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SECOND YEAR MAKING MAGAZINES PROJECT This module simulated working print tuns bi-weekly to give hands on magazine production and page design experience.


aking Magazines was a compulsory second year module which taught valuble magazine production and page design skills using Adobe InDesign. Each member of the group was required to be Editor of their own publication under a selected genre. They had to come up with a flat plan, delegate relevant pages and ensure smooth production over a period of two weeks. This process taught valuble team building skills, management skills and organisation skills. Not only this, the regular experience of being part of a mock print run drilled in the importance of time management and working

under pressure to meet deadlines. Included in this issue are the pages I contributed to team member’s different publications and a brief summary of each one. There is also the magazine I was Editor of, alternative men’s lifestyle magazine, Trashmag. Making Magazines has taught and improved my Adobe InDesign skills to the point where I feel confident and competent at designing pages to a high standard. It has also introduced Adobe Photoshop and how to source high resolution, print quality images. I am happy to contribute my design skills as well as writing skills to any future projects.


DUCTI O R P & N G I S E D , RITING W Y M F O S E L P M FOR MORE EXA IT: EXPERIENCE VIShard narc .b d r a h c r a n le e h narchard le e h / m o .c in d e link






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Cotton On

Of Ethics extiles T The campaign to create an ethical industry continues and the moral issues surrounding textile production are vast. Helen Archard investigates.

The fashion and textiles industry is a constant disposable cycle with billions being spent on items a year yet tonnes and tonnes being disposed of at the same time. This pressure for materials to work with can test the morals of all this industry’s members. The ethics of the textile and fashion industry cover a range of different areas around how materials are produced and how the people making them are treated.


Globalisation has had a massive effect on the textile industry and it’s important to keep ethics at the forefront of everyone’s minds from start to finish of production. With around one million tonnes of textile and clothing being disposed of each year, it’s not the most environmentally friendly industry. People are encouraged to pass on old clothes, give them to charity or use them for cleaning rags rather than just binning them.

The main problems however are at the complete opposite end of the spectrum when the fabrics are just a twinkle in the designer’s eye. The Ethical Fashion Forum is an organisation dedicated to promoting sustainability and ethical practice in the future of the fashion industry. This includes fair trade, sufficient working conditions and animal welfare amongst other issues.For a start, the materials themselves should be created in

with the environment and workers in mind before price. Insecticides and pesticides and harmful chemical dyes and softening agents are a large problem in the growth of plants even before they are turned into material. The Pesticide Action Network UK is an organisation ‘working to eliminate the dangers of toxic pesticides’. They are harmful to human health as well as the environment and can cause severe poisoning as well as having links to other health issues including cancer. The World Health Organisation estimates between 20,000 and 40,000 cotton farmers die each year through accidental pesticide poisoning. The fact that some of them stay embedded in the environment for many years after their initial use means that their effects are damaging and ongoing. Of the worlds insecticides, 25% are used in the farming in the cotton industry. These are harmful to the farmer producing the crop and not really something you’d want absorbed into the core of a garment. It is a priority to bring fair trade certified cotton to the forefront of the textiles industry which will have benefits for all involved. Many high end fashion designers support the campaign for organic cotton including Katharine Hamnett who promites a number of ‘save the world’ causes through her statement garments. Iconic Italian fashion designer Alberta

Ferreti has also created an organic line showing ethical practice can reach the queens of the catwalk as well. It’s not only the poisonous toxicity of these chemicals which challenge ethics but the expense of their use can be financially damaging to the farmers driving thousands to suicide each year. There are plent of other natural fabric alternatives to using the factories which fail at morally correct work ethics. Hemp is an ecologically viable material which can be combined with other materials to create a variety of shapes, textures and elasticity. Wool can create a risk as it is usually be using a toxic sheep dip so choose organic wool.Other ethically correct fabrics include linen, wild silk, tencel, modal,

lyocell and recycled polyester. Take advice from Rapanui, a brand that use fabrics produced in eco friendly factories with good and fair work ethic for its employees. Exploitative working conditions are just another strand of the ethics of the textiles industry. Violence, abuse, unhygienic conditions, long hours, bad pay and child labour are all considered unethical and it’s important to not to be associated with this. The World Fair Trade Organisation are another governing body who monitors the trading standards of its members with a strict set of guidelines in place. It’s time to make the fashion world an ethically pleasing permanent trend.


