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“The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.” -Patrick Star May 28, 2013

Helen Eastes

Volume 1, Issue 1

Table of Contents Inside this issue: Meaning of Life


Time Capsule


Personal Reflections on People


Magazine Relfection


Newspaper Reflection


Art Reflection and Top Ten Kpop Groups


Top Ten Kpop Groups (cont. from pg. 7)


Special points of interest:  Who’s your role model? Read about mine!  Five items. What’s in your time capsule?  Interested in Kpop? Look at my top ten groups to get a good start!  Read about what global events inspire me!

This is Me Honestly half of this stuff I made up just to fill up space. The other half is sort of an attempt at being true to myself.

Though I don’t know who I really am, I tried to write truthfully and how I felt. I wouldn’t want to write something that isn’t

true because then I’m lying. I don’t like to blatantly lie in order to get a paper done. Whatever, this is me.

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Helen Eastes

Volume 1, Issue 1

Meaning of Life I have long wondered what the point of my life was. I’ve even attributed the fact that I don’t know who I am to my inability to make any adult decisions regarding my future. To me, the meaning of life is the idea that you need to find out who you are. Once you know who you are, you are able to understand so much more about the world and yourself. Me? I’m not quite sure who I am yet, but I shall continue to walk down this path of self-discovery. The road to self-discovery

Personal Reflections on Memories Part One

Fishers High School

Upon entering high school I was an eager freshman, ready to learn and explore all Fishers High School had to offer. Four years later, I am not that wide-eyed freshman, but a dreary-eyed senior who would rather sleep the days away and who’s look on life has drastically changed. Entering high school I believed that I could do anything that I set my mind to. I believed that the world was my oyster. How wrong I was. Through the long four years at FHS, I learned that I have a poor sense of hard work. I have come to realize that I am diffi-

cult to motivate, I have a hard time setting myself to do something, and that I have subpar time management skills. Though these changes sound depressing and disheartening, there is some good in these changes. This shows me what I need to fix within myself in order to better myself. All these skills that I am failing in are necessary for college. Maybe my lack of ability in these skills is what has me discouraged about college. If I can find it in myself to fix these problems to prepare for college, it might help me on my road of self-discovery. (words: 204)

Personal Reflections on Memories Part Two


People generate opinions on everyone, even if they are just passing them on the street. This is a fact of life. This judgment also comes to pass in high school, where you may not know a majority of the people around you. How will we be remembered once we leave this setting? I don’t think you would want to be remembered as vividly as some would like to be. As a teenager, we can be

arrogant, self-centered, hasty, and lazy. Teenagers are known to make poor decisions and the decisions they do make are often seen as unproductive by adults or the more mature ones. Do you really want to be remembered like that? Personally, I could be judged as apathetic, empathetic, easily annoyed, and cold to people. This isn’t who I really am; outside of school I can be very happy and full of

laughter. If I had any say in these one-second judgments, I’d say hold off on the verdict. Wait to form an opinion on me and everybody else until you really get to know them. Maybe it would even be wise to wait five or ten years down the line to see the person they become. (words: 200)

Helen Eastes

Volume 1, Issue 1

Time Capsule 1. Print out my Tumblr blogs into booklets I would like to print out my blogs because they exist to display my interests. My blogs showcase my favorite TV shows, comics, movies, musicians, and even conversations with people I’ve met over the Tumblr website. I have a hard time talking about my interests because people always act like they’re weird and that as a result, I am weird. Yet it is these “weird” interests that define me. 2. My iPod Though I can’t play any instruments, I love music dearly. I see music as a doorway into other cultures, which I am always researching and looking up. At one point, my iPod had over 14 different languages on it including Korean, Icelandic, Turkish, and Romanian just to name a few. 3. My white tiger beanie baby I received this stuffed animal as a gift from my mother when I graduated from preschool. To this day I still sleep with it because it brings me comfort and it reminds me that I am loved. 4. My German flag In 2012 I was an exchange student for four months starting in August. The city I lived in was Bochum, Germany, which is located on the western side of Germany. This was truly an incredible experience. I met many new friends from around the world, saw historic sites, and lived an entirely different culture. Having this flag reminds me of the wonderful times I had in Germany. 5. My black belt From 2004 to 2006 I took Tae Kwon Do with my family. Over those two years I made my way up the ranks and finally achieved my black belt. My official rank was first degree decided black belt. This belt represents the hard work and determination it took to reach such a rank. Tae Kwon Do was probably one of the greatest and most difficult things I have ever tried.

