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BOEREMARK Next Market on 7 April 2018 @ BOSVELD CENTRE 2.2KM out of town on R40

Vol 16 Issue 09, 9 March 2018, Kruger2Canyon News, Shop 12, Kamogelo Centre, Hoedspruit. Tel 015 793 2617 email:

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Heidi Lee Smith HOEDSPRUIT - After 16 years of producing Kruger2Canyon, most papers feel special to us at the office, but last week’s paper made every effort of the past years feel so worthwhile! To see the smile on the face of BobBob, when he ‘saw’ his picture in the paper, the look of total joy

and gratitude just made our week! ‘He was so beyond thrilled to see his photo and story in the newspaper he couldn’t even stop smiling,’ said Brass Brassett, the lady behind the fundraising for a corneal transplant. His gratitude alone earned him a spot on the front page! K2C will keep you updated on his progress!


9 March 2018 Kruger2Canyon


KNP rangers receive a boost

KRUGER NATIONAL PARK - Poachers work mostly at night, and it has been said that “who owns the night wins the war”. That’s why it’s of crucial importance for rangers and others involved in anti-poaching operations to be properly equipped to operate more effectively at night. NiteCore, a South African company specialising in quality flashlight products, has come to the aid of the Kruger National Park rangers with a remarkable donation of rifle mountable tactical

flashlights worth over half a million rands, as well as support with repairs and maintenance of existing equipment. The flashlights, which were handed over on Tuesday, 20 February, will give a valuable boost to rangers during anti-poaching encounters and patrols at night, giving them tactical advantage. The combination of dedicated ranger and quality equipment proves a formidable force in fighting environmental crimes such as rhino poaching. The donation also provides the equipment with a five years warranty from NiteCore International, and flashlights with any defects will be replaced under this warranty. NightCore South Africa is also in the process of collecting all tactical flashlights currently being used by KNP rangers

for repairs and maintenance, and will hand them back for enhanced performance, providing tactical flashlight support to even more rangers in the Kruger National Park. ‘We have taken the time and put in the effort to investigate, on ground level, just how much of a difference the use of our high-end flashlights is making in anti-poaching operations, especially in the fight against rhino poaching which has been at the forefront of the battle for many years now. Kruger National Park has previously purchased some of our equipment and has been using it in the field for quite some time. The feedback that we received was overwhelming, and it is yet again proven that proper equipment in these types of circumstances is absolutely critical. The word

tactical superiority comes to mind, and that is exactly what we wish for our ranger forces to be.’ said Louise Mathews, joint owner of NiteCore South Africa. The donation was received by the Kruger National Park rangers and Mr Mbongeni Tukela, Integrity and Mission Area Manager, Kruger National Park. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the donors Louise and Celesti Mathews, owners of NiteCore South Africa, on behalf of Ranger Services and Kruger National Park Management. Celesti Mathews added: ‘We as a small four person company are in a unique position to contribute through our particular product, and I feel strongly that many companies, most of which are significantly larger than us, can do so too. There are some ground-breaking technologies available which have not yet been implemented in the park, simply due to budget constraint, and as the moments tick by we lose more and more animals to human greed. It is certainly difficult for any willing donor to know just where to start. I invite any willing companies and corporates to contact us and we can connect you to the correct people. With dedication and commitment, we will win this war, sooner rather than later.’ | email:

Kruger National Park Rangers and Mr Mbongeni Tukela receive a cheque for sponsored equipment from NiteCore South Africa to SANParks, Kruger National Park Ranger Services Department..

‘The earth has music for those who listen’ - unknown

Call: 0766324004 or e-mail:

9 March 2018 Kruger2Canyon



Know the facts In conversation with Jacques about listeriosis Pauw: ‘Nobody raided me during the apartheid years’ Lauren Dold / MatieMedia

A view of the listeria bacteria. Picture: National Institute for Communicable Diseases.

