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: Impl+Admin IBM Workplace Collaboration Srvcs 2.5:Team Collab Version : R6.1    

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1. Amani, the IBM Workplace administrator, has successfully installed IBM Workplace and configured the file. What are the scripts that must be run as the next step? A. LWPconfig and LWPdbconfig B. LWPconfig and LWPconfigdb C. LWMconfig and LWMdbconfig D. LWMconfig and LWMconfigdb Answer: A 2. Ed is configuring user policy settings for WCS Team Spaces. Through this policy he is able to configure which of the following? A. Whether a user can share documents, chat, and search B. Whether a user can open chat transcripts and applications C. Whether a user can access applications, create applications, or both D. Whether a user can share documents, open applications, access chat archives and search Answer: C 3. Part of enabling security between WebSphere Portal and an LDAP directory involves modifying properties in what file? A. <wp_root>\ldap\ B. <wp_root>\config\ C. <wp_root>\config\ D. <wp_root>\ldap\ Answer: B 4. Pati plans on running the HTTP server on a separate machine from Workplace. Which of the following must she ensure when running this configuration? A. The HTTP server must be set to start automatically B. The Workplace server must use a local Cloudscape database C. The Workplace server must not have an administrator password configured D. The Workplace server and the planned HTTP server must be in the same Internet DNS domain Answer: D 5. In addition to having a browser or rich client, what must users have that allows them to participate in instant messaging and Web conferences? A. A user policy B. A LDAP attribute C. An Internet password D. An Instant Messaging alias Answer: A    

6. Susan is troubleshooting missing users from groups in presence awareness. The Presence server retrieves public group information and updates from which of the following? A. Local LDAP server B. Presence Group Cache C. Awareness Group Cache D. WebSphere Member Manager Answer: D 7. Holly has configured multiple Document Managers to display on one page. How are Document Libraries accessed from that page? A. Each Document Manager must be a subset of a single Document Library B. Each Document Manager on the page can use a separate Document Library C. Each Document Manager must contain the same user access to all Document Libraries D. Each Document Manager must use the same Document Library because they are on the same page Answer: B 8. Troy has configured a new user policy and correctly assigned it to users. However the policy is not working when the user immediately attempts to log in to WCS. How long do polices take to get processed in WCS? A. Every 4 hours B. Every 6 hours C. At midnight only D. 15 minutes to one hour Answer: D 9. Team Space moderators have the ability to perform which of the following? A. Specify membership, edit the Team Space name, and modify page layout B. Delete all documents, control chat logging, and restart the Team Space server C. Create LDAP users for access, create bots to manage workflow, and modify color schemes D. Assign user policies, build custom polling options, and specify document expiration times Answer: A 10. The Workplace Application Policy does NOT apply to which of the following? A. Team Spaces B. Applications C. Web Conferences D. Document Libraries Answer: C 11. Bill has created an application template. What role is he automatically assigned as the owner of this    

template? A. Template editors B. Template modifiers C. Application update D. Design modifications Answer: A 12. It has been decided that the entire manufacturing team in the 'mfg' organizational unit does not need access to IBM Workplace Documents. What is the best way to restrict this access? A. Edit each document library removing the 'mfg' organizational unit B. Remove the LDAP attribute "DocLibAccess" from the entire 'mfg' organizational unit C. Adjust the policy for the 'mfg' organizational unit to deselect "Allow document libraries" D. Delete all libraries the 'mfg' organizational unit has access and remove the ability for them to create new libraries in the IBM Workplace Documents security manager Answer: C 13. To configure WebSphere Member Manager to work with an LDAP directory, you enable security between WebSphere Portal and the LDAP directory. When is this step performed? A. This step is done after you install WebSphere Portal and before you install Lotus Workplace B. This step is done after you install Lotus Workplace and before you install WebSphere Portal Server C. This step is done after you install WebSphere Application Server and before you install WebSphere Portal D. This step is done after you install WebSphere Portal and before you install WebSphere Application Server Answer: A 14. IBM Workplace Web conferences are being deleted automatically based on what policy setting? A. They are marked for archive B. They are not eligible for archiving C. They are older than a specified number of days D. They have the option enabled inside the meeting to delete all records when meeting has ended Answer: C 15. When users provide a username and password to access IBM Workplace Documents, what piece or pieces of software enforce the authentication portion? A. WebSphere Member Manager B. IBM Workplace Security Management C. IBM Workplace Control and IBM Policy Manager    

D. WebSphere Application Server and IBM WebSphere Portal Answer: D 16. As an administrator, you can use which of the following to configure the settings for individual libraries, such as versioning, approvals workflow, and document locking? A. Document Manager B. Document Administrator C. Productivity Components D. Manage Document Libraries portlet Answer: D 17. The Light Meeting protocol is used for which of the following? A. Connects SIP server to SIP server for Web Conferencing B. Connects browsers to the SIP server for Web Conferencing C. Connects SIP server to SIP server for Presence Awareness D. Connects browsers to the SIP server for Instant Messaging Answer: B 18. IBM Workplace Documents are stored in a database that is given what default name on installation? A. iwd25 B. iwd50 C. wps25 D. wps50 Answer: D 19. If during installation you choose to install the database management system (DBMS) on a server by itself, what must be installed on each IBM Workplace server? A. The DBMS client B. The DBMS integrator C. The IBM Workplace DBMS client D. The IBM Workplace DBMS Synchronizing Server Answer: A 20. Team spaces are growing too large on the server that Anthony manages. What option does he have to control the size of these spaces? A. Create an application policy with a maximum team space size B. Create an archive policy to run and move old data for archive access C. Create a Team Space policy to limit attachment size in each document D. Create a user policy limiting the amount of data that can be uploaded into Team Spaces Answer: A    

