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BOEREMARK Next Market on 6 July 2019 @ BOSVELD CENTRE 2.2KM out of town on R40

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Rhino Warrior Challenge 2019!


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Story Mpho Lavhengwa Photographs Brent Abrahamse

HOEDSPRUIT - Protrack has done it again! The Rhino Warrior Challenge is an initiative of the Protrack Rhino Task Team aimed at raising funds towards the prevention of rhino poaching. The challenge has grown immensely since it started five years ago. This year’s challenge had a total of 195 competitors with 15 elite single competitors and 45 teams of 4 members each. The day was fun and exciting for the competitors and the spectators who cheered everyone on. With a few stalls and water points there was something to do for everyone who attended. To determine which team went first,

two teams competed against each other by downing a warm beer. The winner had the head start. The teams started the 5.5 km paramilitary obstacle course at 5 minute intervals and took an average of 1 hour 30 minutes to complete. The winner of the single Men’s Elite Rhino Warrior was Luke who completed the task in 40 minutes, for the single Ladies Elite Rhino Warrior Michelle Surmon won after only 50 minutes. The African Dream Team finished first in 45 minutes 29 seconds beating the experienced (Pro Class) Protrack score against other anti poaching teams by just 10 seconds. The African Dream team in 1st place walked away with an Inhaca Island Getaway in Mozambique for 4, for 3 nights plus a Bushwalk for 8 people with Natu-

ral Bush Safaris, 2nd place won a Maroela Bar dinner voucher for 4 people, 4 caps sponsored by the Outdoor Shop and a large biscuit hamper courtesy of Pick ’n Pay and 3rd place won a Stoned Olive voucher worth R600 and a goodie bag with water bottles and t-shirts sponsored by Protrack. Because everyone is a winner, the last team which completed the obstacles in a little over 2 hours got the biggest loser prize which included insect catchers sponsored by Voltex and a biscuits hamper each sponsored by Pick n Pay. ‘It was very busy and festive; everyone was happy and on a massive high. People were very excited to start the challenge and run,’ said Kim Belding the director of Protrack Rhino Task Team.

She estimates that they raised about R50 000 which is the highest amount they have collected to date. The Thirsty Giraffe, Protrack AntiPoaching Unit, Voltex, Blue Mountain, Stoned Olive, The Outdoor Shop, Maroela Bar, Natural Earth Safaris, Manico Camp, Inhaca Island, Pick n Pay, Spar, Hat and Creek, Hoedspruit Biltong, African Dream Horse Safaris, Kilo9 Kennels, Raptors Lodge, Drakensig Motors, HiQ and Toyota made this year’s challenge a success through their generous donations. They, like ProTrack Rhino Task Team believe that ‘without you we would have no donations, without donations we would have no teams, without teams we would have no rhinos’. Thank you, Hoedspruit!


28 June 2019 Kruger2Canyon

MTPA Mpumalanga Parks Board strike grinds tourism to a halt Tinyiko Makhubela HOEDSPRUIT – Chaos reigned this past week as Mpumalanga Parks Board staff downed tools and went on strike, as a result of labour

issues. Access to almost all attractions including Manyeleti Game Reserve, world famous Blyde River Canyon, Bourke’s Luck Potholes, God’s Window and even cer-

tain services in Kruger National Park and more were closed. Kruger National Park visitors were urged to be patient as some services were disrupted according to Glenn Phillips the Managing Executive in an official statement issued by SANParks. These actions have a negative impact on the tourism sector as major tourist destinations were closed. A number of tourists who visited the Hoedspruit-Info Centre were forced to cancel their trips to the Panaroma Route due to the protests and sadly have to drive back to Johannesburg without enjoying their planned visit to the beautiful tourist attraction. According to reports from KNP at solution was reached on Tuesday, June 25.


