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A Message from our President!

Page 3 - Conclave Page 4 - Eliminate Benefit Concert! Page 5 - Are you a Senior? Page 6 - Elections!!! Page 7 - Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner Page 8 - Officer of the Month & Member of the Month! Page 9 - Meet Our Officers! Page one

a message from our president! Hi everyone! I just wanted to say I'm VERY excited for these coming next months! This past month was filled with many different projects and I was happy to see people engaged. As a club that's still coming together, it really means a lot to me to see people taking interest. With the coming of December, I'm beginning to really see this club grow. I know that Verdugo Hills Key Club's 2013-2014 term will be even better than last year's term. I hope to see even more of you work hard and volunteer your time for more upcoming projects and fundraisers. Don't forget the possibility of winning one of THREE AMC Golden Experience movie tickets for accumulating the most hours by February! And if you weren't one of the three that won a movie ticket, there's still the free sweater, which will be given out by the end of March. Now that dues have been submitted, we now officially have 45 members! I'm very excited to serve you all! My hope is to show you all what makes Key Club unique. After Fall Rally, I became inspired to work even harder for this club. Seeing so many spirited Key Clubbers, all having such immense passion to serve their communities, really rubbed off on me, and it has made me pumped up for the rest of this Key Club term! I really look forward to an awesome rest of the year with all of you! You all are absolutely GOLDEN!

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CONCLAVE! It was the time of the year again for the new election of Lieutenant Governet (LTG) for Division 3 Norths Key Club! This event was attended by our wonderful president, Thaniel Directo and dedicated Key Clubber, Ashley Morataya. Congrats to La Canada's, Dean Wyrzykowski! Verdugo Hills congratulates you and know you will do great things with our division for the year.


Dean Wyrzykowski ! Page three

ELIMINATE BENEFIT CONCERT! A special concert held for Key Club members blew many of us away knowing that AJ Rafael was performing! Everyone got to hang out and listen to music performed by great people. Although many Key Clubbers would have liked to come and support the eliminate project, timing was an issue. Luckliy, our President Thaniel Directo and key clubbers Madison Varias, and Kimberly Kim can to support. Their dedication for Key Club is greatly appreciated. Plus they got to meet AJ Rafael in person! How exciting. I was quite jealous! Thanks for supporting!

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ARE YOU A SENIOR?! Listen up Seniors! We're graduating in a few months and what would make you look better than walking down the stage with a blue key club sash? Nothing really. Complete 20 hours of service and you'll be eligible for the sash in the picture on your right. Our president has made it possible to make it so we won't even have to pay a fee for it! Trading in 20 hours for this thing? I bet you're asking yourself why you haven't gone to every event. Yeah, that's my question for myself right now. JUNIORS! Don't miss your oppurtunity to earn this sash for next year. Start earning your hours now! You could be the next Key Clubber to walk down the stage with this!

I'm going to look pretty stylish with this. Are you? Page Five

ELECTIONS!!! It's Verdugo Hills Key Club members time to elect and vote for a new set of officers! We know many of you are afraid you won't be a great officer, but believe me, it is fun and rewarding after every submission. I am very sad leaving my position as Bulletin Editor, but cannot wait until I get to teach the new incoming officer how my job works (If you're into designing, this is your kind of job ;) ). We are accepting people for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Bulletin Editor, Historian, Publicist, and Project Chair! Submit yourself for one of these amazing positions! You won't be disappointed. Contact our president, Thaniel Directo for more information or come to our weekly meetings during lunch on Friday in Mr. Henry's class! The deadline to enter in Feburary 14th!!

Checkout the "Meet Our Officers" page to see how cool we are and how cool you can be next year ~ Page six

WINNER WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER If you haven't heard, President Thaniel Directo is giving away 3 AMC movie tickets for members who have completed the most hours! Plus, the movie tickets are GOLD, meaning, your movie will be completely paid for with that one ticket! There is still time to gain hours and win these tickets! (Although, I am gaining hours to win these for myself ;) ). The deadline to win these bad boys have been extended until March!

WATCH FROZEN, GUYS! We can all build snowmans together Page seven

Officer of the Month

Thaniel Directo

Our president is doing his best on top of his senior year soon coming to an end to make our club “stand-out-and-be-proud”! He is always willing to take part in events and make sure all the members come out to the events. Which is why Thaniel Directo is Verdugo Hill High School’s Key Club officer of the month! For the past few months, Mr. President has been attending all of the events! He invites even nonmembers to take part in events in order for us to spread the joy that we earn from the events. A wonderful president that we are all proud to follow. Though sometimes shy, members and non-members alike think he is one of the friendliest people always

Member of the Month


Ashley Morataya

On top of everything that is happening, our senior class president is doing her part in the Key Club family! She makes a great example to her fellow club members and her underclassmen which makes her to be the member of the month of January. She took part in the voting period during the Conclave, attended the ice skating fundraiser with non-members she brought along with, and even lent a hand to the friendship run. Even with the senior year falling down on her, she doesn’t forget to mention Key Club and always finds a way to be a part of the events with the addition of bringing non-members to be a part of the fun! With a wonderful personality and always willing to help out,


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Meet Our Officers!

President - Thaniel Directo

Treasurer - Nane Ghazaryan Bulletin Editor - Helen Ha

Publicist - Madison varias

Vice President - Marina Sung

historian - amanda ochoa

project chair - anna tieu

Secretary - Leslie Sandoval

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Thank you for reading! Janurary 2014 Bulletin Editor: Helen Ha

Verdugo Hills High School D3N January 2014 Newsletter  
Verdugo Hills High School D3N January 2014 Newsletter  

Verdugo Hills High School D3N January 2014 Newsletter