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SUMMARY OF PERFORMANCE CENTRE CRITERIA The criteria below are a summary of the minimum standards which need to be achieved in order to operate as a Performance Centre (PC). It will not be necessary in every instance that criterion are met prior to award, and can be worked towards over the three-year tenure. Further and more detailed guidance about these expectations are included within the Development Plan template, which can be located under Play Badminton, Club Future section of the BADMINTON England website.

This list indicates and informs potential applicants what would be required to present an application for Performance Centre status and funding, and ultimate operate as a Performance Centre. If applying this list should be used in conjunction with the Development Plan.


Premier Club & Clubmark status is held by the lead club

The PC programme is open to players beyond the usual county boundaries

Established links with or consultation of the County Badminton Association and/or the County Schools Badminton Association

MANAGEMENT Structure •

A team of volunteers and/or professional staff which effectively services the management and finances: o PC Liaison Officer o Head Coach o Chairperson o Secretary o Treasurer o Welfare Officer(s) o Volunteer Co-ordinator o Publicity Officer o Funding Officer o Young Leader

Operations •

All clubs involved in the PC structure achieve and maintain the appropriate Club Future accreditation status

The Welfare Officer(s) and two members of the Coaching Team have undertaken recognised Child Protection training

Production of annual accounts and ongoing budgeting

Evidence of commitment to CPD for volunteers

Nominations for the National Badminton Awards: Volunteer & Young Person Volunteer

Run a Junior Helper Award or a Young Officials Award each year

Run a Badminton Association of Umpires training workshop every other year

A formalised and active School / Club link with at least one SSP or school

A dedicated PC website

Regular interaction with the local media / press

Marketing activities or resources used to promote the PC

A commitment by the PC to: o Attend quarterly review meetings o Submission of Key Performance Indicators and Partnership Funding half-yearly o Produce a revised strategy in the penultimate year of accreditation, demonstrating how the PC will be sustained

Venues •

A main venue which provides the following: o Minimum height 7.6m o Adequate flooring, lighting and background o Car parking on site o Male, female and disabled changing facilities o Access to on site fitness facilities o Access to a meeting room

Secondary venues (where required) which provide the following appropriate to the needs of the training session: o Adequate height, flooring, lighting and background


A team of volunteers and/or professional staff which effectively services the competition and tournament programme: o Match Secretary o Tournament Co-ordinator o Young Official o Tournament Organisers o Referee

Programmes •

Provision of senior and junior club nights involving match play opportunities

Run an annual senior PC Championships across all 5 disciplines

Run an annual junior PC Championships across 12 events: o Singles U11 o Boys & Girls singles U13 & U15 o Boys & Girls level doubles U11, U13 & U15 o Mixed doubles U15

Senior and junior teams entered in local leagues by the PC itself or associated club(s)

A team entered in the BADMINTON England Cup; the PC itself or a team from an associated club(s)

Either independently or in partnership with the County Badminton Association run the following events each year: o Bisi Festival o Bronze or Silver junior circuit tournament o Orbital, Satellite or Challenger senior circuit tournament


A team of qualified and registered coaches which effectively services all levels of the Club and Performance Pathways, displaying exemplary standards of coaches practice: o Three Level 1’s o Two Level 2’s o One Level 3 or a Level 2 working towards Level 3

Within the Coaching Team, an appropriately qualified and experienced Head Coach to lead and who can provide support for all levels of the player pathway

A trained mentor to support the development of coaches in the team

Provision for coaching of players with a disability

A Coaching Team committed to all aspects of the coaching process of ‘plan/do/review’ applied in the short, medium and long term

Evidence of commitment to CPD for the Head Coach and other coaches

PLAYING & PERFORMANCE PROGRAMME Player Pathway activities •

A talent identification and selection system

Provision of weekly group coaching tailored to junior Club Pathway players

A coach available to give individual lessons to members and / or non-members

Provision of regular inclusive ‘Come and try’ and Women only sessions

Provision of a Performance Pathway independent from the Club Pathway providing realistic opportunities for players to access at least 152 hours per year

A minimum of 40 players on the Performance Pathway (across Raw, Developing & Emerging squads)

Set of individual competition requirements for each player on the Performance Pathway

For Developing & Emerging squad players the provision of 50% singles based training

A commitment to submit player review tools to BADMINTON England on an annual basis and the use of these forms to inform: o Squad selection o Coaching programmes

A commitment to support the progression of players via: o BADMINTON England’s Talent Development System o World Class Programmes o Established link with a High Performance Centre

Run an annual parent education workshop

Provision of sports science support for performance players