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Copyright 2018 by Heitman Architects Inc. Front cover: Sunstar Back cover: AAR Corporate Headquarters All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without written permission of the copyright owners. Every effort has been made to ensure that credits accurately comply with information supplied. Published by Heitman Architects Inc., 2018 4

Table of Contents 4. Acknowledgements 5. Prologue 6. Hitachi-Seiki 10. The Pampered Chef 14. DuPage Machine Products 16. Flavors of North America (FONA) 20. Parker Hannifin 22. CVS Caremark ATP 26. Mazak Technology Center 30. Two Concourse 32. One Concourse 34. Lake Pointe Center 5 36. Wood Dale Metra 38. Method Soap Factory 44. Sunstar 48. AAR Global Headquarters 52. Mitsubishi EDM/LASER 56. TRUMPF Smart Factory 60. Napleton Auto Group, HQ 64. Select Project Chronology 92. Firm History 94. Photographer’s Index


Acknowledgements We would like to extend special thanks to our clients, our advocates, and our industry partners, who have helped to define Heitman Architects, and have contributed to our success. We would especially like to thank Allan Hamilton, and Bruce Bingham of Hamilton Partners for extending office space in the beginning. Thanks go to Chuck Reising with Alta Engineering, and to my brotherin-law, Jim MacDonald, without whose initial support this venture would not have happened. Recognition also goes to Craig Ockerlund for helping kick-start our firm in 1993 with the Lawson Products commission. Also, thanks to all our early clients that believed in our future; John Edgeworth, Tom George, Bill Gahlberg, Hank Bode, Jim McShane, Dick Delawder, Jim Armbruster, Mark Saviers, Mike Sullivan, Jim Zahn, Don Madsen, Mike Boro, Joe Bluvas with UPS Properties, and so many more too numerous to mention here. We must acknowledge all of our practice partners, past and present, whose technical skills, and creative vision has helped to establish our firm’s national practice. Special thanks to Dave Tuszynski, Lee Anderson, Lynn Thomas, Alp Haciosmanoglu, Chuck Ytzen, and all of our past and present staff who have contributed and continue to contribute more than expected. Putting this book together has been both a pleasure and a satisfying reflective experience. Thanks go to Todd Heitman and Chris Boe for concept design, art direction and layout, and to Patti Kramp, Marianne Smith, and Paul Heitman who assisted in research.


Prologue The business of architecture beyond the day to day challenges of keeping the doors open and lights on, is to design buildings that work. At a very basic level, buildings that work are buildings that come together with all the pieces fitting, that can stand upright, and that don’t leak. Beyond those basic requirements, our practice has focused on designing buildings that work by leveraging our unique understanding of real estate value and design technology to deliver sophisticated, high performance buildings that inspire and transform tomorrow’s businesses. Buildings that work inspire and shape corporate culture, they amplify human performance, and accelerate business success. They enable new ways of working to increase productivity and innovation. Our designs create a branded ‘sense of place’ supporting employee engagement and enhancing the workplace experience. Buildings that work optimize real estate value over time, and become financially performing assets that create and retain capital investment value over time. We understand real estate value and push the envelope to retain value in the project. Buildings that work address operational needs by efficiency gains through consolidation of business operations. We understand today’s speed of business and work in collaborative teams to fast track design and procurement resulting in greater “Speed to Market”. Buildings that work are high performance “Smart Buildings”. Our practice focus serves a diverse and sophisticated client base across all vertical markets and service sectors of industry, integrating corporate office workplace, showrooms, R&D, manufacturing, and logistics to make smarter buildings. We are industry leaders utilizing latest digital technologies, supplementing standard project deliverables with VR, AR, and Data Modeling platforms supported by BIM: Building Information Models. Our commitment and practice focus on sustainable design minimizes environmental impacts, and embraces employee wellness. We have completed over 8 million square feet of LEED Certified buildings, and were recipients of CoreNet Global 2016 Sustainable Leadership Award.







High image exposure was goal for this 85,000 SF precision machine tool products sales and showroom facility. The striking barrel vault design accommodates an 85-foot clear span bridge crane, that supports the large operating machine products on display. Clean, simple architectural forms that define the exterior, dramatically bring visitors through the interior to the sales and showroom area.


