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Newsletter for METTLER TOLEDO UK employees

Company news Quarter 1 Dear Colleagues,

Firstly, let me take this opportunity to wish everyone very best wishes for a healthy and happy 2009. For sure, 2009 will be the most challenging economic environment we have had to endure for decades. The economic turbulence is gaining momentum and it is difficult to see the end point. The outlook for the UK and the global economy has deteriorated further in the past quarter. The UK economy contracted again according to the latest forecast, as did the US economy, while the Eurozone has already entered recession. Although manufacturing activity held up in the first half of 2008, latest surveys show conditions have deteriorated significantly in the last three months. So how did we perform in Q4/08?

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Company News MT-UK Business Results Q4/08 and Year End Dec 08

In Q4/08 our order intake was weaker than we forecasted. The traditional increase in sales activity (hockey stick effect) in Q4 was certainly subdued compared to previous years. Orders were down around 15% compared to last year, although this comparison was against a record Q4/07. A slightly better picture for sales, as we invoiced out of backlog in the final two months of the quarter. Product Inspection had a strong Q4/08 performance in both product sales and service, achieving growth vs last year at 26% and 22% respectively. Our Volume business also had a good Q4/08 achieving sales growth of 10%. Industrial and Process also achieved sales growth of 5% and 4% in the quarter.

For the full year 2008, our combined order and sales performance were very similar, both falling short of budget by 10% and 4% lower than previous year. Our combined project type business of Retail, Dimensioning and Autochem was 33% down vs previous year and this was in part a symptom of the poor financial investment climate which gradually worsened throughout the year. Some good news however is that we enter 2009 with a stronger backlog, up ÂŁ300k on the same time last year which should help us in the first 2

quarter of 2009. Our margin performance was quite good as we exceeded our budgeted C1 target by 1.9%; this figure excluding our Volume business. Although we did implement a mid-year price increase in certain parts of our business in 2008, it was pleasing that we maintained sales discipline in fighting for our margins. It’s not easy when facing tougher economic and competitive pressures, to refuse requests for greater discounts, but it is essential that we communicate to our customers, the value proposition on many of our products and services. We also had to be very diligent in managing our costs in 2008. Of course this became much more difficult as it became clear that we were heading for a recessionary period. The poor outlook for 2009 determined that we should take some contingency actions to reduce our cost base in the final quarter which allowed to us finish the year closer to our forecast. We achieved this reduction in costs by not replacing certain positions and where possible recruiting from within the organisation. Sadly we did have to make a small number of redundancies which is always difficult and a last option. It was a regrettable but a necessary action as we fight to maintain profitability in an environment where economic

activity is falling. Overall we achieved a profitable result in 2008 but it was significantly down compared with both budget and previous year.

Other news and updates I was very pleased that we progressed on many of the initiatives and projects we agreed in our 2008 annual plan. There are too many to provide a complete update and I hope through the regular management and communication meetings you are generally up to date. On lead generation, which was a major initiative in 2008, supported by many planned and additional marcom campaigns we achieved growth of 32% for the nine months up to 30 September 2008. Whilst I haven’t the final Q4/08 results, I am confident that will have maintained some growth momentum, as we continued to receive GROUP support to fund a number of unplanned but welcomed marcom activities...

…One initiative that was particularly pleasing was the improvement in leads submitted by our Service Engineers. In 2008 our Service Engineers generated 104 product sales leads which were converted by our sales teams into £578k of orders.


A big thank you not only to our Service Engineers, but to our Marketing teams for revitalising the SIF (Sales Incentive Form) scheme and making it more interesting and rewarding. It is important that we maintain this initiative in 2009. A challenge for 2009 would be for each Service Engineer to generate four leads a year which would result in 200+ leads which could take us to a new milestone of £1m additional product sales. The ongoing service contract opportunity would add further revenue streams for service too.

achieved a successful outcome. Thanks to the Sales admin teams and Anita for the work involved in transferring the quote data to the new processes. This was not an easy project to implement especially in the most active quarter in the year. Not only did Mel and Dipti have to understand the new functionality of the version six software but they had to prepare documentation and deliver, informed training sessions many times over. Well done to everyone and thank you for being patient and understanding. Whilst we have a few issues still to resolve, I am very happy that we go into 2009 on a new version incorporating opportunity management. This will allow us to track quote activity at this very important time, when inevitably we will see investment delays and tighter lending restrictions.