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Helen Eastes

Volume 1, Issue 1

Personal Reflections on People Part One

Chris Evans

Known for his role as Captain America in the Marvel movie series, Chris Evans is the epitome of bravery and courage. Captain America, dashing through the streets and knocking out bad guys, kicks fear in the face. Yet underneath this façade of bravery, Evans is an actor coping with an anxiety disorder. He panics at large crowds and has even gone to therapy to help deal with this personal issue. This is a difficult topic

for him to discuss, and yet he is honest about it and admits to accepting help for this very personal issue. I too struggle with a social anxiety problem. The idea of being in a large crowd for an extended period of time makes me panic and once there I feel a knot form in my stomach. One time I even declined going to a friend’s birthday party because I was so nervous about being around so many people I didn’t know.

Chris Evans plays a character that is brave, determined, and runs straight into danger, not caring about what might deter him. Evans has inspired me to not let my shyness or anxiety hold me back and to face challenges head on like a real hero would. (words: 203)

Personal Reflections on People Part Two

Cracking the red eggs

We celebrate Easter like everybody else in the United States, but we also celebrate “Greek Easter”. This date can fall anywhere from the beginning of April to midMay. Typically my matriarchal family will gather at my grandparents house or our house to celebrate. The first thing to look forward to is a Greek Orthodox midnight service. At the service, the pastors preach the Bible in

Greek and English and at the end, we have a candle-lit prayer. At midnight, instead of blowing out the candles, we leave the lit and take them home with us, signifying taking Christ’s light into the world. When we get home, we have a breakfast in the early morning. Later on that morning we have a real breakfast, complete with juicy lamb and dyed hard boiled eggs. Everybody gets

an egg and cracks one end on another person’s egg. One person will say “Christos Anesti!” (Christ is risen!) and the other person will say “Alithos Anesti!” (Indeed He is risen!). The last person with an uncracked egg wins and typically wins an apple that is stuck in a pig’s mouth. This is a tradition that makes my family unique and I look forward to it every year. (words: 202)

Personal Reflections on Achievements Part One

American and German flags at the Brandenburg Gate

I have had many wonderful moments in the eighteen years I’ve lived on this earth. Yet the moment that stands out to me the most happened quite recently. In August of 2012 I left my life and culture behind in Fishers, Indiana to experience a new culture and life in Bochum, Germany as a foreign exchange student. The challenges I faced seem almost trivial then when I first faced them in Germany. My school was not generally accepting of outsid-

ers. Since I couldn’t really follow the material due to the language barrier, I would fall asleep in class. My host mom later told me that my classmates would take pictures of me when this happened and laugh at me. I also had a difficult time coming out of my shell and socializing. Despite these hardships, I met some wonderful friends, saw amazing sites, and lived an entirely new culture. This trip was a triumph for me because I typically don’t want

to go out and socialize in the world. This change of scenery forced me to come out of my shell and experience the world. Though I couldn't stay longer than four months due to personal reasons, my exchange is a moment in my life I will never forget. (words: 209)

Helen Eastes

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Personal Reflections on Achievements Part Two If you were to ask me what I wanted to do with my life at this exact moment, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. I’m even going to college undecided. Though I may not have any plans at the current times, I have a few goals for the future. Goals, dreams, aspirations, call them what you will but I will call them visions. My main vision right now that encompasses my other visions is that I want to make my parents proud of me. I’ve never really

been an active person in school when it came to extra curricular activities and I don’t have any exceptional talents or abilities. If I were to work hard and be successful in whatever it is I plan to do, I think I could finally make my parents proud of me. This is not to say that my parents aren’t proud of me. They probably are on a basic level, but there’s nothing above average about me to be proud of. My plan is to go to college and study what I really

want to do with the rest of my life. If I could prove to my parents that I am a responsible and capable adult, I think I could finally achieve my vision of making them proud of me. (words: 218)