The Pampered Chef



The Pampered Chef

Company founder and CEO’s goal was to consolidate US operations under a single roof. The company, whose product line and company ethos is based upon home and family values, fosters entrepreneurship in women through direct-selling opportunities. The new headquarter facility projects a distinctive “home” image for the 70,000 independent outside sales consultants worldwide and three international offices. The 780,000 SF facility is an integrated workplace for 1,100 office and distribution coworkers, organized around a central communicating stairwell within a four story sky-lit atrium that opens up from the facility entry centerpiece “Heritage Hall,” thought of as “the home within the home.” Summer tour groups comprised of as many as 12,000 outside sales consultants flow through the “Heritage Hall” museum to the auditorium for presentations, then along a main corridor past product development labs, test kitchens, a video-studio presentation kitchen, to the collaborative café and dining hall. 180,000 SF of corporate offices are provided in three stories, with a central banquet room on the fourth floor. This office block fronts a 600,000 SF, 42’ clear DC, with 3 level pick modules for product distribution.



DuPage Machine Products

Precision manufacturing and a distinctive corporate identity are blended together in this 117,500 SF facility, constructed of simple structural pre-cast components with an interplaying grid of clear and black glass, express a bold statement in very simple terms. Two story lobby establishes an interface for customers, with a grand staircase that leads to an upper presentation conference room and product display gallery. Upper floor training rooms and cafeteria feature panoramic views overlooking production area.


The high bay production plant is enriched by shafts of natural light from vertical windows around the perimeter. Overhead monorail and bridge cranes service the production area.


Flavors of North America

This 80,000 SF facility for an industry leader in innovative flavor development and applied food science, established a completely different concept for a food grade production facility. Uniquely and dramatically reflecting FONA’s objective to showcase the process of flavor development and to educate clients, visitors can experience the company from a unique vantage point walking around a the lab, pilot plant, and areas of the operation, that surround a naturally-lit facility core; “Hall of Flavors.” Large graphics depicting nature’s own ingredients established a new brand identity embracing the company’s value; people, nature, and technology.






Parker Hannifin

Redevelopment of this existing 30-year old, “Class B” industrial building presented a number of challenges. Aesthetically, the facility had to communicate in a cost-effective manner, a very “high tech” message to clients on facility tours, workshops, and live product demonstrations. Integrations of sales, engineering, and work shop functions for very sophisticated hydraulic equipment manufacturer capitalizes on natural light and visual transparency from engineering through the offices to the workshop.



CVS Caremark ATP



CVS Caremark ATP

This 170,000 SF Advanced Technology Pharmacy is CVS Caremark’s flagship mail order prescription fulfillment center. Advanced automation technology, and creative “branded” aesthetics distinguish this project as a global showcase. The “Chevron” ceiling clouds open up shafts of natural light, creating acoustic baffles, and giving scale to the 100,000 SF automated pharmacy. The innovative design creates an exciting workplace and showcase, that has become the center piece to CVS’s overall company branding”



Mazak Technology Center




Mazak Technology Center The existing north faรงade, which fronts a major Interstate Highway, was reconstructed and extended with a fresh design by articulating exposed structure, and opening up windows to provide unobstructed highway views and filtered natural light into the technology center. Project scope included public visibility showcasing technology showroom, and R&D conference center addition with training and hospitality areas, a 124-seat auditorium, and a total refresh of the existing offices and lobby. The courtyard patio defined by a monumental open-framed wall serves to seamlessly integrate the single story addition with the existing two story structure, while addressing corporate brand visibility in a memorable way.


Two Concourse This five story, 133,00 SF speculative office development in Fishers, Indiana fronts I-69. In addition to high profile interstate visibility and exposure, the dramatic interior design with lobbies and corridors of granite, marble, wood, and limestone make Two Concourse a true “Class A” office building for Greater Indianapolis. Interior detailing inspired by the urban loft office conversion market, set a new standard for suburban offices. The dramatic lighting from ground-mounted LED lighting accents the projecting limestone cornice details of the façade. The building received EPA’s Energy Star certification because it uses less energy and is less expensive to operate.



One Concourse


As one of the only two significant multi-tenant office buildings to open in the area during 2009, One Concourse made a considerable economic contribution to the northern Indianapolis area during the deep recession. By filling a void in the Fishers market and providing vital “Class A� office space, One Concourse makes a positive impact on the surrounding development and community. The building’s massive brick columns with limestone appointments flank a two-story entrance and dynamic atrium lobby. Floor plates are approximately 25,000 to 29,000 square feet and provide nine-foot ceilings throughout. The building features penthouse suites with outdoor balconies that overlook the lush landscaping and interstate. One Concourse was designed using three-dimensional and parametric object-based building software enabling a collaborative approach with improved design and construction efficiencies, and was utilized to provide an animated video presentation for news media that were covering the highly publicized ground-breaking with an animated video.