Private Guided Safaris

Premium Camps and Lodges | Specialist Wildlife Photography | Professional guiding in South Africa | Botswana | Zimbabwe | Tanzania | Zambia | Kenya | Uganda (+27) 82 745 0522 or (+27) 82 351 7225 www.africa-unlocked.com

Email: heidi.lee@mweb.co.za

Klaserie Dam

R50 p/p/p/d R100 camping Bookings: Tersia 073 463 3148


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BobBob UPDATE - another doctor, another #hero -

Brass Brassett wrote on facebook NELSPRUIT – Last week we travelled through to the Lowveld Private Hospital in Nelspruit for a consultation with Dr Johan Eksteen. Dr Eksteen spoke frankly... he was horrified by the condition of BobBob’s eyes, saying that ‘what was happening to Bob was morbid and that no one should have to go through that’. He explained that stem cells around the cornea die after about 60 days but due to a deficiency Bob’s body stopped regenerating these cells. His body ‘made a plan’ to protect the cornea by producing a film to cover them... but sadly it is not a transparent covering. Dr Eksteen has referred Bob to the eminent surgeon Dr Neil Cornelius, a specialist in cornea surgery, and in Dr Eksteen’s opinion, the absolute best surgeon for this procedure. Dr Eksteen will personally make the appointment; so on 10 July, when Dr Cornelius returns from leave, we will know the date for the next consult. We have been cautioned that if successful, Bob’s eyesight

may well start deteriorating again in five or so years after surgery... but I think that five years of seeing as opposed to blindness in two years is worth it... I hope you agree as a caution was given that we may be short on our funds to have Dr Cornelius perform the surgery so I may well be unashamedly begging for more money – apologies in advance! Dr Cornelius is based in Pretoria and I hope to help our

funds by getting the transport for the 2 trips (1: consult, 2: surgery) sponsored by one or two of our great Hoedspruit shuttle companies please! Dr Eksteen would personally do all the post op checks in Nelspruit. Most unexpected and overwhelming today, was Dr Eksteen waivering his consultation fee #mahala. We were  absolutely humbled and blown away by his generosity.

Andries the bicycle man Mpho Lavhengwa

HOEDSPRUIT - Andries Mantswane is Hoedspruit town’s favourite delivery man; he has been delivering mail from the post office on his bike since 2016. When his bike fell apart Hoedspruit’s Good Samaritans (you know who you are) came to the rescue and fixed his ride and now it is as good as new. When asked what he enjoys most about his job Andries said, ‘I enjoy delivering mail in the Hoedspruit town because the customers appreciate me. That is why I smile all day’. It’s quite clear that he takes pride in his job. Andries is hard to miss in his bright red post office uniform and bike so the next time you meet him give him a smile and make him feel appreciated – because you will make his day.

28 June 2019 Kruger2Canyon



Air Force Base Hoedspruit Birthday Carnival

Story Tinyiko Makhubela Photography Jeoff McGregor HOEDSPRUIT – The carnival procession on the June 19, proceeded from Drakensig through Hoedspruit town. The carnival was held the following day at Drakensig sports field, celebrating the Air Force Base Hoedspruit 41st Birthday. The event kicked off with the Air Force Fire department showcasing a fire drill. The team demonstrated their skills in an efficient manner while the audience were awestruck by their energy. They displayed speed, agility and determination in extinguishing a raging fire. The number of visitors grew during the day and everyone seemed to be having loads of fun. There was lots to see and do. Ice creams, biltong and boerewors rolls were on sale. Homemade items like fudge, fruit jam were being enjoyed. Health products, clothing and car dealers added to the variety Entertainment included treasure hunts, mini golf, target shooting, a dog show, a lucky draw and much more. Great attractions were games where skill and agility were tested and rewarded with prizes. The children were drawn to the snake demonstration. This was informative as many facts were shared. Proceeds generated will be donated to Hoedspruit Paws and Hoedspruit Alley Cat Initiative(HACI). The organizing committee are very proud of the success of the event and are looking forward to more colourful celebrations in the future.

(015) 793 2617

For the best info on where to stay and what to do in the Lowveld pop in @ Hoedspruit-info, Kamogelo Tourism Centre. You can also do all SANParks bookings and now also all FGASA registrations for 2019. Let us help you!