Picture Credits: © Simon Rawles - Photographer

Cotton On

Organic cotton farmer, Bintou Dambile harvesting cotton in Mali




PICTURE CREDIT: Cadbury’s Press Centre


Cadbury The Easter Bunny is preparing for his annual visit and the Cadbury’s chocolate chickens are laying their delicious mini and creme eggs all over the shops. Although we know they’re delicious on their own, there are lots of ways to get a bit more adventurous with a whole range of Cadbury’s treats. Here are just a few mouth-watering recipes we’ve gathered together for our keen chocolate fans.

Cadbury’s Chocolate Truffles 25g butter 25g icing sugar 100g Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons or Cadbury Dairy Milk 50g of plain madeira cake, crumbled into fine crumbs 4 tablespoons of chocolate sugar strands 1. Melt the butter and Cadbury’s chocolate together in a mixing bowl over a pan of boiling water. 2. Add the cake crumbs and the sieved icing sugar. 3. Mix all the ingredients together, until it is all well mixed. Leave to cool for 10-15 minutes. 4. Put the chocolate sugar strands onto a separate plate. 5. When the mixture is cool, take a teaspoon and scoop up some of the mixture onto the teaspoon. 6. Place the teaspoon amount of mixture onto the plate with the chocolate sugar strands. 7. Take your fingers and roll the teaspoon of mixture around until it is covered in chocolate sugar strands. Carry on doing so until all the mixture has run out. 8. Place in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Cadbury’s Rocky Road 125g butter 300g Cadbury’s milk chocolate 5 tbsp golden syrup 200 rich tea biscuits 100g mini marshmallows 2 tsp icing sugar

Mini Egg Crispies 1 pack of mini eggs 1 bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Cornflakes

1. Melt the chocolate and add to bowl of cornflakes. 1. Melt the butter, chocolate and 2. Mix gently so that all the syrup in a pan. cornflakes are covered. 2. Crush the biscuits. 3. Put them in cake cases and 3. Fold biscuit pieces into the place a mini egg pan of melted chocolate mix on each cake. and add the marshmallows. 4. Put the 4. Pour mixture into a square Crispies in baking tin and smooth the top. fridge for 5. Put in fridge for 2 hours. about an 6. Cut into fingers and you can hour to dust with icing sugar. cool.

Creme Egg Tarts 25g unsalted butter 50g digestive biscuits, crushed 3 Cadbury Creme Eggs 50ml double cream Grated chocolate 1. Melt the butter in a small saucepan, then stir in the crushed biscuits. Divide between 2 x 8cm loose–bottomed round tart tins and using a teaspoon, press the mixture over the base and up the sides of the tins. Chill in the fridge. 2. Carefully cut the Creme Eggs in half down the seam and pull apart, then using a teaspoon scoop out the “goo” from the centre and place in a small saucepan. (Alternatively place the “goo” in a microwaveable bowl and microwave on high power for 10-20 seconds depending on microwave rating.) 3. Break the chocolate shells into pieces, then place in a small bowl with the cream. Place the bowl over a pan of simmering water and stir until you have a smooth chocolate mixture. Allow to cool slightly, then pour into the tart cases. Chill for 2-3 hours until set. 4. Just before serving remove the tarts form the tins. 5. Place the “goo” in the saucepan and heat gently until melted together. Do not stir, but shake the pan from time to time. Pour over the tarts and serve immediately decorated with a little grated chocolate.


Celeb Exercise Secrets


Celebrities are always at the forefront of fashionable fitness to keep themselves red-carpet HOT. Here are some of the latest exercise techniques our taut and toned superstars swear by.




Fitness goddess Madonna is the ultimate keep-fit Queen. Although some would argue that she should keep her 50-year-old body under wraps, our Madge flaunts her muscular, scultpted figure at every opportunity. Her hardcore 6-day a week fitness plan incorportes numerous forms of exercise but one area she swears by is the power plate. This newfangled contraption provides the benefits of an hours workout in 15 minutes. The ominous looking machine sends vibrations through the different muscle areas forcing them to contract and therefore tone.You can find power plates in most gyms or specialist centres all over the UK.



