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Live Auction “...Boynton is a masterful colorist and gesturalist, but above all her works are painterly drawings. Drawing and painting traditionally at odds (thus Poussin contra Rubens, Ingres contra Delacroix) are seamlessly, even consummately reconciled in Boynton’s works, confirming their modernist character. (Matisse was the first modernist to explicitly call for their integration.) Surface is as important for her as image. Sometimes gesture is there for its own pure sake, sometimes her grand brushwork forms richly textured planes. Sometimes it functions as a mnemonic trace of pure feeling, sometimes as an atmospheric matrix for the image. It is uncannily urgent and ingeniously autonomous like her often flamboyant color whatever its pictorial function. Integrating fantasy and purity, Boynton produces memorable works evocative of memories that run deep in all of us. No doubt her works have the improvised child-like look of Art Informel especially of the COBRA work of Karel Appel but they are in a class by themselves because they convey the tragicomic moods and perspective of the child. They do not simply appropriate or copy the “child’s art” look but are spontaneously made by Boynton’s inner child, which remains alive and well however “emotionally enlarged through the greater command of the expression-medium” than a child has, to use the words Hans Hofmann used to distinguish children’s art, “approached through the purely subconscious and emotional,” and subtly eloquent and aesthetically rich adult art, such as Boynton’s. ..” Donald Kuspit distinquished American art critic and art historian

Dusty Boynton is represented by Denise Bibro Fine Art Gallery, New York City, New York

Dusty Boynton Doubt

Mixed media on paper | $5000 | 36” X 44” | Starting bid $2800

Adam Forguites

Oil on wood $400 20” X 17” Starting bid $200

A t h e n a Ta s i o p o u l o s Origin

Mixed media on paper $250 4� X 5� Starting bid $125

Austin Furtak Cole Human Cannon

Oil on canvas paper $350 16� X 20� Starting bid $150

Bill Lewis 54 LaPelle Lane

Watercolor $600 16” X 20” Starting bid $120

Bill Davidson Snow + wounds 4-31-11

Watercolor $700 23” X 21” Starting bid $ 600

Bill Davidson Snow + wounds 6-5-11

Watercolor $900 23” X 24” Starting bid $700

Bobbi Angell Blue Flag Iris (diptych) 1/20

Copper etching / water color $475 21� X 17� Starting bid $275

Bobbi Angell Shooting star 3/20

Copper etching / water color $400 21� X 16� Starting bid $225

Curtains Without Borders Reading, Vermont - photography by Carolyn Bates

Photograph $300 24” X 17” Starting bid $100

C h ris te l Ho rman Double Window

Acrylic $150 16” X 20” Starting bid $35

Cristina Pellechio

Raw and glazed ceramic $500 12� X 15 X 1� Starting bid $300

Chris Sterns Abridged

Photo on aluminum $2800 40� X 60� Starting bid $1400

Claire Desjardins Never Enough

Mixed media acrylic $600 20� X 20� Starting bid $400

Clark Derbes Alexander

Polychromed wood $1800 Starting bid $500

Dan Cardon Rivers Edge

Photograph, inkjet print $1500 40” X 34” Starting bid $900

Dan Cardon Winter Woods

Photograph, inkjet print $800 31” X 25” Starting bid $400

David Lindsay Past Lives and Martyred Saints

Photograph, inkjet print $1000 24� X 36� Starting bid $500

David Lindsay

Photo, inkjet print $700 19.5� X 25� Starting bid $350

Devon Bella

Artist proof mono print $75 22� X 15� Starting bid $40

Duncan Johnson Blizzard Barn

Reclaimed wood on panel $1100 15.5” X 11.5” Starting bid $500

Duncan Johnson Fuse

Reclaimed wood on panel $1200 24” X 13.5” Starting bid $600

E r i c To b i n Late Fall

Oil on board $975 8” X 10” Starting bid $400

E r i c To b i n Twilight

Oil on canvas $4800 36” X 42” Starting bid $1600

Greg Gossel James Dean

Collage , acrylic, enamel and silkscreen ink on paper $475 16� X 20� Starting bid $190

Idoline Duke Fly over

Mixed media on paper $650 11� X 18� Starting bid $300

J ac queline L even M au e r Khumba

Mixed media $600 7.5� X 7.5� Starting bid $200

Jake Geer The Road Home

Oil on canvas $3200 24” X 30” Starting bid $950

Jane Desjardins Flight in Fall

Acrylic on Canvas $200 10” X 10” Starting bid $100

Janet Fredericks Bee and Beebalm

Pigment print on archival paper $175 8� X 8� Starting bid $75

Janet Fredericks Dragonfly

Pigment print on archival paper $175 22� X Starting bid $75

Janet Fredericks Water Garden

Pigment print on archival paper $250 12� X 12� Starting bid $100

Leila Bandar Reading Pema Chodron

Mixed media on wood $270 3.5” X4.5” Starting bid $120

Lindsay Blanton Florence Darcy

Giclee on archival canvas $1200 40” X 48” Starting bid $400

Lindsay Blanton Florence Snowscape

Oil on canvas $1000 30” X 54” Starting bid $100

Lois Beatty Stretched Curves

$300 11” X 15” Starting bid $150

Lynn Newcomb

Ink on paper $450 52.5� X 4.5� Starting bid $85

Marie LaPre Grabon Chelsea

Charcoal $250 12” X 16” Starting bid $100

Mickey Myers First Morning In Paris

Painting, pastel $1800 33� X 35� Starting bid $600

Patty Rosenblatt Clay Print V

Iris Print $600 9” X 18” Starting bid $400

Philip Herbison Little Warrior

Acrylic paint on wood $1200 16” X 13.5” Starting bid $600

Rachel Gross Traversal

Etiching with aquatint, wood block relief $200 8.5” X 7” Starting bid $75

Sandra Noble Winter Quiet

Oil on canvas $1500 18” X 24” Starting bid $700

Susan Abbott Fields and Road Autumn

Oil on linen panel $1200 6� X 15� Starting bid $550

Susan Abbott Meadow and orchard summer

Oil on linen panel $1200 6� X 15� Starting bid $550

Ta b b a t h a H e n r y D e s i g n s

Porcelain votive set $86 11� X 14� Starting bid $43

Wylie Garcia Oh Really

Graphite, ink, acrylic , gold leaf $300 11” X 14” Starting bid $150

Wylie Garcia Smart

Graphite, ink, acrylic , gold leaf $300 11” X 14” Starting bid $150

Yu - We n Wu Green Wave

Iris print mounted on aluminum $3000 12” X 16” Starting bid $600

Copyright Š 2013, Helen Day Art Center Concept: Anahi Costa Post Production: Athena Tasiopoulos Design: Kyle DuBois Photography: Robert Malbon Artwork: Courtesy of the Artists

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Gala 54 Art Catalogue  

A complete guide to the art available at Gala 54. An art auction to support Helen Day Art Center.

Gala 54 Art Catalogue  

A complete guide to the art available at Gala 54. An art auction to support Helen Day Art Center.