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december Edition mmxii : Volume II : Issue xii

Table of Contents Page 2 - A Message from our President!

Page 3 & 4 - Winterfest Page 5 & 6 - Rose Float Decorating Page 7 & 8 - Pickwick Funraiser Page 5 - Meet Our Officers!

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a message from our president!

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WINTERFEST! On December 6th and 7th, Verdugo Hills key clubbers worked together with Interact Club to volunteer with Winter Fest, a local winter-themed carnival held at Bolton Hall. The event featured snow (fake of course), a Christmas tree, and a few vendors.     Everyone came after school on the 6th help decorate the tree. It was fun helping out while having some extra time to socialize with friends. We used a ladder to place ornaments onto higher branches of the tree, but even that wasn't enough to reach every branch. Eventually, some of us resorted to simply throwing the ornaments up at the top! Of course, the ornaments weren't made of glass, so nothing broke.       Then a few more volunteers came on the 7th to to sell hot chocolate and hot cider during the evening. We all braved to cold for about four hours, until the event was over. Then we started cleaning up. Once we finished, we counted the money; we made about 60 dollars (which went to Interact Club)! After everything was over, some of us decided to let loose and play in the snow for a bit!

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ROSE FLOAT DECORATING! Division 3 North key clubs were given the opportunity to volunteer decorating some of the floats that were going to be in the Rose Parade. Kiwanis invited Key Clubs from all over, and they even had free shirts for all of us!     We were given two days to volunteer: either on the 21st from 9am to 5pm, or on the 28th from 8am to 4pm. What tasks we were given depended on where we were assigned. For the first day, I spent a about two hours cutting flower petals. During that time, I got to bond with key clubbers from other divisions, one of them being a lieutenant governor! After the lunch break, we had the chance to work on Alhambra's float! We got to glue lettuce seeds onto the tire treads, which was a pretty messy, but fun!       On the second day, I was able to volunteer with some of our division. Again, we were assigned to cut flower petals for a bit. Then some of us were separated to do other jobs. I, along with Marina, were assigned to cut eucalyptus leaves, which we then used to glue onto the tires of the Honda floats!       The 8-hour shifts were long, and filled with hard work, but it was still a great experience! It was especially awesome seeing the work we put into the floats on TV! I had a fun time volunteering at this event while meeting other key clubbers from other schools.

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PICKWICK ICE FUNDRAISER! As part of a club tradition, we had our annual Pickwick ice skating fundraiser. This year, however, instead of fundraising for the club, all the profits were going to the CNH Key Club District's "Save the Philippines Project," which would donate funds to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan via the Direct Relief charity. Not only would this be a fun way to raise money, it was also for a good cause.       In total, 26 people attended this fundraiser and we raised $104! While it may not seem like much to us, it will mean much, much more to those in the Philippines who would receive basic supplies thanks to the funds we raised. Thank you so much to everyone who came and brought their friends to this fundraiser and made it a success!

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Officer of the Month

Anna Tieu

December has been a busy month. Despite that, Anna has been able to make time in her busy schedule for Key Club. As our club's project chair, she has done an awesome job organizing our ice skating fundraiser and designing the tickets in a timely manner. She also brought many non-key clubbers to the fundraiser, which help contributed to the event's success! In addition, she attended both volunteering days for Winter Fest, despite the cold. She's always communicating with our president about potential future volunteer projects and carries out her work diligently. Thank you for your hard work and diligence Anna!

Member of the Month


Luis Davila

Luis has really stood out from the rest of the club this month. In addition to having a consistent attendance at meetings, he's also been a regular at service events. This month, he went to both days of Winter Fest, Rose Float decorating on the 21st, and paid for a ticket for ice skating. To add to this, he took the bus for both Winter Fest and Rose Float decorating, which really shows his dedication to the club. Not only that, he's also one of the leaders in having the most service hours out of all members of the club! Thank you for putting so much of your time aside and showing so much dedication for our club Luis!


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Meet Our Officers!

President - Thaniel Directo

Treasurer - Nane Ghazaryan Bulletin Editor - Helen Ha

Publicist - Madison varias

Vice President - Marina Sung

historian - amanda ochoa project chair - anna tieu Secretary - Leslie Sandoval

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Verdugo Hills High School D3N December 2013 Newsletter  

Verdugo Hills High School D3N December 2013 Newsletter