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Science in Action Teaching scientific integrity to early career scientists HEIRRI Conference Barcelona, March 18, 2016

WHAT WHAT Compulsory Research Research Integrity in Integrity Biomedicine Biomedicine WHEN WHEN Since Since 1998 1998

WHO WHO PhD and PhD master 1st year and students master students (120) (120)


Responsibility Not traditionally included in science curriculum

Young, idealistic

Science is about ‌ Reason Emotion Behaviour

Science in Action is about ‌

…how being human influences science

AIM to raise awareness amongst young scientists about issues related to RRI

public trust in scientists ďƒ responsibility contribution of researchers to society (outreach, advocacy) open science and transparency conflicts of interest ethical issues in research with humans and animals good practice in data management and record keeping

Case studies HOW Blended course Online course Moodle: papers & forum Interactive seminars

Oxford-style debates Group discussions Role Plays




Human behaviour influences science Scientists are not Gods

Things are rarely black or white…

…but a shade of greys



>70% rate the course as excellent or very good

eye –opening

it was awesome!! :-)

an opportunity to know the experiences of other scientists

gave me the opportunity to clarify doubts about science practice I always had and never solved

a good opportunity for reflection


fruitful, entertaining and knowledgeable

entertaining and resourceful

an enriching experience, I've been able to discuss on topics I haven't had the chance to give my opinion elsewhere

makes you think about real life problems that you are not aware of during your studying years

made me think about a lot of very important things I didn't know existed!

Consider things that we don't usually think about. Great experience!

I think it should be compulsory for undergraduates, too

enlightening concepts and ideas that we roughly knew but not in depth

very interactive and useful course

really interesting and necessary for young researchers

Thank you! Maruxa Martínez-Campos Ero Jiménez Elinor Thompson Jordi Camí HEIRRI Conference

Science in action  

Teaching scientific integrity to early career scientists

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