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Next Market on 1 June_ 2019 @ BOSVELD CENTRE 2.2KM out of town on R40

The paper that encourages dreams, supports people and builds the community! Vol 17 Issue 14, 24 May 2019, Kruger2Canyon News, Shop 12, Kamogelo Centre, Hoedspruit. Tel 015 793 2617 email: heidi.lee@mweb.co.za

From the farm to the gin bottle

Kerstin Nyberg Peart HOEDSPRUIT - In the lush Lowveld, among acres of citrus farms, two cousins who are both third generation citrus farmers decided to do something different. They thought outside the box and developed a brand new citrus product, Primos gin. Their gin is perfectly balanced, which they say is a tribute to the cool clear waters of the Blyde River and the dramatic Drakensberg mountains. Marnus and Rossouw Kruger’s


one it’s a



families have been perfecting the art of growing grapefruit, oranges and lemons for decades. Marnus and Rossow took some of the third grade lemons and used them for something completely unexpected, and Primos gin was born and was launched on 14 December 2018. Primos is a crisp, double distilled craft gin that’s fruity and incredibly smooth, thanks to the unique fermentation process. Most gin is produced by fermenting grain to make alcohol, which is then distilled with juniper berries and infused with other botanicals like herbs, fynbos or fruit. This is where Primos gin is different: rather than fermenting grain, Marnus and Rossouw ferment the lemons from their own farm to produce the alcohol, which is then double distilled with a Brazilian strain of juniper berry. The gin is lemon fermented instead of lemon infused, so the fruit forms the very foundation of the spirit. This makes the lemon flavour in Primos gin intrinsic, rather than simply layered on top. The gin has subtle aromas of spicy juniper and fresh citrus zest, with a dry finish; it is not too sweet, not too bitter. Marnus and Rossouw emphasise that Primos gin is ‘From the heart of Hoedspruit’. They sourced the bottle from France, and designers, corks and labels all the way from the wine country around Stellenbosch, but the design had to reflect Hoedspruit and its surroundings. Therefore the Three Rondawels feature on the bottle, and in the logo you’ll also see a small citrus leaf. They have worked hard to reach lodges in the

area and to create awareness in the community for Primos to be accepted as the gin of Hoedspruit. Primos means ‘cousins’ in Spanish, and ‘first’ in Italian, which makes it the perfect name for this lemon-fermented gin that’s the first of its kind in South Africa and made by two cousins. And the cousins are doing well: they won bronze in the 2019 London Spirits Competition. They are very proud of the award and will use it as a platform to work towards a gold in 2020! Marnus and Rossouw take pride in the words ‘from farm to bottle’. They say that Primos gin is all about roots: the gnarled roots of the lemon trees and the roots of their families, and about binding all these roots together to produce a gin that’s utterly original and completely delicious. Please see also their website www.primosgin.co.za for more information.

For the best info on where to stay and what to do in the Lowveld pop in @ Hoedspruit-info, Kamogelo Tourism Centre. You can also do all SANParks bookings and now also all FGASA registrations for 2019. Let us help you! 015 7932617


24 May 2019 Kruger2Canyon


Kruger2Canyon welcomes Tinyiko Mpho Lavhengwa

HOEDSPRUIT - The K2C team is delighted to introduce our latest member of the family Tinyiko Makhubela. Tinyiko is a perfect fit in the K2C puzzle; she is a local who brings with her a lot of knowl-

edge about the area and extensive experience in the tourism industry. The three words that most describes her are smart, hard- working and go-getter. She described her first day at K2C as nothing short of amazing. ‘I was welcomed with big and beautiful smiles from the

Reflective jackets for TownWatch

vibrant team. K2C is an environment with room for so much learning and the team made me feel relaxed and comfortable’. She added: ‘We had so much fun and laughter before I knew; it was already 14:00. When I told my team mates they didn’t seem surprised by this. I did not feel the time passing by at all. I can already imagine how much fun everyday in this office will be. What a joy it is to be part of this incredible team. I’m looking forward to

waking up each day to come and contribute positively to the team and our clients,’ she added. Tinyiko will also be working in close collaboration with the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere, so you can look forward to meeting her in the street, or somewhere in our beautiful landscape. You can contact Tinyiko at our offices and should you hear any news or need info contact her on 015 793 2617 or K2C.Newsroom@gmail.com.

