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Developing the RRI Canvas RRI Clinics, Guidelines and Implementation Plans

Problem: How to Integrate RRI into Projects in a Realistic Way? • RRI is Complex • Range of overlapping norms, policy priorities and practical goals • Little guidance on how to fit RRI into structure of H2020 or similar project • Limited resources both at project development and implementation phase • Consortia have limited experience of working with RRI

Business Model Canvas as Solution? • Business Model Canvas • Tool used for designing business models • Often used for start-ups and for users with limited experience in business • Simplifies complex structure into key elements • Non-linear structure allows for links to be made between different components

Alternative: RRI Canvas • Visual Tool to Help Integrate RRI • Structured around key components of H2020 Projects • Excellence, Impact, Integration • Connects these components to relevant elements of RRI framework • E.g. Impacts connected to different elements • Grand social challenges • Stakeholder inclusion • Communication, Dissemination, Science Education

RRI Canvas - Purposes • Enables project partners to ensure different RRI elements are included • Visual check • Connections between elements • E.g. checking budget and management structures are in place

• Should enable easier evaluation of projects • Contributes to management and communication during project by providing a common reference point for project partners

Canvas Tryout: VTT Finland • Two test sessions at VTT offices in Tampere and Helsinki

• Participants including Project Co-ordinators and EU liaison officers • Canvas used to develop projects in different domains • Urban development • Energy • Robotics • Transport

Responses to Test Sessions • Positive  • Critical  – Does help to make – Structure is quite connections between complicated parts of project – More connection to – Provides introduction to specific parts of projects overall project structure would be helpful – Helps with visualising project approach

Next Steps… • Develop simpler version of Canvas for testing • Link specific parts of Canvas to RRI elements, e.g. using guidance for evaluators

• Carry out further tests with other potential users • Find ways to get better support and endorsement from Commission (e.g. would it be a good idea to actually include Canvas in the template for projects?)

RRI clinics, RRI guidelines and RRI implementation plans  

Raising awareness of RRI for technology development

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