28 June 2019 Kruger2Canyon


Cultural turn of events @ Nyani Village


Story Mpho Lavhengwa Photographs supplied traditional music of our country.’ said Tobias. During their two week visit to South Africa the band performed at the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra Company and Empangeni High School before making their way to Hoedspruit. To wrap up their fun filled trip they will make a last stop at Deutsche Internationale Schulein Pretoria.  

HOEDSPRUIT - The Youth Concert Band of the Fire Brigade Stuttgart from Germany visited Nyani Cultural Village for an experience like no other. Instead of being the audience they chose to participate in a performance. It was an exciting day for the owner of the Village Maureen Lahoud and her lively dancers. The two teams learned from each other and were inthralled by each others insturments. The Youth Concert Band was established in 1969 and is celebrating their 50-year anniversary. Their instructor Tobias Veit has been conducting the orchestra for 15 years and says it comprises both young and old who love music. The band has 40 musicians aged 13 to 28, but unfortunately only 36 musicians were part of their tour. Time flew by quickly as the traditional dancers narrated the history of South Africa’s tribes through the beautiful dances and dynamic singing and drumming. Before long the German musicians were invited to the dancefloor to learn a few African moves. After the performance the Stuttgart band brought out their European in-

struments and serenaded the Nyani team. They made a mark on the hearts of the small audience, who danced joyfully to the traditional German music. At some point the band added an African twist to their music by using an African bass drum.

During the turbulent war years of southern Africa that preceded Namibian independence, the desert elephant population was virtually decimated. Some found refuge from the poacher’s guns deep within the remote and desolate gorges of Kaokaland in the north. As a result, the Ugab and Huab River systems, the southernmost ephemeral waterways of Damaraland, were devoid of elephants for well over a decade.

‘We chose to visit Nyani Cultural Village to add some cultural spirit to our journey. After the fantastic tribal dance, drumming and African cultural show, we wanted to share how contrasting music can be. This is why we decided to play some

Voortrekker, one of the bulls to trek north during the conflict years, returned home in the early 2000’s, commencing a relay of south-bound expeditions, penetrating deeper and deeper into the dry and uncertain landscape before commencing with an epic traverse through to the relative bounty of the Ugab River. It was a marathon across arid plains and ancient craters that would ultimately redefine what we know of elephant endurance, intuition and behaviour. Just how he navigated, or knew where to find water, is anyone’s guess. But his legacy does not end there.

Hiking Mariepskop for Youth Day Tinyiko Makhubela

MARIEPSKOP – The youth of Filadelphia Church of God under the leadership of Pastor Thulani Mnisi embarked on a hiking trail on Mariepskop, in celebration of Youth Day. The day began at church where everyone was gathered before leaving for the trail. The group was led by professional guide Jeff Sekgobela who said the group of 90 young people was the biggest number he has ever accompanied. We soon found ourselves on the Bush Pig Trail which was clearly marked with pink ribbons to ensure that everyone stayed on the right track. The trail was slippery at some stages but we forged on, everyone was keen to get to the end. By the halfway mark some were exhausted and thirsty and one young man said well this is really a long

VOORTREKKER; A DESERT ELEGEND Amidst an iconic and ever-changing desert landscape, legendary Namibian elephant bull Voortrekker has a story to tell. It goes something like this.

For over two successive summer seasons he returned north, returning each time to the Ugab with a small family unit in tow. An elephant patriarch. These elephants are still resident in the region and have formed the nucleus of three distinct breeding herds, making the Ugab/Huab Rivers perhaps the most viable desert elephant habitats in the world. Voortrekker continues as the Godfather, a true legend of the Ugab. His ancestral knowledge has been passed down to a new generation of desert dwellers. What a legacy! For me, all of this addresses one of the most crucial fallacies of elephant conservation, trophy hunting, and the notion of sustainable consumption: that older bulls have no value to an elephant community and can be hunted under the banner of ecological benefit. This is a fundamental calamity.

walk to freedom. Everyone laughed, there was no turning back. For those without water bottles there was the clean

cold water from the stream. The only sound to be heard was the singing of birds. The sun was out and the tropical

mist of the forest rolled in. What an adventure the youth had, an amazing time celebrating Youth Day.

