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Eva, reaching for the stars The big-screen adaptation of Elsa Joubert’s book, Poppie Nongena, scooped no less than 12 awards at the ninth KykNET Silwerskermfees - the biggest haul ever for a single film at the Afrikaans Film Festival. This included Hoedspruit’s own Eva du Preez’s second win for Best Editing. A movie not to be missed, Poppie Nongena is released in cinemas on 31 January 2020. When asked what it felt like to be on the team, creating such an incredible movie, Eva said: ‘Being part of a film with so much legacy was incredibly inspiring, and I am so proud of the result. For a long time the female voice has been suppressed, and I think it’s so important that this becomes a greater part of the global dialogue which I believe this film really manages to bring across. The film has these amazing performances by Clementine Mo-

simane, Anna-Mart van der Merwe, Nomsa Nene and Nicole Holm, all these powerful, strong women who really created an inspiring environment to grow with and learn from’. About winning Best Editing for a second time, Eva says: ‘Winning this award for the second time means a great deal to me. Editing can become very lonely with not much recognition for the hours spent in the dark. It is truly amazing when a film comes together and I’m forever grateful for my post-production team’s support and guidance’. ‘My dream for the local film industry is international recognition. We have the most amazing film landscape and stories in South Africa that will resonate with international audiences. On a technical level we can compete with international standards when it comes to cinema-

Above: Hoedspruit’s own movie maker Eva du Preez seen at the Kyknet Silverskermfees with her coveted award for Best Editing of the movie Poppie Nongena which will hit the cinemas in South Africa on 31 January 2020. Photo credit: Retha Ferguson & KykNET

Melanie Cleary

Left: Eva and Director Christiaan Olwagen while shooting Poppie Nongena in October 2018.


one it’s a



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tography, sound design and editing. I will forever strive to become a better storyteller in my craft,’ bubbles a passionate Eva. Co-winners on this incredible movie were: Best feature film and Best ensemble cast - Poppie Nongena. | Best screenplay - Christiaan Olwagen en Saartjie Botha | Best director - Christiaan Olwagen | Best actress - Clementine Mosimane | Best supporting

actor - Chris Gxalaba | Best supporting actress - Nomsa Nene | Best editing - Eva du Preez | Best cinematographer - Vicci Turpin | Best hair and make-up - Gale Shepherd | Best costume design - Sylvia van Heerden | Best sound design - James Olivier, Richard West, Simon Ratcliffe Catch the trailer for the movie on our facebook page at: www.facebook. com/kruger2canyon it’s rivetting.


11 October 2019 Kruger2Canyon

Thank you During Women’s Month, Supa Quick ran a promotion to raise money for an issue that plagues young women in disadvantaged communities. It is one of the greatest contributors to school absenteeism and a challenge to the education of these young women, it is an issue that most take for granted: the availability of sanitary pads. Coupled with the pain and discomfort is the embarrassment experienced by these young women, as if life didn’t have enough obstacles to overcome. We wanted to do our bit and thanks to community support we were able to raise enough to buy over 400 packages of sanitary pads sup-

plied by Hoedspruit Spar at a very generous price. These were distributed to two very worthy NPOs – Hlokomela clinic, represented by Sonja Botha, and Nourish, represented by Siobhan Bentley – who are doing amazing work in our communities, seeing not only to the plight of our young women but so much more for which we applaud them. Hlokomela Women’s Clinic would like to thank Supa Quick Hoedspruit’s owner, Donovan Wilkes, Crystal-lee and Caren Davids, and Udo Schultz, for their generous donation! Your donation will most certainly help keep a girl in school during the last stretch of this academic year!


