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Next Market on 1 June_ 2019 @ BOSVELD CENTRE 2.2KM out of town on R40

The paper that encourages dreams, supports people and builds the community! Vol 17 Issue 13, 10 May 2019, Kruger2Canyon News, Shop 12, Kamogelo Centre, Hoedspruit. Tel 015 793 2617 email: heidi.lee@mweb.co.za

ZSBIL slow-flying to Hoedspruit GAUTENG HOEDSPRUIT - (7 May 2019) ZSBIL, a Boeing 737-200, whose engines had reached the end of their lifetime, is being given a new lease of life and is set to be transformed into a 12 bed, 6 cabin, aviation themed boutique hotel just 2km outside of Hoedspruit. Aerotel will be a first not just for Hoedspruit, but for South Africa and the African continent. It is unique, it is different, it is controversial, but with an element of deja-vu. Similar aeroplane hotel projects can be found in Stockholm, Sweden; Barcelona, Spain; Appeldoorn, Netherlands; to name but a few. It is aimed at the aviation enthusiast, the adventure traveller, the overnighter passing through, and of course the bucket list travel ticker. The Aerotel plan is the brainchild of well-known property developer Martin den Dunnen, of Zandspruit Estates Pty Ltd. Martin is no newcomer to big ideas having developed Zandspruit Bush & Aero Estate, Kamogelo Tourism Centre, Khayagelo Village, Wildfig Apartments and Sunset View, along with the rest of the township developments known as Hoedspruit Extension 10 and 12. BIL as the aircraft is known, was disassembled and prepared for road transfer at DENEL in Kempton Park, under the specialist supervision of project manager Riaan van Niekerk of Craft Bespoke Worx, and his team of ...cont on page3...

Riaan v Niekerk & Martin den Dunnen on the initial ZSBIL inspection.

Martin & Tracy den Dunnen the proud new owners of the Boeing 737-200.


one it’s a



ZSBILL at Denel in Gauteng after being dissasembeled, loaded and ready for the long slow road to Hoedspruit, which will take about five days.

ADVERTISE in this community newspaper for the best results!

Office: 015 793 1530

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Kruger2Canyon welcomes Mpho K2C Team

HOEDSPRUIT – The K2C News Team and Hoedspruitinfo would like to welcome Mpho Lavhengwa to our team! Mpho was selected from a very strong field of competition and we are excited to have her on board.

She has a passion for the environment and reading while her strengths are confidence, reliability and a need for knowledge. We feel she is an asset to our team, who will contribute with her high energy and articulate writing skills. ‘I was very excited to start

working at Kruger2Canyon News mostly because I didn’t know what to expect,’ Mpho said. ‘What I found was better than I imagined. The office space allowed me to be myself and to feel right at home. It is very warm and welcoming. The greatest thing that

I learned from my first day is that a little kindness goes a long way. There is just so much joy in serving others and I got that from the people who walked through our door asking for help. They all went out with smiles and it was amazing to witness.’ Mpho will be working in

Smile and the World Smiles with you!

close collaboration with the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere, so you can look forward to meeting here in the street, or somewhere in our beautiful landscape. Please keep a look out for her and make her feel welcome in our area. You can contact Mpho at our offices should you hear of any news please call her on 015 793 2617.

Have you recently sold a property?

‘There is enough on Earth for everybody’s need, but not enough for everybody’s greed’ - Mahtma Ghandi

MARULENG - All sellers require a Rates Clearance Certificate to be able to transfer the property out of their name and to the new owner. Do you understand how the Rates Clearance figures are


Private Guided Safaris

Premium Camps and Lodges | Specialist Wildlife Photography | Professional guiding in South Africa | Botswana | Zimbabwe | Tanzania | Zambia | Kenya | Uganda (+27) 82 745 0522 or (+27) 82 351 7225 www.africa-unlocked.com

Email: heidi.lee@mweb.co.za

being calculated at Maruleng? Are you aware that you may be over-paying because of the way that the Municipality calculate the figures? Just on the sale of a stand, Joan Arnestad worked out that she could have saved the seller at least R1300? She herself saved over R500. ‘What about the big properties changing hands for millions?’ she asks. Do not pay more than the legally required amount. Marie Helm is following this up at Local and Provincial level. Joan is willing to explain the details of how the charges are calculated. Send her a Whatsapp on: 082 457 9574 and give her your e mail address. She is happy to assist you from there.