Our celebrity idols are blessed with a lifestyle that provides them with the time and money for swanky gyms, top personal trainers and the latest fitness ideas right to the doorstep of their million pound mansion. We’ve all seen them clad in lycra and tracksuits, designer of course, which show they battle the same body hang-ups as us normal folk. Luckily for them their rose-tinted lifestyle allows them to partake in the ultimate fitness programmes to create those enviably fit and toned figures. Whether its wobbling around on a vibrating machine or sweating away in a heated room whilst balancing on one leg, some of these celeb fads show sometimes you’re not too posh to perspire.







Hand in hand with yoga is the old celebrity favourite, Pilates. Madonna was the mother of this trend which has been doing the celebrity fitness plan circuit for a good few years and has a long list of dedicated celebrity followers including Gwyneth Paltrow. Like yoga, Pilates is based around balance and inner toning as well as outer. For a leaner, suppler and more flexible figure. It’s like the middle ground between the slow stretching postures of yoga and the energetic, pulse racing aerobics.

Supermodel Helena Christensen is the front of Reeboks Easytone trainer campaign showing off her womanly yet super toned figure in their racy nude advertising campaign. These shoes claim you will be able to feel them working as you walk around and go about your day to day life. The only effort involved is tying the shoelaces. So, for a super toned lower half maybe it’s time to invest. Surely it’s too good to be true.

Celebrities have been a massive fan of the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga for years. This strain of it takes it to new extremes and combines 26 postures and two breathing exercises whilst in a room of up to 100 degrees heat. Petite Jennifer Aniston is a student of this intense Yoga style as is Lady Gaga. As the sweat oozes out of your body the idea is that it takes all the toxins of day to day life including caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and metabolic waste with it whilst transporting oxygen to every area of your body. Now sweating for 90 minutes may not sound like the most glamorous of activities but if it’s good enough for Aniston it’s good enough for us!



Some of our superstars may not be keen on the standard intense yoga sessions which are held in a quiet, relaxed, zen-like atmosphere to nurture the inner calm. The gorgeous Reese Witherspoon is a keen runner but also partakes in YogaHop which is the traditional yoga techniques mashed up with contemporary music and bright colours. Like an East meets West, Americanised form of the inner and outer balance regime, YogaHop is more high energy and fun. This fad tends to be found more in the US. HEALTHY Woman


Always Read the Label It’s winter again, the time of year we go into hibernation mode, stocking up on guiltfree treats to tide us through the dark, cold nights. It can be hard to stick to our true vegetarian roots though with a lot of items containing sneakily disguised animal products. Here are just a few which caught us by surprise and proof why we must always remember to check that label for the ‘Suitable for Vegetarians’ seal of approval. 00

So picture the scene, the family wrapped up warm, top to toe in wool huddled round a beautiful bonfire. It’s like a picture from a Christmas card. When it comes to the roasting of the marshmallows though beware. these delicious sugary pillows are usually made with gelatin, a colourless product produced from a gory process involving animal by-products such as skin and bone. It can often also be found in jelly, some sweets (sorry kids) and even some cereal and yogurt. Definitely one to watch.

As a vegetarian dairy products always pose the ‘should you shouldn’t you’ argument at the borderline of veganism. For those who just can’t like without it, you may want to be aware that cheese may not be completely vegetarian friendly. There is a product called RENNET which is sourced from the stomach lining of calves to help thicken the milk into its cheese form. There is cheese out there which is safe for vegetarians just keep your eyes peeled.

Pictures :

Just a little heads up for the grown ups now. Unfortunately part of some alcohol’s process, known as ‘fining’ or ‘clearing’, is usually done using animal products. This used to be done with ox blood in wine and fish products in beer but now it can be done using a range of different animal products. Again, there are vegetarian wines on the market and a lot of organic wines and companies specialising in using alternate methods of ‘clearing’ and it’s not all alcohol, but check just in case.