2009 Sales booster program

Update Marketing Manager (UMM) v6 User Guide

We also took the opportunity to migrate to version six of UMM our CRM database in Q4/08. This was a major project undertaking and I would like to thank all those involved. In particular a big thank you to Mel and Dipti for putting in many extra hours to ensure we

Finally I want to inform you about a series of new initiatives being launched to our sales teams under the name of ‘Sales Booster Program’. Here, very simply put, we want to shift more resource to acceleration of leads growth. The intention of each of the divisional sales booster programs is to fight the economic down-turn by firstly helping our sales force penetrate new prospects and gain market share. Secondly, leverage the activity of our sales force to detect cross selling leads and, finally, encourage all our sales teams to

follow up timely and professionally every opportunity. We will support these booster programs with additional resource from within other areas to increase the efforts in telemarketing, lead nurturing and quotation follow up calls. This needs the support of everyone to make these sales booster campaigns work. By now most of the sales teams will be informed so that we kick off this program as early into Q1/09 as we can do so. It is absolutely essential that we engage and battle against the economic storms that we see ahead right now. We enter a period of economic uncertainty where it is impossible to say when the storm will pass. Let’s continue to work hard and focus on those activities which will bring reward. In 2008 we achieved a good performance in many parts of our business in a very challenging economic environment and we executed many initiatives well. Now we have to do it again in 2009 as ‘One Team’. Once again it is really important that you support all the new 2009 initiatives and take ownership. We can collectively make a difference and achieve the revised targets we have agreed for 2009. Thank you for your continuing support.

Graham Eley


Limited Edition

Employee News New Starters

Abby Poultney

Isela Bonequi Hi everyone! I joined MT in October 2008 as Service Administrator for the Analytical Team.

From day one everyone has made me feel very welcome. I am yet to meet you all and learn all of your names, but I think I am slowly getting there! I have a daughter Evie-Grace, who turned 2 on Christmas Day and keeps me very busy out of work (as you can imagine!). She is a right little Madame who has grown up far too quickly! Together we enjoy swimming and shopping, mainly spending money – what girls do best! Although Evie takes up most of my time; I do occasionally get to let me hair down with my Girlies. This is normally over a bottle of Vino or 2! I am looking forward to my future with METTLER TOLEDO and would like to thank everyone, especially the guys on the service desk for all there help and support.

Hi, for all of you that don’t know (yet) my name is Isela Bonequi and I have been working here for 10 months now, (on a temporary basis) but joined MT in October 2008, in the role of Business Reporting Analyst within the finance team. I am originally from the glorious (and widely unknown) west coast of Mexico, very near Puerto Vallarta (in case someone has heard of it!), but married an Englishman and ended up in evergreen England. I have mainly worked on fixed term contracts and this is my first permanent contract since moving to England, some 6 years ago. I am passionate about Christmas, my birthday and everything related to Christmas or my birthday.

Jay Chauhan Hi, as you all know I left MT after 20 years service and guess what? I am back again! I would like to thank everyone at MT specially Andy Padmore for being friendly and welcoming me back. My role is as a service technician under Andy Padmore for south.


Looking forward to meeting up with field base colleagues. I am married with two children: a girl & a boy. Both are students. In my spare time, I love working on my Jaguar and driving it.

Israr Ghulam Bonjour everyone, my name is Israr Ghulam and I am the Finance Manager, working for Nigel Mason. I started back in July 08 and I too am an “ex-Struers employee”, having been introduced by the Steve Goulbourne recruitment firm ;-). Since joining MT, I must admit it has been a great learning experience and I certainly look forward to new challenges lying ahead. Also, I have been very impressed by everyone’s professionalism and friendliness, my team and other colleagues have certainly been a great source of help over the last 6 months or so. One of my highlights is probably my trip to the US for a finance training which was great as I had the opportunity to meet the Corporate Finance Team and other new starters from around the world. It certainly helped ascertain the global aspect of Mettler Toledo. Outside work, I enjoy spending time with my young family and my three young kids make up the most of my

spare time. Monday mornings can strangely feel like a welcome site at the end of a very energy draining weekend, but my children are all a lot of fun though. I also enjoy playing football and have played in the MT 5-a-side team. I have not recently played, not because of the freezing temperatures but because I believe that the game should have a winter break - well that’s my excuse. Anyway, I really hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break and wish you all the very best for 2009. I look forward working with you all. Martin Brooks

