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LSU Foundation PR Campaign                                      

Stephanie Harris - Helen Cummings - Chloe Attwood


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Situation Analysis The LSU Africa volunteer foundation is a successful foundation based on supporting the Tilinanu Orphanage in Malawi. The LSU is based in the UK with a number of fundraisers taking place throughout the year to help raise money. The foundation pride them self on being 100% non-profitable with every penny made being put straight back into the children, unlike the majority of other foundations. The foundation has had a successful few years with a number of volunteers supporting them both in Malawi and the UK, through marathons, fundraisers and even festivals. The foundation has had success with a previous campaign promoting their 'Love Spec' glasses with all the profits made being put straight back into sustaining Tilinanu Orphanage. The campaign is still being promoted through festivals in the UK and has support from a number of big music promoters as well as celebrities themselves. This campaign is aiming to increase the overall awareness of the foundation and in turn see an increase in volunteers as well as promoting and gaining funding for the upcoming Brighton Marathon. Through these tactics the foundation hopes to see two additional runners in the marathon as well as sponsorship for the runners already involved through local businesses. The LSU has already gained a strong online social media presence through blogs, Facebook as well as continual website updates, this campaign will utilize these sources and aims to gain a wider audience awareness of the foundation and what they do.


SWOT Analysis

Strengths  Celebrity endorsement and involvement with the brand  100% non-profitable foundation  Involved in a number of different fund raising events all over the UK  Large number of past volunteers  Educated around 900 children in 2013 alone  Tilinanu Orphanage is continually being updated with more facilities available  Family based organisation  Strong online media presence on Facebook & websites

Opportunity  The ability to make the village fully self-sustainable  The merging with universities across the UK to help fundraise/gain volunteers  Support from the local press  Support from local bloggers on health/lifestyle/charities  Promotion/tactics via their strong online media sites  Expanding advertisement and promotion through radio/podcasts ect

Weaknesses  Not been around many years/not well established or well known  A specific charity in that it benefits the orphanage and small village  100% non profit may make it hard to gain large amounts of volunteers (expenses)  Twitter site is virtually not up and running (very few tweets)  Blog posts are not updated frequently  Facebook and social media pages are majority aimed towards current and past volunteers rather than promoting new volunteers

Threats  Current economic climate may mean struggle for charity to gain enough donations  A number of similar competitor charities  An orphanage may not be some peoples first choice when donating  The charity only being 5 years old may cause a threat as other established brands may gain more coverage  The large amount of reliance put onto volunteers may lead to future crisis if a shortage in volunteers is found


PEST Analysis

Political  Important any online celebrity endorsement is within regulations  Governments influence on Malawi's infrastructure (tax policies, employment laws ect)  Malawi government stability  Important that promotion is done correctly and does not promote foundation with any negative connotations (festivals-drugs ect)  Any laws on visas or NGO regulation

Social  Ever growing 'trend' to help charities through donations in the UK  Health and Safety of the volunteers specifically when building new facilities  Population growth rate of the village, can the charity supply to all the orphans  Demographics of adults to children, is there enough families to help support the charity and the children  Climate change/seasonal variations in Malawi affecting progress of work  More students/young adults looking to volunteer/travel which can be utilized to LSUs advantage

Economical  Economic climate may affect donations and UKs willingness to give/ LSUs large reliance on donations  Interest rates or any charges that may be enforced in shipping supplied to Malawi  Inflation/exchange rates may affect deliveries  Costs of raw materials and supplies

Technical  The transferability of the services and products the charity supplies  Social media popularity increase meaning a more digital platform can be taken to raise awareness  Charity can be successfully run from Malawi whilst gaining recognition in the UK  Better access to television/online media and effects to enhance promotions  new methods of manufacturing and distribution may help LSU in future decisions


Competitors LSU foundation's competitors; Competitor

Summary on charity


The world's leading children's charity, running in 190 countries worldwide and working specifically for children and their rights