And is precisely why Voortrekker’s story needs to be told to a wider audience. I invite you to share widely. Elephant, generally, are considered as a keystone of an ecological circuit, but THIS elephant could be considered as a keystone of elephant consciousness. www.alanmcsmith.com

28 June 2019 Kruger2Canyon



Safari Guide of the Year 2019

SOUTH AFRICA - The Field Guides Association of South Africa (FGASA) has lifted the 8th annual Safari Guide of the Year 2019 competition to a new level. Renowned storyteller James Hendry is the narrator of the proceedings as they play out daily, the mood in camp at SGOTY has been relaxed and enjoyable, with an underlying tension as the five finalists are judged on their every move. The five competitors: Riaan, Margaux, Julius, Antony and Rassie have beentaken out of their comfort zones andw challenged first-hand in the field, in unchartered territory, on foot, on drive and around

Antony Collet

Riaan Fourie

the fire. They are judged on their bush knowledge such as tracking and birding abilities and then sometimes more importantly on their story telling abilities and of course safety and ability to stop a charging buffalo, all of which add up to making a bush experience a brilliant one for the guests.

At the time of going to print the competition had not been finalised, but results will be available on our facebook page after they are revealed at the prestigious prize giving evening at SGOTY on the 27th of June. You can look forward to a full story in the next Kruger2Canyon.

Margaux le Roux

Rassie JacobsÂ

Julius Mkhize


28 June 2019 Kruger2Canyon


Rotary Hoedspruit’s 20th Member Protea colours for Canell Lovelle Henderson

HOEDSPRUIT - On Thursday June 6, Trygive Nxumalo was inducted into Rotary by outgoing President, Wilna Mew, as one of her last functions as President. Trygive is a permaculture expert and works with A Spring of Hope. His experience in assisting with school and community vegetable gardens and overseeing 288 homes with backyard vegetable gardens, is going to be invaluable to Rotary in their current and future projects. During the induction Outgoing President Wilna reminded Trygive and in fact all the members of their responsi-

bilities and the privilege of being a member of a worldwide association. She went on to say ‘By virtue of your membership in this club, you will be welcomed into the fellowship of any Rotary Club in the world. The honour and privilege of Rotary Membership carries with it, duties and obligations and you will be expected to place your knowledge and talents at the disposal of the club in its task of carrying the principles of Rotary service into the daily life of the community.’ What Trygive really brings to our meetings is his wonderful sense of humour and his contagious enthusiasm for life raises spirits all around him.

TryGive Nxumalo seen here doing what he loves most, planting vegetables in the community.

Swiftly saving lives and changing the world Mpho Lavhengwa HOEDSPRUITSwift Emergency Response is an ambulance company based in Hoedspruit town. Their hearts are set on the people of Hoedspruit though they offer their services to the whole Maruleng region. The directors of Swift Emergency Response saw a need in the emergency services sector in Hoedspruit and set out to fill the gap from day one. They began operating in 2017 and have since been running like a well-oiled machine. They have picked up the pace over the years and are very proud of their achievements. ‘In the early days we could only dispatch one ambulance at a time but over the years that has improved, and now we can dispatch all three at once’, said Johan Ferreira co-director alongside Pieter Papsdorf. ‘We pride ourselves on the good services that we offer. Each life matters and everything we do matters at the end of each day. Saving a life is an experience by itself. That’s the satisfying thing about our job; almost every patient we see is actually saving a life. We are changing families with our jobs,’ added Johan. ‘We are always on call when needed’. Johan says the biggest challenge is because Hoedspruit is very far from medical centres. They sometimes endure long trips to get to the

Canell Jackson, recently received the highest sports award in the country, Protea Colours, from SASCOC (South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee). Canell will join the rest

of the Protea team when they represent South Africa at the IFAA African Regional Archery Championship in Zambia from June 29, to July 2.

