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Choosing The Right Hermes Replica Bags To Complement Your Body Size And Shape

If you are like most ladies out there, you probably do not give handbags the same attention and scrutiny that you give to apparel when shopping. If a bag is cute and complements your lifestyle then it is a perfect fit for you right? Wrong? Of the many types of bags available in the market today are the Hermes Replica Bags, some of the best creations in the fashion industry today. Choosing the best Hermes bag can be a daunting task, especially because of the fact that they are available in all manner of styles, sizes and shapes for the different personalities and tastes out there. Here are some easy steps to help you get a Hermes Replica bag that would complement your figure, size and personality. Shape As a good rule of thumb, always go for a shape that is opposite that of your body. What this means is that if you are the short and voluptuous type, Hermes replica bags that are long and sleek or tall and rectangular would work perfectly for you. If on the other hand you are tall and thin, going for a rounded, slouchy bag that would flatter your figure a little bit would do the trick. In general, the rounder your body shape, the more structured your hand bag should be. This should not however be construed to mean that you should settle for a hard box type of bag to complement your shape: square or rectangular shapes made of soft fabrics and attractive soft leathers would do the trick for you. Scale The second most important step when choosing a bag is to consider the scale. While the shape of a bag ought to oppose your body shape for maximum flattery, you should ensure that the size of the bag that you settle for is proportional to your body size. A petite size 0 lady would be lost and look overwhelmed carrying a huge slouchy handbag; a size 14, 6ft tall woman on the other hand would look out of place carrying a teensy weensy hand-held bag. As a general rule of thumb, always go for a bag that complements your body size. Carrying a shoulder's length bag automatically accentuates the parts of the body it comes in close proximity to. A good example, carrying a shoulder handbag that drops down all the way to your hips will accentuate your hip girth because most of the attention would be towards the handbag. You will never go wrong with a bag that settles on your mid-torso since it complements the waist. Additional handbag buying tops - If you are buying the handbag from a physical store, take your time to try out different bags and look at yourself on a mirror, the same way you would do when buying an apparel - Avoid the temptation of going for trendy shapes which may not be ideal for your body shape. There are so many alternatives that would be great.

- Always factor in the lifestyle aspect when buying a bag. What do you plan to use the bag for? Visit -

Choosing the Right Hermes Replica Bags to Complement your Body Size and Shape  

If you are like most ladies out there, you probably do not give handbags the same attention and scrutiny that you give to apparel when shopp...

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