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The idea and inspiration Today many of us look at their warderobe as an part of themself. A way of showing their personality. We get inspired of allmost everything around us of what to wear so why hide our personalities away in a closet. Knot was made to have an easy way to both hang and show off your warderobe. The main principles of KNOT are: - The materials - The construction - and of course focus on the warderobe The main pricipal is the harmony of the materials meet the construction that in the end ... Until today i have used the last couple of years to optimize and realize this product Helgi Hreinn

Materials and the concept The main idea is to have a hanger system where the clothes itself are the focus point. The system itself just hangs there in an minimalistic constructive way

The main construction is made of oak. - Possibilities of many other materials.

The columns and shelfs are made of a light wood such as beak or ash wood. - Here there are also many possibilities - The main idea is to have a material that contrast the main construction

The rope is a 8mm boat rope and here there are many possibilities for the secondary coloring of the rope.w

Samlet system med delt slå. Slår kan også justeres i forskellige højder ved at slå knuder på rebet.

The construction. The construction priciple is that you do not have to apply any screws to the ssytem to apply and use it. All objects are interlocked and the construction. Its just THE HANGER, THE ROPE AND THE RACK

Possibilities By having so few main priciples you get a lot of possibilities for more elements into the system. The only thing you need is a hole in the element and a knot on the rope

Example on a hanger. 4 way

Example on a rack for trousers

Example on a 2 way hanger

Visualisering af et fuldt system til tøj.

About.... me

About myself.

Contact information:

My name is Helgi Hreinn Hjalmarsson, born in 1986 in Reykjavik, Iceland. I finished my Bachelor degree at Aarhus school of Architecture in spring 2012 and is now studying on my 7th semester.

Telephone: +45 60311270 e-mail:

That is alll for now and you are welcome to contact me for further informations.

Skype: Helgi Hreinn or hreinsinn


Presentation folder of my design - the Knot, Designed in 2011

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