Building Malawi

A small charity that has recently been set up in the UK who are committed to improving the opportunities for children in Malawi through building schools and libraries

H.E.L.P Malawi

A charity dedicated to bringing hope, education, love and protection to children in need in Malawi

Maggie Mwanza Foundation (MAMF)

A charity who open their doors of hope and opportunities for the children in Malawi through a number of projects to help educate and teach the children

SOS Children- Sponsor a Child

A charity run in a number of countries set up to help prevent children ending up alone, abandoned or in institutions but supporting families through community programmes. Also for children who have been orphaned and abandoned proving them with a home at SOS children's village, providing them with shelter education and health care.

Competitors Strengths;  Well known brands such as UNICEF will gain more publicity  Strong advertisements of charities through charities and press  Large scale operations- raising awareness for a number of countries may allow for more support  Some charities have been set up for years and have gained strong loyal volunteers and donations  Continual fund raising events throughout the year to keep their charities names in the know


Competitors Weaknesses;

Majority are not non-profit organisations Not all have strong connections and links with locals and villages Some of the competitors are very new start ups with little profit made so far Not specific to one country, not enough detail put into one village, profits are spread out  Too many outside expenses such as running offices or UK supplies  Weak use of social media platforms for the smaller based charities    

Market Outlook It has been highlighted that the LSU foundations has a number of key competitors, some very large well known organisations such as UNICEF and SOS children and some not so well known such as H.E.L.P Malawi. All the charities mentioned are key competitors as they have overlaps and links to what LSU are offering the village, however big similar charities may take away some profits and donations being made. It is clear that the well established charities have enhanced their names through advertisement and a strong presence in the press and fundraising events meaning that a charity such as the Tilinanu Orphanage could be overlooked. On the other hand it has shown that many of the charities specifically the smaller based charities do not take full advantage of their online presence, LSU can use their strong social media sites to really gain hold of a younger target audience and promote their name. Although the competition is fierce it is clear that LSU can use their unique niches such as their strong campaigns as well as the fact the children are being given a home and a family base within the Mkandawire home.


Goals of Campaign

 The reputation management goal of this campaign is for LSU foundation to increase its brand awareness in the UK, this will be achieved through enhancing their social media presence in order to increase website traffic and in turn attract more volunteers within Malawi and the UK.

 The relationship management goal is to increase and improve the communication with local businesses and media, allowing the LSU name to be more recognisable and gain coverage through published articles and blog posts.

 The take management goal of this campaign is to raise awareness of the fundraisers that are set up by LSU, in specific the Brighton Marathon. Not only gaining more coverage but also getting more volunteers involved and more businesses sponsorship of the runners.


Objectives  To gain 30% increase in Facebook likes on their UK site within three months of the campaign launch

 To gain sponsorship of 50% of the runners involved in the Brighton Marathon race through local businesses

 To gain coverage within university magazines/websites to help raise awareness and in turn see a 10% rise in volunteers in 2014

 To gain a 20% increase in donations direct through the Tilinanu Orphanage website within 2014

 To gain a wider amount of celebrity endorsement during summer festivals through Love Spec glasses

These objectives will be measurable against awareness statistics currently compared to that in 12 months time after the campaign is over, some will be reviewed earlier such as the success of the Brighton Marathon however. During the campaign measures will be taken to look at the success of the tactics and make changes and amendments based on these results.                


Publics A key target audience will be the age range between 18-24 (specifically students), this will be specifically targeted in relations to volunteer work. This target audience has not been specifically targeted in the past and may help increase the amount of volunteers the LSU foundation are receiving, specifically in the UK as many students would be interested in putting their skills to good use and gaining valuable work experience whilst giving something back to a community in Malawi. This target audience can be specifically focused on through the use of social media and their online platforms as well as through the universities themselves. Another public that this campaign will aim for is local businesses and companies that can potentially sponsor the runners or any participants in local fundraisers for the Orphanage. LSU should take advantage of their links to small local business and help promote their charity and events through this. Finally LSU will promote to anyone with an interest in charities or giving back, this may be at charity events or even festivals, focusing on publics who are willing to donate some time and/or money. This public again can use social media to help enhance donations as a large amount of the charities donations are currently through the use of their Tilinanu Orphanage website.                            