21. Lisa wants to enable notifications for the document libraries and team spaces. Where would she configure the host names or IP addresses that are considered local? A. Lotus Workplace > Notification Settings B. Lotus Workplace > Mail Cell-Wide Settings C. Lotus Workplace > Team Spaces > Notification Methods D. Lotus Workplace > Document Libraries > Notifications and Alerts Answer: B 22. In a Network Deployment, you run the IBM Workplace installation program on every server in the deployment except which of the following? A. The database server and LDAP server B. The LDAP server and the remote HTTP server C. The remote HTTP server and WebSphere Portal Server D. The WebSphere Portal Server and WebSphere Application Server Answer: B 23. Another method of access control that restricts folder creation, editing, and deletion is which of the following? A. User Folders B. Fixed Folders C. Portal Folders D. Library Folders Answer: B 24. Configuration data in the file system for Workplace Collaboration Services is backed up by using which of the following integrated utilities? A. bkupcfg and rstcfg B. zipconfig and unzipconfig C. backupconfig and restoreconfig D. savelocalconfig and unpacklocalconfig Answer: C 25. If a reviewer rejects a draft in Document Manager, where does the document appear next? A. Rejected Drafts folder of the Document Manager B. Open Review folder of the rejecter of the draft C. Pending Drafts folder of the originator of the change D. Rejected Review folder of the originator of the change Answer: C 26. Spell checker function is available for all the Productivity Components. Ryan is finding that international    

users are not specifying a locale in their requests to spell check. What dictionary will be used in this circumstance? A. The locale of the server B. Spell checker will serve an error requesting a locale C. The locale of the machine the request is generated from D. The first locale listed in the file on the server Answer: A 27. The Document Manager search feature is restricted from performing what operation? A. Searching based on metadata B. Searching based on document text C. Searching across multiple libraries D. Searching while the user is logged in as anything but anonymous Answer: C 28. Currently, users are only able to display the table view, which lists the contents of the current document library. What must Chris do to enable the users to view the document library folder hierarchy? A. Enable the folder tree B. Modify the file C. Delete the table view and use the default hierarchical view D. Create a portlet specifying all the folders for the Document Library Answer: A 29. When the rich client is uninstalled from a user's local machine, it leaves behind the rich client Workplace data for a default installation in what format? A. A numbered data file in the user's home directory B. A standard text file with the name 'Workplace desktop' in the user's shared directory C. A file with the user's LDAP cn name on the root of the drive the rich client was installed D. An archived file under IBM\Workplace\rc with the filename xx_archive where xx is the user's initials Answer: A 30. Dave wants to open his applications to all authenticated users. What step should Dave take to open this access? A. Select the action 'Give All Users Access as ' B. Select the action 'Open Application to Public' C. Deselect the option 'Authenticated Users Only' D. Deselect the option to 'Keep Application Private' Answer: A 31. When you create, edit, or modify a template or application, which of the following application categories    

is NOT listed as an available selection? A. Team Spaces B. Web Conference C. Document Libraries D. Workplace Applications Answer: B 32. What rights are required to see comments associated with a document in a Document Library? A. Owner B. Reader C. Editor D. Manager Answer: B 33. Instant Messaging output and trace logs are in what default location? A. websphere\lwp\bin\trace B. websphere\appserver\logs C. workplace\platform_id\logs D. workplace\webservers\library Answer: A 34. To start and stop Workplace Collaboration Services, you could manually access built-in scripts found in what directory? A. <install_root>\Workplace\bin B. <install_root>\Workplace\launch C. <install_root>\Websphere\scripts D. <install_root>\PortalServer\rootscripts Answer: D 35. As the administrator, you must enable which of the following for Live Names to function properly? A. You must have enabled the Productivity Components B. You must have enabled the People Awareness Lotus component C. You must have enabled the Web Conferencing Lotus component D. You must have enabled the Document manager search functionality Answer: B 36. If you create shared directories, prepare the Deployment Manager, and install WebSphere Application Server Edge components for load balancing, have created what environment? A. i5/OS environment B. remote DBMS server    

C. external HTTP server D. Network Deployment environment Answer: D 37. Robert, the IBM Workplace administrator, wants to allow mail users to search numerous LDAP directories. Where are additional searchable directories defined outside the Member Manager? A. The WebSphere Administrative Console B. The Lotus Workplace Administrative Console C. A local file on the WebSphere Application Server D. A local file on the WebSphere Application Server Answer: A 38. Mike wants to search for and view applications and Web conferences by name, category, moderator, or policy name. Where would he find this in the IBM Workplace administration screens? A. Tools > Management > Applications B. Search > Portlets > Administration C. Administration > Portal Content > Workplaces D. Workplaces > Administration > Application Management Answer: C 39. Richard is attempting to edit the default Document Library template provided with Workplace Collaboration Services. However the system is not allowing him to proceed. What is the cause? A. Default templates can never be edited B. He does not have the Productivity Tool installed C. He is not listed as manager of that Document Library D. He has not been given the role Template Editor for that Document Library Answer: A 40. Alex wants to change the amount of time before a document is indexed for searching. What file controls this change? A. B. wcm.maxIndexTime C. D. Wcm.maxExpireIndexTime Answer: A 41. What associates contact (presence) information with an instant message to ensure the instant message is routed to the appropriate recipient? A. Web meeting server B. Instant messaging server    

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