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October Edition mmxii : Volume II : Issue X

Table of Contents Page 2 - Watermelon Festival Page 3 - Officer of the Month & Member of the Month Page 4 - November Calender Dates Page 5 - Meet Our Officers!

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Watermelon Festival Although the Watermelon Fesitival was an event of August, my absence was no excuse to share a little snippet of key club voluteering for our community. A few key clubbers and myself participated in helping the main event of the SunlandTujunga yearly Watermelon Festival! It was nice enjoying FREE watermelon and watching our very own Verdugo Hills Glee Club sing some tunes while we all just hung out and had a great time.

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Officer of the Month

Helen Ha

The fall season begins and along comes the college applications where all seniors stress about. But not our dear Bulletin Editor, Helen Ha, as she is always smiling and stress-free; in a good way of course. She is a wonderful staff member and a great person to be around. It makes such qualities that she is the Officer of the month of October. In the past, Helen had some difficulties with her computer and how she should do her work, but looking back on them today only made her stronger. She is so willing and optimistic at the events at hand even if her comments are fun-filled, Helen is always ready to partake in such events. Photography is considered a hobby of hers and it is understandable and easy to see why she is so compatible with her position on the board. Being part of another club as it board member should be bringing stress to her, but instead of complaints and how she won’t be able to partake in such events, she does what she can without showing that she won’t or can’t. It’s wonderful to see that she is even involving her little sister and her friends to the club events and activities. In conclusion, Helen is a great person to be with as an officer and a friend as her friendly and optimistic attitude will rub off on you.

Member of the Month


Damaris Huerta

October marks the start of the fall season and makes the seniors at a loss of words as college applications start. But for a fellow member of the VHHS Key Club, Damaris does all that she can to helping out the club to the best of her abilities despite her own personal schedule. For such dedication and effort into the club, she has been chosen to be the member of the month of October. Damaris is not only dedicated to her work, but shows compassion in her efforts and activities. She is always the first person to ask a question during a general meeting in order to better understand the event at hand and know how she can be a part of the contribution. She has been active in October events such as helping out during Verdugo Day. She is always ready and one of the first people to sit down and wait for the meeting to be held. Damaris is optimistic about the events that are going to be held and is willing to do what she can trying to put the events of Key Club at the top of her priority list. Beautiful efforts and outstanding achievement should be her title. She is a wonderful part of our Verdugo Hills Key Club and hope that you can see it too.


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Upcoming Events Sunday


tuesday wednesday thursday

friday 1

Saturday 2

Weekly meeting 3









Officer meeting 17

18 25

No sChool!



Weekly meeting 19



Officer meeting 24


Weekly meeting Fall rally

Officer meeting 10




Weekly meeting 26

No sChool!



No sChool! Thanksgiving



No sChool!

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Meet Our Officers!

Vice President - Marina Sung President - Thaniel Directo

Secretary - Leslie Sandoval

Treasurer - Nane Ghazaryan

Bulletin Editor - Helen Ha

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Verdugo Hills High School D3N October 2013 Newsletter  
Verdugo Hills High School D3N October 2013 Newsletter  

Verdugo Hills High School D3N October 2013 Newsletter