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Bushnell Tour V3 is known as one of the best golf range finders in its class. For those who need a top notch technology which will help them to play golf, this product is the choice. Well, there are several reasons why buying a Bushnell Tour V3 would be a good investment. Having the Bushnell Tour V3 laser rangefinder will provide you with the best and excellent combination of exceptional consistency and pinpoint accuracy. One nice feature is the use of pinseeker technology. If you are not sure whether or not you should but this one, let’s learn more about its features and technologies. Pinseeker Technology for Excellent Accuracy Pinseeker technology is one main feature which will help golfers with the ability to easily and quickly lock on to pin positions, this way golfers can get accurate distance measurements. So what pinseeker technology? Pinseeker Technology works by ignoring some objects such as buildings or trees and then isolates the nearest object. With this technology, you will be given with an accurate distance measurement. While pinseeker technology provides golfers with the excellent accuracy, there are still other features available on Bushnell Tour V3. The Jolt Technology The next feature which will help golfers to get the improved accuracy is the use of jolt technology. With this technology, it allows golfers to acquire constancy and excellent accuracy enabling them to range flags up to 300 yards without using prisms or reflectors. The use of JOLT technology also allows for easy acquisition as the Bushnell Tour V3 will vibrate when the golfer is locked onto the flag. While the use of Pinseeker technology and JOLT technology work in a very excellent way to help golfers acquire excellent accuracy, there are also other features that golfers should know from the Bushnell Tour V3 Slope. Features an d Specifications Aside from some features mentioned above, Bushnell Tour V3 still has other features to improve your accuracy when playing golf. For more information, the following are some features available on Bushnell Rangefinder Tour V3:

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It comes with compact and ergonomic design thus the Bushnell is very easy to grip. It also comes with a 3volt battery, a carrying case and 2 year warranty Single hand vertical operation with a 24 mm objective and 5x magnification Range finding performance Pinseeker and Jolt technology for improved accuracy Scan mode feature which will provide continuously updated LCD display It is legal when used in the Tournament

A Trustworthy Brand The reason why the Bushnell is so popular because the brand offers quality and has years of experience in creating high quality and durable golf products. With some technologies added, there is no way golfers would miss this one when they need a powerful and reliable laser rangefinder. The manufacturer makes the best use of advances in technology thus golfers can ensure that they will get the best product for excellent accuracy, precision and also quality. For those who want to take their golfing experience to the next level, this product is definitely the best choice. The Bushnell Tour V3 lets you to play golf in a more fun and professional way. While there are other products available in the market, there is on product that can bet the quality of Bushnell Tour V3 rangefinder. It comes equipped with the latest technologies which will help golfers to acquire accuracy and precision. From jolt and pinseeker technology, the Bushnell has all features that golfers need when it comes to playing golf. So if you are looking for the best laser rangefinder, make sure that you consider purchasing Bushnell Tour V3. For more information, visit our website:

Bushnell Tour V3 Review  

Bushnell Tour V3 comes with some advanced technologies such as pinseeker technology, JOLT technology and scan mode, all of which provide gol...