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Wild animal circus gets a ‘NO GO’ from Hoedspruit Nelspruit protests continue.

Heidi Lee Smith As soon as news was out and posters announcing the imminent arrival of McLarens Circus were up in Hoedspruit, a social media frenzy took off. A large WhatsApp group was formed, and local environmentalists and lodge owners were up in arms against the Circus, which amongst other wild animals sports lions and tigers in their show. Kruger2Canyon News was approached for media coverage on plans that were underway for a massive protest and objection to the circus. It was agreed on the WhatsApp group that Hoedspruit sells itself as a ‘wildlife haven’ and that having a circus with performing wildlife in it simply did not fit the profile of the town. Bearing in mind that the use of wild animals in circuses has been widely banned in the rest of the world, international guests who visit Hoedspruit

McLaren Circus has been blazing a trail of headlines across the Lowveld as locals object to their continued use of animals, in particular the lions, tigers, crocodile and python in their show.


one it’s a



Office: 015 793 1530

could take a very dim view of finding that such a circus is allowed or seen to be endorsed by the town folk. The owner of the property where the circus was to be housed, Tony dos Santos, was contacted and in short, he agreed not to allow the show to come to town and McLaren diverted their show to Lydenburg. According to the Lowvelder the circus has met with protest in all the towns in the Lowveld, which include Hazyview and White River, and protests are still underway in Nelspruit. One of the protest organisers in Nelspruit claims that numbers of circus supporters seem to be dwindling: ‘we count on average 30 to 40 cars per night, which if you average it out at four people per car is 160 people per night’ they told Kruger2Canyon. McLaren on the other hand claims to be breaking even with an attendance of 300 people per night.

In his response to the above article, circus owner David McLaren denied that there have been massive protests; he accuses K2C News of exaggeration and the paper’s owner of using gangster tactics against his circus. He also claims that their performances have been well attended or even sold out in the area. He added that from touring all nine provinces of South Africa, he is aware of the opposition to animals in circuses and zoos, but that it is not the national outcry the media mostly tries to make it appear to be. David McLaren states that everybody in his circus loves and cares for their animals, and that the animals are content and happy. He regrets not being able to bring his beloved circus to our town.


13 September 2019 Kruger2Canyon


Hoedspruit Town Watch

#99949 Brent Abrahamse

The Chairperson of the Hoedspruit Town Watch issued an urgent appeal to the residents of Hoedspruit and surrounding areas: ‘In the light of the recent violence perpetrated against women and children, and the kidnapping of Amy-Leigh as well as the lawlessness and heightened criminal activity across the country, I would like to implore the residents of Hoed-

spruit and surrounds to remain calm and to respect the rule of law. We work closely with the local authorities and will be meeting shortly to strategize an action plan should the need arise in our area or surrounding areas’ Victor Swan said in a statement. ‘We do not take the present situation lightly and we urge residents to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the SAPS immediately.’

In this spirit, the Hoedspruit Town Watch will join the SAPS in various roadblocks in our area as well as specific SAPS arranged patrols. ‘Town Watch is in constant contact with the SAPS and other stakeholders in the security environment and will make sure that we maintain the sta-

Godding & Godding have been manufacturing luxury silk products for bedroom, bath and body in the Hoed for many years now. Owner Sue Godding, like many of us, has become more and more concerned about all the waste we humans create. We live in a highly disposable era and it is time to be more aware of the waste we create, and especially the plastic we throw away. The cosmetic industry is one of the most wasteful with millions of plastic containers thrown away on a daily basis. It is this waste that has led to the creation of G&G Gold. Sue wanted to create just one ‘miracle’ cream that could be used from the face to the feet, for all your moisturizing needs. It would be packaged in recycled glass which can be refilled. After months of testing, trials and feedback G&G Gold is finally ready, however the original cream is now part of a new range that will cover all your daily skin care needs. The G&G Gold moisturizing cream is a revolutionary skin care product that can be

Nine am on the ninth day of the ninth month for nine minutes

bility in our area,’ Victor said. He also invites new members to join the Hoedspruit Town Watch. He said that ‘more members mean that we can do so much more’. Any person who would like to join this dedicated team of volunteers, can call Marie at 082 683 2835.