‘There is enough on Earth for everybody’s need, but not enough for everybody’s greed’ - Mahtma Ghandi


Private Guided Safaris

Premium Camps and Lodges | Specialist Wildlife Photography | Professional guiding in South Africa | Botswana | Zimbabwe | Tanzania | Zambia | Kenya | Uganda (+27) 82 745 0522 or (+27) 82 351 7225 www.africa-unlocked.com

Meet Tinyiko Makhubela Hoedspruit-info’s Zanet Visser, Town Watch’s Victor Swan and Kruger2Canyon’s Mpho Lavhengwa seen here at the Maruleng voting station on May 8, 2019.

HOEDSPRUIT - Victor Swan, of Hoedspruit Town Watch, announced that there are new reflective jackets available for members who

Klaserie Dam

R50 p/p/p/d R100 camping Bookings: Tersia 073 463 3148

are responsible for the patrols during nighttime. The distinctive jackets make it possible for members of the public to easily recognize Town Watch members. Members can either order their own jackets or can make use of the jacket in the equipment bag. It is important that the members on patrol use these reflective jackets. During the election, the Chairperson of the Town Watch Victor Swan visited the voting stations in Hoedspruit and the community was duly impressed with the commitment of the Town Watch. The election was indeed very peaceful, and no incidents were reported. Victor emphasized that it is important for the Hoedspruit Town Watch that all members on patrol use similar jackets to enable the public to easily recognise our members.

For the best info on where to stay and what to do in the Lowveld, pop in at our office @ Hoedspruit-info, Kamogelo Tourism Centre. Also do all your SANParks bookings Now also all FGASA registrations and more! Let us help you! 015 7932617 Hoedspruitinfoinfo@gmail.com

Nina van Eeden 078 778 9014 | Dina de Waal 083 327 0325 info@moov2move.co.za

24 May 2019 Kruger2Canyon



Meet and greet Keira’s Care Fund update with BIL Mpho Lavhengwa

HOEDSPRUIT- While other people’s first experiences with airplanes are usually at an airport, mine was a little out of the ordinary. The first aeroplane I landed my eyes on in close proximity was BIL and I met him parked at the side of the road, ahead of his landing near the Zandspruit River, while on his way home to Zandspruit Estates. ZSBIL is a Boeing 737200 that was bought by property developer Martin den Dunnen at the end of its flying career. BIL is to be turned into a hotel, the first of its kind in Africa. It was such a spectacle to behold, he was surrounded by curious onlookers taking pictures and whispering amongst themselves ‘what, who and where’ was BIL going and what had happened to him. BIL made his 12 days’ journey from Kempton Park, Gauteng, completely stripped of his wings, tail and interior, so it’s no surprise people were wondering what had happened to him. He cer-

Rivoni Mkansi tainly caused a stir across the media airwaves, ranking high on Facebook as a central talking point and attracting loads of attention. From the day I learned BIL was making his way to the Hoed I waited in anticipation for his arrival. I was grateful to join Wild Shots photographers who formed part of the team at the forefront of capturing every moment of BIL’s arrival. It was an amazing feeling to finally get a chance to rub shoulders

with him and also score myself a few selfies with him. Now that the rest of his body parts have been safely delivered to Hoedspruit, I am excited to see how the final AEROTEL project will look. The same team of engineers who disassembled BIL in Kempton Park will reassemble him until he is as good as new. BIL is a novel addition to the Kruger to Canyons tourism sector and is expected to attract multitudes of bucket-listers to Hoedspruit.

