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From: Ana To: Stephanie Subject: Hi from Spain! Hello Stephanie, Don’t worry about María, she’s a fantastic person. I will tell you something about her. She’s 16 years old, but she’s very mature for her age. We were in the same secondary school until last year because this year she couldn’t study the subject that she need there there. This year she is in another secondary school in the vullage. The change of teachers, class,... is difficult for hter but in know that María can do it. She wants to study engineering and she loves technology. In my opinion, she has a great personality. My friend is very sensitive, hard-working, intelligent and cheerful. She’s very independent too. You can count on María because she is a really good friend. I always tell her about my problems and she listens and gives me some advice. We sometime argue but, five minutes later, we are laughing again. Luckily for you, she is very tidy. María likes watching sad and romantic fils, cycling, looking after our planet, haging out with her friends. She doesn’t know anybody in Switzerland so you can see films or hang out with her. She loves travelling as me. In fact, she has already been to Switzerland but she has only seen Basel (she will be grateful if you show her your country). About her bad things... She is a bit moody although I think it is norma. María is always very strict to herself. Finally, if you have to tell her the same things more than once, don’t get agry plese, because she can’t hear very well. But don’t worry! It isn’t serious at all. I hope that’s useful for you. Send me another email if you want to know more about her. I wish you get on very well with Maria! Love, Ana Ana Mª López Pascual.