On September 9 at 9 am, men came together countrywide, to stand in silence for nine minutes as a symbol of solidarity to protest violence against women and children. The event was initiated, in particular, by the recent brutal rape and murder of University of Cape Town student, Uyinene Mrwetyana. Hoedspruit was not to be left out. Men of all shapes and sizes gathered at the Kamogelo Centre; black, white, young and old, to show the women in our lives and the women in our country that we are united against this violence. Not just here in South Africa, but

around the world. The peaceful and silent protest was made even more special by the attendance of the boys and young men from Southern Cross School, brought by their teachers as a lesson in social science and peaceful demonstration. The nine minutes passed in silent reflection on the cost of violence in our society and the fervent belief that this can be changed. Educating the young men that women and girls are as valuable, as powerful and as capable as boys and men will lead to a change for the better in the future. Thank you to the men and boys of Hoedspruit who came out to support this important cause.

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David Byrne

Farmwatch Fundraiser hauls in R84 000 More than skin deep, it’s G&G Gold Ron Hopkins

A final post on the 2019 Farmwatch Fundraiser to say a huge thank you to all concerned. To the brave citizens who came out on undoubtably the worst night in many years, and, together with our auction and raffle sponsors, and direct donations from those who could not attend, raised an incredible R84 000 for Farmwatch. To Merry and Nigel Fairhead who once again provided the table decorations. To our ever-generous DJ Lester Lindsay who provided the best party music Hoedspruit has ever heard. To Lucas and Heidi for advertising the event. And finally to Charl Auret who, besides keeping the crowd in stitches with his brilliant bilingual humour, proved that you can get blood out of a stone. Thanks again to all of you and see you next year.


Wild Shots Exhibition in Acornhoek

13 September 2019 Kruger2Canyon

‘Women in Environment Dialogue’ award for local women

Mbali Nhlakalufu being congratulated on her beautiful vulture photograph by Wild Shots Outreach director Mike Kendrich

Wisani Ngwenya Over 200 young people from the Acornhoek community and surrounding areas came to attend the Wild Shots Outreach Exhibition at Shobiyani High School, near the Tintswalo hospital in Acornhoek. The 2019 students of Wild Shots Outreach from Shobiyani and Acorns to Oaks High Schools showcased their images. They were thrilled and proud to see their work on display. Everyone in the hall was smiling at the sight of these beautiful images. ‘Art is life’, said Walter Sibuyi, art educator at Shobiyana High School. ‘Conservation of wildlife is still an unknown subject to disadvantaged communities, and it is amazing how Wild Shots Outreach is bridging the gap between nature reserves and

communities, creating new wildlife conservationists and tourists through photography,’ he added. ‘Exhibitions like this not only showcase the work of these talented young people but are a learning curve for everyone who attends. It is a great opportunity for communities to learn about wildlife.’ He said. ‘We’re not apart from nature but we’re part of nature - to destroy it is to destroy ourselves.’ Everyone wanted the exhibition to be extended, because they were enjoying themselves and wanted to hear more. A huge thanks to Canon SA for sponsoring the exhibition and to Rhino Revolution and Buya Buya Travel for assisting with transportation. For more information please visit: www.


Private Guided Safaris

Premium Camps and Lodges | Specialist Wildlife Photography | Professional guiding in South Africa | Botswana | Zimbabwe | Tanzania | Zambia | Kenya | Uganda (+27) 82 745 0522 or (+27) 82 351 7225


Keneilwe Mmushi, K2C GEF Data Manager seen here with Shoki Mafogo, GEF5 Protected Area Effectiveness and Environmental Monitor Project Manager.

At the prestigious ‘Women in Environment Dialogue’ event, attended by 307 women from the Environmental Sector, an Award was bestowed on the K2C Biosphere for ‘Outstanding contribution to Women Empowerment’. ‘It was such an honour to receive this award on behalf of the Women in our Landscape!’ said Shoki Mafogo, GEF5 Protected Area Effectiveness and Environmental Monitor Project Manager, who attended the conference with her colleague, Keneilwe Mmushi, K2C GEF Data Manager. The Deputy Minister of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries, Maggie Sotyo, has called on the environment sector to be inclusive and promote meaningful partici-

pation. ‘The K2C BR is doing just that!’ Keneilwe said. This annual two-day conference brought women from across South Africa together under the theme: Women Leading 4 Climate Action.

