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Staff ILT Induction Booklet 2012/13

A Long-standing Tradition of Excellence

Welcome to Nelson and Colne College This booklet is a brief guide to Information and Learning Technology (ILT) provision at the College. Its intention is to give you a brief introduction to the systems and services available to staff and a who’s who of key ILT personnel and their contact details. It covers logging in to College systems, Acceptable Use Policy, Network ‘home’ area (F drive), Staff Extranet, Email, EBS, Network Printing, MOODLE (College VLE) and Promethean Interactive Whiteboards. All Staff are entitled to a personal ILT Induction; if required, where the ILT systems are looked at in more detail. This can take place as soon as you begin working with us or a couple of weeks into your new role when you are more settled in. Please contact Helen Kendall on x339 for more details. A follow up meeting can take place once you have been working at the College for a while, this will be a general update and it will be a chance for you to tell us what ILT provision/training you would like to receive in the future. Whatever your background, we are sure that we can assist you in your smooth transition into the ILT systems of the College, acquiring or developing ILT skills and embedding ILT in your teaching and learning.

Introduction to the ILT Members of Staff IT Support Contact Joe Baldwin / Peter Hoyle / Zahid Malik / Jack Heys via the Help Desk x239 for: • Computer hardware/software failure or problems • Software installation, forgotten passwords etc. • Promethean Interactive Whiteboard problems (Hardware / Software) Through the IT Help Desk: • All issues and requests will be centrally logged – not in someone’s head! • You will receive updates on your logged issue or request, and will know when action is taken or when it is resolved. • You will be able to progress and escalate issues and requests • You will be able to get help with using Office applications To access this great service, just call x239 or email 2

E-Learning Developer Contact Mark Rosthorn on x321 for: • MOODLE Administration (including lost/forgotten passwords etc) • MOODLE Training • Staff Extranet Learning Technology Co-ordinator Contact Helen Kendall on x339 for: • Mobile Learning Technologies • ILT training and advice • ILT Induction • Office 2012 (troubleshooting) • Promethean Interactive Whiteboard Training

ILT in College The College Network The College Network is available from any networked PC in College, but to use the facility you must first log on to it, otherwise the network doesn’t know who you are. To log on, you must first have a username and password. If you do not have one of these you need to contact the IT Help Desk on x239 or email and get yourself set up. The College Network will give you access to your ‘F’ drive (network ‘home area’), this is a private network area which is given to all staff when you first setup an account with Network Services. Its’ purpose is: • To give you a personal electronic storage area on the network where you can store your files and folders safely. • It is always given the drive letter ‘F’ which is why some staff refer to it as ‘their ‘F’ drive’. It is only accessible by logging in to the College Network. • If you don’t log on you cannot see it! This makes it secure from others as they cannot change or delete the contents. • It follows you around College. So if you save a file to your ‘F’ drive at one PC, when you log in again in another PC, your file will follow you. • You can erase data and can write to it many times. You can store at least 100Mb of data (more; if requested from the Network Manager) 3

Acceptable Use Policy The College wishes to encourage the use of its I.T. facilities; subject to adherence to its policies, and is committed to protecting its staff, students, partners and the College from illegal or damaging actions by individuals, either knowingly or unknowingly. College I.T. facilities, including computer equipment, software, operating systems, storage media, networks, web browsing, e-mail and file transfer, are the property of the College. These facilities are to be used in the interests of the College, and of our staff and students, in the course of normal operations. Legislation exists that defines the limits and acceptable use of computer systems and information. Compliance with this policy should ensure that legal requirements are observed. The purpose of this policy is to outline the acceptable use of College I.T. facilities, to protect staff, students and the College. Inappropriate use exposes the College to risks including virus attacks, compromise of network systems and services, and legal issues. It is the responsibility of every user to know this policy and guidelines, and to use College I.T. facilities accordingly. (A copy of this Policy can be downloaded from the front page of Moodle) College Email Your e-mail is available from any PC with Internet access. The staff e-mail system is web based, and can be accessed from any computer within College without having to go through a lengthy setup process. (If you have

a personal PC within College then you can have the Desktop version installed on your PC) It can also be accessed from outside of the College by using the link on the front page of MOODLE or typing the web address into your browser address bar. The format for a college staff email address is: (so if you know someone’s name in full then you can almost guess at their email address). MOODLE To access MOODLE you will need to visit the website: 4

