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Mr M Cotton

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Special Education Needs Mrs I Spencer Co-ordinator Curriculum Leader KS2

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Mr D Mortimer

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Mrs J Neville


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10) Parental Involvement in the School 11) School Uniform 12) School Meals and Snacks 13) Clubs and Extra-curricular opportunities 14) General Information (School Hours / Emergency Contact / Absences / Lost Property / Parking / Asthma / Mobile Phones) 15) School Buses 16) Statutory Information (Charging)


MISSION STATEMENT Our Mission Statement is JOY through RESPECT. We challenge each member of our community to; Open your heart to the teachings of Jesus, the needs of Others and then You will have JOY. This will be achieved through the showing of RESPECT, which in turn involves a wholehearted attempt to LOOK AGAIN at the people and situations presented to us. It is in this spirit that we encourage each child to develop their potential; spiritually, academically and physically, in the true spirit of hard work, self-reliance, and cooperation.

Our Lady of Pity Primary School was built to serve the flourishing Catholic Community in Greasby. Ever since, it has had a strong presence in the parish and been an integral part of Catholic Community life. It has, over the years, expanded and draws children from the three parishes of Our Lady of Pity (Greasby), Ss Catherine and Martina (Hoylake) and St Agnes’ (West Kirby) with whom it maintains close links. Whilst the school serves the Catholic families of the parish as a priority, it also admits non-Catholic pupils where parents are keen for their children to experience our unique ethos which is grounded in Christian Values.

ETHOS Our Lady of Pity Catholic Primary School is a welcoming community which promotes Christian values. The staff, through example, lead the children towards:  The desire to achieve excellence in all areas of school life.  Becoming independent learners, encouraging children to take responsibility for their actions.  Participation, by giving real and appropriate choices about their entitlement.  Giving each member of the community a sense of belonging and value as a God created individual.


CURRICULUM Staff at Our Lady of Pity offer a child-centred curriculum which is broad and balanced. As a school we are particularly proud of our academic achievements in the core areas of learning. We are also proud of:  The opportunities we offer the children to develop their creative skills (especially in Music, Drama and Art). 

The strong sense of independent learning which encourages children to use their initiative and set themselves targets.

The learning ethos of the school which is grounded in respectful positive relationships.

R.E. Our R.E. Curriculum is a core subject and focuses attention on the teachings of the Church, our unique role and life as a member of the Christian community. Our first task when delivering an RE unit of work is to explore the children’s understanding of that subject. In order to do this, we use a programme called SEAL (Social & Emotional Aspects of Learning). This lays the foundations on which we build the children’s knowledge. Then the children are introduced to the Christian understanding and mystery of God and human life as expressed in the person, life and Gospel of Jesus Christ.

COLLECTIVE WORSHIP Central to our school life are the opportunities we use to gather together and reflect on our mission and vision for the future. All children take part in a daily act of worship. In the period of a week, the children gather as a school and class group to reflect on challenges met and achievements made. Each year group will also present one assembly for parents each year. Each year group visits the church (Our Lady of Pity) to attend Mass once every term. The visit is followed up by a learning activity carried out in the church.


FOUNDATION STAGE Children in the Foundation Stage (Reception) access a curriculum comprising the six areas of learning:      

Communication, Language and Literacy Mathematics Knowledge and understanding of the world Creative development Physical development Personal and Social Development

Each of these areas leads children to Early Learning Goals against which the children will be assessed during their Reception Year. (Children who achieve these goals before the end of their Reception Year access the Key Stage 1 curriculum).

ENGLISH An overwhelming strength of the school is the teaching of English. We know that good literacy skills are the gateway to wide and varied learning and successful achievement. With this in mind, we focus wholeheartedly on helping the children develop these skills from the moment they enter the school. The children begin their journey with a full programme of Phonics and we work very closely with parents to ensure that the essential building blocks of our language are firmly in place as soon as possible. Throughout, a comprehensive programme which addresses Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing continues and the highest levels of achievement and enjoyment are not only expected, but also achieved.