Tinyiko Makhubela

to empower young women and reduce social challenges that lead to them dropping out of school. Other focus areas include peer pressure programs, teen coaching and mentoring. On the day they had visitors from SABC’s Munghana Lonene Radio  to profile their work for a documentary relating to youth month. Educators from local schools also attended. The Shoprite Mobile Soup Kitchen provided meals for the day. The next meeting will be on the July 27, 2019. A fun walk will be hosted on the day and sponsors will donate sanitary towels to 100 girls at the finish line. The academy is looking forward to the next event, they expect a huge turnout.

We wish her all the best!

Young girls with goals

patients and they sometimes spend hours on the road to get a patient to the right facility where they can get all the medical attention they need. Being an emergency worker is clearly not for the faint hearted because when they respond to calls, they never know what to expect. They respond to car accidents, rescues, transportation of patients and also offer stand-by medical services at events. Johan’s eyes light up when he talks about his experiences of helping the many locals who have made it in the news such as Keira Rutherford

whom they transported on numerous occasions including from the hospital to home and even once to a Steve Hofmeyer concert. To be part of an emergency response team requires passion, bravery, patience and a big heart- everything that the Swift team possesses. ‘I’m a life saver; I love the rush that comes with saving lives. We are committed to emergency response and what I love most is that we are available to anyone who needs our help 24/7,’says Gladwin Ramaboka who is the latest addition to the Swift family.

Another anchor in the team is Johannes Matjila who has been with Swift for over a year as a Basic Ambulance Assistant. He recalls his most precious moment as the day he delivered a baby in the back of an ambulance and the mother of the child named the baby after him. He says it’s a memory that will stick with him forever. Swift Emergency Response has their offices at Kamogelo Centre. For any of their services they are on standby 24/7 at 060 528 2784 and info@ swift-er.com.

Bushmaster Solar & Electrical

SOLAR DESIGN INSTALATION & MAINTENANCE | WATER PUMPS & ELECTRICAL NETWORKS Call or Wattsapp Louis on: 073 947 0821 | Email: marlene@radioactive.co.za

BUSHBUCKRIDGE Cresaldah Girls Academy is one of the programs initiated by the Creseldah Education Foundation. The program began in 2017 to fight teenage pregnancies and support teenage mothers through a skills development program. The initiative is aimed at girls around Bushbuckridge as well as vulnerable learners. The foundation has more than 500 beneficiaries. On the June 1, they hosted 65 teens including teen mothers. The group meets regularly with their beneficiaries during school visits and once a month they meet at the Lillydale crossroad site. The primary purpose is

28 June 2019




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Want to own your own business in Botswana? Move with your family. Business for sale supplying the catering and hospitality industry in northern Botswana. 4 bedroom house also available near the river. P5 million (Pula)for business and house. maunbusiness@gmail.com

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Professional Accountants (SA) Et Tax and Business Advisors Professionele Rekenmeesters (SA) Et Belasting en Besigheidsadviseurs Tel: +27 15 590 6761 | email: hoedspruit@proforumacc.co.za

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. “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” - Nelson Mandela

Cell: 082 5600 248 / info@hlokomela.org.za Hours are 07h30 to 16h00 weekdays

Call: 013 752 6057 HOEDSPRUIT ACCREDITED PROPERTY SPECIALISTS Whether you are buying or selling contact us: Shop 3 Rock Fig Lifestyle Centre Tel: 015 793 2712 lowveld@pamgolding.co.za

dupainttoolhoedspruit dupainttool

Huilboerboom Street, Hoedspruit (Next to HiQ) Number: 015 590 3993

The Wild West in Hoedspruit

and old timers compete against each other for quick turns and top score times. Dr Alex and Dr Valerie Lewis’ participating mules were one of the highlights of the day - it was a constant tug of war between rider and mule to show who is boss, serving as comedic entertainment for all. Dusty Stirrups also gratefully received sponsored prizes from Dunlop, Primos Gin, Hoedspruit Coffee Purveyors, Luvit,

Lowveld Meat Market as well as The Equine House to hand out at the end of the day. ‘With a growing interest in Western Riding in the area, we hope to host many more actionpacked days like this’ says Adri Stone. The Equine House is already planning a ‘Boere-Sport’ day in the near future so keep eyes and ears open - don’t miss the chance to come and be part of all the fun!