Sleepers Railway Restaurant’s ghost image gets a facelift

Well known artist: Vanessa Lomas hard at work, restoring the Sleepers Railway Restaurant sign after fifteen years

For all your Earth Moving Needs | Building of Dams | Roads | Bush Clearing and More! Contact Jaco 082454845

Sleepers, as it is fondly known, is pretty much an institution in Hoedspruit, to such an extent that one feels it’s been there ‘forever’. But according to Vanessa Lomas she painted the Sleepers sign some fifteen years ago. ‘I painted the original sign some fifteen years ago, back when there were no professional sign writers in Hoedspruit - the times when we all had to trade with Phalaborwa to get our signs made etc. I even went to see a paint specialist in Nelspruit and asked him what paint is best for an outdoor sign that will be exposed to the elements, sun, rain or shine. He gave me a five-year guarantee on

the colours lasting, in full exposure to the sun,’ says Vanessa. ‘Fortunately the sign survived about thirteen years before it started to fade! In the last few years it faded to nothing more than a ghost image. I’ve managed to restore it beautifully and thoroughly enjoyed reminiscing about the past whilst doing so.’ Vanessa told Kruger2Canyon. ‘240 likes on my Facebook post tells me that this process intrigued a large number of people.’ ‘Maja is over the moon with the refurbished sign which also ties in nicely with the new menu she has released a week ago’ ends Vanessa.



11 October 2019 Kruger2Canyon



30 years of teaching, research and Hoedspruit social impact at the Wits Rural Malaria ALERT Wits Communications

The Wits Rural Campus – formerly the Wits Rural Facility - has enabled impactful interdisciplinary research, student training and community engagement in rural Bushbuckridge for 30 years. ‘The Wits Rural Campus (WRC) is part of Wits University’s fundamental agenda and an example of what universities need to do to change society for the better. We are a bridge between rich and poor, rural and urban, local and international, and a link between different countries and communities,’ said Professor Adam Habib, the Vice-Chancellor and Principal of Wits University, at the launch of the upgraded WRC on 6 September 2019. ‘On behalf of Wits University, I would like to thank all those who have worked to develop the WRC into the world-class Campus that it is today.’ The opening coincided with

Professors Loyiso Nongxa, Wayne Twine, John Gear and Adam Habib create a “bridge of time” as they unveil a plaque that commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Wits Rural Campus.

the 30th anniversary celebrations of the Wits Rural Campus and the formal launch of the Wits Rural Knowledge Hub. The nearly 100 guests included senior University and government officials, vice-chancellors, Wits staff, and other stakeholders such as local communities and NGOs. A founding members of the Wits Rural Facility and stal-

wart of Wits University, Professor John Gear, explained its early evolution: ‘The Health Systems Development Unit had the dream to train people, to develop policy and to empower and develop communities in the early 1980s. By the late 1980s we had about ten academic projects running including a law clinic, education outreach programmes, technology courses, and a

water resource development programme. Interdisciplinary research was common, and these projects bred larger endeavours like the Centre for Health Policy and the worldclass MRC/Wits Rural Public Health and Health Transitions Research Unit’. Director of the Wits Knowledge Hub, Professor Wayne Twine, elaborated on the fundamental research and academic and social impact that results from the work undertaken by the Wits Rural Campus. ‘The WRC is a worldclass platform and knowledge hub for undergraduates, postgraduates and postdoctoral fellows working on the Campus and in surrounding communities. The facility is a base for research in key themes including health transitions, social and population dynamics, environmental sustainability and teacher and school development,’ he said. ‘The Wits Rural Campus demonstrates that our universities do not conduct elite research in ivory towers or teach in sheltered environments,’ said Dr Diane Parker, Deputy Director-General in the DHET. ‘It brings together academic excellence through education and research, innovation and social impact. In a nutshell, this facility impacts positively on communities and improves the lives of people.’ The Wits Rural Campus is now a world-class facility that offers full conference and teaching facilities with WiFi, an ecology laboratory, swimming pools and an on-site restaurant in a tranquil bushveld setting. ‘It is a special place staffed by committed and loyal people, some of whom have been here for decades. We look forward to hosting more visitors from Wits and beyond at the Wits Rural Campus,’ concludes Cameron Watt, the WRC’s Operations Manager. The Campus is close to the rural communities of Bushbuckridge, the Orpen Gate of the Kruger National Park and many private game reserves.

Malaria tips shared by Drs Cleve and Belinda McIntosh 1) If you don’t get bitten, you can’t get malaria. • • •

Sleep under a mosquito net. Wear long pants and socks at dusk and dawn. Mosquitoes love ankles. Malaria mosquitoes bite most at cool times of the day. Throw out stagnant water around your home regularly.

2) Don’t ignore a fever combined with a headache and any linked symptoms of digestion such as nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea.