The Little Field Mouse Market Crafts made by locals for locals! @Kamogelo Tourism Centre +27 83 518 1452 www.facebook.com/estmarkets

On average, owners replace collars three times during the first two years of a dog’s life, due to their size constantly changing. Hoedspruit AnimaL Outreach provide dog collars and leashes to the dogs seen on Outreach; encouraging the owners to handle them safely and correctly, and preventing the dogs from being tied up with wire or chains. YOU CAN DONATE your old collars and leashes, no matter how large or small, to be re-used and given a new purpose; improving the life of a community dog.

Maroela Animal Hospital will kindly keep any donated goods for HALO to

collect. For more information, please call 072 437 7006.

10 May 2019 Kruger2Canyon


The Last Elephants Slow-flying to Hoedspruit


Story by Wisani Ngwenya Photographs by: Vusi Mathe, Wisani Ngwenya & Rivoni Mkansi

HOEDSPRUIT - Colin Bell, editor of the recently launched book ‘The Last Elephants’, was the guest speaker at an Elephants Alive evening on 25 April 2019 at Rhino Convention Centre in Hoedspruit. The book is described as ‘a homage to these animals and a clarion call for their preservation’. At the event, Bell talked about the state of Africa’s elephants, as documented in the 40-chapter book made up of contributions by elephant experts, conservationists, poets and philosophers from across Africa. ‘There is so much false information about elephants,’ said Colin. He further explained that the book contains all kinds of stories about elephants in Africa and is a result of the efforts of photographers, writers and scientists who have worked together on their plight. Colin’s perspective on the title The Last Elephants is not negative, but a challenge to all citizens of Africa that if no strategic steps and actions are taken, the tragic loss of these animals will intensify. The book was inspired by the 10-yearly count of elephants in Africa. The census was undertaken between 2014 and 2016 and showed that in the last 10 years the elephant population has dropped significantly. The book aims to raise awareness about elephants as one of the

...from page1...aircraft maintenance engineers. Unusually high autumn rains in the Gauteng delayed the work by about three weeks, but BIL was finally lifted, loaded and strapped into his custommade car seat on Saturday 4 May 2019. The fuselage alone travels on a 30m long, 6m wide abnormal load, with wings and tail following close behind on a second truck. The third truck of the ZSBIL road train is the 12m container with all the loose and internal items which were removed during the disassembly. BIL is expected to arrive in Hoedspruit sometime in the coming week, as the route to be followed is updated and sometimes changed daily to allow for eventualities. It is moving at a snail’s pace of

Colin Bell presented Vuthlare Nyathi, a young Wild Shots Outreach photographer, whose image of an elephant’s trunk appears in the book, with a signed copy.

most endangered animals in Africa. Bell also believes that young people can play a vital role in stopping the extinction of elephants. During his talk, Bell

presented Vuthlare Nyathi, a young Wild Shots Outreach photographer, whose image of an elephant’s trunk appears in the book, with a signed copy. Speaking of African communities where conflict has developed between wildlife and local people, he noted that many communities have no access to private reserves and thinks this is one of the major aspects contributing to a high decline of wild species. The suggested way to bridge the gap is when there is a win-win situation, in which communities get enriched by wildlife, and in turn the game reserves will gain security through community collaboration. The Last Elephants will be on sale at Book and Pen in Hoedspruit, and is available on Loot.

30km/h, with no abnormal load travelling allowed on weekends or public holidays. What we do know is that BIL will approach Hoedspruit on the R40, from direction Gravelotte. BIL is travelling with his branded ‘Aerotel heading for Hoedspruit’ banner jacket which has already drawn a lot of attention in Gauteng after his first day of travel through the Boksburg/Benoni area. The radio station JacarandaFM was calling for persons with more information to phone in. Tracy den Dunnen, partner in the development of BIL and wife of Martin, said on Tuesday 7 May 2019: ‘We had an impromptu live interview with Jacaranda RmFM today. Alex Jay and Sasha picked up on the movement

