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Why a buddy’s team? Trainee reception is one of the most important things of AIESEC work. The support that your trainee gets from the LC can make or break the traineeship for them, especially during the first few weeks.

Remember that all of the AIESEC work that you do - calling companies, getting contacts, team meetings, learning sales, trainings, marketing - isn’t simply to get higher TN numbers, but to make it possible for other members to have this life changing experience of working in a different culture and country.

And remember that at the same time you are doing all this, someone in one of the 100 AIESEC countries is about to call a company that could become your traineeship, and will be waiting for you at the airport when you finally arrive there.

As a trainee buddy, you don’t necessarily need to be at the airport if you have an exam, and the trainee doesn’t need to stay at your house the first days if that is not possible, but you do need to try to make sure that all points of the reception process are covered ( align everything with Service and Delivery Team).

“For me it was one of the reasons to take part in AIESEC, to have someone to support you abroad, and if you really have one specific person, the buddy, to refer to this will be more efficient.� Anonymous.

And remember, ENJOY PARTICIPATION being a Buddy!!!

Overview The Reception Process Flow

Service and Trainee Delivery Team is finds a suitable Matched. buddy for the trainee. Trainee and buddy presentation.

The buddy will also be the contact for the trainee: the trainee will contact the buddy if they need help or advice throughout their traineeship. As a buddy you can use the checklist at the end of the guide to make it easier to keep track of what has been done and what still needs to be done. It’s just a matter of organization for the buddy‌

1 st Step Communication and getting to know As soon as we have the match, you will receive the e-mail address of the trainee and you will have to get in touch with him/her before arrival. It would also be nice to prepare a small PPT with photos and things about your life, where you live, the LC, etc. that you can send with your first email. Make sure you have the arrival date, time, airport, flight number, etc. of the trainee, this will be provided by the Quality Team. Try to be available to pick up the trainee yourself. If not, find someone else to do it.

Email the trainee with the details of who will be at the airport and try to send them a picture of them, together with cell phone numbers, etc (so if anything happens they have someone to contact). Make sure the people that are going to pick up the trainee have seen a picture of him/her. As regards accommodation, it would be really nice if the trainee could stay with you for the first couple of days. However, the Service and Delivery Team will be responsible for finding accommodation. Of course it would be great if you could/wanted to help do it! :D

2nd Step Day of arrival

Meet the trainee. Take him/her to the place where he/she will be staying and show them around. (This will depend on the time and date of their arrival.) Take them to get a suitable SIM card/ mobile phone so that they have a Brazilian phone number.Make sure you have their phone number.

3rd Step First week

Try to arrange a city tour with the trainee walking, making sure to point out the main city attractions, public services (banks, mail, police station, etc), explaining how the public transportation system works, basic security measures, etc. Forward the invites to parties, events, and LC meetings to the trainee. They need to be updated with all that !

4th Step The rest of the traineeship Now most of the work is over but there are still things to do as a trainee buddy. Surely by this time you and your trainee will be good friends and enjoy spending time together, either having a cup of coffee or partying together. However, the aim is to get the trainee as involved and integrated in AIESEC life in Itajubรก as possible, for it is thought that this will give them the best experience. Therefore, think about different ways in which you can achieve it.If you have any doubts, please contact the Service and Delivery Manager of the LC.

Do you wanna live this great experience and have a special contribution in the experience of a trainee? So, what are you waiting for? Apply now:

Any Doubts ? Service and Delivery Team Manager : Heitor da Silva Mobile Phone : (35) 8845 - 2482 Email: Team Member: Maíra Campos Cardoso Mobile Phone:(35)9121 – 6102


Buddy's Guide  

A short guide about the jobs being a buddy and how to apply for this amazing experience.

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