Know the symptoms of malaria: • • •

Fever. Buy a thermometer, keep it at home and travel with it. ANY flu-like symptoms. Headache, body pain plus fever, etc... Digestive symptoms. Diarrhoea. Malaria is easily confused with infectious or traveller’s diarrhoea. Be very suspicious!

3) Test yourself or get tested as soon as possible. •

Rapid test kits are available over the counter at your local pharmacy. Always have at least one on hand – it isn’t easy to find a malaria test on a Saturday night or in a town / city / country where malaria is not prevalent! If you have visited a malaria area make sure to buy at least two tester kits and keep them in case you develop symptoms back home where treatment of malaria may not be common. They are inexpensive, less than R100/test. These tests are very reliable, if test is negative and you are in doubt, test again 12 hours later if you are still not feeling better. Testing early can make the difference between a minor illness and a life-threatening infection.

People die because they think they have something else and don’t test for malaria soon enough. Malaria symptoms will only develop about 10 days after being bitten when you may have forgotten about the threat of malaria! 4) The Hoedspruit clinic is open and available from 07:00 to 16:00 seven days a week for testing and treatment free of charge. 5) Even if you self-diagnose and test yourself, it is good to go to your doctor or local clinic to get blood tests done to check your kidney and liver function. Your haemoglobin (Hb) levels and parasite count will determine whether you need intravenous Artesunate (derived from Artemesia Annua / common name wormwood) or whether you are well enough to just take it orally as a Co-artem tablet. Co-artem is available from the clinic or pharmacy. 6) NB: If you are hospitalised for intravenous (IV) treatment, IV Artesunate has a lower mortality than IV quinine for complicated malaria. Artesunate is available in government hospitals and most private hospitals.   If the hospital does not have Artesunate in stock, take IV quinine until they source IV Artesunate.


11 October 2019 Kruger2Canyon


SCS excel at Tritech Science Expo 2019

Kyra Girardin received a Gold in Participation and came first overall in the Life Sciences category for her project on sustainable leather.

Calvin Severin received a Bronze in Participation for his detailed project about small scale erosion.

The 2019 Tritech Science Expo National Round took place at Hoërskool Merensky on the weekend of 6/7 September 2019. Grade 7 to 11 learners from all over Limpopo and Mpumalanga participated in the competition. After the regional round, only the top projects were selected to be judged at the Nationals. The learners who competed at Nationals were said to be in the top 2% of

played passion and dedication whilst presenting their projects which paid off and they received exceptional results. Amber Gallop, Sveva Moore, and Ryley Gallop in Grade 7, and Kenia van Loggerenberg and Kyra Girardin in Grade 9, received a Gold in Participation. Layla Fairhead and Emma Imrie in Grade 7, Calvin Severin and Gemma Fergusson in Grade 9, received a Silver in participation and Louis Du

the 10 000 learners who began the exercise. Ten Southern Cross learners were selected and participated in the National Science Fair. On the morning of 6 September, the learners hopped into the bus full of enthusiasm and excitement and travelled to Tzaneen. As they arrived, they received a warm welcome from the Merensky and Tritech staff. The learners were shown their rooms, had lunch and

played ice breakers to get to know their fellow scientists! The participants’ nerves settled slightly but not for long, as they headed off to the separate classrooms to present in their assigned categories. After their presentations, they had activities such as rocket building and take off, rotten tomato paintball, and a team obstacle course competition, lined up for them. The SCS learners dis-

Gemma Fergusson in Grade 9 received a Silver in Participation for her project titled ‘Reading between the lines’.

Preez in Grade 9, received a Bronze in Participation. Ryley came first overall in the Environmental Sciences category with her river filtering device that cleans out litter, and Sveva was placed second overall in the same category. Kenia’s ‘Social Media Believe it or Not’ won ‘Most innovative project’ in the junior sector which is remarkable as the junior sector consists of Grade 7 to Grade 9 projects!

Kyra Girardin came first overall in the Life Sciences category for her project on sustainable leather. The weekend was thoroughly enjoyed, was full of new experiences and of course, full of science, science, science! Congratulations to all our young scientists - may you continue to think creatively and out of the box - you will most definitely make a mark on our world!