of ZSBIL on Facebook and then sent out a request for people with more info to call in so we did’. The same group of aircraft engineers involved in the disassembly will reassemble BIL to his former glory. Once completed, teams of local Hoedspruit service providers and artisans will start the conversion process from fuselage to six room cabin. Craft Bespoke Worx will remain an active partner in this venture, as upcycling and recycling of aviation parts to modern, custom made furniture is their passion. Authenticity remains the main objective, as far as possible, to truly allow for the aviation experience. Nelspruit based, award winning Architect firm, Förtsch & Associates are in charge of the design for the internal conversion, as well as the exterior aesthetics and layout of the site. They never fail to amaze with designs that are unique, balanced and blended. No definite opening date is being committed to at present, but is still planned for September/ October 2019. Follow Aerotel.Hoedspruit on Instagram and Facebook or send queries via the website at www.aerotel.co.za ZSBIL, a Boeing 737-200, is being given a new lease on life and is set to be transformed into a 12 bed, 6 cabin, aviation themed boutique hotel at Zandspruit Bush & Aero Estate outside Hoedspruit.

(015) 793 2617

For the best info on where to stay and what to do in the Lowveld pop in @ Hoedspruit-info, Kamogelo Tourism Centre. You can also do all SANParks bookings and now also all FGASA registrations for 2019. Let us help you!


10 May 2019 Kruger2Canyon


The Night Market @ Francine’s Farmhouse Heidi Lee Smith HOEDSPRUIT – There is a new buzz word in town: ‘The Night Market’. In just two short months The Night Market has taken off and is ‘the place to be’. On Tuesday 30 May, I decided at the very last minute to head out to see what The Night Market had to offer. I had left it very late and found myself driving down the dirt road towards the venue at 19h00, and as we approached, we passed a number of cars leaving. After the fourth car, my son Chadd and I agreed that we had probably missed it! To our surprise as we got closer, it looked like every vehicle in the Hoed was parked outside and we could hear music and a buzz of people coming from inside. Driving the short distance was well worth it! It felt a bit like going back in time, when the

town was smaller and we all knew each other… everyone was there… well it felt like that. To add to the atmosphere there were Charlie Chaplin movies showing on the barn wall,

children were safely running around and playing, diverse groups of friends were gathered and laughing, there was a delicious array of affordable foods to choose from, and all in all the

layout was just fantastic! ‘April’s Night Market was a great success and we are so proud of all our stall holders for the quality of their products and all the hard work they put into

making the night so perfect. Thank you to all who ventured out to enjoy the evening with

us’ Hendrien Kruger wrote on the Francine’s Venue and Farmhouse Facebook page.

The next Night Market will be on the 24th of May, keep the date and hope to see you there!

many of the exhibitors sharing the Kruger Lowveld stand were more than happy with the quality of buyers they met, and felt that their attendance at this year’s show exceeded their initial expectations. While not exhibiting on the KLTB stand, the announcement of the Kruger Shalati Train Hotel to be placed on the Sabie Bridge at Skukuza attracted much interest and is an

exciting new tourism product for our region. Indaba is primarily a platform to make new business contacts, but it also gives those in the tourism industry an opportunity to network with the influencers, learn about new trends and products, as well as re-unite with old colleagues and peers. Indaba has a special spirit which needs to be retained going forward.

KLTB news from Indaba Kruger Lowveld Tourism

Call: 0766324004 or e-mail: pierre@ecologic.co.za

DURBAN - Kruger Lowveld Tourism was at Africa’s Travel Indaba 2019, held in Durban from 2nd to 4th May. In February the date of the event was changed due to the announcement of the date of the national elections, which led to much consternation from the tourism industry, and it was anticipated that it would have a negative effect on the attendance numbers. Notwithstanding the pre-Indaba negativity, Kruger Lowveld still managed to put together a large stand comprising 26 exhibitors from throughout the region, offering anything from open vehicle safaris in the Kruger National Park to attractions and accommodation.  This year, we were joined on the stand by several new members of our organisation, primarily from the Hoedspruit area. Although there were a number of empty stands dotted around the halls and the passages were not as busy as in previous years,

10 May 2019 Kruger2Canyon


Shoes for elephants!

Woodland Africa’s Derek Meano handing over a cheque for R20 000 to Dr Michelle Henley of Elephants Alive, at the Hoedspruit Farmers Market last weekend.

