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I’m face lotion with SPF 30 in it I’ve talked about this a couple times before and it's definitely still a stable and my skin care routine in the morning after I wash my face I will put this on and an RTS the sunscreen fine don't have to have an extra step to the plank sunscreen after my moisturizer I love this and when it I won a little bit more protection I have also been using the Josie Mara protect already plus Thanksgiving though 1340 they’re both pretty good I don't need any extra moisturizers when use these and I can just put my makeup on top love this moisturizer with sunscreen though it a pretty simple that I like those that a lot and I think it might locate your team for the morning it's been really simple the lot and they just have to wash my face and then put on makeup bingo so laying 18 I when is different is all washed my face and I'll EU's a couple 1 I'm a couple different like theorem type thing on in my last video I mention I was using the Estee Lauder advanced Night Repair Serum which is really great for a lot of hydration and I like using that winter time but in the summer I want something little bit lighter side been switching off every other day using this one and this one this is Mario Bade cu by Timothy theorem and if the G U of M ways to 100 percent higher Laura Nick hyaluronic acid 13 both have higher like acid and what that does is it hold in moisture see applying this and then apply a moisturizer and it helps the moisturizer to work even better.

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So I wouldn't recommend using these without an extra moisture is a bit adding it as an extra step in between really improved the condition o...