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“Our experienced team of dedicated staff using our purpose designed information technology, along with trusted systems are able to offer a full association secretariat service.�


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INTRODUCTION Turners Secretariat provides a full house secretariat function for Professional Associations and Societies thereby enhancing the entity’s operations to its members.

Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment

Turners Secretariat was established in 2004 as part of Turners Conferences to offer secretariat support for conference clients. Many of the clients continued to use our services once the conference event had finished, and the success of this service has lead us to establish Turners Secretariat as a separate division in The Turner Group of companies.

Strength The strength of Turners Secretariat can be attributed to the quality and industry experience of the members of the team. The wealth of knowledge and experience of our personnel, of the products and this industry, and their dedication to the client enhances our service offering.

Turners Secretariat is committed to progressively increasing our contribution to the objectives of the Country’s Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment programme. Turners Secretariat will be focusing on specific areas which will maximise our objectives in this regard. These include: • • • •

Enterprise Development Socio Economic Development Skills Development Preferential Procurement

Flexibility We understand that not every client needs all of the services offered in our comprehensive packages, so we have developed a flexible modular package where the client is able to choose which services Turners Secretariat provides and which they take care of themselves. Whether you choose the full turn-key service or opt for a modular service you are assured of the same quality of service and dedication to providing a professional solution.

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SERVICES Over the past two decades we have gained a tremendous amount of experience in the rapidly growing conference industry and we bring our expertise and experience to every project we undertake.

Database Development and Management

Office Resources and Facilities We provide an office and professional staff which will act on your association/society’s behalf. This is a cost saving measure as you will essentially have a fully manned office operating five days a week during office hours. If required we can install a telephone line with a number used exclusively for your association/ society and also manage a dedicated post-box.

We use software that has been developed especially for our Secretariat which provides across the board functionality.

Experienced Personnel

We are able to create a new database if necessary, or integrate an existing database into our system. Initially we will conduct a membership audit to ensure all details, especially contact details, are up to date and correct.

Membership Recruitment Control and Updates

Our staff are well versed in the operations of association/society offices and are well equipped to handle most day-to-day operations and queries.

• We will manage your membership and provide regular reports to your office bearers. • We will manage the administration of national and regional recruitment campaigns. • Create new membership application forms. • Receive applications and create members individual profiles.

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SERVICES Collection of Membership Dues

Financial Management

• Our office will invoice members and collect membership dues. • Manage arrears subscriptions • Issue statements where necessary

Communication with Members

We will work with the association/society’s treasurer in compiling and managing your budget. We are able to manage your payroll, VAT payments, NPO registration and general banking. We will prepare financial statements on a monthly basis. With every email sent on your behalf, we use a specialist monitoring system which reports on delivery and recipient interaction. It also reports on inactive addresses, bounces, opens, reads and clicks.

Meeting and Conference Management

Email is no longer just an email, it has become one of the most powerful marketing tools for business growth and communication.

Website Development and Management We will manage and maintain an existing website or develop new websites for your association or society. There’s a difference between just hosting a website, and what we offer; a complete solution from concept through design to continued management and reporting.

One of our staff will be assigned to your account and will attend your meetings as necessary. We are also able to arrange and manage all aspects of meetings and Conferences your organisation might need to host.

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FEATURES & BENEFITS Our experienced team of dedicated staff become part of your association team and using our purpose designed information technology along with trusted systems are able to offer a full secretariat service.


Professional Image to Members Having a fully staffed office will enhance the image of your organisation with your members; it instils confidence in the organisation.


Effective Savings A fully equipped office operating during business hours is a boost to any organisation, and using our services will save you time and money.


Membership Data We will provide accurate reports regarding membership and related matters, maintaining full control on your behalf.


Membership Fees As your membership grows, so too will your income; a process we manage and report on, keeping you in control every step of the way.


Quality Newsletters and Notices Our staff will generate newsletters as necessary, and will ensure that all notices are professionally presented, and sent out timeously to active and monitored email addresses.


Website Maintenance There is nothing worse than an out-ofdate website: our staff will maintain and update your web presence on a regular basis. This, after all, may be your first contact with potential members.


Administration Our Secretariat staff will manage all of the day to day tasks which ensure the smooth and successful administration of your association/society.


Responsible and Accountable We are fully accountable to your office bearers and management committee and we will only act on your behalf in the parameters set by yourselves.


Consistency Using our Secretariat will provide an element of consistency for your association or society. Our team remains in place as committee members come and go. We will be the custodians of your institutional memory.