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   Key messages 1.

LSU are a 100% non-profit organisation with all profits going back into the community


LSU are hugely reliant on volunteers and donations made within the UK


The foundation are recruiting for volunteers all year round for both long and short stays, and not just within Africa but also the UK base


The charity are in need of sponsorships from local businesses for the runners involved within the Brighton Marathon


Love Specs campaign is profiting the lives of the orphans and are continually being supported by celebrities including Disclosure/Rudimental

These are the 5 key messages that the campaign aims the public's will take away with them through the tactics and strategies. By promoting these key messages we are hoping to capture a new market in the UK who will remain loyal to the charity in the future in regards to volunteer work or donations. The audiences will gain awareness that the sister foundation is completely funded by the help and support of them and are completely focused on changing these children's lives one step at a time.


Strategy The strategy of this campaign is to gain awareness of the efforts that Love Support Unite makes towards Tilinanu Orphanage and to gain an increase of donations. The main strategy is to get people interested in the foundation, gain volunteers for the foundation, and increase donations to help the orphanage.

1 To gain 30% increase in Facebook likes on their UK site within three months of the campaign launch

2 To gain a 20% increase in donations direct through the Tilinanu Orphanage website within 2014

3 To gain sponsorship of 50% of the runners involved in the Brighton Marathon race through local businesses

4 To gain a wider amount of celebrity endorsement during summer festivals through Love Spec glasses


Create opportunities for visits to Facebook page

Approach local business in Brighton and build sponsorships

Send out Love Spec glasses to journalists and as thank you gestures for donators


-‘Print’ materials published in local publications with a call-toaction -Facebook links on all materials -Brighton marathon stand promoting Facebook page

Generate more direct donations to the foundation through community relations -Community involvement for the day of the Brighton marathon -Donations from the supporting local cafes in Brighton

-Establish relationships with local businesses -Meet with them and build up sponsorships -Runners with sponsorships to gain more donations for the foundation.

-Send journalists press packs, which include Love Specs -Interactivity will keep journalists interested. -Journalists will then publish articles.


Gregory, A. (2010)



Tactic One: Community Involvement It has been planned for this campaign to use as many resourceful opportunities, in the form of tactics, as possible. Community Involvement will play a large part throughout the campaign, as the objective is to gain 20% in direct donations for Love Support Unite on the day of the Brighton Marathon. Sponsorships from local cafes in Brighton will be gained and will support the campaigns success. These cafes can contribute on the day by supplying refreshments for the foundation’s runners. Terre Terre restaurant in Brighton will be offering refreshments for supporters of the foundation who tweet about the runners using the hash tag #LoveSupportUniteRefresh. This tactic will generate talk (word of mouse) of the foundation on Twitter. Donations from these local cafes will also be generated through the relationships that have been built up with them, such as Raw Chocolate Co in Brighton who will be donating to the foundation on the day.

Tactic Two: Media Relations – general For the campaign it is key to build up relationships with journalist based in Brighton. Once these relationships are established press releases will be sent out to them. Some will focus on the Love Support Unite runners, whilst others will be about the foundation as a whole and the efforts they make. Articles will also be sent out to journalists to be printed in local sport magazines and online news sites, which will highlight the foundation’s input into the Brighton marathon. Cold calls will also be used within the Media Relations tactic to try to reach out to more journalists in Brighton and surrounding areas in order to gain more awareness. All material written will provide a call-to-action for the readers to visit the Love Support Unite website, Facebook page, and Twitter account. This will direct more visits to these pages and help reach the objective of gaining 30% increase in Facebook likes.