‘We need to start in earnest to include gender in education, and at the same time, integrate environmental issues into school curricula, where young girls are encouraged and motivated to

become scientists in subjects such as meteorology, biology and botanic studies,’ said the Deputy Minister. ‘As women are generally the providers of food, water, and fuel for families, changes in the climate and environment impact mothers, grandmothers, sisters and daughters directly. This means, there is a direct relationship between gender equality, women’s empowerment and climate change,’ she added. While the Deputy Minister acknowledged that climate change and natural disasters affect everyone, she emphasised that women are the most vulnerable. ‘It is a fact that of all the vulnerable communities, women and girl-children are the groups most affected by the devastating impacts of climate change, especially those living in rural areas bear the hardest and heaviest burden of these hazards.’ South Africa’s response to the challenge of climate change has been to take a decisive commitment to promote the inclusion of women’s voices in every aspect of sustainable development. This commitment is reflected in South Africa’s National Strategy towards gender mainstreaming in the environmental sector by ensuring that initiatives in the sector are inclusive and promote meaningful participation. ‘It was amazing to connect with this thinking, because this is our reality in the GEF and Environmental Monitor Programmes. For the National Department to recognise what we are doing is so reenforcing!’ Shoki enthused.

For the best info on where to stay and what to do in the Lowveld pop in @ Hoedspruit-info, Kamogelo Tourism Centre. You can also do all SANParks bookings and now also the home of FGASA in Hoedspruit. Let us help you!


13 September 2019 Kruger2Canyon


Top achiever in LA gets into tourism musical Section! The mist was thick, the air nippy, and for at least a meter ahead we could see nothing but the road. In the distance there were shouts and deathly screams. Where are we, you ask? Well, the Graskop Gorge of course! Over the long weekend the Lowveld Academy tourism learners were exposed to some of our local tourist attractions. They started their journey on Friday, August 9, from the school and headed to the Graskop Gorge. It was cold and misty but the learners’ spirits were high! On arrival, the group split, with some learners going to experience the Big Swing and others going to explore the gorge. For many this was a first. Once the swing was com-

Aadilah Razak

pleted, they made their way to the Nelspruit Lodge. Here they warmed up and got ready for a night at iLanga mall. They had tremendous fun iceskating, riding bumper cars, jumping at the trampoline park and, of course, eating! On Saturday morning they had a jam-packed day set out for them starting at the Sudwala Caves where they learnt about different types of rocks and their formations. From there it was off to the dinosaur park and lastly the Butterfly Effect. The weekend was educational and provided the learners with the experience they need to understand the subject: tourism. Local tourism, in particular, is the perfect beginning to understanding the tourism industry as a whole.

We care about our Bees! Elsa van Staden Drakensig Primary is very proud of Jandré Blignaut, who was the top achiever in the

musical section of the Eisteddfod. He showed everybody what he could do and got 85% for Vocal, 95% for Piano and 91% for Instrumental.

Bushmaster Solar & Electrical


There is a well know saying that ‘dynamite comes in small packages’ and in this instance, it certainly does in the form of the humble honey bee. Honey bees make up 80% of the world’s pollinating insects, and there are 20,000 types of bees but only the honey bee can produce large enough amounts of honey and wax for human consumption. One hive can make 20 – 60 pounds of honey per year; these are just a few interesting facts. Bees are an integral part of the ecosystem and tiny creatures without which we cannot survive. The focus at Southern Cross’ Earth Day this year was ‘Save our Species’ and bees are one of the species we are focusing on. The Prep School children made a vow to save our bees by making a space which will supply them with food. Being winter, and due to our sparse rainfall at present, food for bees is dwindling, so our children planted a bee

garden which will supply the bees with a source of food throughout the year. The children have been involved in designing, planting, painting and constructing the bee garden, as well as learning about which flowers can be planted to help conserve the bees. A bee hotel which is a manmade home for solitary bees, has also been constructed and will be added to this project. Living in the Lowveld area, there is a large focus on bigger animals which are under threat from mankind, and we tend to forget about the small species that play a big part in our ecosystem and which are also under tremendous threat. Living in the area we do, we also realise how important bees are in the pollination of all the fruit trees on the local farms. The bee garden has attracted many buzzing sounds since its creation … a special sound to hear every day when walking along the pathways at our school.