Dr Hlulani J. Shivambu COUNTRYWIDE - In the last six months to a year, listeriosis, a fairly uncommon infection, has managed to catch the attention of South African health authorities. There has been an alarmingly high number of cases and even fatalities that have resulted from a Listeria Monocytogenes infection, commonly known as listeriosis. Although no confirmed cases have been reported in and around our area it is important to be familiar with this disease. Listeriosis is caused by infection by the pathogen Listeria Monocytogenes. Although a fairly uncommon cause of illness in the general population, it is a particularly important pathogen in pregnant patients, neonates, the elderly, and also immune compromised individuals. Listeria is a bacterium found in both domesticated and wild

animals. Infection in pregnant animals can cause abortion or stillbirth. It can be found in water and vegetation, and unpasteurized milk and dairy products can also carry the bacteria. The most common clinical manifestation is diarrhoea. Fever, nausea and vomiting (which sometimes precedes the diarrhoea), as well as abdominal tenderness, are also common. This can quickly progress to confusion and general weakness. The clinical manifestations of this illness can be confused with a gastrointestinal illness, but in the event of a known outbreak it is important to have a high index of suspicion in the presence of these symptoms. Recovery usually occurs within seven days of symptomatic treatment, but it is important for those with compromised immune systems, pregnant women, infants, the elderly, and cancer patients to seek medical attention.

Helpful tips to avoid infection: • • • •

avoid raw milk/raw milk products (unpasteurized milk) practice good hygiene (thorough hand-washing prior to food intake) cook meat thoroughly be very aware of expiry dates on food products.

Home care for listeriosis patients: • • • •

high clear fluid intake, mainly water or tea. the popular BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Apple source, Toast) bedrest always seek medical attention

Raptors Lodge

STELLENBOSCH - The President’s Keepers author Jacques Pauw participated in a discussion in Stellenbosch last Saturday, detailing the events leading up to the Hawks raid of his property earlier that week. Daily Maverick journalist Pauli Van Wyk hosted the discussion with Jacques in a well-attended Woordfees event at the Kruiskerk. Jacques immediately regaled the audience with Wednesday’s events and the raid of his property where he runs a restaurant in RiebeekKasteel. He admitted that his staff are so well-prepared for such incidences that they immediately threw two laptops out of the window, one of which landed in his neighbour’s compost heap. The Hawks were searching for documents relating to incriminating information published in The President’s Keepers. While the Hawks did not find anything of value on the property, Jacques says he was completely surprised by the raid. ‘I felt as if I was back in the dark days of apartheid when we wrote about the death squads. [The Hawks] are supposed to be investigating acts of terrorism, now they’re investigating me.’ Jacques commented that while he was surprised that the raid took place exactly two weeks into newly-elected President Ramaphosa’s term, ‘Ramaphosa is the best we can do at the moment.’ However, he maintains that South Africans should not become complacent. ‘We can’t sit back and relax for a while, we have to be vigilant.’ Jacques came out of retirement for the writing of this book, after ending his expansive journalistic career in 2014 to pursue business in the hospitality industry. His retirement was short-lived. ‘I didn’t plan to write this book. I didn’t plan to write again,’ Pauw revealed. He describes journalists, him-

R1 700 000

Investment opportunity! This secure 2-bedroom unit offers good income potential from short term rentals and is sold fully furnished. The property has an open plan lounge and kitchen with large double sliding doors which open out onto the patio with braai area and view of the bush. The kitchen is well equipped with a pantry cupboard and additional cupboard for storage. Both bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms, air-con, built-in cupboards and study nooks. Sliding doors lead out onto the patio. The unit also features a double carport. Michelle Severin 083 469 3821 Web ref: 1085443

Moditlo Nature Reserve

R3 999 000

Entertain your guests in this private lodge style home - an opportunity not to be missed! This house can accommodate up to 8 of your guests and comes fully furnished. There are 3 standalone guest cottages which are all en-suite with fantastic outside showers and a large boma area overlooking your own waterhole. There is no need to leave the comfort of your home as the animals are seen roaming close by regularly. Take a dip into the pool after a hot sunny day. A Nissan Patrol is also included in the price. Mike Dodds 082 906 7004 Web ref: 943754

Jacques Pauw engaging with guests and autographing copies of his book at a discussion about the contraversial publication The Presidents Keepers, in Stellenbosch last week.

self included, as ‘addicts,’ so when the opportunity arose to write The President’s Keepers, he couldn’t help but to pursue the high. ‘The fact that I suddenly became a celebrity was terrible for me,’ says Jacques after his controversial book

Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate

propelled him into the public eye. Discussions such as this one have become part of his daily agenda since the release of his book in October of last year. He ended the discussion with advice for the audience and for broader civil society:

R 4 800 000

This 4-bedroom owner managed guest house is located on the greenbelt. The main house has 3 bedrooms all en-suite and a self-catering cottage outside. There is an indoor dining room, lounge/tv room leading onto a patio. The garden is fenced off with a manicured and well-maintained garden that overlooks the wilderness area. There is an office area at the front door which leads onto the lounge. The dining area is open to the kitchen and leads to a scullery and courtyard. All rooms have air conditioners. Rob Severin 083 469 3820 Web ref: 1037892

Blyde Wildlife Estate

R 2 280 000

This spacious 3-bedroom home is located close to the wilderness trails area on this tranquil Wildlife Estate. An open plan kitchen, living and dining room leads onto a covered patio with swimming pool and braai area. The master bedroom has an en-suite bathroom. The additional two bedrooms share a separate shower and toilet and there is also a loft room which can be used as a TV room. This home also offers a double garage, laundry room and separate outside guest room with shower and toilet facilities. Jason Jones 083 267 4794 Web ref: 1085263

‘People must be vigilant and active, we must all be activists, for freedom and for democracy and for justice.’

(Lauren Dold grew up in Hoedspruit and is currently studying at Stellenbosch University)


9 March 2018 Kruger2Canyon


Crafters get access to international market LOWVELD - We see them every day on street corners and roadsides, trying to attract passers-by to their crafts on display. Most of us do not realise it, but these people are actually self-employed, and they do not add to the burden of unemployed millions

living on grants. Most crafters are really quite dedicated and hard-working; when not making or sourcing stock, they sit all day and every day waiting to do business with somebody. The problem for crafters trying to sell their produce is

that their work is only seen by a few, maybe some tourists passing by, or people building and furnishing a lodge or a home. Their opportunities to sell are limited and most of them live either on, or just above the breadline. They have no access to the market place, nor any opportunity to interact with people from other areas who may be on the lookout for genuine African handicraft (much of which is actually collectible). From a sourcing point of view, Hoedspruit hides yet another secret: the biggest collection of crafters and handicrafts can be found within 100km of the town. Much of what we see here finds its way to Cape Town and to the rest of the country, often in the back of a rickety bakkie on a journey lasting a week or more. At Ngala Curios and Handcrafts, based in Hoedspruit, we change their world forever! We travel from one side of the province to the other looking for exceptional handwork, mainly on the side of a road or in a market. We photograph all the products there and then, we agree a fair price and we go back to the studio and work with the photos to get them onto our website which cov-

ers the world. We do not take anything on consignment, we take no product from any crafter without paying the agreed price for it, and we go and collect from the crafter only when we have an order for the item.

There is an opportunity for our fellow Hoedspruit and regional citizens to get involved in this project. If you know of a really talented curio or handicraft maker who may have slipped under our radar, you can help us get

him or her listed by simply phoning us on 0828555074 or sending us an email at and we will get the ball rolling. w Meanwhile, have a look at our website:

DAKTARI gets a charitable donation HOEDSPRUIT- Recently, DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage received donations from three charitable companies: McMac Pet, Rystix Timbacare and the Silveray Stationary Company. McMac Pet donated 10 dog bowls, transport boxes and plastic beds. As this donation was so generous, the people at DAKTARI decided to share it with their friends at Hoedspruit Paws, another local NPO that aims to find homes for unwanted and abandoned pets. The bowls, boxes and beds will be used in DAKTARI’s wildlife orphanage to help care for their animals and keep

them fed and comfortable! Silveray Stationary Company also contributed a considerable amount of stationary to DAKTARI. Some was kept for use in the Bush School and the remainder of the notebooks, pens, pencils, staplers and folders were distributed to three local schools in the nearby area. The teachers and children at Maahlamele, Rakgolowana and Lepono schools were very appreciative of their new supplies. Last month, DAKTARI also received a donation of Ebony Varnish from Rystic Timbacare, Limpopo. We have used the varnish on the animal en-

closures to keep them looking bright and fresh. DAKTARI would like to extend a large thank you for the support from these companies. These donated resources will help them further their mission of inspiring children to care for the environment. If you are interested in donating to their organization please contact Michele at or visit our website Students seen here with various donations, (right) stationary and animal beds and feeding bowls (below)