MATHEMATICS In delivering the Mathematics Curriculum we aim to develop a positive attitude towards Mathematics and each child's knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts. We use practical approaches to aid conceptual developments and this leads to a deeper understanding of mathematics, so that each pupil can apply their skills and knowledge.

INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY ICT is an area which touches many aspects of our lives. As such, we endeavour to keep abreast of developments and provide up to date learning opportunities and equipment for the children. The main principle underlying the use of ICT in school is that it must enhance the learning of all subjects taught. To this end, all children access ICT opportunities from pre-school onwards, enabling them to develop the necessary skills. The children are taught ICT skills in the school’s suite and have the use of hand-held technology in the classrooms.


HOMEWORK Our school has a written Homework policy. Children are encouraged to practise and follow-up school work at home. Homework for Infant children focuses on; phonics, numbers, reading, handwriting and spellings. Homework for Junior children involves reading, spellings and times tables practice along with a creative openended task. Homework is sent out and collected in on specified regular days.


E-SAFETY The school takes its responsibility to ensure the safety of children as they explore and become familiar with ICT, the internet, mobile devices and mobile phones. The school e-safety policy is regularly updated. SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS Our school policy is based upon the principles set out in the 2002 Code of Practice. At any time, a number of children in the school will be identified as having a special educational need which will mean they need extra support (some for a long time, some for a short time). The principles of the Governing Body for children with special educational needs are set out as follows: -

S.E.N. will be addressed as early as it is identified. The school will work in partnership with parents and their children, health and social care, and the Local Authority. All children with special educational needs have the greatest possible access to a broad and balanced curriculum. Most children with special needs, including some with statements, will be in mainstream classes.

The admission arrangements for pupils with special educational needs (but who do not have statements) are the same as for any other pupil. The school has access arrangements for children with physical disabilities. The responsibility for co-ordination of the day to day provision of education for pupils with special educational needs has been delegated to the Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO) who is Mrs Spencer. A copy of the full policy is available at the school and further information may be obtained from the SENCO. ORGANISATION The school has two sites and the classes at present are organised as follows: Reception Classes - one is based at the Annexe in Holylake and the other in Greasby. Year 1 2 Classes Year 2 2 Classes Year 3 2 Classes All based at the main site. Year 4 2 Classes Year 5 2 Classes Year 6 2 Classes TRANSFERRING TO MAIN SITE When the children at the Annexe site reach Year 1, they transfer to the Greasby site: there is an induction process for the children during the summer term prior to their transfer. There are buses, which bring the children to our school from the three feeder parishes which are supervised by school staff to and from school. PRE-SCHOOL PLAYGROUPS As part of our school we have two independently run Pre-School Units, which are attached to the Main School Infant department and the Annexe site. Close liaison takes place between the Pre-School Staff and the school staff on both sites.


DISCIPLINE / PASTORAL CARE Forming strong, respectful relationships is a priority at Our Lady of Pity. We take seriously the need to know and understand our children. We expect the highest standards of behaviour to arise from these relationships. RESPECT - All members of the school community are guided to show respect by ‘taking another look’ before making judgements or taking action. EVERY CHILD MATTERS - This is our core belief. WE SET THE CHILDREN UP TO SUCCEED - This is our bottom line. We aim to do this by inspiring the children, guiding them in their intrinsic sense of respect of themselves and others. We wish to develop autonomy in children. Inevitably, in our inclusive community, there are times when some children’s behaviour falls short of our expectations. In such instances, all adults are challenged to address the behavioural needs of children at an early stage so that resolution can be achieved as quickly as possible. The school has robust systems to monitor children’s behaviour and works with parents from the outset to ensure that early identification and consistency of action brings about speedy resolution. Clearly, where a child is unable or unwilling to restore a situation and whose behaviour is deemed unsafe, exclusion will be used.