13 September 2019 Kruger2Canyon


Hlokomela and LA get planting! Aadilah Razak

Spring is here and along with it, Arbour Week. In honour of our trees, and the ever-increasing global environmental call-to-action, Hlokomela invited the learners at Lowveld Academy in Hoedspruit to join them in making a small difference! Last Thursday, in partnership with Sleepers Railway Station Restaurant and Bavaria Fruit Estate, Hlokomela hosted a planting day at the Hlokomela Herb Garden and Spekboom Maze. They planted amazing little spekboom plants and got their hands dirty to see how many they could get potted on the day. The spekboom plant, also known as Portulacaria afra, is an amazing little plant because it improves the quality of air that we breathe, it helps fight climate change, it is extremely water wise using as little as 250 mm of water per year, it survives in almost any weather conditions, it is proudly South African and you can even eat it! Hlokomela supplied the soil & spekboom cuttings, and Lowveld Academy supplied a few hands for the labour. The learners got their hand nice and dirty planting

trees. This effort goes towards Hlokomelas’ new project – The Hlokomela Million Spekboom Project – that they are busy getting off the ground. Lowveld Academy will be working side-by-side with Hlokomela in the near future as well as trying daily to make a difference in the lives around us.

Call: 013 752 6057

Tonight is the rare Full Harvest Moon For all your Earth Moving Needs | Building of Dams | Roads | Bush Clearing and More! Contact Jaco 082454845

Lilizela victory for Graskop Gorge Lift Co

Cathy Grosvenor Graskop Gorge Lift Co has won the ‘Visitor Experience of the Year’ award at the prestigious

Mpumalanga Lilizela Tourism Awards. The awards ceremony was held on Friday, September 6, at the Ingwenyama Conference

and Sports Resort, where the province’s finalists were honoured for their contribution to service excellence in the tourism industry. Graskop Gorge Lift Co introduced Africa’s first outdoor viewing lift in December 2017 and has since attracted thousands of visitors. The development brought new life to the Lowveld’s Panorama Route, with domestic and foreign visitors keen to travel 51-metres down the face of the gorge and then explore the Afromontane forest below via a circular interpretation trail. Plans are now well underway to create an adventure hub at Graskop Gorge. Already, the Big Swing - a 70-metre free-fall from the edge of the gorge - and the 130m zipline have been taken over and incorporated into the Graskop Gorge Lift Co. In August, a 52-metre suspension bridge that links the northern side (where the Big Swing is located) and the southern side (where the lift is) opened to the public. The bridge allows unrivalled access to the magnificent beauty of the area. Another addition to the tourism destination is an elevated walkway that has been built around the edge of the gorge as an alternative means of access to either side. Future plans include the creation of additional walkways in the forest, more interpretation

boards and seating areas to allow visitors to immerse themselves in the sounds, smells and sights of the forest. Also coming is a guided electric bike trail, as well as hiking and mountain bike trails on the plateau. ‘We will continue to uphold our commitment to making this beautiful area more accessible without damaging the environment,’ says director Campbell Scott.

Franklyn Park 5km Foam Bash & Obstacle Challenge 21 September 2019

Bubbles Mud and Madness! Tickets @ Quicket link Enquiries:


13 Septembert 2019 Kruger2Canyon

NOTICE OF BASIC ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT PROCESS Notice is hereby given that an application is intended to be lodged with the Limpopo Economic Development, Environment & Tourism in terms of Section 24(G) of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act 107 of 1998) as amended for the rectification of the following activities:


Women’s talk on air!