Wisani Ngwenya

Keira is looking forward to being healthy again! Seen here before she contracted Lymes disease.

HOEDSPRUIT – Once again the small town of Hoedspruit has shown the depth of their hearts. The massive support which culminated in an airing on Jacaranda’s Good Morning Angels, managed to raise a massive R800 000 in just a few weeks. ‘We all hope and believe that Keira will be fully cured of Lymes disease after treatment in Germany, but most likely it is only a big step on her road to recovery. Therefore, everybody involved decided not to stop the original R600 000 target,’ said physiotherapist and Care Fund member, Melanie Leicester. Keira’s Care Fund, hopes

to link up with the likes of Avril Lavigne, who is also a Lyme-sufferer and wrote the song: ‘Head Above Water’ while she was very ill. Many, many desperate people in South Africa, who just cannot find a cure, can be assisted. It is hope that through Keira’s journey, medical practitioners can be educated and made aware of this rare disease, and others can be helped too. The Rutherford family wants to thank each and everybody for support, time, kind and encouraging words….prayer and donations!! ‘Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference!’ Thank you Hoedspruit!!


24 May 2019 Kruger2Canyon

The colourful street vendors

Mpho Lavhengwa HOEDSPRUIT – When I went to the Zimbabwean vendors across the road what I found was nothing short of amazing. Their hand-crafted artefacts took my breath away. Each piece told a story of its own; from the perfectly detailed pangolins, geckos and other big lizards, made from scrap metal, to the beautifully coloured batiks draped neatly on a long piece of string. Everything on view was impeccable.

I was under the impression that the only Zimbabweans in South Africa were those residing close to the Beit Bridge border. That was until I met Grace, a middle-aged woman from the far northern part of Zimbabwe. She explained to me that there are different stalls, belonging to both men and women from different parts of Zimbabwe, here along the main road in town. Though some people had gone to visit back home, the few who remained kept their stalls active in their absence. They are not competitors; they are a family.


Pam Golding awards success for Hoedspruit HOEDSPRUIT – ‘We have had an incredible first quarter of the year. In our little town of Hoedspruit, we have sold 16 properties in three months, an outstanding achievement and one that resulted in two of our agents, Engela van Staden and Tracy Baynham, making the prestigious Pam Golding Gold Club,’ says Dealer Principal, Steve Gerondeanos. At the annual Pam Golding awards event in Gauteng, Engela and Tracy were acknowledged and rewarded for their tremendous achievement. ‘What makes this achievement so commendable is that Hoedspruit is competing with massive markets such as Durban North and Randburg. As our market is a lot more limited than other more populated

regions we urgently require more stock,’ Steve added. ‘If you are thinking of selling to relocate or scale up or down, we ask you to consider giving us the opportunity to sell your home. With the long build-up to the national elections and now that we are back to business as usual, we are very positive as our demand for prop-

erty has already increased. Even before the elections we have had an outstanding first quarter and are confident that now that things are settling down we will go from strength to strength,’ Steve says. We thank you for your continued support without your support the above would not have been possible. We look forward to

the opportunity to be of service to you.

Please give us a call on the office number: 015 793 2712 Engela van Staden 082 565 3611 | Belinda Barkas 076 479 8906 | Tracy Baynham 072 223 0520 | Tom Gelletich 079 069 7700

Two Continents, Two Rotary Clubs Lovelle Henderson

ROTARY - On two different continents and separated by over 17 000 kms, the Rotary Clubs of Hoedspruit and Sausalito, California, have joined forces to help expand the range of services provided by Hlokomela Clinic in Hoedspruit and in the process make a huge difference to women’s health in the area.   With the support of the Rotary Clubs of Sausalito and Hoedspruit, the Hlokomela Women’s Clinic offers a firstclass cancer screening facility to the local area.  This service – free to those who cannot afford it and at very affordable

rates to those that can – fills a major gap in the local preventative medical landscape. Until the Hlokomela facility was opened, the only alternatives were Tzaneen, Phalaborwa and Nelspruit, making tests beyond the reach of many. Father and son Rotarians, Bruce and Max Huff (President of the Rotary Club of Sausalito and also Assistant District Governor of Southern Marin County, California, and International Chair of the Rotary Club of Sausalito respectively) are regular visitors to the area and are the Sausalito custodians of the large, multi-year grant from The Rotary Foundation allocated to Hlokomela Women’ Clinic.