HOEDSPRUIT - Elephants Alive has an exciting new partnership with Woodland

Africa, the authorised African distributor of the Woodland outdoor and adventure foot-


CAMPFIRE MIRROR The conservation of wilderness is more than the preservation of land. It represents the conservation of sacred attitudes: those of humility, respect and a response toward one another’s perspective realities. How can one appreciate a meaningful existence if one’s breath is not taken away by a soaring eagle, or by dancing shadows across the water? The profound words of a rather well-heeled safari client during a dugout canoe expedition in the Okavango in 2007 come to mind. Our guide was legendary BaYei Sariqo Sakega, whom one could say, has a certain stillness about him. Now retired, Sariqo is widely recognised as the man who knows the delta better than any person who has ever lived. One night, once we had made camp after a long day of poling, we had all settled around the campfire. Upon looking into Sariqo’s eyes as he sat quietly gazing at the flames, our client was struck by a moment of elevation. ‘As I watch him with a look of such contentment on his weathered face’, she said, ‘I feel that I have nothing that could enrich his life, only the reverse’. www.alanmcsmith.com The sky is filled with stars, invisible by day - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow -

wear and gear. Woodland Africa pledged their support to our organisation by donating a pair of their outdoor shoes to each team member. The shoes have been amazing and most definitely have made our long field days so much more comfortable.

Isabel Wolf-Gillespie But this is not where this partnership ends, the footwear donation to our team was literally just the beginning! The start-up business, which has only been in operation for just over a year, committed to donate R5 to Elephants Alive for every pair of shoes sold. This weekend the partnership reached a milestone, as Woodland Africa Director, Derek Meano, travelled to Hoedspruit from their head offices in Johannesburg, to hand over their very first donation to Elephants Alive.   The monthly Hoedspruit Farmers Market marked the perfect place for the official cheque handover to our co-founder and principal researcher Dr Michelle Henley. Elephants Alive relies on donor support and this valuable contribution is going to boost our community and education outreach work. A heartfelt thank you to Woodland Africa for their support!  For more information see www.elephantsalive.org or www.woodlandafrica.com 


Bushveld Birds Workshop

Date: Sat 8th June Time: 8:30am for 9:00 am start for about 2.5 hrs Venue: Resource Centre Southern Cross School Subject: Bushveld Birds You are invited to a workshop with Derek Solomon for both beginners and intermediate birders. Derek will discuss the more common species found in the area and give tips and hints on how to identify the birds.  Cost R15 pp (birdinglimpopo@gmail.com)


10 May 2019 Kruger2Canyon

The challenges in land reform will not go away Peter Setou COUNTRYWIDE - By now, the sixth national elections in the democratic South Africa will have taken place and the results are emerging. At no other time since 1994 has the land question been such a defining feature of national elections. While the importance of the elections cannot be exaggerated, it is equally important to emphasise the exigency of addressing the current trends besetting the land reform programme. Experience has shown that building viable partnerships for the use of land acquired by communities is the most immediate and practical way of attracting investment and ensuring effective use of the land for the benefit of the community. The challenges that continue to hamper land reform projects have been well documented. It will be a sad day for South Africa if we get so pre-occupied with policy, constitutional and other legislative changes that we fail to urgently address these. The hope that South Africa needs is not in campaign speeches and promises, but in the implementation of solutions that will genuinely improve the livelihood of people and provide practical solutions to issues around land reform, poverty, unemployment and overall economic participation. The often-cited challenges with the willing-buyer willing-seller approach to the land reform programme pushed the land reform issue firmly into the centre of social and political discourse in the run up to the recent elections. The emotive question of land reform will, to a large extent, determine the fortunes of the political parties whose promises will remain engrained in the minds of the electorate. Robust debates are part of a functioning democracy, but we must not lose sight of the fact that how we implement land reform can break or build South Africa. Social cohesion in South Africa hinges on an inclusive, effective and sustainable land reform programme. This must be urgently addressed to ensure lasting peace and stability in the country. The debate on land expropriation without compensation (EWC) has somewhat reduced the land reform question to one of acquisition. What happens once land is acquired and transferred has been largely ignored. Viable partnerships have proved to be the most immediate and practical way

The Moletele CPA in Hoedspruit is one of the few examples of success, which can only be attributed to the partnerships they entered into with local farmers and previous owners of the land they now own.

