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HELEN YI WCS DESIGN TEAM IN-HOUSE PROMOTIONAL BROCHURE A whimsical flowchart showcasing the role of the design team in achieving the organization’s mission.

HELEN YI JAGUAR BROCHURE A 20-page brochure featuring the charismatic animal from Latin America. It is to educate potential donors on WCS’s work on the ground and what the future holds for the species.

HELEN YI WILD VIEW PHOTO BLOG A new digital product for WCS to deliver engaging photographic content directly from the field to existing audience as well as to attract general audiences online.

HELEN YI NEW YORK ZOOS & AQUARIUM EMAIL NEWSLETTER REDESIGN Redesign email newsletter to feature larger photography, introduce more social media activities, and add more prominent call-to-actions. Strategic changes were informed by performance metrics.

HELEN YI ART MUSEUM EXHIBIT TITLE TREATMENTS Title treatments for art exhibitions that can be used cross platform, such as wall signage, invitations, and other promotional materials.

HELEN YI EDUCATOR’S RESOURCE GUIDE Educational materials distributed to educators for professional development. Booklet highlights artworks from the collection and instructions for artmaking lessons.

HELEN YI 96 ELEPHANTS US LEGISLATION INFOGRAPHIC Infographic to make federal and state legislation on illegal wildlife trade easily understandable and empower the audience they can make a difference.

HELEN YI JC FRIDAYS FESTIVAL LISTINGS AND GUIDE Events listing and map guide for a city-wide arts and cultural festival held quarterly each year.

HELEN YI SAMPLING OF WCS SUB-BRAND TITLE TREATMENTS Various WCS campaigns, annual events, and sub-brands call for logotype treatments that creates a distinct identity for itself within a multi-faceted brand.

Helen Yi Designs