ANTI-BULLYING STATEMENT We promote a culture of raised self-esteem in which bullying cannot thrive. The school’s Antibullying policy is available from the school.


PARENT / SCHOOL LIAISON Staff at the school recognise the prime importance of working in partnership with parents to educate our children. Essential to this is regular contact with parents to ensure that both parties have as full a picture as possible of each child’s needs. Class teachers are always available to see parents between 8.40am and 8.50am every morning and at the end of the school day. Please come to the school office and the secretary will be happy to locate the member of staff for you. If a longer meeting is required then a mutually convenient time will be arranged between the parent and teacher concerned. Staff are not available on Friday mornings due to the staff briefing session. PARENTS’ EVENINGS AND REPORTS Teachers report to parents each term. In the Autumn and Spring Terms this is done through parent consultation meetings where parents are offered the opportunity to come into school, meet with their child’s class teacher and discuss progress. We run an appointment system. In the Summer Term, teachers report to parents in written form. This report contains information about progress made, targets set and the result of any tests taken at the end of the year. (There is an opportunity to discuss matters arising from the report). PARENTAL HELP IN SCHOOL Parent helpers are a tremendous resource for our school. We value your help and the expertise you offer. We always require support with reading, library, computer and a variety of activities in and out of the classrooms. During the Autumn Term all parents receive a letter asking for help in school, but please contact the school if you have time to spare and would like to be involved. All helpers need to go through suitability checks which are organised by the school office. PARENT / TEACHER ASSOCIATION The school is proud to have a pro-active and successful PTA who continue to:    

Raise significant funds Enhance the school environment Organise and run community events throughout the year. Arrange fun events for the pupils during the academic year.

All parents are members of the PTA. A significant number meet regularly in the form of a committee whose officers are: Chairperson Mrs Lee Vice Chairman Mr A Eaton Treasurer Mr S Lawrence The PTA can be contacted through the school office. School Library, part financed by the PTA


School Uniform All children at the school wear School Uniform and look extremely smart. Our uniform comprises:

Junior Winter Uniform Girls Navy Cardigan/ Sweater


Boys Navy Sweater

Pale Blue Shirt

Pale Blue Shirt

School Tie

School Tie

Grey Skirt/ Trousers/ Pinafore

Grey Trousers Black Shoes


Infant Winter and Summer Uniform Girls Navy Cardigan/Sweater Pale Blue Polo shirt /blouse/ Grey Skirt/Trousers/Pinafore Black Shoes

Boys Navy Sweater Pale Blue Polo shirt/shirt Grey Trousers Black Shoes

The infants are welcome to wear a pale blue shirt and tie rather than a polo shirt. There is an option for boys and girls to wear a navy fleece.

Junior and Infant Summer Variations Girls Pale Blue blouse/polo shirt Blue/White summer dress Black shoes

Boys Pale Blue Polo shirt Grey trousers/shorts Black shoes

PE Uniform A plain white t-shirt and dark blue shorts with their PE kit.

Children should always have a pair of plimsols

Earrings: A single, plain silver or gold stud may be worn to guard a pierced ear. Studs must be removed for all PE activities. If a child is wearing studs on a PE day or wearing studs that are inappropriate, the child will be asked to remove them. If they are unable to do so, parents will be asked to come to the school and remove them. Hair Styles: We ask parents to ensure that longer hair styles are securely tied back. This greatly assists us in the longstanding battle with head lice. School uniform items can be purchased from any number of local stores and are all readily available. All the colours are standard items in the various stores. The following Items below can be purchased from the school office: Tie

School bag (for books and PE)

