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The Heights Summer Group August 6, 2013



 7th—6PM Lightning Night!  11th-9AM Join us in Summer Group for Breakfast and Fellowship  11th-Summer Group at 9:30with Cynthia H. teaching “Jesus Is Crucified and Raised” (Mark 15: 1 Cor. 15)  11th-6PM: The Beatitudes of Jesus with Dr. James Miller (7th Beatitude)  18th-Summer Group at 9:30 with Cynthia H teaching “Jesus Commissions His Church” (Luke 24: Acts 1-2)  25th-Summer Group at 9:30 with Cynthia H teaching “God Completes the Story” (John 14: Revelation 21-22)

Cynthia H. praises the Lord for her aunt & uncles’s visit this week & all they did for her (like painting the outside of the house!) Patty Patmon praises the Lord for the day

Prayers              

Charlie Catherine Blocker (Bro. Roger’s newest grandchild)-NICU with breathing problems. Danielle asks prayer for Jacob as he joins Crystal in Washington (working to put their family back together). Linda Miller asks prayer for Stan Borum-possible stroke. Eldrick asks prayer for his Aunt Cinthia (health/guidance) and for good health for all. Linda Miller asks that we continue to pray for Natasha’s health and good test results. Pray for Doug Miller who has an apparent stress fracture on his femur and will have CAT scan and MRI this week. Brenda Morris asks prayer for her dear friend, Martha Gulley, who has liver cancer. That Mike Morris and Bob Kellar will continue to improve. Naomi Smith asks prayer for safe travels for her Dad flying home from Michigan. For Kim Mariano (pastor of College Hills Baptist Church’s wife) who continues chemo treatments for breast cancer. For Barbara Burcham (Cynthia Hickey’s cousin) as she continues chemo treatments for breast cancer. Doug & Suzi Smith ask prayer as they are on a trip to N. Carolina for the birth of their newest grandchild and for a healthy and safe delivery for baby and mother. Mike and Brenda Morris ask prayer for their son Louis and granddaughter Rachel, as school starts and for their daughter, Mary, who has another kidney stone. For Peyton McCone that he will be completely healed.

School Supplies Update! Our Summer Group has committed to providing school supplies for 25-30 San Angelo children who are living in foster homes. THIS SUNDAY, AUGUST 11TH IS OUR FINAL OPPORTUNITY TO BRING SUPPLIES! Please remember to bring as much as you possibly can. We will send an email later in the week letting you know what we are still need!

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