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February 21,2011 SuttonWestCoastRealty Attn:Heiner Schoidacker Suite001- 1508WeslBroadway Vencouver, BCVGJ1Wg DearHoiner, to youtora jobwelldono. W9arepleasod to tolwadthislotterot acknowledgemont lilledthom.You ourneedsandhavosuccessfully undorstand Youworeablelo professionally To say lh€proooss of Eelling ourbusiness, buyer,andledusthrough foundusa groatmotivaled andyou Youdidnotoostusanymon€yupfront yoursorvices aroofvaluois anundergtatoinontl madousmon6y. lnlho duringthisproject. to thankyoutoryourpatlqnce lwouldalsoliketo takothisopportunity your guidance wo project had anticipated, but thanks to blggef than we was endwor6alized the gatit don€. sollingourbusinessl Thankyoufor yourhelpin succegslully Yourstruly, -

(dfu^-SlavaKandakou President


I waslooking for a goodrealtorto leaseout my commercialspaceanda fiiend reoorunendedHeiaer. My spaceis now leasedand I cansaythat I was very satisfiad with Heiner's servicesandprofessionalattitudeandcanhighly reoorrnend him.

E. Choi

Y G.V,


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