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Architectural Design Portfolio

Mert Çelebi


1. Course Projects 1.1 Sense Project 1.2 Wall Project 1.3 Birgi Hotel 1.4 Bayrakl覺 Project 2.Workshops

2.1 Grasshopper - Furniture 2.2 Tree Bridge - Glass Structure

3.Personal Information

Sense Project For human beings probably the most important sense is seeing. We recognize world and space most with our eyes . Sense project started with closing our eyes and walking a path through a safe construction site .Our aim to feel , touch , hear and feel the changes in the heat. First a drawing of what we sense in our path and second applying this senses to a monument. Change in height , crossing stick like structures and being interior and exterior in a space are what I aimed when designing my monument

Wall Project

Carved staircases connects with hidden corridors

Walls near the staircases can also be used as galleries

Spaces on walls are placed with height differences

Larger spaces like restaurants are placed where side circulations connect with each other

Smaller galleries and art offices also connects with ground circulation

80 m² areas

20 m² areas

Hidden Corridor Circulation

Connections of Carved Corridors

As an art museum Wall Project offers a continuity in circulation. Two main hidden corridors allows access to spaces at sides and in the end connects to each other in a bigger space. Other two main walls with carved staircases divides main spaces but also helps the continuity of circulation .

Dividing of Spaces

Photograph of Model

Section A-A

Sectional B-B

River Side Hotel ; Birgi

Staircase Section

The site has its own staircase connected with first and second floor of the building. To achieve continuity of river view stair case is divided with spaced wall parts. Two spaces are seperated in terms of zonning but spaces between walls breaks the limits of dividing line.

Staircase Front Elevation

From Topography we can see how soil shapes as curving lines according to river . In Birgi, locals built enormous stone walls on this curves . For achieving for in a relationship with context wall system is the main element of the project and they are made with the same material used large stone walls of Birgi .

First Floor Plan


Riverside Elevation

Sectional Axonometric

Ground Floor Plan Building is designed for small educational groups for one or three day workshops. This workshops are done in a linear work flow which shaped space using as one by one . This linear space flow follows group informating , class courses and craftmanship courses this also effects quality of spaces as spaces are not used by same amounts of people.

First Floor Plan

East Elevation

Bayraklı is a connection point for Izmir to connect two sides of Izmir, Karşıyaka and Guzelyalı. This creates a massive amount of transportation elements on the site. Site also has its a large amount of green spaces near the sea side but there is a concrete jungle where the building placed .This fact comes with the needs of green spaces in around the building .This propasal also aims to achieve some green spaces which also can be used as parks and other activities . West Elevation

Grasshopper Furniture Workshop

Tree Bridge Glass Structure Workshop

Personal Information

Deniz Collage Primary School Ege Collage Secondary School Konak Anatolian HighSchool Internships Yagcıoglu Architecture Office ÖzgütaBuilding Constractors

e-mail : mobile phone: 0555 250 70 30 Thank You!

Final Portfolio  

Gradiuation portfolio