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T I M B E RW O L F T I M E S S 3 S 5

h i r l e y C . H e i m M i d d l e S c h o o l 2 0 T e l e g r a p h R d . t a f f o r d , V A 2 2 5 5 4 4 0 - 6 5 8 - 5 9 1 0 f a x : 5 4 0 - 6 5 8 - 0 3 2 9

A Message From Ms. McGraw:

Volume 3, Issue 7 April, 2011

Spring is here, even though March is “going out like a lion”, and I’m looking forward to warmer weather and longer periods of daylight! Spring Break, this year, is April 25-29. Friday, April 22nd, is a full day of school to help make-up for time missed due to snow. Friday, April 8, is also a snow make-up day and is no longer a teacher workday. Congratulations to Kat Kameda-Ramsey and Teague Meiers for their 1st Place awards at the Regional Science Fair held in Charlottesville on March 15. Kat won first place in the Environmental Analysis division and Teague won first place in the Physics and Astronomy division. We will be purchasing a plaque, which will be on display in our display cases, to recognize both of these individuals for their outstanding achievement. As the weather gets warmer, I need your help in reviewing the Stafford County Dress Code with your child. The new spring and summer fashions are here in all of the stores and while many of these clothes are appropriate for leisure, they may be considered inappropriate for school. Please help us out by monitoring what your child wears to school during these warmer months. For our young ladies, this time of year can be challenging when trying to make sure you are following dress code guidelines. All shorts, skirts, and dresses must be fingertip length. All shirts and tops must not be low cut. Very tight pants, leggings, and jeggings must be covered with a fingertip length top. A copy of the county dress code is located in the front of your student’s agenda. When we return from Spring Break, it will be May 2. We will have about two weeks before our Spring SOL testing begins. For the next few weeks, our teachers will be working diligently in reviewing and preparing the students for these tests. Please check the OASIS grade book and keep in close contact with your child’s teachers to take advantage of after-school tutoring opportunities to help your child be successful in their day to day work as well as in preparation for the end of the year testing. Our SOL test window this year will be from May 16 through June 10. Sixth graders will have an SOL test in Reading, Math, and History. Seventh graders will take tests in Reading, Math, and Civics and eighth graders will take a Reading, Math, and Science test. All students will be taking their SOL tests online. As a result, we should have those scores back very quickly. Seventh and Eighth graders, who pass their SOL tests, will be exempt from their final exam in that SOL tested area at the end of the school year. I hope everyone has a wonderful Spring Break!

Mary Grace McGraw

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Chorus Notes Congratulations to each of the choirs for a successful trip to District Assessment on March 17th and 18th. The 8th grade choir received an overall rating of III (good) and the 6th and 7th grade choirs each received ratings of II (excellent). Each choir represented SHMS to the best of their ability and worked very hard for their accomplishments. The 6th grade chorus traveled to Riverside Dinner Theater on Wednesday, March 2nd to see a live performance of the musical Hairspray. Everyone who attended enjoyed the performance. The permission slips, insurance forms, and payments for the 7th and 8th grade trip to King’s Dominion were due on Wednesday, March 23rd. If students missed this deadline, please contact Ms. Irby immediately. Our final concert of the year will be Monday, May 9th at 7:00 at the SHMS cafeteria. This will be our pops concert and I am very excited about the music we are preparing for this concert. Please come out and hear a variety of songs from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s. The 7th and 8th grade choirs will be traveling to King’s Dominion on Friday, May 13th. More information will be sent home with those who have turned in their payment and paperwork. All of the choirs completed their final technology project on March 25th. They explored humanities and the influence of music from a variety of eras on society. They created power point presentations to show musicians, artists, writers, scientific discoveries, and “current” events of their time periods. Upcoming Events: Apr. 6 – End of 3rd quarter Apr. 22 – Karaoke Friday May 9 – Pops Concert; 7:00 PM; Students report at 6:45; SHMS Cafetieria May 13 – 7th & 8th grade trip to King’s Dominion Alyssa Irby Shirley Heim Middle School Choirs

