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Interview preparation Brought To You By Often times we get overwhelmed and anxious by the process of the interview. Here are a few tips to eliminate stressful situations and to build up your confidence when you go through the process of an interview.

It is very important to reaserch the potential employer you are interviewing for because it: Gives you more in depth knowledge of your potential employer and opportunity to prepare more specific questions for the interview. If you know of someone who works for the company you are interviewing with, ask them for honest feedback about the company’s culture, community involvement, employee expectations, dress code, organizational structure, industry leadership, employee investment, etc. Gives you the opportunity to prepare a copy of your professional resume in multiple formats that are suitable to a particular applications the company uses, also, to prepare a few general questions relating to the position you are applying for. Try to think of questions that you may be asked to answer and practice answering them. Gives you information about such details as a fragrance free policy. This is a valuable information, which you can use in preparation for a successful interview by avoiding wearing perfumes that may cause discomfort or allergies to those you may interview with or meet that day. Gives you insight about the Dress code

that is appropriate for this particular company. When interviewing for an office position, once step above business casual is always appropriate and well received. Many companies have either strict standards for dress or allow a more casual attire. Gives you the time to verify the location of your interview: If you are unsure of the interview’s location, it’s not uncommon for many to drive by the location a day before the interview; you’ll know exactly how long it will take you to get there and be on time.

Always remember the basic rules applicable to all interviews: No matter how much you prepare for the interview, showing up to your interview on time is too late. On time means before the interview time. It gives you the opportunity to become more familiar with the office surroundings and puts you at ease.

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Your interview starts when you walk into to that office reporting for an interview. It means all personnel you may have the chance to interact with before and after your interview, are interviewing you during that time. Show initiative. Be engaged. Promote yourself by offering additional information about your work history, experiences, and successes and why this employer should hire you.

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The Newspaper for Shoppers NOVEMBER, 14, 2013


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Helena Shopping News Nov. 14th 2013  

November 14th 2013 Issue

Helena Shopping News Nov. 14th 2013  

November 14th 2013 Issue