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CREDENTIALS Turners Secretariat, in association with Turners Conferences, is a member of or affiliated to the following national and international organisations:

International Congress & Convention Association

South African Association for the Conference Industry

South African Tourism Services Association

Association of Southern African Travel Agents

International Air Transport Association

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International Life Sciences Institute

Ophthalmological Society of South Africa

ILSI South Africa was formally established in 1998 with a mission to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of all South Africans through improved public health and safety.

The Ophthalmological Society of South Africa promotes the interests of ophthalmology in general and of its member in particular. OSSA remains committed to a vision of attainable, best quality vision for all. The society has a number of core functions and aims to support members whilst engaging with all stakeholders in eye care to provide patient-driven care in the field of outpatient-driven.

Emphasis is placed on nutrition, food safety, and environmental issues, particularly water. This year (2013), ILSI South Africa celebrates its 15th anniversary and is busy developing a history of the organization and all its achievements, for publication later this year.

SAAFoST South African Food Science and Technology

ILSI South Africa’s organization reflects ILSI’s value of public-private partnerships. Its leadership includes the ILSI South Africa president (elected from academia/NGO/government); a chairman (elected from member companies); a secretary (elected from academia/NGO/government); and a vice-chairman/treasurer (elected from member companies). Eight individuals representing academia or government and eight individuals from ILSI South Africa’s industry membership form its Board of Trustees.

SAAFoST is the Association for Food Scientists, Technologists and other Professionals serving the food and allied industries in South Africa. The organisation provides its members with valuable networking and knowledge-sharing events and publications. SAAFoST promotes education and professionalism as well as an appropriate legislative structure in the industry.

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South African Society of Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecological Endoscopy

South African Renal Society

We strive to highlight the critical importance of Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecological Endoscopy to Woman’s Health and Reproductive Health in South Africa.


The aim of the society is to promote the profession of nephrology, and to facilitate cooperation and contact between all interested parties in the field of nephrology and related subjects. We provide guidelines for the optimal care of renal patients.

We aim to advance Woman’s Health and Reproductive Health in South Africa through the advancement of clinical care, training and research in Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecological Endoscopy.

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ILSI South Africa has contracted the Turners Secretariat division since March 2011 and can attest to the fact that the service offered is very well-received. A most important and appreciated feature of this service is the desire to continuously improve; thus, any challenges presented are swiftly and successfully dealt with, exhibiting a solutions-oriented approach to conducting business – Dr Lucia Anelich

Notable features of Turners approach is their willingness to listen to our requests and respond to them in positive ways. They also make sure they understand what the final objective is and are happy to suggest alternatives that may be able to achieve the same goal more effectively and efficiently. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Turners Secretariat and Turners Conferences in the role of Secretariat and as an event organiser – Brian A Statham

SASA As the CEO, I have needed to work extremely closely with the Turners Secretariat team and, specifically Deidre Roets. I have been extremely satisfied with the level of service and support provided by Turners Secretariat. Deidre has embodied a service attitude that is essential in a member society. SASA has received full support in all its operations and has experienced nothing but a “can-do” attitude from Turners Secretariat in general – Natalie Zimmelman

SASREG It is a great pleasure for me, as President of SASREG, to write this letter of recommendation for Turner’s Conferences. Turners Conferences have been the Secretariat of our Society for the past 9 years and have always provided a professional and excellent service. Their team is skilled in all aspects of running a society, and organising medical conferences. Turners Conferences carry my full recommendation – Dr Paul Le Roux

Turners Secretariat are committed to providing professional services, to your society or association, at the highest possible standards and attractive pricing. Our objective is to deliver an experience that exceeds our customer’s expectations.

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CONTACT US Durban Office Turners House 38 Jonsson Lane Durban PO Box 1935 Durban 4000 Telephone:+27 31 368 8000 Facsimile: +27 31 368 6623 Cape Town Contact Telephone: +27 83 284 8592 .............................................. Email: Website:

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Turners Shipping is one of South Africa’s top Local and International Freight Management and Logistics Companies

Turners Forwarding, with our worldwide network partners, is able to provide logistics services to and from any global location.

Turners Trade Finance offers selected Clientele International Trade Finance Facilities

Turners Warehouse provide for both bonded and general storage and handling facilities thoughout South Africa

Turners Training Academy was established to maximise personal motivation and operational skills

Turners Conferences is a leading Professional Conference and Event Management Company

Turners Secretariat provides a full house secretariat function for Professional Associations and Societies

The Turners Destination Management Company offers a comprehensive range of services to PCO’s

Turners Travel is one of South Africa’s most recognised Travel Management Companies

Experienced Personnel Membership Management Financial Management Efficient & Cost Effective Consistent

Turners Secretariat - Company Profile  

Professional Secretariat Services to Associations and Societies

Turners Secretariat - Company Profile  

Professional Secretariat Services to Associations and Societies