Congratulations to the 2011 Shirley Heim Softball Team: Alyssa Adreno Lacey Chambers Kayla Easley Pamela Harris Chyann Hooker Whitney Joyner Allison Moran Kyra Quinerly Lily Ramsey

Alicia Rios Jaaliyah Simpson Sierra Smizer Lindsay Tarr Heidi Thomas Jordan Vicari Kelsey Waugerman Casey White Virginia Wolfrom

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APRIL 2011 Sun





National Autism Month




2 Fine Arts Festival Brooke Point HS

School Library Media Month




7 Rising 6th Grade Orientation (Students Only)

Fine Arts Festival Brooke Point HS



Spring Picture Day



8 7th/8th Grade Dance 3-5 pm

9:30-11:00 a.m.

Regular Day of School




9 Agents of Change Day Colonial Forge HS 8 a.m.-12 p.m.


Book Fair in Library




Report Cards Home

Technology Night 6-7 p.m. Book Fair Night 4:30-7:00 p.m.

6th Grade Dance 3-5 pm




Softball Away vs. SMS

Arbor Day




Book Fair in Library

Public School Volunteer Week



Track Home vs. Gayle Softball Home vs. Gayle



Spring Break ~~ Spring Break ~~ Spring Break

Word of the Month:


Earth Day


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Clinic News Seasonal Allergies and Asthma Spring months bring along nice weather and seasonal allergies. Up to 75% of people with asthma also have seasonal allergies. Here are some tips and facts about asthma and seasonal allergies: Seasonal allergies, commonly referred to as hay fever, are caused by environmental allergens such as pollen from grasses, trees, and other plants. Symptoms of allergies may include: Sneezing Itchy and runny nose Red and watery eyes Congestion Asthma is a condition that affects the airways that carry air in and out of the lungs. Symptoms of asthma include: Wheezing Coughing Chest tightness Difficulty breathing Managing seasonal allergies and asthma can be a difficult task for students who suffer from both. With seasonal allergies, treatment may need to begin several weeks before the “peak season” of your particular allergy trigger. Parents should refer to their children’s health care provider for which allergy treatments (antihistamines, decongestants) may be suitable for their asthma.

***People with asthma who suffer from seasonal allergies are twice as likely to go to the hospital as a result of a serious asthma attack.

Athletes and Heat Illness Prevention Tips As the weather gets warmer and humid, students participating in outdoor sports need to keep hydrated. Here are a few tips to prevent heat related illnesses: Please monitor your student athlete’s drinking habits at home. Water, Powerade, and Gatorade are drinks of choice. Caffeinated beverages are bad choices that can cause rapid fluid loss and in turn leading to dehydration. Energy Drinks are particularly bad due to high amounts of caffeine and sugar. Student athletes should be drinking 20-60 ounces of fluid each night to replenish fluid loss throughout the day. Students should eat well balanced meals, see website: Excess greasy and fatty foods can slow down athletes and contribute to heat-related illnesses and other injuries. Student athletes should get proper rest following workouts. Rest and relaxation allows the body to recharge.

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NJHS The 8th grade National Junior Honor Society members are getting ready to bring in new members for next year's group. Information forms from interested 7th graders were turned in at the middle of March and they are now being reviewed by the faculty. Students who are accepted should receive a letter in the next few weeks with an invitation to attend the Induction Ceremony which will be held on May 4th. The Induction Ceremony will be a chance for the 8th graders leaving Heim to introduce the rising class to the National Junior Honor Society, as well as an opportunity for us to say thank you and goodbye to the leaving class. Eighth grade members are required to attend the ceremony and we will have a mandatory meeting and rehearsal for the ceremony on April 19th after school. Any students that have any questions or can not attend the rehearsal and/or ceremony for any reason need to contact Mrs. Drees immediately in room 105.

