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Art and the Odyssey ‘The godlike Telemachus’

‘Thedivine Calypso’ ‘GentlePenelope’ ‘White armed Nausicaa’

‘The wine dark sea’

‘ Athene of the bright eyes’

‘Ino of the slim ankles’

The Odyssey c.800 B.C

‘Odysseus and sirens’ 500 B.C - Classical Greek ‘The blinding of Polyphemus’ 700 B.C

‘Odysseus kills the suitors at the feast’ c.440 B.C

‘When the sirens sing’ Nieuwenhoff 1995

‘Ulysses and Circe’ Waterhouse 1900

‘The ship of Odysseus’ Roman carving c. 200 B.C

‘Odysseus and Nausicaa’ Lastman -1619

John William Waterhouse 1849-1917 •Born and grew up in Rome although has English parentage. •Spent his life surrounded by art: both his parents were artists, Waterhouse developed skills in painting and sculpting from a young age. •In the later part of the 19th century, Waterhouse returned to England and became a member of the Royal Academy. •Waterhouse is known for his beautiful paintings, often depicting famous scenes from literature with well over 200 paintings from classical mythology.

‘Penelope and the suitors’ – Waterhouse 1912

‘Penelope and Telemachus await Odysseus’ return to Ithaca’ Attic red figures on a vase c.440 B.C.

‘Ulysses and the sirens’ - 1891 Waterhouse

Odysseus ties himself to his ship’s mast to escape the lure of the sirens.

Art and The Odyssey  

Art and The Odyssey

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