Lake Pointe Center 5


This six story, 150,000 square foot “Class Aâ€? Office Building sits on a 9-acre hilltop site that overlooks the lake and Interstate 465, serves as a center piece for the Alison Pointe Business Park. Strategically positioned in a heavily wooded site, the building is nestled into the hillside with a split lower level. The design features a broad curve and a two-story grand lobby. A monumental base of limestone surrounds the building with limestone appointments, metal panels, and accent tiles articulate the façade giving the Alison Pointe Business Park a unique and distinctive look.


Wood Dale Metra

The new Metra Station established a “Sense of Place� for commuters with prairie architecture styling and incorporating town historic photographs and maps on the interior. The depot provides toilet rooms, coffee-snack service area, and indoor/outdoor seating. New construction utilized existing foundations left from previous depot. The project utilized an IPD process using a shared model for project design by all consultants, as well as periodic BIMbased cost estimates for monitoring project budget.



Method Soap Factory

Revitalizing the historic Pullman community in south Chicago, Method transformed the abandoned Ryerson Steel site into the first LEED Platinum Manufacturing facility in U.S. The design team was recipient of CoreNet Global’ s 2016 Sustainable Leadership Award for this innovative facility that consolidates Method’s supply chain partners under one roof. Above the roof, Gotham Greens operates the largest, fully automated, hydroponic rooftop farm in the U.S., producing 500 tons of fresh produce for next day consumption, using one tenth the water and 50% less product waste. The project is powered by a 600 kW wind turbine, and sun-tracking solar PV (Photovoltaic)trees. Truly a live/work/play development, built without fences. to paraphrase design partner, Bill McDonough, “This is an example of sustainable manufacturing at the dawn of the ecological century.”



Method Soap Factory



Method Soap Factory




This 300,000 SF North and South American Headquarters, overlooking natural wetlands and prairie preserve, consolidates clean manufacturing within a “Class A” corporate office headquarter campus. The development infuses new life into Chicago’s “Golden Corridor” with the development of an integrated, mix-use workplace. The building features a 350-foot long gallery running north-south between its three-story, 70,000 SF offices and 100,000 SF factory floor. The “Gallery” overlooks robotic manufacturing. Offices, R&D Laboratories, and advanced manufacturing are visibly connected in a transparent naturally lit facility.





AAR Global Headquarters

Repositioning AAR’s Corporate Headquarters for the next generation, required a radical transformation of the existing 30-year old workplace. The legacy office, obsolete for today’s workforce, did not represent the company vision, nor suited to attract and retain top talent. To accomplish this, and increase density and occupancy by 50%, the workplace was completely reinvented into a fully utilized, collaborative team environment. Choice in open spaces were created around a more effective density plan supporting. Outcome generated a democratized community, where CEO and plant worker, who had not seen each other in 15 years, can sit together and work to achieve a common goal.





Mitsubishi EDM/LASER

This 175,000 SF U.S. Headquarters and Technology Center integrates offices, operating showrooms, research & development teams, with sales and service operations. Strategically positioned on a triangular site, the building’s unique Y-shaped plan optimized building area, and defined the customer experience. Highly visible from I-90, the interior plan splits the two product class offerings into distinct customer experience paths, culminating in training center and the “360,” a service offering predictive machine operations and maintenance for products anywhere in the world.





TRUMPF Smart Factory

The TRUMPF Smart Factory combines art and industry in the Chicago suburbs. This sophisticated facility embodies innovative architecture for 21st century industrialism. The building houses precision digital fabrication machines; featuring Industry 4.0 production processes in an open transparent exhibition showcase for this leading German machine and laser manufacturer. Â The building is organized within two large intersecting volumes, under a sloping roofline that connects the highway to restored wetland habitats. The building exterior Is clad in COR-TEN steel and recessed floor-to-ceiling glazing, emphasizing both its industrial context and its display function. In addition to steel and glass, charred- wood vertical siding was used inside and out, giving the facades a slightly softer appearance.


The building’s characteristic design is based on custom “Vierendeel” trusses that clear span 140’ across a the showroom were laser-cut on TRUMPF machines. The dense black steel structure is fondly referred to as “The Black Forest.” The project was fully integrated using BIM. Structural and MEP teams worked collaboratively in integrated model space. Web based workshops relied on fully immersive visualizations using AR: Augmented Reality software. HTC Vive for virtual walk-through tours for the German design team, Barkow/Leibinger. “Drone” aerial footage and 360 degree cameras were utilized to update project teams globally. The TRUMPF Smart Factory is an-paralleled working example of the future of manufacturing: Industry 4.0. To paraphrase Chicago Tribune architecture critic, Blair Kamin: “It’s not a conventional working factory. It’s an industrial version of a showroom, designed to connect potential clients with digitally networked machines.”