Kenia van Loggerenberg’s ‘Social Media Believe it or not’ won ‘Most innovative project’ and was awarded Gold in Participation.

Fun and games at Bismarck Village in the Willows

At Bismarck village, young and old, organised themselves into soccer and netball teams and lots of fun and games were had. ‘It was a conscious decision to actively support the formation of soccer and netball teams in the rural villages,’ says Marie Helm, Councillor of the Mopani District Municipality. As so often in life, the right people appeared at the right time in the right place!! Samuel Maimela from Bismarck took the decision to start these teams and the DA was able to support him in his singleminded efforts. As the coach,

organiser and ‘father’ of the teams, he plays an irreplaceable role. He is the one who makes sure that the young people gather, the one who prepares the soccer and netball fields and who takes responsibility for the functioning and maintenance of the equipment and the teams. The DA has sponsored two soccer balls, one netball ball and two netball poles. These were handed over to the teams on Thursday 3 October 2019. Marie said that the DA will continue to support such uplifting and motivational activities in all the rural villages. She thanked the


11 October 2019 Kruger2Canyon


Hoedspruiters Post2020 GBF Youth consultation show support at Suicide Awareness Walk Mpho Lavhengwa

Tinyiko Makhubela Hlokomela and Hoedspruit Victim Support Unit, alongside families who have lost loved ones to suicide, joined in the Suicide Awareness Community Walk. The walk commenced at Hoedspruit Spar at 08:30 on September 28 and ended at Pick n Pay. This year the theme was Out of the Darkness into the Light. The community came out in yellow attire, carrying banners with messages of support. According to the presentation by Hlokomela, 10%

of all deaths in South Africa are suicide related. ‘We need to do more to address and prevent suicide,’ the crowd agreed. At the end of the walk, yellow and white candles were lit symbolising light in the darkness of life. No one should feel like they are helpless and hopeless. Looking out for a friend or loved one is an important part of preventing suicide. Many people become depressed at one point or another in their life, ‘however long the night the dawn will break again’.

Nina van Eeden 078 778 9014 | Dina de Waal 083 327 0325

On Friday 27 September 2019, the South African Youth Biodiversity Network (SAYBN) held their second consultation meeting towards the Post2020 Global Biodiversity Framework in Mpumalanga at Meriam Mogakane Community Hall, Acornhoek. SAYBN together with Kruger to Canyons Biosphere, Department of Environmental Affairs, and National Development Plan 2030 made the event a success. SAYBN is a Global Youth Biodiversity Network chapter that aims to improve the contribution of the South African youths in the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), manage an online platform to share opportunities related to biodiversity and contribute to the implementation of the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plans (NBSAP) and its Aichi Targets. The consultations are a platform that empowers the youth to lead the shift that will enable society to live in harmony with nature. The attendees learned about the value of biodiversity and how best to benefit from na-

ture without causing more biodiversity loss; and the Aichi Biodiversity Target 1, Aichi biodiversity Target 11 and their implementation in South Africa. They had a chance to share their ideas on how to reach the targets in the Post2020 Framework and also learned of the outcomes from previous consultations. SAYBN will make these consultation meetings in all nine provinces across South Africa to get SA youth’s voice on the Post2020 GBF. Vusi Tshabalala from K2C

encouraged the youth in attendance to sign up and become members of at least three organisations and forums where they will get free unlimited access to guidance and resources related to biodiversity. UNFCCC, UNESCO, CITES and MAB to name a few are some of the organisations a click away from the youth interested in become members. Membership will allow them to connect with other individuals and organisations so that they easily share information,

knowledge, and resources. The chairperson for SAYBN Simangele Msweli, shared with the crowd that in future SAYBN plans to get more youth involved by moving away from the current formal setup and transitioning into more modern approaches that will appeal more to the youth. These approaches are expected to propagate the involvement of young people in local and global platforms to become part of the decision makers.

knowledge the team gained from caring for him. They also have Mars, a young aardvark who is very close to release. He is taken on nightly walks enabling him to forage for termites and dig his dens, preparing him for release very soon. These people are so dedicated and it was a privilege to meet them. They rely on donations and their sole aim is to rehabilitate wildlife; it

is not a sanctuary and not open to the general public. This enables the team to focus on rehabilitating the wildlife to safe areas. Some are quick releases once an injured wild animal has recovered, or, a soft release process where an animal may have been hand reared or kept as a pet. Human contact is slowly withdrawn once an animal proves it can fend for itself.

