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Paul Heintz

Fine Art Work Literary Center Fall 2009 Residential Project Winter 2009 Commercial Project Summer 2010 Hospitality Winter 2010 Co-op Projects

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Lyph Installation Edison Community College

“Fur” Acrylic on Canvas 24” x 24”

“Walking Through the Light” Acrylic on Wood 4’ x 8’ Private Show at Edison Community College

Fine Art Work

Magazine Copy, Hand Rendering

“Wilt” Acrylic on Canvas 5’ x 5’

Revit and Hand Rendering

In this project we were given a site in Cincinnati, Ohio our assignment was to create a literary center. The literary center had many functions, a small book collection, place for the community to get together, computer room and a place for visiting authors to give presentations. I designed the South facing wall to be mainly composed of glass, this gave the visitors a panaramic view of the woods across the street. I created a small area for the author to relax, while keeping the conference room close.

First Floor Plan

Literary Center

Second Floor Plan

Revit and Hand Rendering

Revit and Hand Rendering

Revit and Hand Rendering

In this project we were given an abandoned church to divide up into residential and commercial zones. The residential area was the event level of the church. I divided the 60 foot event level into 3 different floors to allow for maximum space utilization. A little less than half of the event floor was dedicated to a small personal business that my client would own. The lower two levels were to be rented out as commercial space. To meet my clients needs I had walls that moved to open spaces for large entertainment purposes. The walls also allowed for the rooms to be smaller for everyday use.

Residential Project

Floor Plans

Revit and Hand Rendering

Revit, Photoshop and Hand Rendering

In this project we were given the half of the third floor at 311 Elm Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. We were to design an office space for a small business that needed a headquarters in the Midwest. I chose Jamba Juice for my client and I wanted to create a space that reflected who they are as a company. I wanted the office to be energetic, natural, organic, layering, colorful and fresh.

Commercial Project


Revit, Photoshop and Hand Rendering

Sketch-up and Photoshop Rendering

High Peak Resort In this project our main objective was to create an eco-resort in Leh, India. My client for this project was the Adeventure Seeker, who would use the mountains that surround the city. I wanted the guest to be comfortable by giving them a place to rest after a long day of hiking. The guests don’t need much because they will be exploring the area most of the time. We focused on the main aspects of each dwelling: Eat, Sleep and Cleanse. The eco-friendly part of this project comes with the materials. I chose recycled materials from the city and low impact materials. By using products that are natural to the enviroment as well I was able to create a dwelling that blends in with the landscape.

Hospitality Project






Utility Wall Recycled Material/Glass 3.35m






2m Plan

Sketch-up and Photoshop Rendering

Sketch-up and Photoshop Rendering

Sketch-up and Photoshop Rendering

Sketch-up and Photoshop Rendering

Case Parts Parker West Interiors was involved in creating a new IT facility for Case Parts. My part of the project was to design the kitchenette. Case Parts wanted minimal storage and wanted refridgerator/freezer drawers to help keep a clean and simple area. The island not only was created as a place to eat but aslo to have small meetings. I designed a soffit above the kitchen area to reduce noise transmission. In the IT facility I also chose materials for counters, cabinets, flooring and fabrics; as well as furniture, accessories and wall color.

At Parker West Interiors, I worked alongside Greg Parker assisting with Residentail and Commercial design. I worked with clients, communicated with sales representatives and interacted with contractors. I mainly focused on selecting furniture and finishes and incorporating them in a space plan. While at Parker West Interiors I designed an advertising poster for the Big Night Out an AIDS Benefit in Pasadena, California. I assisted in the set design for the Bracebridge Dinner at the Ahwahnee Hotell in Yosemite National Park. I also worked on numerous residential projects.

Big Night Out Poster

Co-op Projects

Scheper Residence The Scheper family needed Parker West Interiors to redesign their existing guest house into a simple and inviting area. The Scheper’s needed new furniture while incorporating their existing antiques. At the Scheper residence, my participation in the design included selecting furniture and finishes. I incorporated all these details in a new space plan.


Bathroom and Kitchen Materials

Hand rendering

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Paul Heintz Portfolio  

Interior Design portfolio from the University of Cincinnati

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