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Licetto paint: Pure & Original Licetto is an environmentally friendly, water-based paint with all natural pigments. This practical wall paint has a very matte appearance and is highly washable. Walls become resistant to dirt, moisture, or other stains. Additionally, Licetto is extremely scratch-resistant and is not prone to shiny areas from spot cleaning. Licetto is also a great solution for commercial projects.

Licetto contains no solvents and 0% VOCs. The full properties of the paint, as with most paints, will appear after approximately seven days and the paint is washable after two weeks. Because of the washable properties, Licetto is also suitable for the use in the kitchen and bathroom. Removing dirt and limescale will be no problem at all.

available in -1 liter -2.5 liter

On the www.pure-original.com website, you’ll find the official data sheets of all products.

Licetto application instructions Tools: Brush, roller (5-6 mm roller for smooth surfaces, lint free) and tape. Dilute Licetto with water, max 10%. Apply as any other wall paint with a brush, a smooth roller or by spraying. Make sure the substrate is free of fat, dust and lose parts. It’s recommended to roughen glossy paint finishes slightly with sanding paper for maximum adhesion. For substrates with high absorption, the recommandation is priming the surface with Wallprim. Spot-prime repair spots first, to prevent differences in absorption. If the primer is needed, we recommend using primer in the same color as the Licetto, in that case, one coat of Licetto will be enough. Spray: Pressure Airless; Tip; Angle; Dilution; Spray pressure; Nozzle;

min. 150 bar 0,018” - 0,021” 40° - 50° 0 - 10% 16,5 MPa (165 atm) ca. 0,46 - 0,53 mm (0,018 - 0,021 inch)

Waiting time: about 4 hours before applying the second coat. If you like a more rustic, hand-applied finish, we recommend applying the paint with a chalk brush in vertical strokes, from top to bottom in one direction. Don’t cut edges in advance, don’t cut edges horizontal. Furniture/Cabinets: Some of those surfaces might need extra attention. Old finishes may contain wax, grease/oil or silicone. If that’s the case (or if you’re not sure) we recommend cleaning the surface with mineral spirits or TSP. Silicons need to be sanded down. Protect bleeding types of wood with a shellac. Dead Flat Ecosealer: Licetto is highly washable, and therefore a protecting sealer is not required. However, if the Licetto is exposed to hot grease spatters (behind the stove) two coats of our matte sealer is recommended. Wait a few days until the paint has fully cured. Apply two thin, diluted layers (with about 25% water) of Dead Flat Ecosealer with a brush. Wait 12 hours before applying the next coat. Caution: application by a roller will cause air bubbles!

Note: this is a general application instruction and does not replace the technical datasheet. The technical datasheet is available at www.pure-original.com or ask your dealer.

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Licetto Basic Application Instructions  

Licetto Basic Application Instructions