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walking dead What do these horror series offer, and why they have performed so well? This existed in all the characters of AHS. All of the characters were fragmented and in look for wholeness, connection, love, trust, but instead remained isolated, fearful, hurt, and broken. The main focus was a husband who desperately really wants to remain together with his family, yet struggles to shake his past and fully shed himself of his scandalous behavior, and his wife who desires to trust her husband and place the trauma of her past miscarriage behind her. And the mistress, who was horrifying and 'fatal attraction-like,' is equally as needy and clingy while she's alive as she actually is after she's been killed and appears at the front door. You can't just eliminating the past, you have to handle it, otherwise, the ghosts with your basement remain. They haunt your psychological brown spots, always willing to fragment your spirit, destroy your dreams, and yes hurt your children. The Walking Dead season 1 and a pair of laid the groundwork for some cool hand-chopping moral ambiguities and dilemmas. The show did a fantastic job of blurring the lines between right and wrong, and there were characters who have been stuck in a few grey areas attempting to battle to get a moral compass. Secrets, love triangles, and the dilemmas of bringing a young child right into a desolate wasteland. Is the life span of one worth risking living of all? Can you 'euthanize' your own relative when they have been 'turned'? Is it okay to help keep secrets if you think lives are at an increased risk? How can you keep virtually any moral compass yet survive when there isn't any laws? All of the grey matter is in contrast to the zombies who follow just one drive and that's to nibble on. Yet who is more humane? The humans who kill for pointless, or perhaps the zombies who can't think about it and just kill for food? Having to make these choices is the reason why us human. If you don't have to make them, and therefore are just trying to survive in support of survive, then you are a zombie. Shane become a zombie before he even turned. You could notice in the face, hear it as part of his grunts, and also the bullet in his head after he turned perhaps might have been put there before, since he had been among the walkers. The body count in season 3 of The Walking Dead continues to be so much higher. There seems to be more 'gore for gore' sake, as well as the zombies aren't only barriers but more frequent, more present. The series isn't less wonderful, it's only now less sublime, more 'shoot-em-up' fun. The line between good and evil is a lot more clear - there is absolutely no question which side we have been on, Darryl's or Merles, for instance, but the drama has been artfully crafted. This will also apply to the very best aspects of season 1 of American Horror Story the location where the horror was only a metaphor to the interpersonal dynamics in the married couple. walking dead

walking dead