Water Bottles



SCHOOL MEALS We pride ourselves on our school meals. A pioneering approach (in place before recent Government initiatives) has resulted in all meals being cooked on site using fresh ingredients, tasty recipes and a proactive approach to assisting the children in Healthy Eating Choices. The food is delicious. Infants A meal is provided at a cost of £2.00 per day. Meals can be paid for either weekly or half termly in advance. The money must be brought into school in an envelope, clearly marked with the child’s name and class. If a child wishes to transfer from sandwiches to cooked meals or cooked meals to sandwiches, the school kitchen needs notice of one week in writing. Juniors A cash cafeteria meal is provided at lunchtime. There is plenty of variety: two main meal options or a baked potato with filling. Pasta and green salads and baguettes are also available. There is a selection of puddings and drinks. All of the above can be purchased at an approximate cost of £2.00 per day. All children who have a free school meal entitlement choose a meal to the value of £2.00. FRUIT KS1 children receive free fruit provided by the lottery Fruit Scheme. MILK If you would like your child to have milk during the mid-morning break, this can be provided at a cost of 17p a carton. An advance termly payment is requested. BOTTLED WATER All children are encouraged to bring a clear plastic bottle with a drinking sports cap which can be refilled during the day from the chilled water dispensers provided. Bottles are available for purchase at the school office. Bottled water is also on sale at lunchtime from the cafeteria.


EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITES We offer a wide range of extra curricular activities and each one is well attended. Examples of the activities are outlined below. MUSIC TUITION Parents have the opportunity to purchase Music Tuition for their children from Year 5 upwards. This service is provided by the Local Authority Peripatetic Music Service. They offer Violin, Brass and Woodwind. We also have a school ensemble. Cross Country Great competition success has been achieved in this popular club, which keeps children very fit. TENNIS This is offered to junior year groups throughout the year. FRENCH Start young with second language as a foundation for future success! A French teacher comes into school weekly and provides tuition. DRAMA This club runs throughout the year and provides an exciting opportunity for the children to perform. FULL OF BEANS A fun filled club with games and activities and an introduction to key sports skills. A range of activities are offered to juniors and infants through the year. COOKERY This club runs throughout the year. The children are introduced to a range of cooking methods and have great fun following recipes and creating gorgeous food! GARDENING An enriching club to encourage children to enjoy the outdoors and develop their skills in planting flowers and vegetables. Thanks to this club, our site looks great! CHESS A wonderful opportunity to learn this great game. This club runs through the year.

Windmills Greasby Junior School provides a before and after-school club for children whose parents wish them to attend. Details are available from Greasby Junior School - they make arrangements to collect the children from our school at the end of the day and drop them off in the morning, as appropriate.

ART & CRAFT CLUB Children who are interested in crafts particularly needlework and sewing will enjoy these activities!



The school sessions are timed as follows:-

INFANT and ANNEXE CHILDREN 9.00am to 3.25pm Morning Break 10.35 am to 10.50 am Lunch Break 12.00 noon to 1.10 pm Afternoon Break 2.30 pm to 2.45 pm JUNIOR CHILDREN

9.00am to 3.25pm

Morning Break 10.35am to 10.55am Lunch Break 12.15pm to 1.20pm ABSENCES / MEDICINES IN SCHOOL / MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS When children are ill and off school, it is helpful if parents ring the school and notify the secretary who will then inform the child's teacher. On returning from an absence children must bring a note from their parent/guardian explaining their absence. If your child has been prescribed medication, school staff will administer it in line with the prescribed instructions after the child’s parent has consented in writing using a school pro forma. Medical appointment should be booked outside of school hours. If this is not possible, please ask the school secretary for a pass to ensure the absence is not deemed truancy by the monitoring authorities i.e. Police. Taking holidays during school time disrupts learning and should be avoided. In exceptional circumstances, permission may be given by the Headteacher. Applications should be made using the school pro forma. Homework and/or ‘catch-up’ work will not be set for children who are absent due to holidays during school time. LOST PROPERTY Please mark all your children's possessions, with their name(s), particularly their clothing, We do try to return lost property but unmarked items are often unclaimed and eventually disposed of. Parents should understand that we cannot guarantee the safe return of lost items even if they have been marked. Whilst we sympathise with Junior Children who lose their possessions, we do expect them to look for items themselves before a member of staff becomes involved. ASTHMA The school’s policy for children who are registered with their G.P. for asthma is as follows: Inhalers: - The inhaler should be kept with the child in their classroom. This should be clearly marked with the Child’s Name and Class. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that the inhalers are changed regularly to remain within expiry dates. Should a child suffer a more severe or prolonged attack then an ambulance will be called and parents/guardians notified. PARKING AND ACCESS TO SCHOOL Please note that there are parking restrictions outside the school and that these are regularly patrolled to ensure the safety of all. MOBILE PHONES The children are not allowed mobile phones in school.