of attracting investment and ensuring effective use of the land. The restitution process has to be streamlined. During the first round of land claims, 90% of the claims were settled through financial compensation and this is likely to be the case once the new window is re-opened. This should allow a large portion of restitution claims to be speedily finalised, whereas high value, large scale and complex claims may take decades to resolve. It is important that the skills needed to deal with these claims are available to the advantage of the land reform beneficiaries. There is a need to increase resources earmarked for support to claimant communities, including resources required to assist in intra community disputes. There is a need to set up an Ombud’s scheme as the means through which disputes can be resolved. The current redistribution programme must be more transparent, to provide clarity on who is eligible to apply and who is not. This will also ensure transparency in allocation of land and grants. Post settlement conditions for land reform beneficiaries must be improved. Without access to finance and organisational support failure is guaranteed. Beneficiaries need to be supported to ensure sound governance in order to minimise conflict and corruption.

Position Available: Creditors/Debtors Clerk Processing & reconciliation of creditors and debtors The candidate must be able to: Work under pressure Be neat and prompt Attention to detail Good Knowledge of Pastel. Please email CV’s to alicia@sundestinations.co.za Successful candidates will be contacted by 28 June 2019

Conflicts associated with tenure reform need to be resolved. Land reform could be accelerated if the rights of families living in former homelands and informal settlements were secured and formalised. Funding as well as capacity of the state to implement land reform need to be significantly addressed. Limited state capacity slows land reform and we need to tap into the goodwill displayed by the private sector and other non-profits to address this. We need to develop innovative mechanisms for financing land reform. Demand on public resources exceeds the available funds, and a guarantee mechanism is required to link land reform projects to the financial system. Developing alternative financing instruments for land reform beneficiaries remains a priority. With adequate legal and institutional protection beneficiaries will get access to much-needed finance and other resources for operating their businesses. The private sector has an invaluable role to play in this regard. Last but not least, how we communicate with South Africans will be critical. We need to communicate clearly, manage high expectations, share good stories to give people hope, and collectively condemn illegal activities. Speeding up land reform is not a panacea for all our socioeconomic challenges in one


HOEDSPRUIT – BBI PACKERS Maintenance Co-ordinator

Purpose of position: The Maintenance co-ordinator will be responsible for the total maintenance and construction function on all company assets of BBI Packers and Baobab Value Adding.

Responsibilities & Duties

• • • • • • •

Carry out the technical repair and maintenance at BBI Packers and Baobab Value Adding. Responsible for the electrical maintenance and construction needs of BBI Packers and Baobab Value Adding. Overseeing of all construction work as needed. Management of the maintenance of all buildings and machinery of the company. Handle the procurement of all materials and goods as needed for this function. Participate in budgeting and control of the agreed budget. Stock control for this function.

• • • • • • • • • • •

Qualified Artisan with some experience. Basic electric single phase 220 V and 3 phase 380 V. Basic knowledge of hydraulics. Basic knowledge of all types of welding. Good administrative and communication skills. Fully Computer literate. Excellent people management skills and team orientated. Strong ability to take initiative. Good attention to detail. Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines. Excellent time management, planning and preparation ability.

Qualifications & Skills

Junior IT Technician Purpose of position: BBI Packers requires the skills of an enthusiastic and passionate Jnr IT Technician. The IT technician will work in conjunction with the IT Manager and Snr Technician of the Indigo Fruit Farming Group. Responsibilities & Duties:

The Jnr IT Technician is responsible for:

• • • • • • • •

Installation and maintenance of all computer hardware & software. Installation and maintenance of VOIP telephone systems. Installation and maintenance of label printers. Maintaining the computer network and infrastructure for BBI Packers and BVA Value Adding. All the IT related support calls and requests. Escalating IT related problems not solved within the agreed timeframe. Installation, procurement, set up and configuration of new IT equipment such as computers, printers and scanners for staff. In some instances, training may be required. Providing assistance with operating systems and operational packages.

• • • • •

Two years’ proven experience in IT technology. Grade 12 certificate. A Tertiary qualification in the field of IT technology will be to your advantage. Fluent in English. A valid driver’s license and own transport required.

Qualifications & Skills:

Quality and Compliance Clerk Purpose of position: The BBI Packers Quality and Compliance department are looking for an Administrative assistant to join their team. • The department is responsible for compliance to all regulatory and legislative requirements of BBI Packers as well as ensuring that we supply an outstanding quality product to our customers.

