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Travel API Features of Travel API Benefits of Travel API Advantages of Travel Booking API FlightsLogic Travel API How FlightsLogic API will help you? FlightsLogic Travel Booking APIs

Travel API

Travel API Travel API is a set of web services to access travel content from various sources like GDS, consolidators, wholesalers, LCCs, and direct connect.  Travel APIs allow your customer to search/book flights, hotels, and cars. Travel agencies integrate third party flight and hotel APIs into their booking portals in order to have access to the best travel deals.  Travel API is basically a set of web services to approach travel deals from different travel consolidators.  The Travel APIs implement to approach their upper class content and travel deals like flight APIs, hotel APIs, car APIs, holiday APIs for travel agencies, tour operators and travel companies. 

Features of Travel API 

Easy setup & flexible integration of Travel search.

Continually optimized product solutions

Instant margin benefits.

Developer resource area with online test harnesses, change logs, support and documentation.

Secure and Instant Transition

Access the B2B, B2C and B2B2B channel.

High margin both B2C and B2B channels

User friendly API Dashboard.

Benefits of Travel API   

 

B2B Travel APIs allows you to add markups for your agents and increase profits. B2C Travel APIs lets you receive the payment directly from customers while making the booking. Gives access to live-pricing of flight and hotel inventory. A single Travel API, with access to all inventories, can save valuable time as compared to multiple supplier integration. Advanced Travel API consolidates inventories from multiple suppliers like GDSs, direct connect, wholesalers, and aggregators. This gives single access to the best available deals; thus, allowing agencies with third-party Travel API a diverse selection of content to market. Travel API increases profits for you and your business. Increases customer satisfaction due to the personalized and seamless booking experience.

Advantages of Travel Booking API     

The ability to provide a seamless online reservation experience. Reduces development costs. Advanced Travel APIs allow you to build a custom website for your customers to search and book travel products. Flight search APIs are easy to set up and supports flexible integration to increase profitability. Flight APIs allow instant booking confirmation and fulfillment for your business needs.

Flightslogic Travel API ď‚—

Flightslogic API provides you with a huge amount of power, allowing you to harness the strength of Flightslogic award-winning booking platform and integrate it with your own system.

How Flightslogic API will help you?

Are you a Tour Operator?  Flightslogic API is your gateway to supplying third-party technology companies with access to your stock.  And since the API is regulated for all Flightslogic customers, any third party that has integrated the API for another company will now be able to support your stock easily too. Are you a Travel Agent?  If you're a Flightslogic customer, Flightslogic truly believe that your booking and customer data is yours. Flightslogic won't lock you in.  The API allows you to access this data, syncing it with an external system, pulling out information so you can run your own reports or add new booking data from sales you've made elsewhere.

FlightsLogic Travel Booking APIs 

Flightslogic is a leading flight API provider and along with its IATA accredited fully owned subsidiary, it helps you to maximize your need of flight inventory through a single unified flight API connection while providing easy flight contents aggregated through several IATA and Non IATA consolidators.

Flightslogic Travel Booking APIs are; 

Flight booking APIs

Hotel booking APIs

Car rental APIs

Transfer APIs

Sightseeing APIs

Cruise APIs

Payment Gateway APIs

Holiday Packages

Flight Booking APIs 

With Flightslogic your travelers find the perfect flight with Amadeus Self-Service Air APIs.

Once a flight is chosen, use Flightslogic Booking APIs to purchase the flight ticket and manage your reservations.

The APIs in the Travel Insights and Artificial Intelligence sections provide data-driven insights to help you understand traveler behavior and create a more personalized flight search experience, while in the Utilities section you’ll find useful APIs for airport search, airline codes and more.

Advantages of Flight Booking API     

Flexible Integration Friendly User interfaces Reliable and robust Custom designed solutions Real time prices

How travel companies implement flight booking API on the website?

There are two methods travel companies apply to implement a flight booking engine on their travel websites; one of those methods is XML API integration for flight search and the other is a white label booking solution. ď‚— When they implement any of the two given methods, they get access to worldwide airline availability, fares, and pricing information. ď‚— Both of these implementations can help travel companies get numerous airline reservations done in a more efficient way. ď‚—

Hotel Booking APIs 

Flightslogic, being one of the most reputed hotel API providers. Any full-stack API developer accomplished in any programming language, framework and database can easily understand the workflow and integrate hotel APIs

Flightslogic provides a platform where Hotel Booking can be easily done with an efficient way to build a Hotel Booking Websites.