Outside of work I enjoy sports, I play football and I am a member of my local tennis club. I also enjoy time with family and friends.

Martin Ross Hi to all you nice MT folk! My name is Martin Ross, and I joined the Core Lab team in August 2007, as Account Manager (NW). I live in Macclesfield, which is very handy for my largest customer, AZ (!) and is well located geographically for my North West patch.

Hello, I’m Martin and I joined MT at the end of August as the Titration, Density and Refractometry Specialist for the Laboratory division covering the South of England.

Throughout my working career, I was originally trained in sales by Alfred Tack in London, and then various courses in Management by John Fenton. I headed up a family business (lab supplies) for many years, setting up a service department in the process, being one of the first businesses to achieve BS5750 accreditation, and building an automated injection moulding facility from scratch.

Following my graduation from the University of Wales in Biochemistry/ Genetics, after an initial period of lab work I moved in to the commercial world working for Waters and Thermo Fisher for 5 years.

I’ve had a really busy 4 months, and despite several projects being put “on hold” due to the current financial climate, 2008 finished OK. I just hope they all come in now in 2009!

I have been very impressed with the friendliness and professionalism of everyone I have worked with at the company and I am looking forward to my product training in Switzerland.

On a personal note, I like to cook (anything really – French, Thai) and had great fun just before Christmas doing one of the Gordon Ramsey cookalongs, much to the entertainment of my family (probably one glass of wine too many, or not enough)!! I also like to

walk – we’re really lucky living at the foot of the beautiful Pennines, with the Cheshire Plain stretched out before us. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for making me feel at home – it’s always difficult when you start a new job, particularly as a field rep when you don’t get into the office much – but you have all been great!

Becci O’Leary Hi I’m Becci and I started at MT in September having just moved up from Bristol. I work in the Purchasing department and can honestly say I really enjoy it. Prior to moving to Woodgate, Leicester I used to work in the purchasing department at Chubb Fire. Outside of work I enjoy going out for meals, watching films, going to the pub and relaxing. I would like to say thanks for all making me feel really welcome and I look forward to working with everyone.


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Employee News Promotions Tim Mornin has been promoted to the position of Sales Manager Product Inspection after only 6 months employment with Mettler-Toledo Ltd! George Craig has been promoted to the position of Sales Manager, Process Analytics. Well done George.

Tim Mornin

George Craig

Lee Anderson

Vishal Patel

Russell Winterburn

Dave McNeice

Transfers Lee Anderson has been appointed to the position of Sales Executive in Industrial, covering the North region. Vishal Patel has transferred to the position of CRM Assistant. Russell Winterburn has now assumed the new position of National Sales Manager. Dave McNeice has assumed to the new role of Northern Weighing & National Systems Service Manager. Congratulations to all four employees who have been promoted or have transferred since our last edition! Good luck in your new roles.

Retirements Ernie Atkinson Jenny Wood Tony Mellor We would like to wish them all the best.

Farewell to... Ian Robertshaw (transferring), Robin Bodicot, Jackie McCallum, Liesal Kirkby, Amy Kendrick, Neil Goode, Rod Bottom, Liz Welch and Rachel Clarke. We would like to wish them good luck in their future ventures.


Tony Mellor receiving his retirement card

Employee News Births Congratulations to Monica Shah who gave birth to a baby girl on Friday 12th September. Weighing 6lbs and 12oz. Her name is Kinnari.