Responsibilities & Duties:

fell swoop, but, if done effectively, it can go a long way towards giving closure and inching closer to achieving what it set out to achieve in theory; and genuinely create a conducive environment where everyone has an opportunity to really thrive and prosper. Peter Setou is Chief Executive of the Vumelana Advisory Fund, a non-profit organisation that was established in 2012 to help beneficiaries of the land reform programme.

The administrative assistant will be responsible for document control regarding all Quality and Compliance related issues and will be assisting the Quality and Compliance manager in all related issues.

Qualifications & Skills:

• Two years’ proven experience in Food safety and /or Compliance. • Solid experience with soft citrus will be an advantage. • Grade 12 certificate. • A Tertiary qualification in the field of Biotechnology, Food technology or Agriculture will be to your advantage. • Fluent in English. Experience in the fruit industry will be advantageous. CV(s) must be sent to Rika Ferreira at: rikaf@bavariafruit.co.za Closing date for applications: 24 May 2019 Please consider your application unsuccessful if not contacted on or before 31 May 2019.

10 May 2019


My Scorro-Scorro buddy experience

AUSTRALIA to HOEDSPRUIT - I talk to all kinds of things all the time, so it was the most normal thing in the world for me to introduce myself to my new ‘buddy’ - the K2C Scorro Scorro, or Smith-Circus Van – or by whatever name you might know Heidi’s little K2C Kia Picanto. Not that Scorro and I really needed introductions, I mean – we’ve met before – but this time, she was going to be my little get-around during my visit to the Lowveld. Visiting Hoedspruit at any time is a challenge. Apart from the logistical planning and hours of travelling that naturally form part of such a visit– trotting on paths of the past tends to stir the emotion-pot, sometimes a bit too much.

On top of that - visiting Hoedspruit to visit ‘The Dentist’ is what I call a ‘Super Challenge’ – the kind of thing my nightmares are made of. I was going to need all the support I could get! Starting with this little four-wheeled, colourful go-getter-ride! Come to think of it – travelling all the way from North Western Australia, to visit a dentist in Hoedspruit might sound even more nuts than talking to snakes and cars! But then again – Australia does not have Alex van Eeden, right? Okay – so back to the car. A little ‘heart surgery’ was required – re-installing the battery - that had been sent via Postnet from Durban - and off I went. Man! We bonded from the outset! This little car ‘spoke’ to me – loud and clear! I must admit, at first, she did sound like a diesel-dialect, I am not the best car-whisperer and it turned out she needed some TLC. On my way into town, as I navigated the bumpy Essex road, eagle-eyeing the tiny amber fuel light – I begged Scorro Scorro not to let us get off on the wrong foot. To my relief she complied – up to a point. We made it to Kamogelo. Once there she did what all little things do at some point – she point blank refused to move – or do anything at all. Nada! Now even

I knew nothing means no power – and doesn’t necessarily mean no fuel. So I called a friend! Someone else was calling a friend too and Heidi was quickly informed that her little car just showed up in town! Gotta love the Bushveld grapevine! A quick re-connecting of the battery was all it took and we were good to go again, and I knew Scorro Scorro and I were going to get along just fine. I have to say; our friendship did get tested a bit during our time together. For a semiretired lady used to just sitting on the farm and making short trips when the Smith’s are in town, I guess I probably pushed her a tad too hard – but she did not disappoint. We made it to Tzaneen on our first long haul out-of-town. The open windowed-travel in a little car made it feel as if we were travelling at an insanely illegal speed – kind of fun - but 30km short of town it became clear that Scorro was not too happy about something. Nearly gave Maureen (Lahoud) a nervous breakdown – haha! However, it only took a dash more TLC and some new shoes, and that cheeky girl was ready to take us home. There was a time when I wished I could make my little buddy fly – when I was confronted by the high cost of a

return flight to Cape Town. Nearly as much as my flight from Perth! Of course a flying Scorro was not to be, so I had to settle for Plan B. Next was a trip to Barberton via Hazyview – a journey she’s done many times before. We nearly made it unscathed – had a miniscule hick-up or two, if you can describe a perished wiper and a number plate coming loose as that. Returning to Hoedspruit I decided to take the slow-road through the KNP, not that I’ll ever recommend a Picanto as the ideal game-viewing option. My eye level hardly cleared the luscious green grass. But there is just something magical about being in the Bush. The lowness brought a sense of even more closeness. With the window down and driving slowly I could breath in Africa.


