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ii| How to sell your art, craft & photos online

HOW TO SELL YOUR ART, CRAFT & PHOTOS ONLINE The creative entrepreneur’s complete web survival kit. How to create a website and market your artwork on the internet. Version 1:1 Written & illustrated by HELEN ALDOUS Copyright Helen Aldous 2010 © All rights reserved

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CONTENTS INTRODUCTION Who am I? A Foot in each camp Why I have written this book What you will learn from this book Some of the main things you are going to learn include...  …and what you won’t learn Who it’s for And who it’s not for Explanation of terms and icons Are you a tech lover or a hater?

THE BIG SECRET The War of Art The old way The new way – now it’s your turn It’s OK to make money! Really! The 5 crucial steps to selling your work successfully online

iv| How to sell your art, craft & photos online

STEP 1 CREATING A STRONG PERSONAL BRAND 9 9 9 10 10 11 12 12 12 13 13

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STOP! The #no1 cause of online failure for artists What is a Personal Brand?  So why do I need to bother? The importance of controlling your Personal Brand Creating your Personal Branding Blueprint 1 - What do you value? 2 - What makes you unique? 3 - What is your speciality? 4 - How do you want others to see you? Putting it all together Choosing imagery Choosing Fonts [Typefaces] Choosing Colours Creating a logo Creating an avatar Editing images and optimising them for the web Assembling your Personal Brand Toolkit Personal brand Dos and Don’ts Logo design tips Image optimising Dos and Don’ts

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STEP 2 YOUR WEBSITE – THE HUB OF YOUR ONLINE WORLD Why a hub website is essential for artists But why can’t I just have an Etsy shop or Facebook page? Always keep the goal in mind. The essential elements of a great hub website Other things that will help your site be fabulous Flash-based websites will lose you sales!! Your Domain name What is it? How to choose a good domain name. Checking if your chosen domain is available Registering your domain Hosting  What is it? Warning - Domain release fees Warning - Before buying hosting... Your e-mail address Webmail E-mail on your computer Setting up e-mail on your computer Essential Website Dos and Don’ts The BIG list The 3 main routes to creating a personal website 1. The Handmade Website 2 – The Bespoke Website 3 – The Off-the-Peg Website 1. The Handmade website The two types of handmade sites.

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Warning – HTML is like hair dressing – really it is, bear with me.... 53 Building your website using Wordpress 55 Setting up a site 56 Setting up a site 59 2. The Bespoke Website 62 Choosing the right Web Design Company – the CRUCIAL step62 What to remember 63 5 web designers to avoid. 64 3 Things to avoid doing which will cost you time and money 65 The process 65 3. The Off-the-Peg Website 66 A list of specialist artist website creation services 66 Paypal 69 Merchant Accounts 69 Google Checkout 70 Selling Downloads [e-books etc] 70 The #No3 cause of failure to sell online 70 Search Engine Optimisation – Making sure people visit 71 Why it’s important 71 The top 5 BIG SEO Myths 71 Some actual SEO Truths 72 10 simple things to do to improve your Google page rank 73 Beware of rogue SEO companies 75 The #No4 cause of failure to sell online 76

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STEP 3 WEAVING YOUR WEB OF OPPORTUNITIES Gallery Sites Warning - Bargain Basement Galleries Show case sites Shop sites Print on Demand sites Repeat selling sites

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Why its important to market your work Advertising is Dead Community is alive and kicking OK. So how does this work in practice? The #No5 cause of failure to sell online First Things First - Creating a marketing strategy Identifying your target audience Deciding on your marketing mix Building & Using your Mailing list - The golden goal -  “Why build a mailing list? People can just look at my site.” “...But people wont give me their e-mails!” “Can I use my normal e-mail software to send the e-mails?” E-mail Marketing Services E-mail Marketing Dos and Don’ts Social Media What on earth is Social Media? So how does this help my artwork? Why you should get involved The essential Golden Rules of Social Media Which networks to use? Facebook & Facebook pages The basics 5 good reasons to use Facebook Facebook Profiles and Facebook Pages Setting it up Promoting your page Facebook Dos and Don’ts

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Twitter The Basics 7 Good reasons to use Twitter Real examples of how Twitter has helped me as an artist? Setting it up Following people Twitter terms Twitter Dos and Don’ts Twitter Dos and Don’ts In more depth Blogging What is it? Sounds like hard work! Why do I need one? People who shouldn’t blog Blogging Platforms Video on your blog RSS [Really Simple Syndication] Feeds Online Magazines A list of great online magazines Forums Forum dos and don’ts

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STEP 5 MAXIMISING YOUR OPPORTUNITIES Mixing up your on and offline world Promoting your site offline


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5 promotional ideas to drive traffic & get people to sign up to your mailing list 129 A recap - The top 5 CRUCIAL mistakes that WILL lose you sales 130

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viii| How to sell your art, craft & photos online

How To Sell your Art, Craft & Photos Online  

A comprehensive guidebook for artists - Everything you need to know to sell your creative work successfully online.