Above: Bruce Huff, President of Rotary Club of Sausalito, as well as Assistant Governor of Southern Marin County, California, and Wilna Mew, President of Hoedspruit Rotary Club, exchanging club pennants - this is a quaint Rotary tradition where visiting Rotarians from Clubs around the world share their banners. These pennant-swopping occasions reinforce what we are about - that Rotary is a truly international community orientated service organisation.

Bruce Huff, President of the Rotary Club of Sausalito, and Christine Du Preez, Director of Hlokomela, with Max Huff, International Chair of the Rotary Club of Sausalito, at a recent Rotary meeting in Hoedspruit

24 May 2019 Kruger2Canyon



ELEPHANT RUMBLE Hoedspruit English Eisteddfod Alan McSmith

OUR KINSHIP WITH THE WILD The origin of the genetic memory of all mankind is in a state of union with nature. The shaping of our minds, however, is recent. Within this union there is the law of ecology, a universal law that governs all life and operating systems of the planet and universe, including human beings. Ecology is about the basis of identity, the web of partnership, the integrity of relationship, and the bond of consequence when stepping outside this ancient order of things. Which we are doing. We have lost the track of our ecological identity. Nature reminds us that this flow of life force is not only transformational, but most importantly, circular. Through the circuit of producers to consumers to decomposers, energy always returns to replenish the source. What you put out comes back. But within our self-perpetuated system of production versus consumerism, the flow of energy is linear. We consume and take without return, wondering why we run out of stuff; space, clean air, raw materials, finance, fossil fuel, water, energy, compassion, awareness, understanding, identity. Consequently we have lost contact with ourselves. A re-connection with nature is fundamental to our physical, emotional, mental, ecological and spiritual well-being. The conservation of wilderness then, is not merely the preservation of outer landscapes. It is the conservation of a sacred attitude to life and living. One that is deeply engraved on our inner landscape. www.alanmcsmith.com

HOEDSPRUIT - Parents, family members, teachers and friends gathered together for the 3rd Hoedspruit English Eisteddfod. Over 400 children presented their poems, monologues, duologues and impromptu items and their performances were outstanding. Eight Diamonds were awarded to very well deserving candidates, and several other commendable results made parents and teachers beam with pride. Every local school participated, including Green School Phalaborwa, Acorn to Oaks, Christian School, Hoedspruit High, Lowveld Academy, Laerskool Mariepskop, Laerskool Drakensig, Hoedspruit Home School Group and Southern Cross Prep and College students. Yvonne Dunbar travelled from Pretoria once again to adjudicate the children and motivate them to develop their strengths, in their performance and especially in themselves. Yvonne, who is 83 years old, has been a

Yvonne Dunbar meets dancers at Nyani Tribal Village

member of the Speech & Drama College (SA) since 1964 and after extensive involvement in the college and all fields of dramatic teaching and adjudication, she now is an Honorary Member of the College. It was a real honour for the children and teachers to have someone with such extensive knowledge and experience in the dramatic field as their adjudicator. Maureen Lahoud, Vice Chairperson on the Hoedspruit Eisteddfod Executive

committee, organised the Hoedspruit Drama Eisteddfod programme and says she would not have managed without the help of two key persons: Chairperson and Treasurer Belinda Blignaut who works painstakingly in the background preparing certificates, communication, setup, and all the arrangements that go unnoticed but make the cogs turn in the right direction. Helping Maureen with the tedious programme setup and operations, Col-