FOCUS Model UN: Thank you to all of the Focus students for doing a great job with Model UN this year as well as those that represented us at the William and Mary conference.

BIT Department Mrs. Natalie Walden Computer and Keyboarding Keyboarding students have been working on creating a High School Portfolio of their productions. Remember the focus of the rest of this semester is on accuracy and attention to detail. The goal is to become workplace ready! Later this semester, we will continue to work on preparing you for your first job experience. We will learn how to read a job ad, complete a job application, create resumes, and participate in a mocked interview. Be on your best behavior so your teachers and counselors will want to give you an outstanding reference to use for your mock interview. Computer Applications students have wrapped up the Telecommunications and Ethics Unit. Now students are learning the features of a spreadsheet software application and how to use Excel. This is a cross-curriculum activity using math concepts and critical thinking skills. Also, as a reminder, our field trip to Kings Dominion for the Education Day Career Seminars is May 13, 2011. Signed permission slips and fees are due by April 15. You must be a student in good standing to attend. Computer Solutions: Welcome 3rd Quarter Students! We will meet every other day for 12 weeks. We will be using a new computer program this year called ITcenter21. Some of the units we will cover are: Introduction to Computers, Internet Safety, Basic Computer Functions, Computer Graphics, and Troubleshooting and Maintenance. Grades will not be assigned for this elective. Please bring in a two pocket folder and ear buds.

Commonwealth Governor’s School: Good luck to all of our applicants for Commonwealth Governor’s School! Acceptance letters will be distributed in late April.

Summer Enrichment: It’s not too early to think about summer plans. Check out the Fusion page for a few examples. Packets will be distributed at the end of the school year.

Science Showcase: This coming May, the Focus students will showcase their independent study and/or Science Fair projects in order to refine and advance their research and analytical skills. More information will be distributed. Please refer to the Fusion page for weekly updates and other enrichment opportunities.

Sincerely, Mrs. Natalie Walden

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Home vs. Gayle Middle School


Away vs. A.G. Wright


Home vs. H.H. Poole


Home vs. Drew and Stafford


Away vs. Dixon-Smith


Home vs. Rodney-Thompson

Meets begin at 3:15 p.m.


Home vs. Gayle Middle


Away vs. Stafford Middle


Away vs. A.G. Wright


Home vs. H.H. Poole


Away vs. Drew Middle


Home vs. Dixon-Smith


Home vs. Rodney-Thompson

B Inning begins at 3:45 p.m. Games begin at 4:00 p.m.

STUDENTS IN THE NEWS………… Regional Science Fair Several students traveled to UVA to represent Shirley Heim Middle School in the Virginia Piedmont Regional Science Fair. There were about 17 middle schools represented at the fair. The following Heim students were recognized for their projects: Kat Kameda-Ramsey: 1st place in the Environmental Analysis division Teague Meiers: 1st place in the Physics and Astronomy division Ryan Rodgers: Honorable Mention in the Physics and Astronomy division Katrina Stalik and Samantha Hablas: Honorable Mention in Physics and Astronomy Congratulations to these students and thank you for representing Shirley Heim!

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Team Thunder/Lightning

Team Twister

Math: The students will be wrapping up their work in the Measurement and Geometry strand the first week of April and benchmark testing on this material. After that, we will spend the remainder of April working in the Probability and Statistics SOL strand. Students will be learning about collecting data, finding statistics in the data such as mean, median, range and mode and then graphing the data in various ways. They also will be learning about the probability of certain events occurring. Towards the end of April we will be beginning an indepth SOL review which will cover all of the material learned this year so far as well as test taking strategies to help the students be more successful. In addition, Mrs. Drees and Mrs. Hudson still offer after-school tutoring. Please contact your child's teacher for more details.