By integrating Hotel API with the web portal, you can browse a large number of Hotel offers, book Room, cancel Room, generate reports for booking and cancellation, etc. very easily and efficiently


Features of Hotel Booking API            

Booking Process Easily. Reservation confirmation/cancellation/amended is instantly sent to hoteliers. Convenient reservation delivery. Vast hotel listing ability. Allow room type listing. Multiple payment gateway integration Multi language and multi currency feature. Grant creation of promo codes / corporate rate. Require no commission. Customize theme and color. Allow interface with social booking buttons. Integration with property management systems.

Car Rental APIs ď‚—

A Car Rental API is a software component of car rental service provider websites that grant travel agents to search for great car deals and to manage car rental reservations. Flightslogic is a Car API Integration services and travel booking XML API technology solutions Provider Company


Car APIs—Car Rental Service On-Demand in Your Applications

If you’re building travel competence into a web or mobile application, setting up a travel website or online travel agency (OTA) car rental is an important feature to offer your users. Travellers expect to be able to reserve car rentals in a package, together with airline booking, hotel, and rail or other ground transport. Integrate with a Global Distribution System (GDS) like Sabre, TravelPort or Amadeus. GDS systems aggregate data and enable bookings for multiple travel services, with a global inventory. Integrate with a car rental service like Rental Cars—in most cases this will give you the most granular control over car rental orders, and may offer a larger inventory and better prices, depending on location and the provider’s operating regions.

Transfer APIs ď‚—


Transfers APIs are easily integrated into existing online platforms and apps to be able to offer seamless transfers from a central, secure online payment. Comparatively , they can just log on and carry out their transactions using their online banking credentials. Account access and account balance verification can be done directly.

Features of Transfer APIs      

Provides fast and error free online reservation facility . Search , Book , Confirm – Through a Single API Integration. Trustworthy and reliable. Increase Profitability. Easy set up and flexible integration. World Class Support - Dedicated Account Manager and Engineering support team.

Sightseeing API ď‚—

Flightslogic Sightseeing API provides a fast and easy way to grow your website or mobile app user base by giving you access to trips in real time.


The API which is used by programmers to create software that consumes, creates, displays or interacts with data

Benefits of Flightslogic Sightseeing API     

Adaptable, versatile and simple to coordinate and actualize. Fabricate and refresh travel booking applications. Based on versatile Open System engineering. Diminished improvement expenses and time to advertise. Hand crafted arrangements which amplify proficiency.

Cruise API 

Flightslogic, is a leading Cruise API provider offers you an interface to link with cruise suppliers throughout the world. Flightslogic expanded reach is covering the significant cruise lines.

Being a popular brand and supplier of premium cruise API, Flightslogic is supporting travel businesses in logical cruise booking.

Through Flightslogic API solution, Flightslogic have developed a platform that offers an opportunity to travel agents to authorize great relations with the cruise suppliers.

Flightslogic Offer Through Cruise API 

Flightslogic API offers an instant return on investment

Maintains the reliability of the data and comply with legal requirements

Offer ease in managing the percentage of profit

Facilitate continuous evaluation

Helps In maximizing sales through online distribution channels

Minimize the expectations from other distribution channels.

Offers compliment feature of the cruise search algorithm

Expedite an online platform for faster cruise reservation

Payment Gateway APIs ď‚—

Flightslogic Payment gateways takes measures to protect credit card details by encrypting information like credit card numbers, CVV etc to ensure that information is passed securely between the customer.


A payment gateway is an interface that empower payments for e -commerce websites, web portals and online stores. Online users can make the payments for their purchase, through these payments ways.

Features Payment Gateway APIs 

Detailed documentation for developers to implement the service

Best developer and marketplace tools.

It allows you to build powerful connections with leading marketplaces and third-party software, reach out to new audiences, and maximize renewal.

Suitable for international transactions.

Suitable for large companies who can employ the developers in the house or hire web development companies for their project.

Stripe allows you to build and incorporate trial periods in your plans, or give coupons to help you devise and refine your strategies

Holiday Packages APIs 

       

Flightslogic is India's leading online travel company, has a profound understanding of Indian consumers travel needs and preferences. It offers a deep range of holiday packages in India and crosswise the world, catering to various segments of travelers. This has enabled Flightslogic to give a deep range of holiday packages including niche and different packages to its customers, while providing localized services. Online travel booking engine. Multiple sales channels - B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C. Centralized mid-office. Intelligence to connect multiple GDS, LCC, and third party APIs. Complete Reservation Management. Travel Agent Management. Transactional Accounting. Accounting System Integration.

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