Kinnari Shah

Warren Tomlinson’s wife Julie gave birth to their baby boy, Daniel, on 6 September 2008. He was 5 weeks early, and therefore in the special baby care unit for a while, but is now doing fine! Daniel was given his first Luton town football kit for Christmas! Congratulations to Paul Burroughs on the birth of Baby Henry. Weighing in at 7lb 7ounces, Henry was born at 1.53 am on 7 November 2008. Pictured here with his older brother who is 14 months older.


Henry and Freddie Burroughs Daniel Tomlinson

Mandy Moores and Martin Radford were married at Etrop Grange in Manchester on 30th August 2008 and then spent their honeymoon in Viareggio on the Tuscan Riviera. "Everything went marvellously well and we had a truly fantastic time". Vishal Nithwani married Rupal in India on 9th of August 2008 in a traditional Hindu ceremony. They went on honeymoon to Hawaii and Las Vegas.

Vishal Nithwani and Rupal Mandy Moores and Martin Radford


Limited Edition

Gill on Reception got so frustrated recently, that she wrote the following poem about the issue:

Human Resources Division

A Plea from Gill on Reception! When you are working on Reception, you constantly strive to give a professional image of the company. It is therefore very important that you know where employees are (ie if they are on holiday, or out of the office for the day). It also avoids having to keep other callers waiting to be answered while you phone around and try and find someone – only to discover that they are sunning themselves on a beach somewhere, and won’t be back for 2 weeks! This is exactly why we ask every employee to complete the Movement Sheet (which you will find on the M Drive, under Movements 2009). Please ensure that you keep the movements sheet as up to date as possible, so as not to cause any more time wasting, poor service or premature grey hairs!

Reminder from HR: Please will all employees remember to keep the HR department up to date with details such as: • Home address • Telephone number • Emergency contacts and their telephone numbers • New medical conditions • Change of doctors or any other changes to your personal circumstances or details. If you are a member of the pension scheme, and your nominated beneficiary changes (ie the person that would benefit in the event of your death) it is very important to let us know this also. Thank you


Movement Sheets You know that lady on reception? Who has to use her powers of detection? “Are they in or out?” she would say A ritual she carried out everyday. The movement sheet is never complete But customer’s requests she still had to meet So a solution must be sought Send an email is what she thought Asking staff to please complete That flippin ‘M drive’ movement sheet! In response to this, Yvonne (who also sometimes works on reception to cover for Gill) came up with the following:

Dear Gill I understand completely how you feel And the reason you put out your appeal. If everyone took a turn on the desk They also would fully understand your simple request! Is so and so there? To find out is our task It can’t be too much to ask If we don’t know then customers face Delays whilst we ring round to chase ‘I Dunno’ is a good reply But we can’t say that, so we try and try To seek them here, to seek them there No wonder it drives us utterly spare! And then we find out at the end of the day They are on a beach, somewhere far away! If they don’t fill in details day to day We should plan to make them pay What about a tannoy call with their name? Then add it to a list of shame This could be placed in a prominent place So they can all be utterley disgraced Or we could line them up on the front lawn And shoot them all at the crack of dawn No? Then we could ask for some training It’s called: ‘Smile, with no complaining!’

Employee News Long Service Awards Congratualtions to the following people 1. Jack Poselthwaite 2. Dave McNiece


5 years service • Mike Luxton • Phil Williams • Graham Bowers • Dave Arnold • Julian Darke • Russell Morgan • Laura Aspland • Yvonne Smedley • Tim Watson


10 years service • Steve Wright • Jane Brigstock


15 years service • Bill Clark • Graham Wright


25 years service • Dave McNiece • Brian Smith








3. Brian Smith 4. Laura Aspland

5. Tim Watson 6. Yvonne Smedley

Vaughan Williams

35 years service • Jack Poselthwaite

Employee News Employee of the Year 2007 Vaughan Williams was announced as Employee of the Year for 2007, and presented with a cheque for £250 and a Shield to remember the award by. When asked about the award, Vaughan said, “It was such a shock. I felt like a rabbit in the headlights!” Jane Brigstock (HR Assistant) and Anita Macleod (Secretary to MD) were announced as the runners up and received a cheque for £100 each. Well done to these three employees! Anita Macleod

Jane Brigstock


Limited Edition

Neighbourhood Retailer Butcher of the Year Awards 2008 Northern Ireland’s top retailers meet to celebrate the 2008 annual Neighbourhood Retailer Awards. METTLER TOLEDO supported Northern Ireland dealer Cole Weighing in the sponsorship of the 'Butcher of the Year 2008' Award Category.

