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Do you know we solve many landscape related water problems? And have 30 years of experience solving serious water issues… • • • • • • • •

Wet or flooded lawns or pavement Ponded water Drowning plants Moisture on basement walls Cracked or buckling pavement Low property on block Hydrostatic pressures Erosion

Our solutions: • •

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Water Problems and Solutions

Swales Installing draintile and French drains in lawns and connecting down spouts Regrading foundations and lawns Installing diversion and retention systems

Refer us with confidence if you have been contacted by someone who needs help with a serious water issue. We understand soils, and water drainage above and below the ground and foundation. We have been a NARI and WLCA member for 30 years as well! Call or email us – even if you just have a question. We may be able to help you with it! CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION AND LANDSCAPING IDEAS WWW.WANDSNIDER.COM

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Wandsnider Landscape Architects Water Problems Flyer  

Wandsnider Landscape Architects has 30 years of experience diagnosing and solving severe water problems