The luckiest dog ever! Brass Brassett

HOEDSPRUIT - The Hoedspruit AnimaL Outreach (HALO) on that day was quiet, no audible mayhem of barking dogs and screaming kids as most villagers were away attending a funeral - but somehow Savanna Girl knew that we were there, and made the 10-minute journey from her house to outreach. In the two weeks since we last saw her she had lost half her body weight, now weighing just 5kg. If we had left her there, she would probably not have survived another two weeks until the next outreach. A call to her owner gave us the consent we needed to take her, and another call secured her a foster home with me at Campfire Academy. Savanna Girl left her dad, brother and pack mates and all she had ever known, and began the most amazing journey in her young life. The first couple of days were tough for her; she just shut down, curled up and slept, partly because she knew she was safe and partly as a way to deal with her new situation of sleeping

indoors, in a soft bed, with so much attention from so many people, and food, food, food! Soon Savanna Girl realised that she was on to a good thing and she handled all the new challenges in life like a boss! A blood test revealed that she had a small liver problem that attributed to her weight loss and that was soon rectified with a high protein and ironrich three meals a day diet and a tonic supplement. The first step to being a dog came the day Savanna Girl realised that all those things people kept

giving her were toys! One day all that surplus energy was put to good use and she played, not just all day long, but every day since. As time went on and the bag o’bones became a dog it was time to find her a Forever Home, but then a new problem arose: a slipping knee cap. The decision was made for her to undergo surgery to secure her knee cap before rehoming her, so she could have the rest she needed to recuperate. After eight long, post-op, weeks she was finally ready

Savanna has gone from village life, to the best of the bush and now Cape Town!

to go to her Forever Home, where she has a brother and sister Ridgeback and the most loving and devoted mum and dad in Diane and Con van Eeden. ‘It was pretty much love at first sight,’ says Diane, “Savanna just seemed to be the missing part of our family.’ From village to bush to beach - Savanna Girl just took her first ever flight as the family relocated to Cape Town. Savanna Girl had sponsors and love from all over the world and every single one of those people played a part in making Savanna Girl one of HALO’s greatest and most rewarding success stories. As HALO says, #TogetherWeCanMakeADifference

9 March 2018 Kruger2Canyon



9 March 2018 Kruger2Canyon


Voories kamp by Lowveld Academy

Bo: Altus se been word gespalk

HOEDSPRUIT - In ‘n vreeslike bedrywige skoolprogram kry die Voortrekkers uiteindelik ‘n naweek om te kamp. ‘n Kamp wat geen druk op die kinders plaas nie, hulle kan net kind wees en vaardighede speel-speel aanleer. So het Hanco, Byron, Clarissa, Fourie, Kerneels, Yanie, Gabby en Marila geleer hoe om hout te skuur, te vernis en te olie sodat die hout se grein mooi na vore kom. Hulle het elkeen ‘n skyf hout van 30 cm deursnee gekry wat hulle vir ma kan gee om in die kombuis te gebruik of om teen hulle muur te sit. Hulle keuse..... Die klompie het ook bordesakke gemaak en geleer hoe om

met ‘n naaimasjien te werk en te ryg. Daarby het hulle ook die dubbele skuifknoop ook geleer. Tussendeur het hulle ook heerlik af gekoel in die swembad. Conrad, Leonara, Werdiaan, Menike, Jodi-Lee, Lindi-Lee en Mason het die meeste van die dag in die swembad spandeer. Hulle het goed uitgeduik, gedryf, boot geroei en meer oor waterveiligheid geleer. Alles so speel-speel. Altus het die plaaslike kwekery besoek asook ‘n winkel waar hy verskeie tuingereedskap geïdentifiseer het. Terug by die kamp het hy ‘n voëlverskrikker gemaak en blomme geplant en saad gesaai in ‘n wurm wat van sykouse en kompos gemaak