leen Taylor, who joined the Hoedspruit Eisteddfod Exco Committee this year, gave her time and wisdom generously to make the event run as smoothly as possible. The committee would like to thank teachers and parents who brought their children safely to the venue and assisted in the hall and helped with the organisation. Thank you to Mr Potgieter, Headmaster of the Hoedspruit Christian School, for providing a perfect venue for the Eisteddfod. A very big thank you to Thornybush Collection for offering a complimentary night at the Thornybush Main Lodge for our adjudicator, and to The Bush Pub for also providing complimentary accommodation for her last night in the bush. Yvonne felt extremely spoilt and her message to the committee summed it all up: ‘What has happened to me in the past week seems magical, an emotional overload. The wonderful children, people and experiences. I have been so blessed.’


24 May 2019 Kruger2Canyon


Drakies se Redenaars Tech savvy but not so old school... Mpho Lavhengwa

HOEDSPRUIT- Can you imagine someone in 2019 not

being able to use a telephone? Yep, that was me making my first call at the K2C office yesterday. After trying and failing, I just had to just stop, laugh at myself, breathe and start over again. So I picked up the phone and dialled the numbers and I immediately expected it to ring at

the other end of the line. The unexpected happened and it didn’t ring. So, I’m thinking surely there’s a button here that I need to press to make the call go through and I went haywire with the buttons. I dialled the numbers again and pressed every button that stared back at me! You should have seen me;

if the old telephone had eyes it would have rolled them at me. I’m sure I looked insane. I finally got it right by mistake in the end, as it worked out. But, this morning I had to swallow my pride and ask Zanet (my mentor) how to run the old machine…and the adventure continues…

NOTICE OF ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT Notice: Notice is hereby given in terms of Government Notice No: 386 under Chapter 2(2a-b) of the National Environmental Management Act 109 of 1998 of the Decision reached by the Limpopo Department of Economic Development Environment and Tourism to grant the Environmental authorisation of the development of Leadwood Nature Reserve on the Remainder of Portion 2 of the Farm Happyland 241 KT In Maruleng Local Municipality of Mopani District. The Interested and Affected parties are hereby informed of the decision of the Limpopo Department of Economic Development Environment and Tourism and should Appeal within 10 days of this advert.

Simone Bronkhorst, Chanté Luïse en Fourie Strydom.

HOEDSPRUIT – Drie van Laerskool Drakensig se leerders het op 24 April 2019, deelgeneem aan die ATKVredenaars se eertse uitdunrondte te Polokwane. Simone Bronkhorst, Chanté Luïse en Fourie Strydom het die uitdaging om die beoordelaars met hul praatjie te oorreed aangepak. Die kompetisie

was sterk en elke leerder het hul bes gegee die dag. Julle hou ons Drakie naam hoog!! Op die einde van die dag het Chanté Luïse die beoordelaard oortuig en deurgedring na die Semi-finale rondte wat in Naboomspruit plaasvind. Baie geluk en ons hou vir jou duim vas dat die goed sal gaan.

Project Description: The development entails the Construction of 94 x 1ha residential erven, Construction of 1 x 2ha Lodge of 32 Beds; and Construction of Water Treatment Plant Capable of Treating 10 cubic metres per hour. The total size of the farm is approximately 943, 5840. Fun and games at the Kruger2Canyon office!