Emma and her team source a safe environment, set up enclosures, and spend as long as it takes in a tent to ensure the animal can seek food and shelter in order to survive alone in the wild. They are currently building a hippo enclosure to cater for the weekly calls requesting care for orphaned hippos due to their habitat drying up through the winter.

Rescuing wildlife - Umoya Khulula Judith Forster Umoya Khulula Wildlife Centre, which is run by Emma De Jager and her husband Adriaan, was recently presented with a cheque on behalf of Jejane shareholders. Arnie the aardvark from Jejane had been cared for by Emma and her team after he came into contact with an electric fence on Jejane Private Nature Reserve. After emergency medical care he was transported to Umoya where he received intensive care for three months. Because his hind quarters were paralysed he had to be turned hourly, 24 hours a day, and also receive daily hydrotherapy. He weighed in excess of 50kg.  Unfortunately, Arnie didn’t make it, his paralysis causing too many other issues and in the end he had had enough. It broke the team’s heart to make the kindest decision for him.  Arnie lives on in the invaluable experience and


11 October 2019 Kruger2Canyon

Poetry! Platters & Prizes! Southern Cross College held their annual ‘Poetry on a Platter’ evening organised by the Cultural Committee with the guidance of Ms Wilmans. The theme this year was ‘Around the World’. Each table was assigned a specific country and matching décor and food were enjoyed by the occupants at the various tables. In past years, this evening has always been a huge success and one that is thoroughly enjoyed by learners, staff and parents, and the 2019 Poetry on a Platter, was no exception. Individuals write their own poems which are read throughout the evening alongside a number of fun activities which various teams participate in – learners often beating the teachers’ tables! It is commendable to hear the talent of the writers. The poems are adjudicated by a panel of judges and the 2019 winner was Electra Gelletich, a Grade 8 learner who wrote a poem called ‘Searching Sum-

mer Birds’. Traditionally the Grade 12 class performs a poem at the end of the evening, and the 2019 Grade 12s did an outstanding job. Their poem was comical and brought tears to many eyes. The evening ended with a performance by the school’s senior drumming

squad and Mr Wuth, who is not only the College English teacher, but also the ex-drummer of the well-known poprock band, Monark. A most enjoyable evening was had by all and the Southern Cross community looks forward to the 2020 evening.

On 18 September 2019 Lowveld Academy held its first ever Wheelbarrow War-

rior Race with great success. Register classes dressed up according to a theme and

decorated their wheelbarrows accordingly. Their spirits were high from the morning, each class wanting to be the best! It was a hot day, but their spirits never faltered. And then it was time! The learners gathered together for a quick warm up session lead by Sunè Muller ahead of the start of the race! If there was ever a competitive day, that would have been it. The learners ran and pushed their fellow classmates, each one trying to beat the next and yes, even the teachers took turns pushing their learners! By the end of the day they were tired but still had huge smiles on their faces. Well done to the learners for their high spirit and their willingness to ‘push’ through.

Fun & wheelbarrows!

BID NUMBER: 2019/2: UPGRADING OF GRAVEL ROADS IN RAPTORS VIEW WILDLIFE ESTATE Bids are hereby invited for upgrading of 2.4 km of gravel roads in Raptors View Wildlife Estate. The closing date is 1 November 2019 at 12h00. Bid documents containing the Conditions of Bid and other requirements will be available from Raptors View Home Owners Association (RVHOA) offices during office hours, upon payment of a non-refundable deposit of R300. UNIT 14, SAFARI JUNCTION MAIN STREET, HOEDSPRUIT

Call: 0766324004 or e-mail:


Lowveld Academy Matrix ‘19

Aadilah Razak The stage was set, the mood just perfect, and the afternoon sun setting behind the mountains. Lowveld Academy celebrated its second annual matric farewell with the grade 12 learners at Blue Mountain Restaurant in the Blyde Wildlife Estate. Learners arrived in style in stunning vehicles from the most modern to absolute vintage. There were smiles all around as the matrics stepped out and into their moment in the spotlight; the moment they’ve been waiting for… for 12 years! The evening started off with a few words of encouragement from the matric teachers and Mr Rautenbach, thereafter it was off to the dance floor where the grade 11 waitresses performed a stellar dance number. And of course, the matrics then danced the night away. A warm thank you to Blue Mountain Restaurant who let us use their venue and made available to us a few of their staff. We appreciate the support tremendously. To our matrics: The hard part is not yet over, but don’t be discouraged! We know you will all reach for the stars and accomplish great things!

