 36 strategically placed LEDs, ensuring no dead zones. The double light source LEDs are suitable for curing UV Gel/Builder/LED Gel. The sensor-activated timer ensures comfortable and easy usage, while the available low heat mode is perfect for sensitive nails.

• • • • •

Painless Builder/Hard Gel Curing Double Speed Curing Sensor Digital Time Display Overheating Protection

SHOWROOM TWO-SIDED FLOOR DISPLAY Display holds selection of 96 Helios Luminor Nail Polish and 96 Aura Gel Polish colors. Latest collections and top coats are highlighted at top of display.

This elegant display look has been achieved with lights and visual advertising materials on both sides and top.


Luminor Collection Display 8x4 colors

Aura Collection Display 8x4 colors


Double Helix Display 8x2 products

Nail Care Display 10x2 products

FIT TECH Dispay 12x2 colors

Lotion Display 5x2 lotions

Helios Catalogue

Nail File Display

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Helios Nail SystemsTM Pretty Woman LLC 35 Corporate Drive Holtsville, NY 11742 USA Ph.: +1 888 773 7800

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Helios Nail Systems Spring/Summer 2019  

Helios Nail Systems Spring/Summer 2019