Social Studies: This month in History we will be discussing World War II and the second half of the 20th Century. We will be going on a virtual field trip to Pearl Harbor and listen to the Americans that went through "A date that will live in infamy...". We will learn about post WWII and the Cold War. After Spring Break we will start to discuss the Civil Rights movement. Be ready for our Fun Friday this month with the theme "1950s". The students will learn about Rock and Roll and some of the dances. We will need volunteers for our Fun Friday so look for a note coming home and check the fusion page.

Math 6 and Math 6 Extended: Currently in Twister Math we are learning all about geometry! We have completed SOL 6.11 and have learned all area and perimeter formulas of rectangles, triangles, and parallelograms. Math 6 Extended even learned about the area of a trapezoid. In SOL 6.12 we learned about finding the area and circumference of a circle. Then, in SOL 6.13 we learned how to use a protractor to measure and draw angles. Recently we completed SOL 6.14 and 6.15 in which we learned all about polygons such as triangles, quadrilateral, pentagons, hexagons, and octagons. Now, we are learning about SOL 6.17 which includes solid figures. In the upcoming month, we will be finishing up the 3 rd strand of the SOL, Measurement and Geometry, and benchmark testing on that material in early April. Students, study hard and do your very best on these benchmark tests! We will then begin the last strand, Probability and Statistics.

Language Arts:

In Miss Kraus’ class, we’ve started our novel for the year: Maniac Magee. It’s one of my favorite books and the kids are really enjoying it. They will get to see how bullying and racism affects many people in many different ways. After reading the book the students will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of FUN projects to complete. Also, I’m about to finish Language Arts: reading Duckling Ugly to the students; another book they seem to love. Mrs. Wolf’s class This month we will be focusing on informational texts. Students continues their study with fairytales and will be reading non-fictional texts. At home, you could help your concentrating a lot on a very important aspect of student by having them read magazine articles or the newspaper. reading: vocabulary! Students in both classes are Then have them look at how the text is organized and ask them doing a great job while incorporating multiple reading skills and comprehension questions. We will also be completing activities strategies with each story. After Spring Break we will begin on Study Island in preparation for the SOL, which is tentatively some after school tutoring sessions to prepare for the SOL test in scheduled for May 25. We will continue to work with grammar May. in Caught-ya, and also analogies, parts of speech, and writing. As always, we encourage the students to read outside of class Please continue to encourage your student to read at home. The whenever possible. The only way to become a better reader more you read, the better you read! is….to READ! We don’t care if it’s the newspaper, a magazine, or a book, as long as you’re reading something! We’ve been Science: using the website to practice some vocabulary skills while donating rice to starving countries, which can also be used Our Science classes are now investigating energy. We have at home. Also, is an excellent tool for students discussed the forms of energy and how energy can to use to practice their reading skills at home. transform. The students know that the main source of energy in the United States is fossil fuels. To help solve the problems associated with fossil fuels our classes will be investigating other renewable energy resources, such as, solar power, hydroelectric power, wind, geothermal and tidal energies. Students will understand how our energy choices affect the environment.

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Team Expedition Math:

Thursday April 21st – Practice SOL test given in all classes Thursday April 21st – Statistics project due! (Students will receive information about the project by Friday April 15 th. Students will have a study guide packet for SOL’s , along with nightly homework.

Over the last nine weeks, math classes will be focusing on Probability and Statistics. The benchmark for these standards will be in late April. After Spring Break we will focus all of our time and effort preparing for the Virginia Standards of Learning Test, which will take place sometime between May 23 - June 3rd. It has been a wonderful year so far and I look forward to a fantastic end to the school year. Mr. Kane