11 October 2019




SAAF and Old Mutual help HHS’s soccer Sterna Marx

HOEDSPRUIT - Hoedspruit High School was honoured with a visit from Brigadier General S Dlomo, Colonel A.M. Kgomo (Soccer Director), and Lieutenant Colonel S.R. Choane (Soccer Chairman) from the SAAF. They presented the school with a soccer kit to show their interest and support of the school’s soccer and the development of the team. Brigadier General S. Dlomo (Airforce Soccer Patron) secured sponsorship for the school’s soccer kit from Old Mutual Phalaborwa through Victoria Nqubane. The SAAF would like to be involved in the development of the future of soccer in the school and their teams. The soccer team received this generous gift with great joy. Hoedspruit High School would like to thank the SAAF and Old Mutual and look forwards to working together in future.

Ten things we can do to make us smile: Exercise, when we exercise we release endorphins – a chemical that makes you feel a whole lot better about yourself | Save money | Get a good night’s sleep | Meditate | Hang out with family (and friends) | Plan a weekend or holiday | Watch a comedy | Do something for someone else | Spend time in nature | Think of more ideas and share them with us :)

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Small business for SALE

Holliday Accommodation business for sale. Look after holiday homes in an exclusive estate. And exclusive big 5 lodge accommodation. Good systems in place, Asking R420 000-00. For more information: call Mike 0829067004

082 5600 248 Hours: 07h30-16h00 weekdays

. “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” - Nelson Mandela

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Hoedies winners @ Makele 3 Towers MTB

Jaco Visser, Gert Cloete, Warren Pieterse, Pierre Diederichs and Keinjan Richter, spotted relaxing after the notoriously difficult Mankele 3 Towers MTB race.

The 15th annual Mankele 3 Towers MTB Stage race took place at Mankele Mountain Bike Park and Resort near Nelspruit on Friday 20 September through to Sunday 22. Three days of epic MTB cycling ensued as passionate cyclists from all over South Africa converged to participate and compete in this very popular national MTB event. 350 cyclists started in three different race distances early Friday morning and were treated to some of the most challenging MTB trails SA has to offer whilst enjoying the camaraderie and spectacular scenery that only the Lowveld and the cycling community have to offer. Cycling took place in teams of two with teams ranging

from friends, couples, to fathers and daughters: high school MTB riders from as far as Pretoria were represented at this event. The trails were challenging and tested the riders on every level whilst allowing for an ultimately enjoyable riding experience. Exhausted riders came in not long after the racing snakes, covered with dust and perspiration but smiling widely as they completed day after day of this remarkable three day event. Riders were treated to energy drinks sponsored by USN and all dirty bikes were washed by soap sponsored by Ecologic: Degreaser-Disinfectant. Magnificent meals were prepared by a local church

community and enjoyed by the hungry finishers, tents were provided in the racing village where exhausted riders settled early after fun conversations with new friends from the day´s challenges. Our local cyclists performed very well with Gert Cloete and Warren Pieterse achieving overall 3rd place in the Sub Vet category: this being their 1st year competing in the 3 Towers. Kleinjan Richter and Jaco Visser came 1st in the Veteran category, this being their 4th consecutive year participating. The Mankele 3 Towers MTB Stage Race is an event not to be missed, an experience every avid MTB enthusiast should endeavour to do at least once!

Warren Pieterse and Gert Cloete winners of overall 3rd place in the Sub Vet category!w


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Congratulations to Jaco Visser (left) and Kleinjan Richter (right) who scooped 1st in the Veteran category.

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The best loved local rag in the Lowveld #Kruger2Canyon sharing the best stories in Hoedspruit!

Kruger2Canyon Vol17.23  

The best loved local rag in the Lowveld #Kruger2Canyon sharing the best stories in Hoedspruit!