SCHOOL BUSES For children who live in West Kirby/Hoylake/Meols/Irby and Greasby there are school buses which run both in the morning and afternoon. These buses have supervision both to and from school and the bus companies and bus routes are below. SCHOOL BUS SERVICES CONTRACTED BY MERSEYTRAVEL – Tel 227 5181 MORNING SERVICES BUS NO: 632 Time: 0822

ALS Tel: 653 0222

From West Kirby Dee Hotel, Grange Road, Meols D, Market St, Birkenhead Rd, Herod Rd, Pump Ln, Frankby Rd, Greasby Rd, Arrowe Rd, Rigby Dr to Our Lady of Pity School. BUS NO: 648 Time 0833

Impera Tel: 641 0897

From King’s Gap Roundabout via Market St, Birkenhead Rd, Heron Rd, Pump Ln, Frankby Rd, Greasby Rd, Arrowe Rd, Rigby Dr to Our Lady of Pity School BUS NO: 634 Time: 0833

First Tel 638 6171

From Upton roundabout, to Our Lady of Pity School, AFTERNOON SERVICES BUS NO: 632 Time 1540

ALS Tel 653 0222

From Our Lady of Pity School via Rigby Dr, Arrowe Rd, Greasby Rd, Frankby Rd, Pump Ln, Heron Rd, Birkenhead Rd, Market St, Meols Dr, Grange Rd, Orrysdale Rd/ West Kirby Concourse, Anglesey Rd, Greenbank Rd, Frankby Rd to Newton (The Ridger). BUS NO: 648 Time 1540

ALS Tel: 653 0222

From Our Lady of Pity School via Rigby Dr, Arrowe Rd, (right) Greasby Rd, Frankby Rd, Pump Ln, Heron Rd, Birkenhead Rd, Market St to Hoylake Kings Gap. BUS NO. 634 Time: 1535

First Tel 638 6171

From Our Lady of Pity School via Rigby Dr, to Upton roundabout.


STATUTORY INFORMATION This brochure provides certain information about the school which is required by law. Further information about the school is available from the Headteacher. The following documents may be viewed at the school. The Local Authority's statement Re: Curriculum Policy. Statutory orders and instruments issued by the Department for Education and the Local Education Authority under the various Education Acts. A copy of the Charging and Admissions Policy determined by the Governing Body of the school. The Local Authority agreed syllabus for R.E. The Local Authority procedures for Child Protection. Any published reports from Her Majesty's Inspectors which refer expressly to the school.

AUTHORISED & UNAUTHORISED ABSENCES The following information refers to rates of authorised and unauthorised absences for 2010/2011 a) b)

% of authorised absences % of unauthorised absences

= =

4.8 % 0

CHARGING FOR SCHOOL ACTIVITIES The Governors have adopted the Wirral Borough Council Policy which can be summarised as follows: "Children will not be charged for any equipment used in school apart from ingredients or resources used in practical activities. No charge will be made for activities taking place in school time but donations will be asked for to cover transport and admission costs for educational visits". See Appendix 3.

COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE In accordance with Section 23 of the 1998 Education Reform Act, the Local Authority has adopted a procedure to deal with complaints about the curriculum. Having said that, most complaints are settled quickly and informally at school level because of the high quality relationships between parents and school. The complaint procedure exists for those parents who wish to pursue more formal channels. A copy is available from the school office.



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