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at Helios Design Build, we SPECIALIZE IN PROVIDING construction management SERVICES TO OUR CLIENTS. OUR TEAM haS managed projects with a combined value OF OVER 1 billion dollars. We leverage our experience, relationships & technology to help turn your vision into reality.

Anthony Cristiano Salon B uildout of a 3 , 5 0 0 sf salon at the T rump T o w er in C hica g o . T his U - shape space features a li v in g room styled reception area w ith detailed w hite oa k mill w or k , a w ide open color station and pedicure area featurin g terra z z o floorin g and floor to ceilin g w indo w s o v erloo k in g th E C hica g o R i v er .

DESIGN / BUILD Accountability and transparency is the cornerstone behind our business, which is why we embrace the design build philosophy. Our experience in managing all aspects of the project lifecycle allows us to provide a fully integrated solution to our clients and stakeholders. We employ a methodology which leverages technology to allow the team to fully model and plan a project prior to construction, which reduces costs and minimizes risk.

CONSTRUCTION Helios provides in-house construction management services for any project. We have extensive experience providing preconstruction services such as scheduling, conceptual cost estimating, and value engineering. We analyze projects using the latest technology before they are built to reduce costs without sacrificing quality, durability or design intent. Our innovative construction processes are designed to ensure the end product exceeds your expectations.

Revolution Brewing p r o d u c t i o n f a c i l i t y P E R F O R M E D P reconstruction and General C ontractin g ser v ices for the construction of a ne w 3 5 , 0 0 0 sf production bre w ery and tastin g room .

TECHNOLOGY Our team embraces technology as a tool to make us more efficient, transparent and valuable to you. We employ laser scanning, 3 dimensional cost estimating, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) to improve communication and proactively manage the entire construction lifecycle. This allows us to reduce construction costs while maintaining the project’s design intent and vision.

Greenchoice bank constructed Greenchoice B an k ’ s fla g ship location usin g sustainable techni q ues and materials . L O C A T E D A T T H E G R E E N E X c H A N G E , T H I S S P A C E F E A T U R E S A R aised access floor to maximi z e space w hile allo w in g for under floor air and electrical distribution .

COLL ABORATION Effective collaboration is the foundation of our process. We work with top subcontractors in our market to safely meet the unique needs of your project. We partner with our clients and all project stakeholders, providing valuable cost and schedule information which enables the team to make informed decisions. Through clear communication and true team spirit, we work together to achieve the best product possible.

ORA DENTAL O R A D ENTAL H elios p ro v ided p re - construction and construction ser v ices f or the reno v ation o f a 2 , 8 0 0 -s q uare f oot f or m er ban k s p ace into a high - end dental studio .

H elios pro v ided pre - construction and construction ser v ices for the reno vation of a 2 , 8 0 0 S F former ban k space into a M O D E R N , leed® g old certified dental studio .

SUSTAINABILIT Y We have extensive experience developing, building and marketing sustainable buildings. We can work with the design team and other stakeholders to incorporate building practices to achieve LEED® certification and many other incentives that are often available for such projects. Our passion for sustainability is rooted in having a positive impact on both the environment and a project’s bottom line. We can provide a cost benefit analysis and quantitative modeling of a project’s environmental footprint to help you understand the monetary and environmental benefits.

sa f ety Safe projects do not happen by luck, they are a result of the hard work of our team and a testament to a well run project. We strive to maintain incident free jobsites. We actively partner with our subcontractors during the preconstruction and construction phases to ensure that all company and project specific safety requirements are met.


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H E L I O S D E S I G N B U I L D.C O M 224 N o r th A da S t r eet, S u ite 100, C hica g o, I L 60607 P : 3 1 2.224.920 0 E : in f o @ heliosdesi g nb u

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