From here you will need to put your staff ID number (located on your ID badge) into the username box and the temporary password changeme08. You will then be taken to a new screen where you will have to choose a new password. Type in your current password (changeme08) into the top box and then choose a new password and type it into the two boxes below. Your new password must be at least 9 characters long and must include 2 numbers and at least 1 lowercase letter. If you have any problems you will need to contact the E-Learning Developer (x321) MOODLE is designed to support and enhance student learning as it allows teaching and learning to extend outside the classroom and beyond your timetabled hours. The College VLE will enable learners to take greater control of their learning through access to learning resources at any time and from anywhere. Most curriculum areas provide schemes of work, revision aids, and numerous resources and signposts to online research aids on the Internet. MOODLE has captured the interest of students and provides them with access to their curriculum and examination timetables and an area to check any payments information. Areas of interest in MOODLE include: • Learning Support Services • Student Services information • Curriculum Support • Student News • Learning Resource Centre and online library resources • Help and Support Centre Areas Activities available in MOODLE to support Teaching and Learning include: forums, event calendars, journals, quizzes, assignments, image galleries, WIKI’s plus many more…. Staff Extranet To log on to the Staff Extranet you will need to use your MOODLE username and password (which you will have set up with the E-Learning Developer). Once logged on you will be able to access areas covering Departments, Governance, Resources, Staff Information, Teaching and Learning and Student Support plus links to most of the Business systems in College. You can also see and use the ‘Vital Signs’ data. 5

Information within these sections can contain policies, procedures, forms, meeting minutes, staff contacts details and numerous blog posts from staff. The system provides a simple to use ‘Search’ option which is convenient for finding specific topical information. The Staff Extranet can be accessed on and off campus using links from MOODLE providing accessibility from any ‘live’ Internet connection. The direct link is Help guides for using the Staff Extranet are available by contacting the E-Learning Developer on ext. 321 or e-mailing: EBS EBS Agent is a system that can be accessed through the College network using any computer in the College. It gives members of staff access to all the information that is recorded by MIS. All the enrolment, programme, registers and exam details can be accessed through EBS Agent 100% live and up to the minute. It is a giant database that can be searched, reports can be created and if required printed out. Timetables can also be accessed; these can be used in many ways including: looking at a Course timetable, looking at a Student timetable, looking at a Staff timetable and finding a ‘free’ room or a ‘free’ member of staff. To log on to EBS you will need to have a College Network username and password, and then you will need to contact the MIS Systems Administrator (x353) to get yourself authenticated. The EBS link can be found at http://ebs.agent.local:8081/fdl/ Promethean Interactive Whiteboards Interactive Whiteboards are the new interactive learning technology that empowers teachers to engage, educate, assess and motivate learners. Developed for education professionals, they can help teachers to prepare digital lessons quickly and easily. The technology enables them to create, customise and integrate text, images, quizzes and tests, web, video and audio content, so they can more easily capture students’ attention and accommodate different learning styles. 6

We have 70+ boards in College spread over all curriculum areas. If you are unfamiliar with the boards or would like a refresher on how to use them, training is available from the Learning Technology Co-ordinator. There are also two free online courses which you can complete in your own time either at home or at College: The Interactive Whiteboard Driving Licence Level 1 course can be accessed from MOODLE and on completion you are awarded a College certificate. An online training is also available at: Reprographics Network Printing - in order to print from the College Network printers you will need to know your Staff Person Code (which can be found on your ID badge) and your unique 4 digit pin code. To find your 4 digit pin, the quickest way is to log in to a PC then go to the College portal page.

From here click on the link which says ‘Forgot your pin code?’ … Your 4 digit pin will then be shown to you. If you experience any problems please ring Reprographics on X227 Please note: In order for the above to work correctly, you must be logged in to the PC as yourself. You will not find this if you ‘borrow’ someone else’s PC to which they have logged in!


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STAFF ILT Induction  

ILT Induction

STAFF ILT Induction  

ILT Induction