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RC Helicopters-Part-Upgrades-Accessories MKS DS 8910A+ Mini Tail Servo

The MKS DS 8910A+ is a superb mini size coreless motor servo with high performance tail helicopter applications where a mini servo is helicopters.

MKS servos are best in class in build construction and performance. center pulse with 560hz frequency, double ball bearings, coreless m precision.

Explorer Racing and FPV Quadcopter

The new Explorer frame is designed from the start for FPV and Explorer is light, aerodynamic, durable and built to hold the ge Built and designed by multicopter and FPV enthusiasts the Exp a great time. Unlike your typical quad with a symmetrical shape the Explorer has a long center tube instead of a large plate assembly. This not only reduces drag but also improves your ability to determine the orientation of the copter in flight. This also allows the camera to be mounted forward to eliminate visible arms and props in the frame of the picture. Helistorm Rail Accessory Tray Anti Vibration Mount

The HeliStorm Rail Accessory Tray Anti Vibration Mount is a option for the Rail Accessory Mount. It can serve as a anti vibration mount for a camera such as the GoPro and FPV cameras or a flight controller. The Anti Vibration mount attaches to the Rail Accessory Tray with 4 anti vibration balls. The Accessory Tray bottom plate is built with the appropriate mount holes. Installation is quick and easy. The Rail Accessory Tray is made for standard 10mm rail mount tubes with 60mm spacing. Contains 4 ant vibration balls and mount plate. Requires the Helistorm Rail Accessory Tray (HeliStorm Rail Accessory Tray) Designed and manufactured in the USA.

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RC Helicopters-Part-Upgrades-Accessories  

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