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GlassLube 2.0 New and improved - 100% water free conveyor lubricant for glass on stainless steel TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Description GlassLube 2.0 is a 100% water, PTFE and silicon free lubricant particularly suitable for the lubrication of glass bottles on stainless steel drive and conveyor chains in the food and beverage industry. Applications GlassLube 2.0 has been specifically developed to: 1. Extend the interval between cleaning through the use of anti-wear additives & stabilisers. 2. Reduce wear of mechanical parts though the lubrication of chains, drive sprockets, conveyor slats & wear strips. 3. Reduce friction between base of a glass bottle and the top of the conveyor, even in wet conditions. 4. Prevent the emulsification of water to improve performance in areas with high humidity such as the filler discharge and pasteurizer out-feed. 5. Save significant amounts of water, energy and CO2 through the use of base materials from a renewable source. Benefits Feature Anti-wear additives and stabilisers

Meaning Line stays cleaner for 4-5 times longer

Lower viscosity

Improved coverage and thinner lubrication film

Great water repellency

Prevents emulsification and any water present easily evaporates No depletion of world resources Equivalent reduction in water and effluent

User natural material from a renewable source 100% Water free

100% PTFE free NSF H1 approved

Benefit  Improved hygiene  Significantly less blackening of track  Longer intervals between cleaning  Reduced wear  Improved equipment life  Lower energy consumption (estimate around 7%)  Improved hygiene  Improved performance at filler discharge and pasteuriser out-feed  Reduced carbon footprint

 Zero water consumption  100% reduction in effluent  Reduces/eliminates slips, trips and falls  Reduced humidity with less potential for bio growth (sludge) No black residue on conveyors  Improved hygiene from PTFE particles Save for incidental contact  Meets food industry standards with food

© Dry Lube Ltd 2013 GlassLube 2.0 Technical Data Sheet

GlassLube 2.0 New and improved - 100% water free conveyor lubricant for glass on stainless steel

Direction of use Application of GlassLube 2.0 by brushes & inserts along with zonal distribution allows the lubrication of upper and lower surfaces of conveyor belts; optimising product handling, extending component life and minimising energy use. Controlling zones independently provides dosage control, optimised control of package friction and greater system security than single ring-main systems. GlassLube 2.0 application and distribution is managed by a programmable logic controller (PLC) – a user friendly display graphic showing system status. The PLC is makes managing dosing control settings easier and is reliable.

General Our safe design uses high pressure hoses rated at 200bar to distribute GlassLube 2.0. This minimises the number of joints and the potential for leaks.

Typical characteristics: Appearance:

pale amber colour liquid




100% water, PTFE and silicone free from a renewable source

Kinematic Viscosity:

100cST at 40°C

4-Ball Scar Diameter IIP239


© Dry Lube Ltd 2013 GlassLube 2.0 Technical Data Sheet

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