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Projects. Connecting Spree, Bachelor semester.

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Bridging The gap, 5th semester.

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Aurora Polaris, 4th semester

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Minimal Housing, 3rd semester

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Mobile, 1st Year

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Cv and iformation

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Bachelorproject from spring 2013. Site in Berlin down to the river Spree where the S-bahn divides an interessing site in two.

Planning project where the site is the local Aarhus harbour area. The project creates an dense housing area at the heavily trafficated “Kystvejen” using planning methods as machines from former workshop

Competition project for Roskilde festival. The forming models won the semifinals and was the “parent” for the winnig proposal Vintergatan.

Small scale housing with minimal functions located in an urban context. The context for this housing project is in Paradisgade, Aarhus. Focus on constructions and small scale housing. Spatial model investigations and technical drawings.

About myself, cv and contact informations.

Connecting Spree Project site in Berlin. Between the two trainstations, Jannowitzbr端cke and Ostbahnhof by the river Spree. The site is divided by the traintracks and our project was to create an habitat of living on the North site and an cultural public space at the river site. The traintracks object where to combine but at the same time divide those two funktions.

The traintracks divide the site in two and creates a natural division towards the city and the river Spree.

The traintracks

Connection points




Openings in traintracks

Registrated openings


Connecting connectionpoints FORBINDELSER

Selected connections VALGTE FORBINDELSER

By making site registrations we found the main connection points into the site and through the traintracks to connect these two contrasts.

We used the mappings to create a diagrammatic machine that helped us to work with the planning.

The plans shows how the traintracks divide the site in two and how the private housing is at the back and how the public area is down to the river Spree. The organic flow of plan comes back from the diagram machine and reffers to the flowing path of the traintracks and the river Spree through Berlin.

Housing typologies

Building frames

Merging functions with traintracks


Open - closed

Blocking walls

zone diagram

Diagrams of housing and functions on site

Full Isometric drawing

Visulation, Public area

SNIT. B 1:500

SNIT. A 1:500

SNIT. C 1:500

SNIT. D 1:500


visualization, private housing area.

Elevation North

Elevation South

Modelpictures of full model

Model, Housing

Breaking the Barrier Conceptual project for Aarhus Harbour area The project shows a method to transform and merge the old inner city towards the new massive harbor buildings. The site is “Kystvejen” Aarhus, and reches from Europaplads toward Nørreport. This zone is today a heavily trafficcated road and symbolizes the barrier between the old and the new. The project reaches from scale 1:5000 towards an specific building in an 1:100 scale. To bind these scales together there is created an grid under the whole city to represent the typical danish “karré” structures” and find a method to combine that with the typical modern megablocks at the waterfront.

Graphical diagram machine

This diagram was reproduced to create a new language on site

Focus on light and openings

Design of new Kystvejen Height to width ratio 6m minimum

1:1 Standard

2:1 Maximum

8,5 m minimum 2,5+1,5+ 1,5+2,5m

Overhang cannot go further than sidewalk

Rules for new structure 5,7 m

5,7 m 4m minimum

4m minimum

Lightrail crossings corners get cut to increase visibility, reaction time Angle>90째 3 m wide

Rules of inner city buildings, dense city

The machine created a grid to reproduce a pattern that helps ut create a more

Full plan of the site. The new part reaches from Eurpaplads to Nørreport. It forces the two scale wolrds to merge

Section of scales

Apartments Private

The grid from the machine is also used in smaller scale and crawls into one of the new frames. The focus in this building is to create an frame witch allows private and public life all day round.

Divisions of functions

On the first floor you find a public cafĂŠ Next you have a open plan office decks On top there are four minimal housing apartments Openspace officedecks Qualified public

Diagram of plans out from machine grid

Groundfloor Public

Aurora Polaris 4.semester The Project is an co-operation between Aarhus School of Architecture and Roskilde Festival 2011. The project reaches over 3 months where there was conceptual and model work and presentated every second week where good concepts where picked and used for next fase. - Project “Aurora Polaris” Winner of 4th fase. - “Vintergatan” Final project for class of 2011

Illusttartion of bench

Plam of structure on site

Modelpicture of light expirement


Minimal Housing 3.semester 4 minimal apartments for transit living. Apartments are “paracydes� or put into dense areas where they stand by them selfe on an steel construction. The construction stands by itslef intependent by surrounding buildiings.

The apartments are raised to create a maximum level of privacy on constructions and still keeping ground as an public space

- construction course - Rhino course - investigations of paracyde and building in dense surroundings

Apartments are placed with a maximum view towards the waterfront

Construction of building bars

Rendering of construction

Construction and public space

Section of building

Elevation of building

Modeling Spatial model investigation. With only 3 materials create an hanging model (mobile) that can illustrate different caracters of spatial investigation from different angles Section and plan drawings of model/ Mobile

Pictures of spatial model

Technical drawing of model, papersize A0

Technical drawing of model, sectiom, papersize A0

CV & work About myself.


My name is Helgi Hreinn Hjalmarsson, born in 1986 in Reykjavik, Iceland. I finished my Bachelor degree at Aarhus school of Architecture in spring 2012 and is now studying on my 7th semester.


Im a social, openminded person that loves to spend my time around architecture and design. I really love to try out new challenges and learning new methods, i work good in teams and im dedicated. That is alll for now and you are welcome to contact me for further informations. (contact info at the next page)

Work. Born in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Preschool in Iceland and moved 1996 to Denmark 2006, Student from Fjolbrautarskolinn i Gardabær in arts and crafts, Iceland 2007. Technical Gymnasium Hafnarfjordur, Technical drawing and material design courses 2009.

Arkitektskolen Aarhus

2012. Bachelor degree from Arkitektskolen Aarhus

2012-now. Kaffebar, Aarhus

Barista at Sigfreds-

2009-2011. Eplehuset, Århus. Salesman and service. 2008 -2009.

Kindergarden in Iceland.

2007 – 2008. Humac, Apple reseller. Reykjavik Iceland, Copehagen Denmark. Salesman and Service 2006 – 2007. Yamaha Motorcycle. Iceland.Salesman and workshop 2001 - 2006. Byko , IIceland Salesman, parttime with school.

More... Other work and interests I have worked with Apple/mac products for many years and both in sales and services and have got a good background and interrests in computers and software. I have a good background in most Adobe graphical software such as Photoshop, Illustratos and Indesign. I have worked in Rhino 3d for past years and have a created a good workflow in both Rhino 3d and V-ray rendering machine. I have a big interest in plug-in software for Rhino such as grasshopper and bongo and more and would love to get more knowledge in such programming software

Contact information: I have worked on layout and small scale design for the some years now and created Reitn in january 2013 a small firm for my small scale work. I also very much like classic scandinavian wood design and in spring 2013 handed in design proposals to a design firm. I love design and creating in all scales, method and dimensions and look forward to be creative and playful as an achitect.

Telephone: +45 60311270 e-mail: Skype: Helgi Hreinn or hreinsinn

And no more....

Portfolio 2013  
Portfolio 2013  

2013 Porfolio from Aarch - Aarhus school of Architecture 1st to 6th semester