Me being proud of myself

Magazine Reflection Part One articles/columns/ktown/1556571/bap-bringing-k -pop-to-us-with-4-date-tour ~~~ In the month of May, Kpop group, B.A.P, held four concerts in the United States. This was their first time doing so in the United States. This is rele-

vant to me because Kpop is a huge part of my musical taste and I guess my life. I wait for their comeback music videos, photo shoots, and one day I dream of going to a concert of one of my favorite groups. If you were to ask people if they knew any Kpop songs, they’d probably tell you “Gangnam Style”, by PSY. While this is

an okay answer, there is so much more than “Gangnam Style” to listen to. There’s ballads, rock, r & b, pop, the list goes on. I hope one day people will advance their horizons and try to experience a whole new culture through its music. (words: 139)

B.A.P members with their mascots, “matoki”

Magazine Reflection Part Two http:// news/2013-04-27/new-sailormoon-anime-delayed ~~~ This article discusses the unfortunate news that the new “Sailor Moon” anime will be delayed. Anime has always

been a part of my life ever since I was about twelve years old. I had seen anime on TV when I was younger than that, but I had no idea what it was at the time. There are so many different anime that it makes it an entertainment media for just about everybody. There are stories about super heroes,

giant robots, magical girls, sports, mythology-based, and so much more! The art style of anime is also unlimited, no one looks the same. Anime has also pushed me to learn more about the Japanese culture and other cultures as well. (words: 118)

Sailor Moon doing her trademark pose

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Helen Eastes

Volume 1, Issue 1

Newspaper Reflection Part One interactive/2012/12/us/sandyhook-timeline/index.html ~~~

A woman desperately tries to call her sister who was in the shooting.

The Sandy Hook school shooting upset America on December 14, 2012. Adam Peter Lanza ended up killing 27 teachers and students and then himself. This event caused people to seriously reconsider

gun control laws and to reconsider how safe we really are. People argue there should be more thorough background checks while others reserve their right to own a fire arm. The government has had a tough time deciding what to do about this situation and the Second Amendment has had a large part in that. This incident has also told us that the worst

can happen anywhere and at anytime. I have learned from this incident that I need to be wary of my surroundings and the people around me. This shooting has changed the way we live. (words: 129)

Newspaper Reflection Part Two SB10001424127887324767004 578490383689103360.html ~~~

Map of North and South Korea

With the recent death of its last leader, North Korea has become a more active country recently. New leader Kim Jong Un has upped the country’s missile production and testing,

causing unrest in all parts of the world. The UN continues to sanction these acts as illegal and urges the North to stop all missile activity; and yet North Korea continues. This volatile country could very likely start up where the Korean War left off. Officially, the Korean War was only put off, not actually

put to an end. If things continue to escalate between the North and the South, things could get ugly very fast. It is also likely the United States could get involved, seeing as how we are the South’s ally. It would be unbelievable to live during a period of war on this level. (words: 139)

Art Reflection Part One untitled, by t.w. ~~~ There was a time in my recent life where I felt I was at my lowest. I’d sleep as much as possible, not even try in school, and just generally being stressed about everything in life. Not doing well in school just added to my stress. In my younger years, I had always done well in school

and to suddenly be getting D’s and F’s crushed my self-esteem. I had always had low self-esteem, but now it had hit rock bottom. Sleep was my escape. It let me ignore my problems, if only for a few hours. There were and are times where all I want is to fall asleep and never wake up. Today I am doing somewhat better, but I still

have a low self-esteem and trouble being responsible of all the duties I need to take care of. I still have days where all I want to do is sleep and sometimes I give in and nap for a few hours, even when I wasn’t really tired. Sleep is a drug and I am an addict. One day, no, today, I need to cut myself off from this harmful habit. (words:193)