I could feel the veld and fill my yearning heart with the song of the Bushveld, for it is forever, part of who I am. The K2C Scorro is not just a car – she is part of a crazybunch, one-of-a-kind family. She is part of a unique closenit community. Both of which humbled me with the way they bles sed my journey. From the minute I set foot in Hoedspruit– I experienced storybook, heart-warming smalltown hospitality and kindness – from strangers and friends alike. Hoedspruit is indeed an interesting place. As unique and colourful as this little car is, is my circle of friends. I am truly blessed! An experience that I expected to be horrible turned out to be an eye-opening event. In spite of all the things that are going wrong in this country - there is still so much going right! Don’t loose sight of


Zanne Kruger the good. Don’t miss out on the fun. There is so much to enjoy – to share – to give. Living a life without being thankful - is not living at all. Thank you for opening your hearts to an ex-Hoedie ‘Aussiekaner’. Keep the engine running!

Bushmaster Solar & Electrical

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A great young talent

Samuel McIntosh seen here, taking no nonsense from the massive 1.8m gap jumps at the Limpopo XCO #2 at Vaalwater where he took the top podium in under 12 age group with a convincing lead of 2min40sec.

Tweede Fees in Kampersrus KAMPERSRUS - Op 27 April 2019 is die tweede Kampersrus Fees gehou. Die dag het vroeg begin met die Daniel’s Lion Heart 7 km wedren. Ongeveer 100 atlete het hieraan deelgeneem. Direk na die 7km ren het deelnemers aan Daniel’s Lion Heart 2km pretloop /draf weggespring. Inskrywingsgelde vir hierdie wedloop was ten bate van die Lion Heart Fonds. Daar het ‘n feestelike atmosfeer geheers. Verskeie stalletjies, perderitte, ‘n springkasteel en talent kompetisie het vir groot vermaak gesorg. Musiek is verskaf deur Hoedspruit se eie platejoggie, Oom

Heidi Lee Smith HOEDSPRUIT – It’s when you know the cycling circuit and the background of a youngster, that it makes writing a short story difficult. Samuel McIntosh has grown up cycling to school from as young as in his preschool days, first on a trailer-bike, then on his own bike, and now suddenly the competitive bug has bitten, and Sam is taking the races by storm, notching up firsts one after another! After a four-day bike skills workshop at Mankele in March, he took a great first at the 18km event at the Sabie Xperience in very slippery conditions. He then went on to surprise the XCO community by winning the Sprogs (u12) 4-lap race convincingly with a 2min40sec lead at the Limpopo XCO #2 at Vaalwater on 27 April. This was no mean feat for an unseeded unknown rider from Hoedspruit who started at the back of the

pack! Sam was also then asked to ride in Limpopo colours for the following SA Cup events. He loved the XCO format and the technical challenges like gap jumps and far more challenging single tracks. Sam participated at the Mankele, SA Cup XCO #3 on 4 May, and despite his brakes locking at inopportune times

during the race, it didn’t dampen his spirit and he still managed to achieve a 9th place and first Limpopo rider in his age category. He is ‘looking forward to improving his performance at the SA Cup finals at Thaba Trails in Gauteng’ in July, he says. Watch this space, Sam is one talented young rider!

Bo: Daniel spring saam weg met sy ‘fans’ in die Lion Heart 2km pretloop!

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Jozua van Wyk van Hoedspruit FM. Baie Dankie vir die borge wat die dag moontlik gemaak het: IZIT Sports | Spur | Wag-‘n-Bietjie Padstal | Wildebees Lapa | Build It | Hair Elements | NTT Toyota | Palm Drankwinkel | Kampersrus Fuel | Upperdeck | Amafu | Buco | Blyde Canyon Safaris | Bougainvilla Winkel | Klaw | Postnet | Bakgat Biltong | Lion’s Den Slaghuis | Swift | Wild Dog Safaris | Coastal Hire en Kruger2Canyon. Ons sien uit daarna om almal weer op 29 Junie 2018 te sien. Bring jou vriende en familie om die boeresport dag te geniet. Kom neem deel aan items van toutrek tot sweepslaan. OFFICE: 015 793 0792

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