In Language Arts, team Odyssey has turned to the study of mythology, fairy tales, folk tales and fables. As with all fiction we have analyzed these stories by summarizing, character analysis, identifying conflict and climax and inferencing and drawing conclusions. However, for this unit we have also honed our story telling skills by taking folk tales from around the world and telling them to one another. Some of our students are great actors and dive into their story with awesome enthusiasm. Others? Well let’s just say they need a little more practice before Science: they win an academy award. We are starting to review skills for During second semester in Science we will be covering strands our May SOL. Study Island is a great site to practice reading LS.6,7,8,9,10,11, 13, and 14. In order to cover all this material, we will be working at a quick pace. It is important that students skills and students know how to access it at home. Every Tuesday we have Language Arts tutoring. Students who did not keep up with their work and not fall behind. Remember, April 22 is Earth Day! Do something special for the pass last year’s SOL or who have had trouble on this year’s practice tests should be coming to tutoring. On another note, planet! students are handing in a lot of late work, while it is my policy to accept late work , it is really to the benefit of the student to turn Language Arts: We finished the reader's theater of Beastly, in which the class did work in on time. Students who are missing work may find themselves in lunch detention or Saturday school. a character analysis of the main character, Kyle. We are now doing a unit on informational text about the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. We will be comparing the earthquake in Haiti to the disasters in Japan as we see more news about Japan on CNN Student News. This unit focuses on strategies to comprehend informational text by using text features, organizational patterns, and comprehension questions. Also, as the Reading SOL approaches we are doing more skill practice in class and Report Cards will be distributed April 13th. This report card will homework will be assigned more frequently. Please continue to show new grades for ALL classes. Also, student supplies may check fusion for homework postings. need to be replenished - especially pencils and paper. Lastly, what we do everyday at school is important, please help us to ensure that your student is in attendance whenever possible.

Team Infinity


In Science, we have been studying the scientific classification system. This includes the six basic kingdoms: plant, animal, fungi, protista, bacteria, and archaea. We have also taken a close look at some of the major animal phylums and plant groups. We just finished a unit on photosynthesis. We will now begin a long unit on ecosystems and the movement of energy through ecosystems. In Math, we are wrapping up the year in our last math strand – Probability and Statistics. We will finish the Math 7 and Extended curriculum by spring break and start reviewing for the SOL after spring break. Important upcoming dates are as follows: Tuesday April 19th – 7th grade benchmark test (Probability and Statistics) Wednesday April 20th – 7 extended benchmark test (Probability and Statistics)

Math: As we are moving into the fourth and final quarter in math, we will be learning about Probability and Statistics! This unit will culminate in a data collection project in which students will be able to creatively display their results. Students, by now, are well aware of classroom, homework, grading, and late work policies, as well as the school-wide rules. Expectations will be raised even higher as students move closer and closer to eighth grade! Students are asked to continue to work hard every day! Please check the school fusion page for updates on: web-sites available for extra credit, tutoring, test dates, and assignments due. Continued on Next Page…...

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Geometry classes will finish their study of circles and spend some time completing all the constructions. Then they will jump Language Arts: into the Algebra Statistics strand to pick up the new material for As third quarter comes to an end, the students are mid-way through a unit on grammar. We have studied subjects, predicates, the new SOL’s that is not in the old SOL’s. and subject-verb agreement and we are now focusing on the eight Math 8 classes took their benchmark on Tuesday, March 29 th on parts of speech. The students are diagraming sentences on a daily the Measurement and Geometry Strand. These scores will help basis and are becoming much stronger writers from this unit. As us assess where we need to go back and re-teach when we return we move into the final quarter of the year, we will have a minifrom Spring Break. Our next and final strand in Math 8 is unit on analogies, followed by SOL review. After the SOL's, we probability and statistics. We will spend the last 4 weeks before will wrap up the year with a novel study. Be on the look out for Spring Break covering these last few SOL’s. directions and a grading rubric for the upcoming 4th quarter book project. I encourage all of my students to remain focused and Algebra classes have finished their study of functions and work hard as the weather begins to entice us! relations/equations and inequalities. Hopefully students are beginning to see how everything they have done comes together Civics: and is related to everything else. The last week in March began Civics students will be taking their Civics midterm exam on April the probability and statistics portion of the SOL’s. Algebra students this year will go into much more detail with Statistics 5th. Please be sure that your student has prepared for this test than Algebra students in the past. Students will find z-scores, they do have a study guide! Our next unit beyond the midterm exam will be The Political Process. The remainder of 4th quarter standard deviation, and mean absolute deviation in addition to mean, median, mode, and range. will focus on the Economics units and reviewing for the Civics Standards of Learning test. One of the best reviews for the SOL’s is Study Island (math 8) or Jefferson Lab (Algebra and Geometry). Contact your teacher for these websites if you can’t find them. Having students work these websites can make a huge difference in your child’s SOL scores. Please help us help them and get them on these sites!