Links: Die toubrug word gebou

Bo: Die planke word geseel met vernis

is. Kan nie wag om die harige wurm te sien wanneer die saad ontkiem. Die verkenners het ‘n finansiële beplanning gedoen en bespreek waar hulle gemeenskapsdiens in Hoedspruit kan doen. Hulle het ook die voordele en nadele van sosiale media bespreek en hoe dit elke mens beïnvloed. Vrydagaand is ‘n nagmars gehou met ‘n skattejag – dit het 3 ure geneem. Die kinders moes onder andere toubrug bou, noodhulp toepas, morse kode ontsyfer, fluitseine uitken. Die kinders was nie moeg na hul

stort en milo nie en het tot laatnag gekuier. Saterdag was die energievlak laer as gewoonlik, maar elkeen het hul deel gedoen. Saterdagaand is kampvuurkonsert gehou. Dit het die kinders net so geniet. Hulle was gouer moeg na die vorige laataand en die hele dag in en uit die water. Sondag is seremonie en godsdiens gehou en daarna het elkeen hul projekte voltooi en vir oulaas geswem. Dit was nou ‘n lekker kamp op Hoerskool LA se terrein. Hou Koers

Drakie redenaars - So bek kort jam!

Drakies stoei mooi!

(Voor) Ruva Adam, Anika Wallace, Hlogi Ngwenyama, Leané Craucamp, Lethabo Phala, Emily du Toit, Biotumelo Mere en Jade Pretorius. (Agter) Rishika Padmaran, Claire du Toit, Kurhula Morema, Carinké Rowets, Nobuhle Radebe, Gaby Vorgers, Mokgetwa Manakana en Abigail Viljoen.

Klein maar baie sterk! (Voor) Franco Landsberg, René Vos en Kian Lotter. (Agter) Ricardo Coertzen en Rianco Haggard. Hou so aan julle

HOEDSPRUIT - Leerders van Laerskool Drakensig het Dinsdag, 27 Februarie 2018 die gehoor aan hul lippe laat hang tydens die Senior Redenaars aand vir Huistaal leerders. Al die Drakies het sommer spoggerig gepraat en ons

HOEDSPRUIT - Op Saterdag, 3 Maart het die Hoedspruit Stoeiklub deelgeneem aan die DRC Ope Kampioenskappe te Middelbrug. Vyf van ons Drakies het ook stoeikampioenskappe bygewoon – Ricardo Coertzen, Rianco Haggard,

is baie trots op elkeen van hulle. Die uitslae is as volg: Wenners Gr. 4 Jade Pretorius; Grd. 4 Biotumelo Mere; Gr. 5 Emily du Toit; Grd. 5 Lethabo Phala; Gr. 6 Leané Craucamp; Grd. 6 Hlogi Ngwenyama; Gr. 7 Anika Wallace; Grd. 7 Ruva

Adam en Rishika Padmaran. Naaswenner Gr. 4 Abigail Viljoen; Grd. 4 Mokgetwa Manakana; Gr. 5 Gaby Vorgers; Grd. 5 Nobuhle Radebe; Gr. 6 Carinké Rowets; Grd. 6 Kurhula Morema en Gr. 7 Claire du Toit.

Laerskool Drakensig bedank graag die volgende beoordelaars: Clarika Strydom, Carika Fox, Belinda Bilgnaut en Mellanie Wright. Baie dankie vir jul betrokkenheid by ons skool en ons kinders se ontwikkeling.

Kian Lotter, Franco Landsberg en René Vos. Ricardo Coertzen het ʼn algehele eerste plek losgestoei en Rianco Haggard het met ʼn algehele derde plek weggestap in hul gewigsklas. Ons Drakies presteer op alle gebiede!! Hou so aan!!

9 March 2018 Kruger2Canyon



Drakies presteer by Interlaer 2018!

HOEDSPRUIT - Die Drakies-atletiespan het Saterdag, 24 Februarie dou voor dag uit die vere geklim om aan die Interlaer Atletiekbyeenkoms te Duiwelskloof te gaan deelneem.