E-waste, footprints of the digital era Mpho Lavhengwa HOEDSPRUIT- It is safe to say that every household in the 21st century owns an item that might potentially be disposed of illegally at the end of its life. The end of every electronic device is the beginning of electrical waste. While technology is good, the footprints of the digital era are catastrophic to both man and environment. Electronic waste (e-waste) refers to the disposal of broken or obsolete electronic components and materials. Common discarded electronic products include computers, copiers and fax machines, and household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners etc. In short, anything that runs by battery or electricity can form part of e-waste. EWASA (e-waste Association of South Africa) reported that due to our increased reliance on technology it is estimated that e-waste volumes are expected to escalate tremendously in South Africa and globally. This is due to lack of public awareness, lack of recycling infrastructure, inadequate funding and poor

legislation. Extraction of metals from electronics by burning releases harmful gases into the air and other toxins saturates the soil in the dumpsites. When this happens, ground water can be contaminated through leaching and water bodies are polluted by runoff water washed away by rain. Here, these toxins easily find their way into the food chain when animals drink the polluted water and through consumption of fish from the contaminated water masses. The burning of cables to retain copper is dangerous to human life; it exposes them to lead, cadmium and brominated flame retardants through inhalation of the toxic fumes. In some rare cases after collection of e-waste instead of being refurnished or safely disposed, collected waste might


Want to own your own business in Botswana? Move with your family. Business for sale supplying the catering and hospitality industry in northern Botswana. 4 bedroom house also available near the river. P5 million (Pula)for business and house. maunbusiness@gmail.com

Position Available: Creditors/Debtors Clerk

ECO: Decent Development Project Pty Ltd has been appointed as the Environmental Control Officer (ECO) by Leadwood Development Company Pty Ltd to assist them in implementing the Conditions of the Environmental Authorisation and The Environmental Management Plan throughout the construction phase. Comments/Concerns/Clarity on the project can be submitted in writing to Decent Development Project Pty Ltd via email, fax or post. Contact Person: Buyisonto Arthur at: Decent Development Project Pty ltd | P.O. Box 21, Polokwane, 0700 | Tel: 071 326 7620 | Fax: 086 718 1402 / 086 602 5442 | Email: buyisontoa@gmail.com

end up in landfills, incinerators and shipped off to third world countries. Therefore, the only way to safely dispose e-waste is to take the waste to legal and well trusted e-waste collectors who collect, refurbish, recycle, extract valuable metals and use the remnant e-scrap to create other products so that nothing ever ends up in the dumpsites. ‘At the moment we take paper, plastic, and metals ewaste including glass. There are multiple components in electronic waste so we separate it on site into the various components and sell it off accordingly. The ones that cannot be sold off are donated to other institutions for research purposes’, said Cindy Koen, a local running a recycling company called Marula Conservation Projects in Hoedspruit. ‘In future, we are looking to introduce a buy back centre where people will be compensated for the waste they bring. We are also looking to educate the general public about e-waste; we are an organisation that prioritises conservation and empowerment’, added Cindy. We need to work together as individuals and communities to combat illegal waste disposal. Take dead electronic items to e-waste centres instead of throwing them in bins where they end up in dumpsites.

Bushmaster Solar & Electrical

Processing & reconciliation of creditors and debtors The candidate must be able to: Work under pressure Be neat and prompt Attention to detail Good Knowledge of Pastel. Please email CV’s to alicia@sundestinations.co.za Successful candidates will be contacted by 28 June 2019

SOLAR DESIGN INSTALATION & MAINTENANCE | WATER PUMPS & ELECTRICAL NETWORKS Call or Wattsapp Louis on: 073 947 0821 | Email: marlene@radioactive.co.za

24 May 2019




Sports facility upgrade @ Southern Cross Schools

Call: 0766324004 or e-mail: pierre@ecologic.co.za HOEDSPRUIT – ‘Sport teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose – it teaches you about life,’ - Billie Jean King Southern Cross Schools’ Parents Association played an integral role in the successful planning and construction of a new multi-purpose sports facility. The process started at the end of 2018 and Southern Cross Schools is excited to report the completion of our very own multi-purpose

sports facility. It is a 35 m x 12 m slab, covered in AstroTurf, and allows for cricket, netball, football, hockey and a variety of other activities to be played. The entire area is enclosed by netting with retractable nets creating three individual cricket nets. Sport is an essential experience and teaches important life lessons. It has been wonderful to see many of our learners enjoying the new facility and we are confident their skills will

progress very quickly. In addition to this facility, the Parents Association has contributed greatly to the revamp of the school’s swimming pool which is now paved and fenced. Southern Cross Schools is very grateful for the Parents Association’s ongoing support. We would not be able to accomplish so much each year without their hard work and we thank them for making a difference in the lives of our learners and staff.


