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Little Red Riding Hood

This is a beautiful little girl. Her name is Little Red Riding Hood, because she has got a nice and red hood.

One day her mother tells her : “Granny is ill, in bed; go and take her some cookies.

She picks the basket with the cookies and she goes away to granny's house. However ... granny's house is very, very far away and ‌

‌ the big bad wolf sees her in the forest; he decides to stop and talk a little with the little girl.

-Hello, my dear little girl!

What is this lovely young lady doing here? - Hi, I’m going to granny’s house, because she is ill.

What a delicious dinner!

So, he decides to run very fast and he arrives before Little Red Riding Hood.

When Granny sees the bad wolf, she is terribly afraid, so she runs away; the bad wolf goes to granny's bed, pretending he was the old lady.

Meanwhile, the little girl arrives; she knocks on the door. The wolf tells her to come in. When she sees granny so different, she is so afraid, that she cries and runs away.

A wood cutter is near and he hears the little girl, so he decides to kill the big bad wolf.

When the wood cutter goes away Little Red Riding Hood and her granny have some tea and they eat the cookies.

Pay attention ! Don’t talk to strangers. A kind, old lady may be a big, bad wolf.

The end

Red Riding Hood  

historia do capuchinho vermelho

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