Napleton Auto Group, HQ



Napleton Auto Group, HQ

This major automobile dealership owner invested in a new corporate headquarters building and wanted to “Cool it up”. The goal was to reposition the national corporate brand to reflect next generation thinking and facilitate family ownership transitions. That required deconstruction of the existing space, and reduce it to express bare concrete structure and uncover an open plan of stair stepping exterior ribbon window line. With expanded metal ceilings, alternating stepped LED lighting, and primary color accent strips in floor, the plan took on a completely fresh appeal. Interior branding included integrating Napleton’s historic corporate collection of neon signs and an unexpected classic car display as you step off the 6th floor elevators; making this a memorable statement for a true “Captain of the Automotive Industry”.



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Firm History

Front Row:

Karl Heitman, Benjamin King, Todd Kiehn, Paul Heitman, Linda Pochron, and Erik Heitman Back Row:

Patti Kramp, Emerald Masangcay, Xopher Pollard, Marianne Smith, Les Okunowski, Matthew Martin, Todd Heitman, Anna Jurek, James Marlovits, Kevin Purdom, Elitsa Heitman, Joann Lee, and Christopher Boe


Heitman Architects Founded 1993 Karl Heitman Lee Anderson Marianne Smith


Dave Tuszynski Lynn Thomas Patti Kramp


Emerald Masangcay Joann Lee Paul Heitman Alp Haciosmanoglu

James Marlovits Alba Colavitti Terry Radzik Chuck Ytzen

Michael Hartman Josh Delcore Benjamin King William Feifar Les Okunowski

Erin DiCianni Kathy Mikes Josh Myers Carolyn Morehead

Mark Treiber Todd Heitman Anna Jurek Anthony Giannini Ryan Abellera John Lucania Laura Panock Matthew Martin Michael Pusich Jo Anne Reifell Todd Kiehn Christopher Boe Larry Placido Pam Schoefernacker Jane Kuelbs Ronak Shah Erik Kasuba Adrianne Gregory John Weis Todd Ost Tony Tislau Nancy Absimo-Provido

Erik Heitman Elitsa Heitman Andrew Tschopp Cathy Lee Arbough Heather Fugate Carlos Rodriguez Linda Pochron Robin Hornstrom Neil Griffin Weston Tanner Luis Goduco Michelle Peluso Matthew Osicek Andrew Buck Jason Chochola Jim MacDonald Neena Konan Christian Torres Valmik Vyas Helen Baietto Jim Slarzysky Sarah Heitman

10 YEAR Christopher Duff Robert van het Hof Xopher Pollard Larry Cline 5 YEAR Joe Coath Sheetal Deshpande Kevin Purdom Erika Borg Mamata Malla Brian Dove Chris Winogradzki Michele Spidale Jodi Heifner Joy Heitman Jessica Crawford Marek Jasinski Anastasia Madimenos James Fagan Judi Tepe John Murawski Sebastian Linack Mark Morley Laura Mitchell Timothy Carson Derek Schmidt


Photographer’s Index




CREDITS (PAGES) Patsy McEnroe Photography Mark Ballogg Photography Patsy McEnroe Photography Mark Ballogg Photography


Two Concourse MC Machinery AAR Sunstar Trumpf NMCC Method Soap Factory

Mark Ballogg Photography Mark Ballogg Photography Mark Ballogg Photography Patsy McEnroe Photography Steven Hall (Hall + Merrick Photographers, Chicago) Heitman Architects Patsy McEnroe Photography


Hitachi-Seiki Pampered Chef DuPage Machine FONA

Mark Ballogg Photography Mark Ballogg Photography Mark Ballogg Photography Patsy McEnroe Photography (16, 17, 19) Heitman Architects (18) Parker Hannifin Mark Ballogg Photography CVS ATP Patsy McEnroe Photography Mazak Mark Ballogg Photography Two Concourse Mark Ballogg Photography Lake Pointe Center 5 Mark Ballogg Photography Wood Dale Metra Mark Ballogg Photography Method Soap Factory Patsy McEnroe Photography Gotham Greens (41 top) Sunstar Patsy McEnroe Photography AAR Mark Ballogg Photography Mitsubishi EDM/Laser Mark Ballogg Photography Trumpf Steven Hall (Hall + Merrick Photographers, Chicago) Napleton Auto Group Elizabeth Harper (Lady E Photography)



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