This last one may seem as obvious as cheese being a product of an animal but butter and margarine can also have some animal extras which may put you off. The ingredient Tallow is fat obtained from the tissue of cows and sheep and can be used in margarine and butter substittes. It’s also important to note that butter and marg. are often used in baking so by default the animal product can be transfered.


s n o i t a c o l g n i Top Row . . . K U e h in t RIVER THAMES The Thames is the longest river in England, second longest in Britain. The most iconic river of the South of the country, the Thames flows through central London and through other major cities including Oxford and Reading. There are over 200 rowing clubs along the River Thames as it flows through one of the rowing hotspots, Henley on Thames the home of the iconic social event the Henley Regatta, as well as Oxford which is famous for its boat racing rivalry with Cambridge.

Lake Casitas

British Rowing are compling a list of the 51 top places to row in the world. Below are the Best of British from the list so far as well as some hints for your next holiday. DORNEY LAKE Dorney lake is a purpose built rowing facility situated near the towns of Windsor and Eton. It is privately owned by Eton College who have invested £17million of their own money into developing it. The lake will be used in the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.

RIVER DART This river flows, from Devon, through the beautiful Dartmoor National Park and joins the sea at Dartmouth. It is popular for many water based activities alongside rowing. The Dart estuary, near Kingswear village, are most popular for sailing.

RIVER TEES The River Tees is situated in Northern England on the cusp of North Yorkshire. It’s source is in the Pennines and mouth near Hartlepool.

RIVER STOUR This river is an amalgamation of several smaller tributaries forming together to create the river stour. It’s journey takes you through Canterbury towards Sandwich.

Lake Malta

Lisbon, Portugal Sabaudia

The Nile The Maldives


Boats and Blades

The Pacific Ocean






Over fo rty row ing club been su sh sp to outst ended from ra ave an ci and wa ding affiliatio ng due nf ter Once th audit submis ees sions. ese out sta are reso lved clu nding items b to race s wi l l b on ea safety a ce more. The w ble ud a at https its can be com ter ://apps.b pleted ri org/aud it/ whi tishrowing. ls discuss ed with t fees can be Sarah


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r e city in just ove th g n ti it h is s and ticket st event in year ition schedule et p London’s bigge m co ll fu e ays and th planning! five hundred d ow time to get n ’s It . d ce n and u o n ann een March 15th w et b prices have bee d te p ce ac ons will be Ticket applicati .com April 26th w.london2012 w w at le b la ai av The schedule is


Boats and Blades


fashion & beauty

Springtime Shopping

NEW LOOK Butterfly Tie-front top £11.99

NEW LOOK Military Hareem Trousers £11.99


With the snow melting away and our pockets full of Christmas money, now is the time to think of our 2011 Spring/ Summer wardrobe. Here are a few hot tips for the New Year shopping spree.

MATALAN Hooch Brown Satchel £6.00

Glitz Pixie lace-up Brogue £18.00

Pictures: superdrug, new look, matalan,

NEW LOOK 4pk Hair Grips £2.99

fashion & beauty

Get the Taylor Swift Look...

Pop princess Taylor Swift is a collision of vamp and fairytale princess, Her long flowing curls and sultry eye make up conjure up a mysterious yet sweet look. Here we GOSH have a few products Extreme Art Eyeliner to help glitz readers copy Taylor's £7.00 glamourous make-up style.

PANTENE Perfect Curls Defining Mousse £3.29

SLEEK Eyeshadow Palette in Storm Available at Superdrug 2TRUE £4.99 Lipstick in Bright Red BARRY M £1.95 Perfect Pastel Pink £2.99

beauty Glitz



Although the UK’s snow has finally melted, there is still plenty that these final w i n t e r y m o n t h s h a v e t o o f f e r. T h e ‘ w i n t e r s un’ tren d i s over a n d w e’re l o o k in g at wrap up warm, winter y getaways with the i c e f a c t o r.