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. “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” - Nelson Mandela

Cell: 082 5600 248 / info@hlokomela.org.za Hours are 07h30 to 16h00 weekdays

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Kenya2Kruger Cycle Tour has kicked off well!

Partners for Possibility Mpho Lavhengwa

A chance meeting with Tim, one of the last remaining super tuskers from Amboseli. Seen with Kayla in Kimana Sanctuary, Kenya. One of the special highlights of the first few days.

Heidi Lee Smith SA to NAIROBI – Kayla Parker and Chris Adam left Hoedspruit on May 1, 2019, on the first leg of their rhino awareness cycle from Kenya to Kruger. They travelled up to Nairobi in their backup vehicle, where they were joined by Tim and Kathy Parker and fellow Hoedspruiter Pippa Moolman. They all officially began the cycle from Nairobi on 14 May. Currently they have just crossed into Tanzania. ‘We have finished our first leg from Kenya into Tanzania with 250 km down over four days. Some easy, fun days, but also hectic, tough days. We climbed into Tanzania yesterday doing a 1621 m ascent. Very physically and mentally challenging, but we arrived in paradise. Kenya was absolutely incredible. We saw the most famous African Ellie - Tim - which we only discovered after cycling right past

him, we’ve met the most incredible people, stayed at such quaint, beautiful, rustic places, we’ve persevered through injuries. After some intense cycling we are now with friends in Moshi who have opened their home to us to recuperate. What an adventure it’s been so far...looking forward to visiting schools in Tanzania. Now for the next stretch,’ Kayla wrote. Mom Katherine, who has committed to driving the support vehicle for the duration of the journey, sent Kruger2Canyon a note to say: ‘This is the most amazing experience. Every day there are at least ten things that make me happy.’ And Pippa who finished her section of the ride on Tuesday May 21, said it was an unforgettable experience and took some of the most incredible photographs! Watch this space for regular updates or follow their blog here: https://kenya2kruger.wixsite.com.

Above: Pippa Moolman, Tim Parker, Chris Adam and Kayla Parker. Below: Katherine Parker, in charge of the support vehicle. Photographs courtesy of Pippa who describes Kenya as having: ‘Skies bigger than you can look at in one go.’ Below left: A baobab at sunrise.

HOEDSPRUIT- On Friday the 10th of May, the K2C Biosphere together with the Hoedspruit Hub mobilised and organised eight schools from the Eastern Mametja communities to attend a meeting and be part of our school support venture. Of the eight schools, two are high schools whilst the other six are primary schools. The main driver of this initiative is the Partners for Possibility Programme. This programme is a leadership development and principal support programme, sponsored by businesses and foundations. The programme offers principals a unique opportunity to receive cutting edge

leadership training and to take their schools to the next level of growth, as they learn from their business peers, and as their business peers learn from them. In attendance where various business leaders and entities in and around Hoedspruit, the Hoedspruit Business Chamber of Commerce and the Lowveld Academy School amongst others, with some attendees pledging themselves to this course. ‘I personally feel that this programme will help unlock the little pockets of excellence that are present in our schools by giving the principals and school managers the relevant support and exposure’, said Shoki Mafogo, the project facilitator.

U/14A Hockey girls make Limpopo side

Hard work and skill has paid off for Southern Cross College learners, Maki Inama and Thapelo Malatji, who have been included into the LIMPOPO U/14A side. We wish them well.

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The best-loved paper in the Lowveld. Community based building base.

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The best-loved paper in the Lowveld. Community based building base.