EIGHTH GRADE NEWS World Geography students are beginning their travel around the world this month. We will begin in the Western Hemisphere with Canada, the United States, Mexico, Central America and South America. Students will learn more specifically about the cultures, trade, governments, and religions of the various regions. They will also learn where each country is and identify those locations on maps. For practice, students should go to our School Fusion pages and play the interactive map games in the Links sections. This month, the eighth-grade Language Arts department is finishing up its study of the novels Miracle’s Boys and The Pigman. Numerous lessons and activities have been completed as students have read through these novels. As those novels come to a close, we will begin our poetry unit focusing on figurative language, authors’ style and tone, as well as poetic analysis. We will also be honing students’ test-taking skills and doing intense work with the reading SOL’s in preparation for the upcoming test in May. Our reading specialist, Mrs. Blecha, will be working in small groups to prepare students as well.

From Sheriff Jett: Winter is over and finally spring is upon us. This time of year high schools and middle schools are full of activities that include spring sports, concerts and plays, academic endeavors and an opportunity to participate in numerous club activities. It is also a time of year when many students find it a bit more challenging to turn off the distractions of the season and concentrate on school work.

Speaking of distractions, the Sheriff’s Office continues to work with teen drivers in the area of teen driving and the use of cell phones. My School Resource Officers often remind their young friends about the dangers of cell phone use while driving, especially the need to text while driving. Texting while driving has been illegal in Virginia for two years yet we still see that dangerous practice continuing today. Please take a brief moment and remind your young driver that NOT texting while driving is all about saving lives. I would suggest that we as adults model good driver behavior by not texting while driving, and if at all possible, minimize the need to use a cell phone while driving. th With only a few weeks left, the 8 grade Math team will finish Somehow…….back in the old days….when cell phones were not all the SOL’s before spring break. Once we return from Spring Break, all math classes will be reviewing for the SOL’s. Students around, many of us managed to drive and get were need to go without the need to talk to someone on the phone on the way! will be completing review packets, using the student response systems as a form of assessment, and possibly be pulled for small Sheriff Charles Jett group re-teaching. SOL’s will begin on May 16th. Once we know exact dates of testing, we will let the students know.

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Art Room News Fine Arts Festival 2011—Brooke Point High School Celebrate the Arts in Stafford County! Come enjoy over 5,000 pieces of artwork from elementary to high school as well as over 1,000 students performing in a variety of ensembles. Also visit our interactive fine arts technology exhibits! Saturday, April 2nd: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Sunday, April 3rd: 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Some of the artists representing Shirley Heim Middle School at the Festival are:

Aispuro, Ana

Fitzgerald, Franklin

Meiers, Teague

Becker, Kayla

Francis, Tristan

Mends-Cole, William

Beharry, Adrianna

Freeman, Rondaya

Beranek, Jonah Black, Megan Boit, Chandler Bruseau, Michael Burress, Nick Byrd, Gracie

Fretz, Jack Garcia, Luis Giaros, Luis Goodin, Cydney

Olson, Brian Palomres, Neyra Parsons, Dylan Pleitez Escobar, Gisela Porter, Seth Ramsey, Lily