Tactic Three: Press Pack – Love specs, specific press releases After the relationships with journalists have been set up the press pack tactic will be implemented, which consists of specifically generated materials being sent out to journalists. A press release will be written that specifically targets a certain journalist or publication as this will allow them to see how the article will fit with their work. Alongside of this information about the foundation and orphanage will be included in the form of a leaflet. Also, Love Support Unites branded ‘Love specs’ will be included in the press pack. These are glasses that have heart flecks in the lenses to give a ‘love filled’ vision. This interactivity will make the press pack stand out to the journalist. The press packs will focus on sport and health magazines in Brighton and the surrounding areas.


Tactic Four: Love Support Unite Stand – Corporate Identity For Love Support Unite it is important for them to expand their foundation identity after being established in 2009. The campaign is set up to do this with a corporate identity tactic. This tactic will incorporate the community involvement tactic, where Love Support Unite will have a stand at the Brighton marathon. This stand will have information about the work they do, such as leaflets that people can take away with them. There will also be Love Support Unite branded goodies, such as water bottles and nutrition bars for the runners to take. For everyone who donates they will receive Love Support Unites branded ‘Love specs’ as a thank you gesture. The stand will draw attention the foundation and will also be a place for the runners to get photos and be interviewed about the day. The stand will act as a call-to-action for people interested in the foundation as they can find out how to volunteer and can also donate however much they like with a foundation box at the stand.

The tactics have been delegated to each team member with the main tactic (the Love Support Stand on the Marathon) day delegated to all team members.

Tactic Community involvement Media Relations Press Packs Love Support Unite stand – marathon day

Team member delegated task Chloe Helen Stephanie All team members

The tasks have been delageted to specific team members who have the experitise in that particular area of PR practition.


15 Â

Timescale This is the Gantt chart created for Love Support Unite PR campaign. (See below) This is a list of each tactic for the campaign and an assigned time to do it in. It has identified when tasks may be overlapping and eliminated times when there are too many jobs assigned to one person. It has also identified the tasks which will take the greatest amount of time meaning that the person who is assigned tasks which will take longer can ask for additional help. This plan has also taken into account the bigger picture which is ultimately increasing awareness of Love Support Unite.




Resources “Resourcing public relations adequately but effectively is of course necessary for organizational efficacy.” (Anne Gregory, 2010)

The resources list below are essentials that will be needed for the whole length of the campaign. (30/01/2014 – 06/04/2014)

Human  Staff salaries  Employment costs (see fees)

Operating and material costs  Print and production of press packs  Photography for blog posts, articles and press releases  Media relations  Sponsorship from local cafes and shops in Brighton Including: • Brighton restaurant Terre Terre • Raw chocolate co  Operating expenses Including: • Telephone for press enquiries • Travel – runners of Marathon  Promotional gifts for runners such as healthy nutrition bars  Overheads and expenses such as water for runners

Equipment Computer equipment and consumables: • Word, Celtx, InDesign, Photoshop use • Twitter and Facebook use up to and on Marathon day • Telephones • Cameras • Video cameras • Radio studio for podcast production


Evaluation This campaign will be evaluated throughout to identify what is working and what isn’t working. At present the campaign has not been completed but below outlines the planned evaluation and measurement tools that can be used after the campaign has been completed. Monitoring the donation levels up to the start of campaign then through the duration of the campaign will highlight if the objectives have been achieved. Many tools will be used to measure the success such as, Google Analytics, Social Mention, Facebook Statistics, and Twitter followers and mentions. The tactics that have been used for this campaign will help to achieve the objectives set out and will follow the strategy of the campaign. The objectives are SMART making them specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timed. Additionally, having regular contact with the client provides feedback. By measuring the KPI’s (Key performance indicators) it will provide an estimate as to how successfully the campaign is running. There are several categories of KPI’s and by measuring different types it will give a larger overview. (See chart below) Type of KPI

Volume KPI

Definition of KPI From Lewis PR (2011) cited in Wincott, S. (2014) Are you making noise?

Depth KPI

Are you making the right noise in the important places?

Sentiment KPI

Do people like your brand and offerings?