THE CONSTRUCTION OF A DAM AND FIREBREAK Description of proposed activity: An earth wall instream dam with a wall height of less than 5m and capacity of less than 50 000m3 has been built within a nonperennial tributary of the Klaserie River. A firebreak of less than 470m in length and less than 4m wide has been built to the farm boundary fence. These activities have triggered the following listed activities: Listing Notice 1: Activity 19; Listing Notice 3: Activities 12 and 14 of the amended Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations published in the Government Gazette No. 326 and 324 respectively of 7 April 2017 under the National Environmental Management Act (Act No. 107 of 1998). Where the triggered listed activities are: Listing Notice 1: Activity 19: The infilling or depositing of any material of more than 10 cubic metres into, or the dredging, excavation, removal or moving of soil, sands, shells, shell grit, pebbles or rock of more than 10 cubic metres from a watercourse; Listing Notice 3: Activity 12: The clearance of 300 square metres or more of indigenous vegetation except where such clearance of indigenous vegetation is required for maintenance purposes undertaken in accordance with a maintenance management plan; Activity #14: The development of – (ii) infrastructure or structures where a physical footprint of 10 square metres or more; where such development occurs – c) if no development setback has been adopted, within 32 metres of a watercourse, measured from the edge of a watercourse. The development is situated on portion 2 of the farm Schoongezicht 66 KU (SG Code T0KU00000000006600002), within the Maruleng Local Municipality, Mopani District Municipality, Limpopo Province Name of Applicant: Lathleka Bush Camp | Mrs. H. Granat Name of Consultant: Emross Consulting (Pty) Ltd, P.O. Box 507, White River, 1240 Tel: 013 751 1015 | e:mail: Contact Person: Anthony Emery. Cell No.: 082 467 8868 The date of Publication of this advert is the 13 September 2019. In order to ensure that you are identified as an interested and/or affected party, if you so wish, please submit your name, contact information and interest in the above-mentioned project to the contact person given above within 30 days of publication of the advertisement.


Tinyiko Makhubela Maxine Smith, presenter of Women’s Talk on Hoedspruit FM 94.6 invites interesting ladies from our community every Thursdays between 10 am and 12 noon. Last week she had the pleasure of chatting to Candice Grover, a socio-conomic rural development consultant, and Kayla Parker, Kenya to Kruger Cycle Tour founder, on the morning show. Both ladies told beautiful

stories about their journeys and what they do wherever they go, uplifting communities and making a difference in their lives. They both believe in breaking barriers and that everything is possible if you work hard. Kayla shared some of the highlights of her cycle trip from Kenya to Kruger, and how they managed to increase awareness about rhino poaching along the way. The Black Mambas, represented by Collet Ngobeni and Felicia Mogakane, are

amongst those who have recently been interviewed in the studio. They are a group of women who are passionate about wildlife and rhino conservation, who have devoted their lives to wildlife conservation. Women’s Talk embraces women and the roles they play in our society. Be sure to listen to Women’s Talk on Hoedspruit FM 94.6 Thursdays between 10 am and 12 noon and engage in these interesting talks.

environmental education and awareness within the landscape. Amongst the issues presented was dumping of disposable nappies, especially in the river systems which communities rely on for washing and even drinking. Illegal sand mining, pangolin poaching and climate change were also addressed. A detailed environmental monitor data report was presented to outline all activities and projects car-

ried out by the environmental monitors throughout the region. The Maebas who are the environmental monitor leaders for the various host institutions were also in attendance and shared information about their organisations and their daily activities. ‘The only way forward to improve the quality of the environment is to get everybody involved’ - Richard Rogers.

Academy in Hoedspruit. The learners - Shaleen Mashile, Rianah Mashile, Jandré Blignaut, Yani Strydom, Nsovo Tivane, Tshegofatso Shai, Samantha

Mokhoabane and Deepali Fernandez took part in different categories. We are so proud of the Drakies for participating and giving it their all.

Sustainable development the pathway to the future

Notice is hereby given that an application is intended to be lodged with the Mpumalanga Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Land and Environmental Affairs in terms of Regulations 41(2)(c(i)) of the regulations published in the Government Notice No. 326 of 07 April 2017 published under section 24(2)(c) of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act 107 of 1998) of intent to carry out the following activities:

THE DEVELOPMENT OF LINK ROADS AND RIVER CROSSING Description of proposed activity: The applicant wishes to construct link roads and reopen river crossing, on portion 5 and the remainder of the farm Roodekrantz 27 KU and portions 22 and 21 of the farm Argyle 46 KU within the Ntsiri Private Nature Reserve. These activities will trigger Listing Notice 1: 19, and Listing Notice 3: Activities 12, 14 and 18 of the amended Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations published in the Government Gazette No. 327 and No. 324 on the 7 of April 2017 under the National Environmental Management Act (Act No. 107 of 1998). Where triggered listed activities are Listing Notice 1: Activity 19: The infilling or depositing of any material of more than 10 cubic metres into, or the dredging, excavation, removal or moving of soil, sands, shells, shell grit, pebbles or rock of more than 10 cubic metres from a watercourse; Listing Notice 3: Activity #12: The clearance of 300 square metres or more of indigenous vegetation except where such clearance of indigenous vegetation is required for maintenance purposes undertaken in accordance with a maintenance management plan; Activity #14: The development of – (ii) infrastructure or structures where a physical footprint of 10 square metres or more; where such development occurs – c) if no development setback has been adopted, within 32 metres of a watercourse, measured from the edge of a watercourse; and Activity 18: The widening of a road by more than 4 metres, or the lengthening of a road by more than 1 kilometre. The proposed development is situated within the Ntsiri Nature Reserve within the Bushbuckridge Local Municipality, Ehlanzeni District Municipality, Mpumalanga Province. Name of Applicant: Ntsiri Private Nature Reserve Name of Consultant: Emross Consulting (Pty) Ltd, P.O. Box 507, White River, 1240. Tel: 013 751 1015 | e:mail: Contact Person: Anthony Emery. Cell No.: 082 467 8868 The date of Publication of this advert is the 13 September 2019. In order to ensure that you are identified as an interested and/or affected party, if you so wish, please submit your name, contact information and interest in the abovementioned project to the contact person given above within 30 days of publication of the advertisement.

Tinyiko Makhubela On September 6, the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere held an Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Workshop at the Rhino Convention Centre. About 23 stakeholders attended the workshop to address environmental issues within the Kruger to Canyons Region. Stakeholders were urged to work together in order to achieve sustainable development through

Drakies @ Music Eisteddfod

Elsa van Staden On 29 July some of the Drakies learners participated in the Music Eisteddfod at Lowveld

13 September 2019





Overbrug Landgoed is ‘n plaas in Hoedspruit wat spesialiseer in die verbouing van sitrus, mangoes en peppers, en het ‘n pos beskikbaar vir ‘n boekhouer. Die pos behels onder meer, maar is nie beperk tot, die volgende:

Citrus and Mango Farm | Hoedspruit

Farming Enterprise (Pty) Ltd

The workshop manager is responsible for the day to day safe and efficient running of the workshop and takes responsibility for the quality of the work carried out. To co-ordinate resources and liaises with farm managers and external contacts to ensure work is delivered on time and to a quality standard. The post holder will have to work out of hours occasionally. REQUIREMENTS • Matric and a Motor Mechanic or Diesel Mechanic qualification. • At least 5 years’ proven track record of experience as a workshop manager. • Have extensive experience with New Holland tractors. • Knowledge of irrigation pumps will be an advantage. • Above average communication and people skills. • Above average organizational and administration skills. • Repair, maintain, service and trouble shoot all tractors and farm implements, including motorbikes. • Scheduling tasks based on work priorities • Placing order for spare parts and maintaining an inventory record of the same • Ensure that all working areas are neat after completion of tasks • Ensure control of tools and workshop equipment is done • Complete necessary documentation for work done • Keeping a proper record of all repair and maintenance works. • Complete general payroll administration and training forms for workshop personnel. • Report to management meeting on a weekly basis of tasks completed in workshop. A remuneration package which is market related will be offered for this position. The mechanic reports to the General Manager. Send full CV with contactable references to Closing dates for application is 26 September 2019 Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Should you not here from us after two weeks please consider your application unsuccessful.