Green, Mary

Reyes, Kelly

Iopio, Emely

Riggins, Christopher

Iqbal, Rimsha

Russell, Ariel

Byrd, Ronald

Johnson, Gabriella

San Pietro, Jacob

Collins, Reggie

Kagehiro, Valerie

Core, Shelby

Kelly, Siani

Crearer, Al

King, Jamie

Dawson, Andrew

Lopez, David

Sundberg, Madison

Devine, Devon

Mairena, Malik

Weaver, Sheree

Dodoo, Tariq

Maiwald, Marshal

Wilson, Bailey

Douglas, Adaisha

Massey, David

Serwa, Emmanuella Smith, Tiffany Spearman, James Sullivan, Maikayla

Edwards, Mark

8th Grade Art Field Trip

Eighth grade art students will be on a field trip to Kings Dominion on Friday, May 13th during Career Educational Days. They will be attending seminars exploring a variety of careers. Art students will gain insight into how advertising agencies work and will learn about how commercials are made from start to finish. Permission slips and money are due by Friday, April 15th.

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Technology Corner Check out the parent and student technology page on SchoolFusion for all things in SHMS technology.

Heim’s 2nd Annual Technology Night

Parents, we are excited to bring back our 2nd Technology Night on Thursday, April 14 from 6-7 p.m. in the forum. With technology taking on bigger roles in the workforce and outside of school, it’s important for students to use this technology in the classroom. This night is a great way to see how your student is using technology to learn every day! Completed projects from all grade levels and curriculum areas will be on display and students will be demonstrating how they created their final products. Along with this, there will be teacher demonstrations on SMART Boards, SMART Airliners, and Qwizdom and SMART student response systems. We hope to see you there!

Doodle4Google Participants Thank you to the following students who competed in this year’s Doodle4Google Contest: Ada Valentina Garcia Azzari* Alyssa Keller* Jordan Williams* Dominique Harris* Valerie Kagehiro* Jonathan Calderon-Ramirez* Nicole Cannon** Cydney Goodin** Dylan Akpan**

Julienne Cook** Danielle Cornwell** Michael Bruseau Grace Alford Cassie Nestor Amber Evans Kyle Oliveri Hannah Savel Ariel Russell

*Denotes students moving on to the regional competition. ** Denotes students who received an honorable mention.

This year’s theme was “What I'd Like to do Someday”. The winning doodles from our school competition will go on to compete in the next round of the national competition. The final round of the doodle competition will take place online on May 4th at Mark your calendars and make sure to vote for your favorite doodles!

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COUNSELING CORNER NEWS High School four year plans are coming to a close.

Rising sixth grade orientation is April 7th.

Orientation for rising seventh and eighth graders will begin in April.

Spring SOL testing is almost upon us: We will begin testing on May 20th and continue through June 10th.

Please refrain from making doctor’s appointments during this time.

Please have your child(ren) to school on time each day.

Students can go to the Department of Education website to review released tests.

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Heim Library News Jenny Ashby, Librarian

Lisa Sosik, Library Assistant

Neal Shusterman books are still available for sale in the library. If you didn’t get a chance to buy one before his visit, we have a few still available to purchase. He signed several before he left so if you act quickly, you can still get an autographed copy!

Battle of the Books The countywide Battle of the Books competition was held at Heim on March 17. Teams from all the other middle schools traveled to Heim to compete. Our team has been practicing hard since January but, unfortunately, did not qualify for the semi-final round. However, several spectators at the competition commented on how well our team worked together as well as noticing that they displayed good sportsmanship. The Heim team members were: Jaden Aponte, Zaria Hamilton, Isabella Hergenrother, Lida Hnatczuk, Alex Mikeal, Jarod Newton, Priya Pattni, Melanie Rodriguez, and Anthony Russell. Thank you for all your hard work!

Classes Because of SOL testing April will be the last month for class visits to the library. But the library is still open for checking out books until the end of May and many new books are on their way and will be arriving before the year is over. Be sure to keep coming in to check out!