Planned measurement

Scheduled social media posts which will be posted through Using Hoot Suite up to the marathon day can act like a countdown to the current followers of @Volunteer_LSU. This will be measured by retweets and replies of tweets on @Volunteer_LSU The tweets can be broken down into categories: #lovesupportuniterefresh Or tweets specifically involving the marathon or the donations. Klout scores of followers can also be used. If a tweeter has a high Klout score it means that they have a higher social media influence. If @Volunteer_LSU is getting retweeted by Twitter accounts with high Klout scores it means that there message will be reaching those who have large followers. Measured by score card (see below)

Engagement KPI

Conversion KPI


Are you compelling people to share your messages? Are you compelling people to buy or take up the cause?

Facebook Insights will measure this as it allows you to see your audience demographics. Additionally this can be measured by RT’s on Twitter. This will be measured by the amount of donations that are given during the time of the campaign and comparing the donations to the previous months when the campaign wasn’t running. This also can be monitored by the sale of love specs during the campaign.

A more detailed measurement of the success of the campaign can be done by creating a score card as seen in Gregory, A. (2010) figure 9.1. Although the score card is predominately aimed at corporate-level public relations it can be related to non-for profits as well by measuring the sentiment of the people who should be affected by the PR campaign, such as citizens of Brighton. Getting the main targeted publics (students aged 18-24) to complete the relational and reputational section of the score card would be ideal as they are the ones who should be affected by this campaign. Financial Did our PR efforts increase donation? Did our PR efforts increase love spec sales? Relational Do our donators trust us more than they did before the PR campaign? Do our partnerships last longer than they did in 2009 when Love Support Unite was founded? Partnerships including: • Brighton restaurant Terre Terre • Brighton bases raw chocolate co.

Reputational Is the organisation held in a higher esteem than it was before the PR campaign? Political Do more MP’s and government officials know of and support our organisation than in 2009 when Love Support Unite was founded? MP’s and government officials including: • Simon Kirby (MP) for Brighton Kemptown • Mike Weatherly for Hove • Caroline Lucas for Brighton Pavilion

Furthermore, the campaign can be measured by using McNamara's macro model of evaluation adapted by Gregory as seen in Gregory, A. (2010) figure 9.2. This outlines the stages of the PR campaign and acknowledges the questions what should be asked at each stage. Using this model of evaluation it will ensure the campaign is being evaluated throughout each stage.


Stages Outcomes

Activities Have the SMART objectives been met? Number who behave in the desired manner – meeting our objectives. • To have a 30% increase in Facebook likes •




Methodologies Quantitative research – comparing statistics

To increase sponsorship

Number who change attitudes this will be measured by the number of visitors to the link. Number who learnt message content – this can be measured by using the score card and focus groups with the restaurants that sponsored Love Support Unite. Number who considered messagethose who visited the donate page or those who visited the volunteered page. Number who received messages. Media monitoring and number of leaflets and flyers distributed will measure this. Number of messages supporting objectives. This will be measured by separating all outputs including Tweets and Facebook posts into categories according to the five objectives. Number of messages sent. This will be measured by totalling all PR collateral created during the PR campaign. Quality of messages presentation. This will be measured by the variety of software used to create the PR collateral. Adequacy of background information, intelligence, research. This will be measured by client feedback.

Readership of the newspapers, blogs and magazines that the press releases, articles and blog posts where sent out. Attendance at the marathon and those who visited the Love Support Unite Refresh stall. Media monitoring: • Number of website hits • Number of Twitter followers increased • Number of Facebook likes increased • Clippings • Broadcast media tapes (podcast) Review Pre-testing the PR collateral Audience surveys – score cared


21 Â

Reference List Gregory, A. (2010) Planning and managing public relations campaigns. London: Kogan Page. Wincott, S. (2014) How Does Your Agency Measure PR Results | LEWIS PR. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 2 Mar 2014].

Lsu foundation pr campaign  
Lsu foundation pr campaign