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ALFIE Join the Middle Ages on summer morning in a little village a boy called Alfie was born. On day, when he was eighteen years old he decided to go to the capital city Lowse, and become a solder.

After a few months, Alfie had his first battle. He was so nervous because he had never killed anyone before. He was scared.

However he did kill many men, and his town won, but he was not happy to kill people, so he decided to get another job. After a day thinking what he was going to do he had an idea, he could be a doctor and he help people.

After a few years, people loved him, and they wanted him to be king. The present king, was so nervous because he didn’t want to lose his throne, so at night, the king went to Alfie’s house and killed him.

In the morning, the habitants were crying about Alfie’s dead, and they did a statue his honor.



Alfie a heroe