# 1 northern lights, canada T h e No r t h e r n l i g h t s a r e o n e o f n a t u r e’s greatest wonders. There are certin hotspots dotted around the northern hemisphere where their activity is most common,. A l o n g s i d e a l o t o f No r t h e r n Eu r o p e including L apland and Sweden, Canada is one of the best locations. Long, dark winter nights are the prime time to catch this astrological phenomena as the skies are a c l e a r e r b a c k d r o p t o n a t u r e s l i g h t s h o w. T h e Au r o r a B o r e a l i s , t o g i v e t h e l i g h t s their scientific name, are unpredictable and the display can var y in duration, size and intensity depending on conditions. Wi t h d e t a i l e d r e s e a r c h i n t o t h i s t o u r i s t a t t r a c t i o n , t h e r e a r e m a ny h o l i d a y p a c k a g e s providing experienced guides and which hope to guarantee a sighting of a lifetime. A s m a g i c a l w a v e s c r o s s t h e s k y t h e r e’s n o better way to spend a cold winter evening..



Picture credits: Dave Dyet,,

The winter fun has just begun...

# 2 ice hotel, sweden The true way to embrace the winter weather is to stay i n a h o t e l m a d e c o m p l e t e l y o u t o f i t’s i c y p r o d u c e . Situated in Kiruna, Sweden, this residential work of art is the largest of its kind.This area, in the artic circle, is a prime location to experience the No r t h e r n L i g h t s d u e t o t h e c l a r i t y o f i t s s k i e s . G u e s t s a r e i nv i t e d t o s t a y i n t h e h o t e l’s r o o m s w h i c h c a n reach -5C although they are guaranteed snugness sleeping on reindeer skins. There is offsite warmer accomodation for those who prefer the comforts of home. The hotel, which is rebuilt ever y year using i c e b l o c k s f r o m t h e R i v e r To r n e , i s a v a i l a b l e f o r b o o k i n g s u n t i l Mo t h e r Na t u r e t a k e s i t s c o u r s e a n d it melts in the spring sunshine.

# 3 sapporo snow festival, japan The Sapporo snow festival takes place annualy for a w e e k e v e r y F e b r u a r y. I n 2 0 1 1 t h e e v e n t w i l l b e h e l d between the 7th and 14th and, like previous years, host around 2 million people. Situated on sites all over the c i t y. T h e r e a r e b e a u t i f u l i c e s c u l p t u r e s , s n o w m a z e s , slides and entertinment stages, plenty to keep the whole family occupied. If the opportunity arises, this winter wonderland is guaranteed to slip and slide you into a post-christmas festive mood.

# 4 quebec winter carnival The largest winter themed festival in the world begins o n t h e l a s t w e e k e n d o f Ja n u a r y a n d f o r t h e c o n t i n u i n g fortnight, coats the city in the sparkling twinkle of w i n t e r. F o r a $ 1 2 p a s s y o u g a i n a c c e s s t o m o s t o f t h e events and activities available which include parades, s l e i g h r i d e s , i c e s k a t i n g a n d s c u l p t u r e s . A c h i l d r e n’s village will take care of the litle rascals whilst mum and dad can warm up and relax in the outdoor hottubs with a glass of wine. So tke the hand of Bonhomme, the carnivals smiley mascot, and be led through the family festivities.



They’re taking the Wiltshire music scene by storm, armed with a secret weapon. Helen Archard checks out how Sky Burns Red do rock with a twist.

New Ban  d

SKYBURNSRED performing at 12Bar, Swindon earlier this year



t’s  a  risk  when  a  band  tries  to   add  something  different  to  it’s   &#.!%('+(%!& "(%#'%!')%" !%" '&%) ! '"%('(% "!+ " #'*''%"*!)"!&' '%('%&!)"!&*"( !"'!"(''"'%(!%!"%  %( &'!& '%('% *"('%*'&%!& '&&('%!%( '*&' ')"!*"(*)! %%"(#"&#&!&,& &&+'%!(% %+-& !&'%( !'"*)%&!('+ &!&!!"('*''%" !%""+&#%!*' '%#&&"!'&(!'!'"!&

" !!'!!!'*! *'!'#'&"')+ "(!'"!& !'!&!%*' )"%&"!'! + "!&" '%"#"!&!%+! & which  had  been  injected  with  a   '' "%%(!!+"() )"&'!('%&' &"!