BUSINESS DIRECTORY Advertise in Kruger2Canyon to get a FREE listing on our Business Directory BUSINESS / SHOPS / SERVICES @Home Dog Grooming 083 843 0331 ABC Information Technologies 015 793 0851 ABC Information Technologies 079 875 8888 Abupheli Waterproofing 082 780 3610 Agri Box 082 888 0520 Barefoot Dance Academy 083 785 5354 Blackbird Business Services 082 552 6594 Boek & Pen 015 793 0859 Bureu de Change 015 793 1368 Bushmaster Solar & Electrical 015 793 3540 Cap Company 082 774 5809 Crocodile Printers 087 802 8307 Cudo Point 084 657 5031 Deltec Solar 015 793 2448 Darkie Design Interiors 079 503 0151 Ecologic Degreaser 089 525 9210 Fruitful Living 015 793 3703 Gabriella’s Décor & Events Hire 074 140 6069 Garden & Home 062 278 2724 Godding&Godding (24’ SOUTH) 072 467 3310 Hancolodi 079 432 3505 Hangupz (24’ SOUTH) 082 440 8514 Hi-Q Hoedspruit 015 793 1580 Hobby Box 015 793 0043 Howzit (24’ SOUTH) 082 304 9131 Hoedspruit Paws 078 431 3161 Hoeds Wildlife Est Pharmacy 015 793 1427 InterAfrica Money Exchange 015 793 1368 Joburg Online 015 793 0093 Khaki Fever 015 793 0943 Kruger2Canyon News 015 793 2617 Maruleng Municipality 015 793 2409 Mediation & Training 083 253 3675 Moov to Move / Nina 078 778 9014 Must Love Dogs 083 843 0331 Niche Cleaning Service 083 233 9852 Pet Bar 078 819 1336 PicknPay Hoedspruit 015 793 0482 Proforum Accountants 015 590 6761 RadioActive 015 793 0855 Round Da Bend (24’ SOUTH) 078 431 3161 Secure Storage 083 263 7433 Simply Sewing 072 210 7411 SPAR Hoedspruit 015 793 2305 Tops @ SPAR 015 793 2069 Top 2 Bottom Cleaning 073 722 7913 Valencia Fabrics / Nelspruit 013 752 7005 Vehicle License Department 015 793 0838 Woodenways Luxury Furniture 013 590 5018 CONSTRUCTION & INDUSTRIAL BUCO 015 793 0560 Coastal Hire 015 793 0971 Drain Surgeon 015 793 1484 DU Paint & Tool 015 590 3993 1st Class Electrical 071 657 5305 Hoffmans Thatching 015 793 1530 LED Electrical and Pumps 083 501 8979 Midrand Aircon Hoedspruit 015 793 3337 Pool & Spa specialists 015 793 0166 Rudamans Hoedspruit 015 793 0137 Talisman 015 793 0560 Trellidor 013 752 4022 Wildlife Thatch 015 793 0792 SCHOOLS & EDUCATION Drakensig Laerskool 015 793 3756 Drakensig Pre-primer 015 793 2401 Perspective Training College 082 787 4471 Hoedspruit Christian School 015 793 2067 Lowveld Academy 015 793 3750 Mariepskop Laerskool 079 529 6071 Mariepskop Pre-primer 082 880 7069 Southern Cross Schools 015 793 0590

EMERGENCY – HELP LINES After Hours Emergency Doctors 084 770 1741 Air Force Base Hoedspruit 015 799 2911 Ambulance AFB 015 799 2065 Ambulance Hoedspruit 015 793 1581 Ambulance Tintswalo 101 77 Farm watch/ Plaaswag 072 310 0032 Fire Brigade AFB 015 799 2172 Fire Brigade Maruleng 015 793 0536 Hoedspruit Medical Rescue 072 170 0864 Hospital AFB 015 799 2065 Hospital Tintswalo 013 795 5000 Police Hoedspruit 015 799 4000 Protrack 015 793 2585

• Te boekstelling van alle transaksies en joernale op Pastel Partner t.o.v. groot boek, kasboeke, debiteure en krediteure • Maandelikse kontantvloei en bestuurstate vir alle afdelings op Pastel • Voorbereiding van jaareindjoernale en korrespondensie met ouditeure rondom die finansiële state • Indiening van, en korrespondensie met SARS t.o.v. BTW en LBS • EMP501 rekonsiliasie • Kontrolering van verkope op lokale en uitvoermarkte • Salarisse • Kleinkas en algemene kantoor administrasie VEREISTES • Graad of diploma in boekhou • Matriek sertifikaat met rekeningkunde as vak • Minimum 5 jaar ondervinding as boekhouer • Ondervinding in Pastel en Microsoft Excel is ‘n vereiste • Ten volle tweetalig in Afrikaans en Engels • Hoë standaard van akkuraatheid en “attention to detail” • Moet baie goed in ‘n span kan saamwerk Salaris sal tydens die onderhoud bespreek word. Stuur CV na Sluitingsdatum is 20 September 2019