HOEDSPRUIT BUSINESS DIRECTORY Advertise in Kruger2Canyon to get a FREE listing on our Business Directory ACCOMMODATION Fleur de Lys guest farm 079 505 3665 Marula Camp/ Tshukudu Safaris 015 001 7084 BUSINESS / SHOPS / SERVICES ABC Information Technologies 015 793 0851 ABC Information Technologies 079 875 8888 Agri Box 082 888 0520 Barefoot Dance Academy 083 785 5354 Blackbird Business Services 082 552 6594 Boek & Pen 015 793 0859 Bureu de Change 015 793 1368 Crocodile Printers 087 802 8307 Deltec Solar 015 793 2448 Darkie Design Interiors 079 503 0151 Ecologic Degreaser 089 525 9210 Fruitful Living 015 793 3703 Gabriella’s Décor & Events Hire 074 140 6069 Goddin&Godding (24’ SOUTH) 072 467 3310 Hancolodi 079 432 3505 Hangupz (24’ SOUTH) 082 440 8514 Hi-Q Hoedspruit 015 793 1580 Hobby Box 015 793 0043 Howzit (24’ SOUTH) 082 304 9131 Hoedspruit Paws 078 431 3161 Hoeds Wildlife Est Pharmacy 015 793 1427 InterAfrica Money Exchange 015 793 1368 Joburg Online 015 793 0093 Khaki Fever 015 793 0943 Kill-a-Bug 083 258 5537 Kruger2Canyon News 015 793 2617 Lodge Locums 082 855 0032 Maruleng Municipality 015 793 2409 Mediation & Training 083 253 3675 Moov to Move / Nina 078 778 9014 Organic Virgo (Seedlings) 060 475 3645 PicknPay Hoedspruit 015 793 0482 Round Da Bend (24’ SOUTH) 078 431 3161 Rustique Interiors 082 385 1297 Simply Sewing 072 210 7411 SPAR Hoedspruit 015 793 2305 Tops @ SPAR 015 793 2069 Top 2 Bottom Cleaning 073 722 7913 Valencia Fabrics / Nelspruit 013 752 7005 Vehicle License Department 015 793 0838 Woodenways Luxury Furniture 013 590 5018 CONSTRUCTION & INDUSTRIAL BUCO 015 793 0560 Coastal Hire 015 793 0971 Drain Surgeon 015 793 1484 DU Paint & Tool 015 793 0225 FA Construction 076 341 7536 Hoedspruit Tool & Tile 015 793 0195 Hoffmans Thatching 015 793 1530 LED Electrical and Pumps 083 501 8979 Midrand Aircon Hoedspruit 015 793 3337 Pool & Spa specialists 015 793 0166 Talisman 015 793 0560 Trellidor 013 752 4022 Wildlife Thatch 015 793 0792 SCHOOLS & EDUCATION Drakensig Laerskool 015 793 3756 Drakensig Pre-primer 015 793 2401 Perspective Training College 082 787 4471 Hoedspruit Christian School 015 793 2067 Lowveld Academy 015 793 3750 Mariepskop Laerskool 079 529 6071 Mariepskop Pre-primer 082 880 7069 Southern Cross Schools 015 793 0590

