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Obesity is a biggest problem in modern life: Surgery solution Now-a-days losing weight is the biggest problem in our dialy life. Weight loss challenge is now on high prioroty in your daily routine as obesity is a common problem in these times. Lap-band procedure You have definitely noticed that diet and exercise alone have failed to show any results. In fact studies have shown that nearly 90% of overweight people gain all the lost weight back within 4 years by only diet and exercise. But surgery for weight loss gives long term success including lap-bandprocedure which is remarkably high. This procedure allowing patients a loss of between 60-70% of their excess weight. Weight-loss surgery is the most effective long term weight loss programme and a healthy life style solution. We can show from different studies those who lost weight from surgery will lose 60-70% of their excess body weight within three years after the procedure. Those who did gastric bypass surgery, lost excess body weight more rapidly in the first 12 months than those who chose lap-bandsurgery. However, gastric bypass surgery patients face more complications and side effects than the lap-bandprocedure.    

Post surgery, patients look and feel much better. There are also many health benefits associated with successful weight loss. Excessive body weight can cause poor health conditions which get much improved after weight loss surgery by lap-bandsystem. For example, after weight surgery patients can perform some activities that they have to stop due to obesity. Those are crossing their legs, walking upstairs without being easily winded.

There are many factors that show different results for individual patients. You can determine whether weight loss surgery is right for you or not from some important factors.

Pre surgery weight Generally, it’s much effective for the patient who is excessively over weight which means the more a patient’s pre-surgery weight or BMI is the more weight he/she can lose. It can be retained when committed to long term diet and exercise. Surgical Procedure Patients always seek to have their surgery by a trusted medical team. Patients should inquire about the success rate of their doctor with surgery and they should listen to the experience of former patients. Diet and Exercise Diet and exercise are the most important factors in a weight loss programme. Patients who are able to do exercise after weight loss surgery have more chance to achieve their goals. To maintain the weight loss after surgery both exercise and healthy eating habits are necessary to keep the weight same after surgery. Most people did not get obese overnight, it took several years to reach that condition and therefore patients should be patient with the weight-loss challenge process which can also cannot happen overnight. Successful patients find themselves motivated with this weight loss programme.


Obesity is a biggest problem in modern life: Surgery solution  

As we all know that obesity is a biggest problem in modern life. Weight loss challenge is now on high priority in your daily routine as obes...

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