"!&"! &%''+&"((! )"&#"*%(!"('" ! !'%%"" &)%+'&"'!*%  !"('" '  ''' & '  .!'*"  %&"!&&'" &&&'"*' !'!'+"(!&'  % %( % %)!!*"*& (!'+'!'%'+

&*&"%'&&""!%!'"! "&!''(&'%"! "('(%"('(%"!& !%( &'&!'(,,"&& *%&+"(%"%&&+ (%!& +%$(!''%" (& &!!&(%%"(!!%& %!!'%'"!'%!')%" !))!*'!" %&'"!)+ '%%'%! ," &  With  an  intense  stage  presence,   '"(&'"&'%&'%!'" !*(#" !!'& "&' +#!"''"*'%*!!+' %%''+)"!'#"*%( #)%'"!&%" '&&! %( &'"('!*"!

New  Band +($+!1-!&'&%(", $"'  +-"'8.'+(& %(% +($,.)+,-+,"'%."' -! ((

" !-+,'..,' "1 %1+( &(' (-!+,-(+--!"'"/".% !/11-'!'-"' ,(.' "!%-(%.,3 -+0 !' ,"'(.+''&' %"'.)06/7'%%1+!(.+ ,-+(' ,-"'06/&(.+ %-,-&()+()+%106/' ))+(!(+,(&'1 " ,"-6, +21,(06+#.,--+1"' -( -(.+ '&(.--!+')%1,&.!, )(,,"%'#.,-$)%(/"' "-4 !-0((.'+&&+,"!% ',('!')%1"' "' '-( -!+(+0!"%'-+ ,!"-+(.'"'%"'.)-!1+(. !-"' +/"''.+'0"-!-!-& 0!(%'0,(.'

"%-,!"+'-+(."' + "-.+, ' %('!(-( +)!1000'%('(.$

(.-!(0(+!,-+-"(',!(.%0(+$ 0"-!'4 -6,'(-#.,--!"+%(%+"( 0!"!!,%($-!"+-%'- !16/+!+(,,-!,, ,+, %"(+'"0!+)()% ++/"' (.--!&"'%."'  (%"'+(&-!.+(.+.,)(,- ,1,5$1 .+',7'"-%1 ('(&1/(.+"-',--! &(&'-6

+('-&',('-(%.,36+ .22"' +(&-!&(.'-(-! --'-"('',.))(+-06/ (- %+1-,!(0,-!-"1(.).- the  hard  work  in  and  a  bit  of   &('1-((1(. - ((+,.%-, 6/ (- ((%"' (.-"--!", Drummer Harvin Singh with bassist Michael Bowditch in -"&!",","-4 !'!/.,1,!.% the foreground. "'-!+.'.)-( !+",-&, (.--!--!10"%% +(0'/%() ,.))(+-"' '!%"'"' 0"-!&(+ "'-(,(&-!"' ,)"%-!-6,0!1 -!"+-")),('((.+.'," ' ',(

‘Just genius, they’ve worked out how orchestration should work with a band’ &,,"/,.))(+-+,(-!"+&.," '!/%+1-.+-!&, )+(7%--!",1+!1," 3!16+#.,- '".,-!16/0(+$

%(%',"'-!"%-,!"++,( -+1'-!-!&"1(.' !"+-+&"'-"('",%+' -%'-",.'*.,-"('%-",0"-!(.-

Like  all  good  bands  Sky   Burns  Red  have  their  very  own   myspace  and  facebook  pages   with  upcoming  events,  mailing   list  details,  photos  and  their   latest  recordings  including   ‘Human  Malfunction’  and  ‘Sell   Sell  Sell’.  They  are  also  available   for  bookings  through  their   myspace  ( skyburnsredband).  Click  away!      

skyburnsred )(&"'  " ,

24th  November  +0"'('

27th  November -.%,/+' %(,

4th  December ", +"%-,

23rd  December  +0"'('

27th  December ! .+'0"'(' Lead Vocals and Guitar Jason Johnson with Vilonist Laura Hardy.


Making Magazines Uni Module (1)  

This is a collection of DPS produced for a second year Uni module called Making Magazines. The module was an introduction to Adobe Indesign...