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TOURISM & THINGS TO DO 24 Deg. South / Old Silk Farm 072 467 3310 Africa Unlocked Tourism Specialists 082 745 0522 Amurala Lapa 015 781 7766 Ashtons Kruger Shuttle 015 793 2617 Blyde Canyon Adventure 015 795 5961 Cheetah Paw 079 563 4463 Daktari Wildlife Orphanage 082 656 2969 Eastgate Airport 015 793 3681 Godding&Godding 082 808 9203 Hoedspruit-info 015 793 2167 Hds Endangered Species Centre 015 793 1633 Jabulani Elephant Interaction 015 7931265 Khamai Reptile Park 087 806 2093 Klasirie Dam (Tersia) 073 463 3148 Kruger Park Shuttle (KPS) 072 667 2231 Moholoholo Rehab Centre 082 907 5984 Roots of Rythms 083 785 5354 Sun Catchers (Hot Air Ballooning) 087 806 2079 Sky-Way Trails 013 737 8374 VEHICLES. SPARES & REPAIRS Cronje Vervoer 079 695 5444 Deltec Batteries Hoedspruit 015 793 2448 Hi-Q Tyres 082 804 2502 Laeveld Trekkers 087 806 5616

The Estate of Anna Magdalena Smith of Farm Glencoe, Hoedspruit, who passed away on 31/05/2019 invites debtors and creditors to pay debts or lodge claims at PO Box 127 Hoedspruit, 1380 or email Debtors and creditors have 30 days from 16/08/2019 to take action, after which the Estate executors will finalize the Estate.

Relatives of the following 2 persons please contact Johan van Vuren. 1) Selina Mazibuko 2) Jacob Ledwaba Shop 5CONTACT: Leadwood Corner

082 808 4073

Professional Accountants (SA) Et Tax and Business Advisors Professionele Rekenmeesters (SA) Et Belasting en Besigheidsadviseurs Tel: +27 15 590 6761 | email:

REAL ESTATE & PROPERTY Century 21 015 793 1534 Fine & Country 083 377 6622 Pam Golding 015 793 2712 Wildfig Apartments 083 977 9678

SPA’S & SALONS African Summer Spa 015 793 1895 Africology Spa 076 339 1035 Godding& Godding Spa 082 808 9203 Hooked on Hair 015 793 0475 StylistiX Hair &Beauty 015 793 2944



MEDICAL & VETERINARY SERVICES Counselling Ronelle Joubert 082 787 4471 DR Van Eeden (Dentist) 015 793 1876 DR Werner Muller (Dentist) 015 793 1894 Hlokomela 072 698 6538 Hoedspruit Clinic 015 793 2342 Hoeds Wildlife Est Pharmacy 015 793 1427 J Coetzee (Clinical Psychologist) 015 781 0012 Marlie Landman (Eye Clinic) 082 803 0369 Med Centre (Dentists) 015 793 0845 Med Centre Emergency No 084 770 1743 ProVet Veterinary Hospital 015 793 0797

RESTAURANTS & CATERING Anne’s Cotton Club Café 079 286 5600 Desperate Housewives 015 793 0820 Silverwings Spur 015 793 0559 Sleepers Railway Restaurant 015 793 1014 Three Bridges 079 912 9416


Boekhouer Overbrug

Workshop Manager

Applications are awaited from organized, well-motivated candidates who take pride in their work.


082 5600 248 Hours: 07h30-16h00 weekdays

. “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” - Nelson Mandela

HOEDSPRUIT ACCREDITED PROPERTY SPECIALISTS Whether you are buying or selling contact us: Shop 3 Rock Fig Lifestyle Centre Tel: 015 793 2712

dupainttoolhoedspruit dupainttool

Huilboerboom Street, Hoedspruit (Next to HiQ) Number: 015 590 3993

#LAmovement #NOisNO #FightBack

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all!

Life is too short not to relax!

On Friday, 6 September 2019, Lowveld Academy students wore black in solidarity with South Africans against gender based violence, kidnapping and xenophobia. They took to the streets of Hoedspruit in a silent, peaceful march to raise awareness and pay their respects to those who have endured trauma and the families who have lost loved ones to this violence. Hashtags like #aminext, #stopfemicide, #stopxenophobia and #enoughisenough trended and we feel proud of LA students who joined the movement, making an impact across South Africa, hoping to bring about change.


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The best loved paper in the Lowveld! #Kruger2Canyon

Kruger2Canyon Vol17.21  

The best loved paper in the Lowveld! #Kruger2Canyon