Held in the Ramada Hotel on Friday 17th October 2008, the glamorous affair began with a champagne reception, followed by entertainment from the iconic Marilyn Monroe. Some 500 guest attended the event and joined in the celebrations; among those the representation from our Retail Team: Gary Wright, Phil Power and Karina Michalak. Retail Division

The Retail Division supported Cole Weighing - their dealer in Northern Ireland, raising awareness of METTLER TOLEDO Retail product on the Irish market. The Neighbourhood Retailer Awards, which are independently judged by Spotcheck the mystery shopping company, are designed to recognise and reward excellence. After much deliberation, finalists were picked across a total of 16 categories including the 'Butcher of the Year' category sponsored by METTLER TOLEDO Retail. Gary Wright presented the award on behalf of the Retail Team. And the winner was... McCartney’s of Moira. The judges were looking for a butcher shop that clearly meets the needs of its customers and stocks an extensive variety of fresh quality produce, relative to the size of the store. Additional criteria will include efficiency, merchandising, image, customer care, cleanliness and overall experience.


METTLER TOLEDO Retail and Thornton's Chocolate METTLER TOLEDO has won the business to supply 410 new scales, to Thornton’s chocolate shops, across the UK. The Approach: Thornton’s requirement was to replace all their POS across the estate before the end of 2008. As part of the required weighing operation, there was also a possibility to replace their existing Avery scales. Invitations for tender went to the leading POS hardware and software suppliers in February 2008. The strategy from MTUK was to work with as many of these suppliers as possible and to convince the customer to move to a linked counter scale. In line with lobbying the POS company’s we had made direct contact with the key decision makers at Thornton’s to sell them on the benefits of a linked scale solution. These benefits included: • Speed of operation • Better customer service (Operator would be facing the customer) • A legal trading operation where the scale display would be visible to both operator and customer. • Small scale footprint with low heat generation (chocolate melts easily) During the tender period we were successful in convincing IBM, Fujitsu, Torex, PCMS and Wincor to put forward MTUK as their scale supplier. At this point in time Toshiba and DigiPos where going with their existing scale supplier (Avery).

Presentations: Following submission of the initial tenders, formal presentations took place to the Thornton’s bid evaluation team over a 2 week period. MT were invited to attend a presentation to put forward the Viva scale. Equipment layout: As Thornton’s have a variety of different shop and counter layouts across the country, MT spent time visiting shops with the trading specialists to advise on scale and display positioning. This helped build a working relationship. Final decision stage: Over the next 4 weeks a short list was drawn up and suppliers were invited to sharpen their bid. The remaining hardware POS suppliers were IBM, DigiPos & Toshiba. Two out of the three had initially put forward Avery scales as part of the bid. It was at this stage that DigiPos and Toshiba considered working with MT as their scale partner.

Conclusion: In May 2008 Toshiba was chosen as the hardware and services provider for the rollout and Torex was chosen as software provider. On 4th June Toshiba placed an order with MTUK for 400 Viva scales (Dual display) to be supplied to Toshiba central warehouse for rollout with the POS. In September 2008 a further order was won by MT for £14,000, to calibrate and certify the Viva scales to meet trading standards requirements. The total project value currently stands at £91,000, with MT due to complete the calibration work in November 2008.

Retail Division


Limited Edition Laboratory Division

Core Lab Re-organisation The reporting structure within Core Lab has changed to better support the product specialisation which already exists. The new sales management structure is as follows:

Frank Hardcastle

• Frank Hardcastle takes on UK sales management responsibility for the Laboratory Weighing and pH business. His new job title is Sales Manager Laboratory Weighing. Our team of 8 account managers - Colin Magee, Mitesh Chhana, Amrit Duhela, Martin Ross, Sarah O’Brien, Farrah Jabeen, Kiran Sharma and Paul Lander - will report to him. They will now be called Sales Specialist - Laboratory Weighing. Nick Quinn