Book recommendation of the month How Lamar’s Bad Prank Won a Bubba-Sized Trophy by Crystal Allen

Lamar loves to bowl and is the "King of Strikers", the bowling alley near his house. He also believes he might be smooth with girls and when he sees Makeda, he decides to try out his lines. Makeda is not impressed when he compares her to Bubblicious gum. Furthermore, she remembers all the pranks Lamar used to play on her when he was younger. Lamar idolizes famous bowler Bubba Sanders who is coming to town on July 4th and giving away pro bowling gear. Lamar plans to enter the contest until he is approached by bad boy Billy Jenks with a plan to make some easy money. All he has to do is hustle a few bowlers with Billy and collect the money to buy his own gear. Lamar's life is further complicated by his brother, Xavier the Basketball Savior, who takes all of their dad's attention and fills up all the mantle space with his trophies. Lamar decides he needs to play a big prank on Xavier to mess up his life the way he has messed up Lamar's and Billy has a plan for that too. But Billy's "prank" leads to some serious consequences for Lamar...

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What: When: Where:

Scholastic Book Fair April 14-20 Library

8:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Special Evening Hours on April 14 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. Scholastic Book fairs offer a great selection of books for all age levels Small gift items and posters will also be available! We will accept cash, checks, and credit cards for purchases

Gift Certificates will be for sale and these make perfect teacher gifts! Student Contest: Fill out the form below and return it to the Library. A name will be drawn each day of the Book Fair. That student will win a $7.00 coupon to spend at the Book Fair.

STUDENT CONTEST Name ______________________________ Home Room Teacher _______________________ Parent Signature _____________________________________

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Shirley Heim Middle School is now collecting Box Tops for Education as well as Campbell’s Labels for Education. For more than 30 years, Labels for Education has been awarding free educational equipment to schools in exchange for proofs of purchase from the Campbell family of brands. It’s a fun, easy program where students, families and members of the community work together for a common goal. Shirley Heim Middle school is now participating in the LFE program, and you can help! Just clip the UPC label, or save the cap from participating brands, and turn them into the office.

Campbell's Labels for Education View an entire list of products that have Labels for Education. A cookbook purchase through the website earns 125 points for our school.

Page 22

Timberwolf Times Cut off those Box Tops! Each one is worth ten cents for the school. It adds up quick!

Box Tops Log on and register to win bonus Box Tops for our school. Shirley Heim also earns a percentage of your online purchases if you shop through the Box Tops Marketplace. Select the "Earn" tab and then "Shop Marketplace." Print coupons for participating Box Tops products too! Go to this link to go to the promotions page and see the various promotions to help our school.

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Heim Root of the Week The Root of the Week program is going strong despite the winter weather we have had the last few months. We have had 6th grade and 8th grade participants each week. Hopefully, the use of the roots in 7th grade will be in full bloom in April. The Root of the Week program is designed to give students tools to help figure out the meaning of unfamiliar words by teaching them Greek and Latin Roots. Ninety percent of all the words with two or more syllables in the English Language come from Greek and Latin Roots! Each week the winners are posted for the following week on Mrs. Blecha’s Fusion Page. Congratulations to our most recent student winners: Week of Feb. 28th 6th Grade – Sean Melancon 8th Grade – David Basye Week of March 7th 6th Grade – Brennan McPherson 8th Grade – Kiana Thomas Week of March 14th 6th Grade – Matt Cooper 7th Grade - Heidi Ruiz 8th Grade – Julian Swinton Week of March 21st 6th Grade – Jason Seelye 7th Grade – Jaden Aponte 8th Grade – Meredith Ballard Miss Kraus was the February Teacher Winner. Upcoming Roots of the Week: April 4th -ous = full of th April 11 -ate = to make or do something th April 18 -or, -er = someone that does

examples: cautious, spacious examples: animate, punctuate examples: instructor, lawyer

Visit Mrs. Blecha’s Fushion Page for more information on the program and for updates on student and staff winners! A special shout out and thanks goes to Emily Gannon, Jimmy Love, and Ryan Maher for doing recent Root of the Week videos! Great job, Timberwolves!

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