EMERGENCY – HELP LINES After Hours Emergency Doctors 084 770 1741 Air Force Base Hoedspruit 015 799 2911 Ambulance AFB 015 799 2065 Ambulance Hoedspruit 015 793 1581 Ambulance Tintswalo 101 77 Farm watch/ Plaaswag 072 310 0032 Fire Brigade AFB 015 799 2172 Fire Brigade Maruleng 015 793 0536 Hoedspruit Medical Rescue 072 170 0864 Hospital AFB 015 799 2065 Hospital Tintswalo 013 795 5000 Police Hoedspruit 015 799 4000 Protrack 015 793 2585 MEDICAL & VETERINARY SERVICES Counselling Ronelle Joubert 082 787 4471 DR Van Eeden (Dentist) 015 793 1876 DR Werner Muller (Dentist) 015 793 1894 Hlokomela 072 698 6538 Hoedspruit Clinic 015 793 2342 Hoeds Wildlife Est Pharmacy 015 793 1427 J Coetzee (Clinical Psychologist) 015 781 0012 Marlie Landman (Eye Clinic) 082 803 0369 Med Centre (Dentists) 015 793 0845 Med Centre Emergency No 079 102 919*2 Optometrist (M. Landman) 082 803 0369 ProVet Veterinary Hospital 015 793 0797 REAL ESTATE & PROPERTY Century 21 015 793 1534 Fine & Country 083 377 6622 Pam Golding 015 793 2712 Wildfig Apartments 083 977 9678 RESTAURANTS & CATERING Anne’s Cotton Club Café 079 286 5600 Desperate Housewives 015 793 0820 Silverwings Spur 015 793 0559 Sleepers Railway Restaurant 015 793 1014 Three Bridges 079 912 9416 SPA’S & SALONS African Summer Spa 015 793 1895 Africology Spa 076 339 1035 Godding& Godding Spa 082 808 9203 Hooked on Hair 015 793 0475 StylistiX Hair &Beauty 015 793 2944 TOURISM & THINGS TO DO 24 Deg. South / Old Silk Farm 072 467 3310 Amurala Lapa 015 781 7766 Ashtons Kruger Shuttle 015 793 2617 Blyde Canyon Adventure 015 795 5961 Cheetah Paw 079 563 4463 Daktari Wildlife Orphanage 082 656 2969 Eastgate Airport 015 793 3681 Garden of Eden 079 505 3665 Godding&Godding 082 808 9203 Hoedspruit-info 015 793 2167 Hds Endangered Species Centre 015 793 1633 Imbizo Gallery 087 808 2826 Khamai Reptile Park 087 806 2093 Moholoholo Rehab Centre 082 907 5984 Roots of Rythms 083 785 5354 Sun Catchers (Hot Air Ballooning) 087 806 2079 Sky-Way Trails 013 737 8374 VEHICLES. SPARES & REPAIRS Cronje Vervoer 079 695 5444 Deltec Batteries Hoedspruit 015 793 2448 Hi-Q Tyres 082 804 2502 Laeveld Trekkers 087 806 5616 Motor bike hire (24’ SOUTH) 082 859 0966

Die atlete het hul baie goed van hul taak gekwyt en altesaam 7 goue medaljes, 4 silwer en 3 brons medaljes ingepalm. Thapelo Malatji is aangewys as die Senior Victrix Ludorum van die dag

en het ook 1ste plek behaal in onderskeidelik 200m Hekkies, 75m Hekkies en 200m vir dogters o/13. Die Drakies bedank graag Laerskool Duiwelskloof vir hul gasvryheid en spogbyeen-

koms! Dankie ook aan al die personeel en atlete van Laerskool Drakensig vir jul toewyding en harde werk hierdie atletiekseisoen.

Half-day position - 6 month contract

Shop 5 Leadwood Corner

Applicants must have: - Own laptop, cell phone and camera - Own transport necessary - Previous qualifications beneficial - Strong written skills and attention to detail Complete CV’s to be sent to

Hoedspruit Parkrun so much fun! Lindsey Dickerson

HOEDSPRUIT - Last Saturday, Hoedspruit parkrun saw a record number of 230 participants who came to run, jog and walk our beautiful course. Our local high schools took part in a friendly challenge, fielding some of their best runners. 17year-old Brian Mangena from Southern Cross College beat the current parkrun record with a time of 18:12 – well done Brian! It was a cliffhanger moment with only 1-point differ-

ence between Southern Cross College and Hoedspruit High - congratulations to Hoedspruit High for winning the challenge! Hoedspruit parkrun would not be possible without Protrack, Thirsty Giraffe, and our wonderful parkrun volunteers. If you can spare an hour on a Saturday morning every now and again, please consider supporting this great community initiative by giving of your time to volunteer as a helper. See you on Saturday!

OFFICE: 015 793 1484/5 EMERGENCY: 083 307 9258 Main Street Hoedspruit

“No job too deep, too dark or too dirty”

“Quick As A Wink”

Plumbing Installations & Repairs | Electrical Installations & Repairs | Geyser Installations & Repairs | Empty Septic Tanks Blocked Drains | Septic Tanks | French Drains | Solar & Heat Pumps | Pumps | Water Tanks | Aircon Installations & Services| COC

OFFICE: 015 793 0792

Chris Dreyer: 0835735920

Main Street Hoedspruit

Kruger2canyon vol 16 09  

A wonderful edition with incredible stories of hope and celebration of our greater Hoedspruit community

Kruger2canyon vol 16 09  

A wonderful edition with incredible stories of hope and celebration of our greater Hoedspruit community