Helen Eastes

Volume 1, Issue 1

Art Reflection Part Two Lyrics to “Take Me Away” by U-KISS (translated from original Korean) I silently cried, Everything I had reached the end of the cliff, It was dangerous In a world that is raining, I walked without an umbrella Just following your eyes, those eyes Somebody take me away Somebody take me away Somebody take me away

Somebody take me away Cuz I can’t take this pain

Even if the world turns it’s back on me and disowns me Now I am not afraidbecause you’re by my side I-I-I know exactly what you’d say

It feels, it feels so right My shaking heart is raising me up In a world filled with darkness I ran without fear Just following your eyes, those eyes

Somebody take me away Somebody take me away Somebody take me away Somebody take me away Cuz I can’t take this pain

Somebody take me away Somebody take me away Somebody take me away Somebody take me away Cuz I can’t take this pain

~~~ The origins of this song are very depressing. Before

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becoming an idol, one of the members of U-KISS had a hard time being accepted by the scouting agencies. Nobody would accept him, causing him to fall into a deep depression. At one point he even contemplated suicide. This may seem drastic, but it was his dream to be an idol and to be in the music business. One day, he heard his mother crying for him and from then on he vowed to work harder. This song tells me that no matter how low I get, there is always someone there to support me and take me away from the sadness. (words: 111, not counting lyrics)

Top Ten: Korean Pop Groups (cont. on back page) 


Members include Daesung, T.O.P, G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Seungri. This was one of the first groups I discovered that rekindled my interest in Kpop.


Members include Zelo, Youngjae, Himchan, Yongguk, Daehyun, and Jongup. Compared to other groups, they have a very manly appearance and song style that is something different from your generally happy, love-song type of groups. 

Exo-K, Exo-M

Members of Exo-K include Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Kyungsoo, Kai, and Sehun. The members of Exo-M are Kris, Xiumin, Lay, Tao, Chen, and Luhan. Exo is one of a few groups that cater to both the Korean and Chinese (Mandarin) market, hence the “K” and “M” in the name of the groups.

Block B

Members of Block B include Zico, Taeil, B-bomb, Jaehyo, Ukwon, Kyung, and P.O. Block B has more of a hip-hop/rap based sound. I’m not typically a fan of rap and hip-hop, but Block B does a wonderful take on the genre. Zico is also one of my favorite Kpop rappers, along with T.O.P from Bigbang and Zelo from B.A.P.

Top Ten: Korean Pop Groups (cont. from previous pg.) 


Members of SHINee include Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Taemin, and Minho. SHINee’s hit single “Lucifer” was probably one of the first Kpop songs I heard. I instantly fell in love with their sound and they are one of two groups I’ve listened to for a long time. 

Members of Super Junior include Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kibum, and Kyuhyun. Super Junior was the group that made me think “Now this is a type of music I love!”. Though members have left to go solo or because of the Korean military, I will always have a special place in my heart for this group.


Members of B1A4 include Jinyoung, Sandeul, Baro, Gongchan, and CNU. B1A4 is a group that I found only about two months ago. Their music videos, like “What’s Happening?” and “Beautiful Target”, have a very fun and colorful approach to match their lively songs.

Super Junior


Members of 2NE1 include Bom, CL, Dara, and Minzy. This is one of the few girl groups that I listen to because they aren’t the real cutesy type of group. Their hit song “I Am the Best” was the song that introduced me to them and I loved the dominating tone of the song.

JJ Project

There are two members to JJ Project and they are JB and Jr. Their song “Bounce” combines hip-hop and rock to make an incredible sound. Though only two members, the group still manages to be one of my favorites.


Members of U-KISS include Soohyun, Kiseop, Eli, AJ, Hoon, Kevin, and Dongho. Without knowing it, UKISS’s song “Neverland” was a song I heard a long time ago. Now that my love for them has rekindled, I had a déjà-vu moment with that song.

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This is my senior val.