HiQ / Goodyear Vlakvark MTB Challenge 2019

HOEDSPRUIT - Mountain biking in Hoedspruit has exploded in popularity with 3 local annual events showing increased support with each consecutive race. Under the official banner of the new title sponsor the HiQ / Good Year Hoedspruit Vlakvark MTB Challenge took place on June 22, at Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate. The organisers, Hoedspruit Cycling Club, moved the event to the Lowveld Academy grounds and increased the scope by including: vendor stalls, food outlets, craft beer on tap, a jumping castle for the kids, and plenty of shade in a spectator friendly environment. The popular Vlakvark offered entrants three events: a 60km marathon, a 30km half marathon and a 5km fun cycle or fun run. The marathon routes included challenging and smile inducing technical features both inside and outside the estate, notwith-

standing the 4x4 track on SA Air Force property which included The Dragon’s Back, a series of mounds resembling, yes, a dragon’s back. The event has taken on a tougher character with lower average speeds due to increased length of single track making up about half the race distance, and the demanding 5km 4x4 track which added a new dimension. Competing on the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate gave competitors an opportunity to ride and view animals while testing their skills against the course. Nearly 200 competitors completed the 3 events. 60km winner Christo Carelsen of Nelspruit was followed by locals Tinus van Helsdingen and Hannes Malan. Ladies’ honours went to Lizz Espley followed by Michelle de Klerk and Angela Green. The 30km was won by Gert Peens followed by Lawrence Scott only 2 seconds behind, with Logan

Peter in 3rd place. Frances Fraser of Johannesburg took top ladies’ honours also only 2 seconds ahead of second placed Monica Roode with the final podium spot filled by Lara Pretorius. The 5km fun event podium was dominated by the girls with Savannah Owtram, Julinka Riekert and Mia van Helsdingen locking the boys out of the overall honours for the podium’s top 3 spots. Gert Cloete, Morne Bekker and and Dion Bekker were the top 3 boys. Full race results are available on www.bouttime.co.za Competitors were thrilled with the new track layout developed and built by Patrick Green.  Masters category winner Willie Horn of Komatipoort missed a turning into the quad track, which resulted in an extra few kilometres of riding, and who finished his race in a very respectable 4th overall in the 60km marathon vowed to return for next year’s event.

Brent Abrahamse

HOEDSPRUIT - This past weekend it was time to dust off ‘em boots and throw on your best pair of jeans and cowboy hat. On June 22, The Equine House hosted yet another successful Western Day show in collaboration with Dusty Stirrups Western Riding Club that has very recently been established by Melissa Swan. Riders and their four-legged partners came from near and far to be part of it. Thundering Hooves Western Riding Club from Tzaneen came to assist the riders and taught them the tricks of the ‘Western’ trade. The day was filled with familiar aromas of boerewors and coffee, music, laughter, good spirits, skilled riding and teamed efforts. The saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’ is certainly valid when it comes down to the Western games as young riders

Brent Abrahamse

Marisha Du Plessis

OFFICE: 015 793 1484/5 EMERGENCY: 083 307 9258 Main Street Hoedspruit www.facebook.com/drainsurgeonhoedspruit

“No job too deep, too dark or too dirty”

“Quick As A Wink”

Plumbing Installations & Repairs | Electrical Installations & Repairs | Geyser Installations & Repairs | Empty Septic Tanks Blocked Drains | Septic Tanks | French Drains | Solar & Heat Pumps | Pumps | Water Tanks | Aircon Installations & Services| COC

OFFICE: 015 793 0792

Chris Dreyer: 0835735920

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