• Nick Quinn takes on UK sales management responsibility for the Anachem business comprising titration and DE/RE. His new job title is Sales Manager Titration, DE/RE. Our 4 Anachem specialists - Martin Radford, Martin Brooks, Sofia Salim and Kevin McLaughlin - will report to Nick. They will be called Sales Specialist - Titration, DE/RE. • Lester Troughton continues to manage the UK TA business, looking after our 3 dedicated TA specialists. Phil Williams and Keith Blakemore will report directly to Lester. They will be called Sales Specialist - TA. As mentioned above Kevin McLaughlin, who has responsibility for TA, Titration and DE/RE, will report to Nick. His job title will be Sales Specialist - TA, Titration, DE/RE.

Lester Troughton

Wedding Bells Down Under One member of the Laboratory team had a very memorable New Year’s Eve! Southern Sales Specialist Paul Lander gave his daughter Kate away at her wedding - in New Zealand! Katie, a 28-year-old teacher moved to Auckland in April to follow the man of her dreams. The happy couple met when Dave, a New Zealander, came to the UK to play rugby.

The hap

Paul, his daughter Kate and wife Pat


After a few drinks...

py c o u p


Money, Money, Money Laboratory Division The Core Lab team had a very strong finish to 2008 and in particular a great December, bringing in some excellent orders. A BIG thank you to everyone for a huge effort. Here are just a few of the orders received. Order Value Company

Products Ordered


University of Warwick

Thermal analysis instrumenation



Liquidator pipetting system



6 Balances



3 pipette calibration balances



2 pipette calibration balances



T90 titrator and 2 x Rondo 20

Industrial Division

Product Inspection

Taking to the Road With X-ray Technology

Ernie Atkinson retired and his departing gift to us before he left was orders totalling £137,000 in his last month, thank you Ernie! A quick update on one of our newest recruit to the Industrial sales team - Jason Shaples, congratulations on landing a £94,000 formweigh. net order for Bettys & Taylor Group. Order Value


Products Ordered

£ 65,000


Upgrade of silo weighing facility


NOM Dairy

Weighing equipment for new production facility (MT are the sole supplier for their weighing equipment)


Reckitts Benkiser

New formulation booth for increased productivity


Givauden UK Ltd

Industrial weighing equipment


DHL Express


Product Inspection Division A strong year continued into the final quarter finishing with a first order for Paul Burroughs from Marchesini. The 12% year on year growth for both PI Sales and Service is the result of a great team effort so thank you to all. A few of the year end orders include: Order Value


Products Ordered



Twin Lane Checkweigher


Kraft Foods

Glasschek X-ray


Foxs Buicuits

Garvens X-ray Combiweigher


Foxs Buicuits

T10 Vertical X-ray


Coca Cola

2 x Garvens XS3 Checkweigher


Cadbury Trebor Bassett

2 x Profile Metal Detectors

METTLER TOLEDO SAFELINE is taking to the road again in 2009 giving customers the unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience of the latest x-ray technology for contamination detection. Starting in the South of England and heading North, the Safeline demonstration van showcasing new cutting edge X-ray equipment has been touring the country providing onsite demonstrations at different customer sites. The demonstration van contains two state-of-the-art x-ray machines. The AdvanCheK x-ray inspection system is designed to withstand harsh wash down environments. This machine is a powerful yet economical x-ray inspection unit that detects multiple contaminants such as metal, stone, bone, glass and dense plastics. The InspireX R20 x-ray inspection system detects and rejects many contaminants as well as scans for missing and broken products, detects package voids and checks fill levels to guarantee product and package integrity.


Limited Edition

LOOK Sniff out new business This year we are raising the profile of X-Selling leads. We have reviewed and updated the existing bonus scheme as well as introducing quarterly promotions to reward your efforts. This campaign is aimed at all sales personnel – we want you to sniff out X-Selling opportunities for other divisions in your daily dealings with customers

A Great Achievement SIF increase helps boost leads and sales! • 34% increase in leads • Sales worth more than half a million pounds I just wanted to give you an update about our SIF sales incentive scheme and how it performed in 2008. The Keep your Eyes Open promotions – which ran quarterly – aimed to: • Revitalise the existing SIF bonus scheme • Generate more leads for MT-UK • Create more business

Regular communication will keep you updated with progress, you will have already have received details about Q1 incentives and details of how the scheme works.

