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‘Big Five’ Personality Test - The ‘Big Five’ personality test is a series of questions that helps to identifty five personality traits within people. - The test enabled me to understand my own levels of each trait. - The results show that the highest percentage for me is 70% ‘Extroversion’ meaning I am outgoing and - The lowest is 48% ‘Emotinal Stability’ meaning I am in the middle between calm and anxious. - The test is useful for self-improvement



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- The Employability Self Evaluation Survey was designed to help students understant self-development. - My results show that I have 100% ‘Interpersonal skillscommunication’ meaning I communicate well and demostrate leadership. - My lowest percentage was 83% for CVs and Application meaning I need to improve on how I present myself professionally.

Myers - The survey results helped me to see what I am good at and what needs improving. - This will help me to produce a SWOT on myself and build my portfolio. - Myers Briggs indentifies different personality styles and explains traits. - After completing the test I was given a sequence of letters that links to a personality style. - Mine was ENTP - this means that I am passionate and want to follow my dreams. - My personality style also explains how I am best suited to a carreer in communication. - The description explains how I my job search should reflect energy and creativity. - I agree with this personality style for myself as I am abitious for a creative career where I can communicate with many different people in different circumstances.


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