And it did just that! In total we received 393 SIF leads in 2008 compared to 293 in 2007 – a whopping 34% increase. And from SIFs submitted last year we’ve already seen more than half a million pounds worth of business: -

£572,143.15 to be exact! Lab received 25% more leads, Industrial 12% and Product Inspection an amazing 280%.

So don’t delay, sniff out X-Selling leads today

Many thanks to everyone who contributed – you really can, and are, making a difference! On average more individuals submitted leads each quarter than in the previous year. With 35 of you putting in one or more leads during each promotional period compared to 27 in 2007. Let’s do the same again this year!


Seeds growing into Leads Our Sow The Seeds – Grow The Leads Campaign has produced a great crop of ideas since its launch last Autumn. The initiative aims to boost sales in the UK by growing the number of product and service leads. To date you’ve unearthed a variety of ideas and we’d like to give you an update on progress to date with some of these initiatives. Our team has reviewed all leads and have been progressing a number of them.

Xselling opportunities A number of you put forward ideas aimed at encouraging all divisions to spot sales opportunities outside of their responsibility. For example a Laboratory rep might visit a Quality Manager and during their discussion unearth a lead for a scale in the production area – which would be passed to their Industrial counterpart. This year we will have a big focus on Xselling with a number of key initiatives being implemented by each SBU. We are also launching new quarterly promotions in line with this. See page for more details. Support the 2012 Olympics: We have registered with the relevant bodies to receive supplier information & updates about marketing opportunities. Charity donations: This is an idea we have used in the past – particularly for data cleaning projects. In return for information about companies and contacts, usually sent to us by the receptionist, we have made charity donations. We will make sure we use this approach where appropriate. Cross Divisional Training: The idea here is to make sure we all have a better understanding about the company as a whole – so that we can deal with customer queries more effectively.

One hour product overviews, which have been successfully held in the past, will be restarted in Q1 of this year. You will all be given the opportunity to attend the sessions, in agreement with your manager. Advertise to make MT a more widely recognised brand: We already place a number of printed adverts and online banners to promote various aspects of the business. We will be publicising these more widely – on the noticeboards outside the Bistro. Branded metal detectable pens for the PI division: These have been sourced and distributed! We’ve still got plenty to do! - Investigate costs and viability of producing company car stickers - Look into the use of text messaging as a way of contacting customers - Explore how we can make better use of product packaging And of course, after investigation, there are some ideas we won’t be taking forward. - Target Bus Shelters near key/new customers – this is very expensive and we also don’t want to show favouritism. - Sponsor CSI on TV – we only wish we had enough pennies for this type of high profile advertising!

Keep the leaves tumbling in We still need more ideas – especially in light of the current challenging business environment. And don’t forget we will periodically be awarding spot prizes to people who have submitted ideas. Once again we would like to thank you all for a blooming marvellous response!


Sports and Social Club Future Sports & Social Events • NEC tickets – Crufts, Gardeners World • Cirque de Soleil • War of the Worlds • Health Spa Day • Murder Mystery (may be on the Great Central Railway) • Tickets to London Theatre Shows • Long Alley Skittles Evening Please contact Anita MacLeod, Simon Medhurst or Vaughan Williams if you have any suggestions for future events.

Need a helping hand? Helen & I are regularly asked if we have any opportunities for work experience students – for one or two week work placements. We currently have a couple of candidates who want work experience in May and June. We can think of some tasks – but probably not enough to fill their time. Do you have any jobs they could do – giving them a varied role with METTLER TOLEDO and helping you get things done. Have a think about some of those jobs that have been hanging around for a while – or would be nice to haves given a bit more resource. It could be filing, data entry internet research, collating packs, burning CDs, helping with post, photocopying. If you have any ideas – or would like to know more, let me know ASAP. Thanks Julia - Ext 3003 For more information

Mettler-Toledo Ltd Human Resources Division Contact Claire Perry on extension 5111

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